Trivia: Power Rangers Ninja Storm

  • Fake Nationality: New Zealander Grant McFarland and Malaysian Jason Chan as the Japanese Kanoi and Cameron Watanabe.
    • This season also started the trend of hiring Australians and New Zealanders to play Americans.
  • I Knew It: Dustin's reaction to being given a morpher is to stress that he called Power Rangers being real.
  • Name's the Same: Shane shares the same first and last name of the guitarist for 3 Inches of Blood.
  • No Export for You: In South Korea, due to the ninja theme. They skipped it for Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.
  • Playing with Character Type: Cam is one of the only green rangers in the entire franchise who isn't a comic relief character, unless you count his snark.
  • Real-Life Relative: Shane's older brother is played by Pua Magasiva's brother, Robbie.
  • What Could Have Been: Very early materials suggested that the rivalry between the Wind and Thunder Rangers was supposed to play out a lot longer than it did (and possibly be the central conflict of the series, rather than a traditional villain), with kids even being encouraged to pick sides for themselves.
    • The Tori character may well have become a carbon copy of her Hurricanger counterpart (aspiring Idol Singer Nanami) had Emma Lahana, who auditioned for this role before becoming Kira in the following season, gotten the part instead of Sally Martin.
    • A crossover with Wild Force was planned as stated in an interview by producer Jackie Marchand, but due to production relocating to New Zealand and that it would be too expensive to bring in the cast, it was scrapped.
  • Word of God: Doug Sloan has said more than once that Tori's Arbitrary Skepticism in the premiere was meant to be taken as just that and never as an indication of a continuity reboot.