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Headscratchers: Power Rangers Time Force
Who, who, WHO is the guy in the toy commercials with Ransik?
Like it says. In the toy ads, instead of any of the show's sub-villains, Ransik's sidekick was some bald guy with a Star Trek-ish rubber forehead. Who is he? Was he someone intended for the show but left out? Does he have a name, or even a two-sentence bio somewhere like Transformers non-show toy 'characters' have? Does he even have a toy?! I always wondered what his deal was.

So everyone's super sad because they have to leave forever ( until the reunion, but shush) and they'll never see each other again, they'll miss each other etc... but why? They have TIME MACHINES, and a whole police system based on them. Why can't they, you know, visit? Maybe they can't stay, but still, couldn't they visit at regular intervals, hang out, party, have pizza, etc. I know Wes shouldn't go to the future, but why can't Jen and co come visit him?
  • Most likely, either concerns about further disruption to the timeline (look at the damage that the Rangers caused stopping Ransik in the first place), or simply the fact that, as Rangers, they can't use Time Force equipment for personal reasons.
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