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Tropers: Sparky Young Upstart
Sparky Young Upstart, or you can just call me Sparky for short. Teenager from the far-away land of Canada. Technically I'm in Computer Science, but since I switch last semester I haven't actually started relevent classes yet.

How I got here: It all started when I pissed people off at a Digimon forum. Wanting to find another one, I eventually came across one where one of the regulars there decided to make it his mission to reference a trope in each of his posts. Of course I decided to follow every link, and eventually decided I might as well stay here for a while.

My biggest dream would be to become a contributor on That Guy with the Glasses. Even though I've never filmed anything. Or own a camera. Yeah.

I like to think of myself as a gamer and comic book fan...even though I'm really not. But I do enjoy Lego Crossover Games, Viva Pińata, Runaways, and Magic: The Gathering, however.

I'm also the guy who created the Sad Panda Q&A, Forget About It, The Quest For Geekdom, and Project Million pages. This makes me proud.

Actually, I seem to be the guy who gives page to those who deserve them but aren't exposed enough for them to suddenly appear. I guess I Trope the Tropeless.

I contain examples of:

My Favorite Things:

My Unfavorite Things

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