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08:34:18 AM Nov 22nd 2012
Why does everyone hate this season?
03:40:11 AM Sep 27th 2014
This guy does a pretty decent overview:

That said, I removed the entire rant in the intro on the show's reception because in addition to the intro's not being the place to discuss what fans think of a show, it's also pretty clearly based on the opinions of the person who wrote that intro.
02:58:05 PM Sep 1st 2010
Before anyone reconsiders adding that little paragraph, I direct you to Tips Worksheet #12.

"We are not interested in whether or not something is or was popular. Whether or not you liked it has nothing to do with tropes."
09:48:58 AM Nov 12th 2010
12th Nov '10 9:18:41 AM Dragon Ranger Not sure the Dragon one counts because we never see a dragon. Changing Of The Guard wouldn't apply unless the veteran Rangers were permanent replacements, which they weren't.

Perhaps Suspesious Substitute Replacment is a better fit. There has to be a classification for what happened on Oa R, i mean is't there a rule about "if you though if it someone else already did it?"

Let's see the Titular team is Depowered, they fight as Baddass Normals (kinda), but fail, then try to fix their powers and fail, are replaced by their "god-boss" and retire when they are proven superfluous, but jump at the chance to come back when they have something useful to do. Afterwards the Vetrans (their powers still entact far as we can tell) pass the torch back.

Mabe a case of Passing the torch round robin style?
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