Awesome / Power Rangers Ninja Storm

  • In the Grand Finale, the three core Ninja Storm rangers taking on Lothor and winning...unmorphed.
    Shane: We might not be Power Rangers, but we've still got POWER!
  • Cam dueling Lothor as part of the latter's Start of Darkness. It's a really impressive unmorphed fight and one of the best in the series.
  • Tori taking on the evil versions of her team in The Wild Wipeout.
  • Cam taking on Lothor in the Grand finale. The glasses came off, he got up and opened up a can of whoop ass.
  • During the Power Rangers Dino Thunder team-up, the Brainwashed and Crazy one-on-one fights between the Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder main threes are awesomely badass.
  • Zurgane, who really needed to be let out of the bag more often. Remember how thoroughly he trashed the then-three Rangers in Thunder Strangers, part one (or was it two?) and then all six in General Deception?
  • Tori, unmorphed, using her Making a Splash powers to manipulate water into a lens that could burn through ropes she'd been bound with. Clever!