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Home Base
The lair. The hideout. Hero headquarters. Home Base. That place to which the heroes or villains return after a hard day of fighting or committing crime. This is where planning takes place and where teams regroup after missions. Generally hidden, but may be ostentatious.

Some variants are exclusive to certain jobs. For example, the Mad Scientist will naturally live in the Mad Scientist Laboratory, and a Cop Show inevitably has a precinct. In a show where a team is wandering around, their Cool Ship, Cool Boat or other cool vehicle may double as Home Base. Larger bases for villains may have a Den of Iniquity for off-hour "recreation".

Home Base may also literally be a private home, which makes it all the more personal when a villain breaks in.

Incredibly common, since it's obviously cheaper to shoot in a single recurring set than to build new locations.

Not to be confused with the British hardware store of the same name or getting to home base.


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Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • Most superheroes or teams have (at least) one of these, though most, like Batman, opt for an Elaborate Underground Base:
    • Avengers Mansion in The Avengers
      • And Avengers Tower.
    • Batman's Batcave.
    • The Baxter Building in Fantastic Four
    • The Watchtower in Justice League
    • The Fortress of Solitude in Superman, though he actually doesn't spend a lot of time there (go figure).
      • He goes there when he wants to be *by himself*. Thus the name.
    • Happy Harbor, Maine, in Young Justice
      • This was actually the Justice League's original base.

Fan Works
  • Grunnel's house serves as one for part of the story in With Strings Attached. However, after the four return with the third piece of the Vasyn, they discover the other two pieces missing and the house empty of nearly everything—so much for that Home Base.

Live-Action TV
  • The library in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Giles' house in season four also qualifies. Later, so do the Magic Box and the Summer's household.
  • Every season of Power Rangers had some kind of base. In some seasons, they doubled as a home for some or all of the Rangers.
  • The Threshold headquarters, which looks like just about any other government building.
  • Leverage switched from the suite of offices they had in the first season (It blew up) to an apartment (Nate's) above Mc Rory's Pub (Which got put under surveillance after Season 4). In the final season, they moved to the back room of a Portland Bridgeport Brewpub, with appropriate modifications for Parker's benefit.

Newspaper Comics

  • In Data East's Secret Service pinball, the Soviet spies have a secret hideout with a roof adorned with barbed wire, satellite and radio equipment, and a large red flag.

Tabletop Games
  • In Ars Magica, the wizards' covenants qualify as Home Bases.

Video Games
  • Metal Walker gives the hero various base camps, which he can place at nearby signs.
  • In Persona 4, the heroes have a "special base": the Junes food court.

Web Comics

Western Animation
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