Funny / Power Rangers Ninja Storm

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I give you one of the biggest facepalm worthy moments in Power Rangers history.
    Shane: So, what exactly does (the Morpher) do?
    Tori: Where's the switch?
    Dustin: Does it have any games or what?
    Cam: Ladies and gentlemen, the defenders of the galaxy.
    • Yes Cam, we are soooo doomed.
    • This is then followed up by the trio earning the dubious honor of being the first and only Ranger team thus far to botch up their first transformation sequence; namely the wording...which is in rhyme.
  • I have just five words.. "Power Rangers" and Love Potion.
  • Cyber-Cam, when he's, you know, not evil and all.
    • "Sorry about the whole tying-you-up-in-the-closet thing."
      • Especially when he effectively curbstomps the rangers in their respective extreme sports.
  • There's also what is widely considered to be funniest monent in Power Rangers History. The first time the Thunder Rangers show up, its during a battle with some Mooks. Dustin doesn't know who to fight, and Shane casually replies to fight "Anyone not wearing a primary color."
  • Lothor had a tendency to come dangerously close to Breaking the Fourth Wall all season. On occasion, he actually did.
    Lothor: (regarding a monster growing and looking directly to the camera) Well? What did you expect? He wasn't going to get smaller!
  • Tori's just been deposited back on a crowded beach from an alternate universe.
    Tori: What's going on here?
    Dustin: Giant butterfly attacking the city, you know, the usual."
    Tori: It's really good to be back. Ready? Ni-...we're, uh...
    Blake: Yeah, not here.
    Dustin and Shane walk off to left of screen, Tori heads right, Hunter follows Tori
    Tori: Guys, this way!
    Hunter makes beckoning motions
  • Lampshading why people still live in Blue Bay Harbor, despite monster attacks. "Why do you think housing prices are so low?"
  • Lothor on the Green Ranger: "When are they going to run out of colors?!"
  • "The next person to use a made-up word has to put a dollar in the made-up-word-jar!"
  • "You know what the worst part is? It's not even butter. We're gonna be destroyed by ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING!"
  • Cam walks in the others practicing for a talent show at Ninja Ops. "Hey, it's the kids from Fame!"
  • "Follow my lead!" (slowly back up, then turn around and bail)