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YMMV: Power Rangers Time Force
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: It's a common fan opinion that Ransik's in the right here; at the very least, the government he's rebelling against definitely seems to have some creepy aspects that are never really addressed.
    • There are theories going around that Alex being revived after being killed in the first episode was probably a pretty traumatic experience for him (some theorizing that he actually remembers being dead, and this is what caused him to act so coldly towards the team when he comes back. There are also theories that he was never going to erase the Rangers' memories in the finale, and was merely testing their resolve, but while he knew that the Rangers would go back to 2001, he was completely caught off-guard by Jen returning her engagement ring to him.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Fans seem to treat Ransik as an Anti-Villain due to his sympathetic origins when this is not the case; prior to his redemption he is simply a sadistic, murderous criminal. In other words, his reasons for becoming a villain are sympathetic, but his actual motives and actions as a villain are not.
    • He experienced prejudice and hatred in the future due to his being a mutant, which caused him to become a villain. But his actions as a villain seem to have little to do with that - he isn't some kind of misunderstood freedom fighter trying to get rights for mutants. His plans aren't even motivated by the idea that massacring the humans would prevent mutant discrimination either - he just wants to cause mayhem and kill innocents.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Of the entire franchise; especially when considering just Post-Zordon seasons. Even Jason David Frank himself has said this is his favorite season. (along with Ricardo Medina Jr., stating at the 2012 Power Morphicon that this was his favorite season, noting how dark and real it was and how working with the cast in the team up episode was a dream come true.)
    • Within the series itself, Eric, simply because there hasn't been a Ranger like him before or since. (His actor, Daniel Southworth, has become this among the fandom in Real Life.)
  • He Really Can Act: Put Jason Faunt and Erin Cahill on screen together, you will get magic every time. Toss in the likes of the late Ed Albert, Vernon Wells, and Dan Southworth, and you get one of the best ensembles in PR history.
  • Ho Yay / Foe Yay: Wes and Eric. They act like they had a bad breakup a while back.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Averted. While Power Rangers Wild Force and Power Rangers Samurai have been disliked for being close adaptations of their Sentai, Time Force is beloved despite being at least the third most faithful Ranger series to its Sentai counterpart. Perhaps because its Darker and Edgier than the other two. It's also might be because it's not almost exactly the same; there are several notable differences in terms of episode plots, how the stock footage is used, and in characterization for a few characters (most notably Eric when compared to Naoto and Alex compared to Ryuuya.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Nadira, though the Jerkass part is all but extinguished by the Grand Finale.
    • Eric arguably. He's a jerk when we first see him, rejects Wes' friendship and is not much of a team player outside the Silver Guardians. Still, he had to struggle to get to where he is while his old friend seemingly got everything handed to him. And for all of his sternness, Eric is a much nicer person than he lets on.
      • Frax, as well, once you learn his backstory.
  • Narm: Mr. Collins learned Wes is the Red Ranger when his visor shattered. The performances between the two in the resulting exchange were strong but rendered a little silly because Wes' voice was muffled from the helmet being in the way. That, and the broken helmet didn't fit very well and his nose kept poking out of the hole.
    • Nadira's "mutants can love too, daddy!" speech in the finale.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Everything that happens to Frax in the finale, but especially his death, when his face falls apart.
  • Stock Footage Failure: Sentai stock footage is used in several scenes important to the plot. It doesn't cause plot holes because of the similarities, but several critical scenes have Wes suddenly turning Japanese.
    • They very clearly use the same fight scene twice at different points, and there are of course the classic scenes where a building will have one floor on Japan and the next in Silver Hills.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: What are Edward Albert, an actual, legitimate, Golden Globe-winning actor, and Vernon Wells doing in Power Rangers?

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