Funny: Power Rangers Dino Thunder

  • First episode: Dr. Oliver questions his own priorities as a robot T-rex approaches his jeep. "Yeah, lock the door, Tommy, real good!"
  • Tommy's victory dance after the team's first battle with the Dimetro Zord. Refreshing to see the Breakout Character being allowed to act like a dork now and then.
  • There's the episode with the Power Trio watching Abaranger, the show their season is based on. Hilarity Ensues.
  • We can't forget the one ("Leader of the Whack") where an Applied Phlebotinum reverses the trio's personalities and turns Connor into a nerd, Kira into a dainty Alpha Bitch and Ethan into a Jerk Jock...
    • And Devin into a ladies' man... or, what Devin thinks a ladies' man is, at any rate...
    • Arguably the funniest part is Kira doing a very dainty cheerleader-style bounce during her morphing call, to the point that the second time she does it, the camera focuses mostly on her.
  • During Part 2 of "Thunder Storm", the crossover with Ninja Storm, Cam, Hunter and Blake are inside the Abyss of Evil trying to get their Ranger powers back. They see the Samurai amulet:
    (Zurgane and a posse of Mooks materialize out of nowhere)
    Blake: You had to say it, right?
    • Zurgane beats them and leaves them hanging off a ledge, and they're losing their grip fast. Blake, at the bottom of the chain, senses impending doom and says this:
    Hunter (hanging on to him): Did you seriously just say that?
  • Marty the Mackerel. I ask you, is there anything more pathetic than a man in a giant fish costume dancing and singing badly off tempo?
  • Connor unlocking his Battlizer. See for yourself.
  • The Trio snooping around Tommy's house. Conner decides to play around with a model T-rex skeleton. Ethan tries to warn him not to. His response:
    Conner: Dude, the guy's a teacher, not... *flicks a switch revealing a secret door* Batman.
  • In the two-part opener, Ethan and the other soon-to-be-Rangers are looking for Kira. He grumbles that "it's not like she's going to fall out of the sky and land right in front of us". Cue Kira doing exactly that. Granted, it was because she fell into the villain's Portal Network, but you have to admit, the coincidence of that happening is very funny!
    • Ethan tries to invoke this again in the finale. It works.
  • After Elsa blows her cover, she and Tommy end up kung-fu fighting in broad daylight and in front of all their students. Just imagine walking between classes one day and seeing your principal and science teacher battling to the death.
    • That would actually be kinda cool.
  • "Can't help you there, I'm just a high school science teacher."
  • "Why can't you just want to take over the Earth like all the other sickos?"