Monster / Call of Duty
"[Vladimir] Makarov is fighting his own war and he has no rules...He doesn't flinch at torture, human trafficking, or genocide...He trades blood for money."

"Today, the Front embarks on a conquest. Here and now, we will eradicate the authority and influence of the Earth! Our world is just beginning. Theirs is dying! It is not enough to break free. We will break them! Their cities will burn along with the pages of their history."
Admiral Salen Kotch, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

There's a soldier in all of us. And when facing these evil bastards, you better hope that soldier is badass.
Call of Duty: Black Ops series
  • General Nikita Dragovich from the original game is a sociopath who creates the "numbers" program that brainwashes captive American soldiers into sleeper agents to kill their own people. Dragovich first demonstrated his untrustworthy and callous nature at Stalingrad, when he deserted his own men and left them to be butchered by the German forces. After the war, Dragovich would lead a project to recover the biochemical Nova-6 weapon. To test its effectiveness, Dragovich and his right-hand-man Colonel Lev Krevchenko used it on Russian soldiers. Dragovich would later become one of the Soviet Union's most powerful members, where he would capture Alex Mason and brainwash him into becoming a presidential assassin. Even worse, Dragovich planned to use his sleeper agents to release Nova 6 on the whole of the United States.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Deimos, the Big Bad of the Alternate Universe Nightmares mode, takes the place of Corvus from the main campaign, but is a different character all together. Deimos is a demigod from the realm of Malum, brought to Earth by the SP/CORVUS experiments conducted by Coalescence in Singapore, along with his sister Dolos, whom he seeks to destroy. To this end, he modified Nova-6 (seen in the first game) to cause zombie outbreaks, hoping to turn humanity into his undead army to conquer Malum. Deimos possesses Taylor and his team via their DNIs, using them to massacre the SP/CORVUS headquarters in Singapore, stating they served their purpose, and openly mocking Dr. Salim for thinking that a human should be thanked for letting a god loose. He also has them break the zombies out of their quarantines, ravaging the world. During an uprising in Cairo, Deimos possesses Hendricks after Taylor's death, using him to leading an attack on Zurich, to use the SP/CORVUS headquarters there to return to Malum and bring about his army. Deimos also kills Krane, his sisterís vessel, by trapping her in a chamber with Nova-6. While technically simply replacing Corvus from the main campaign, Deimos has a different personality, goal, and motives for his actions, making him a bigger threat, and unambiguously evil, stating humanity is his to rule and his to destroy.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare series
  • Imran Zakhaev, the Big Bad of the first game, is the ruthless leader of the Russian Ultranationalist Party. He started long ago as an arm dealer in Chernobyl where he had all the men "he couldn't buy" killed and thrown in a river. Believed to be killed in an assassination attempt, he actually survived and started a new plan to take over Russia. In order to distract the U.S and British forces from his plan, he supplies the equally evil, below-mentioned Khaled Al-Asad with deadly weapons, including a nuke, which Zakhaev lets him detonate on his homeland just to kill the invading U.S forces. During his coup, his soldiers on his orders slaughter every unarmed civilian they could find, while also using the villages as test sites for his missiles. Zakhaev later fires two nuclear missiles at the U.S Eastern Seaboard when the U.S and British forces ignore his ultimatum to leave Russia. When the plan is foiled, he and his men kill the entire British and American team trying to stop him, with Zakhaev himself executing the badly-wounded Gaz.
  • Khaled Al-Asad, also from the first game, is the leader of OpFor, a revolutionary movement being aided by the Ultranationalists. In his introduction, he overthrows a democratic government in an unknown Middle Eastern country, starting a new reign of terror. Anyone who tries to resist or escape is lined up and used as target practice by his men. He executes President Yasir Al-Fulani on national television, saying that "This is how it begins". When the U.S Marines invade the country Al-Asad, with no second thoughts, detonates the aforementioned nuke, killing around 30,000 American soldiers along with a great number of innocent people. He did it so he could prevent the Americans coming after him, even though he was already safe in Azerbaijan.
  • Modern Warfare 2: Ghost: In this comic book prequel miniseries, Manuel "El Gordo" Roba is the leader of the Zaragoza Drug Cartel. A target to the United States due to his drug and terrorist smuggling activities, SAS operator Simon Riley was sent alongside a US squad to kill him. The entire squad was betrayed by their leader Vernon to Roba, who subjcted them to brutal brainwashing, torturing them under drug-induced insomnia and forcing them to fight each other to break their minds, once hanging Riley from a tree with hooks because he displayed resistance. Months later, Roba kills the annoying Vernon (one of his former brainwashed victims) and buries the unturning Riley alive with his corpse. After Riley escapes, Roba sent his successfully brainwashed soldiers to UK to take care of him, murdering his family, his shrink and his superior officer before pinning all the murders on Riley to completely ruin his life.
  • Vladimir Makarov, head of the Inner Circle, started off as just an ordinary Russian soldier serving Imran Zakhaev, but by the third game has become something far, far, worse. The Big Bad of the second and third games, Makarov establishes himself in the second game when he and his men cold-heartedly slaughter an airport terminal full of Russian civilians, using the Player Character trying to infiltrate Makarovís group. He then follows this by shooting the player in the head so that the crime can be pinned on the CIA, thus inciting the international community against the Americans and triggering a Russo-American war. In the third game, he hijacks the Russian president to derail his peace talk and get the nuclear launch codes so he can nuke and conquer Europe. When the president resists, he targets his daughter to break him. He then bombed major cities across Europe with chemical weapons before invading them, massacring millions of people and single-handedly starting World War III. In addition, it was he who ordered the nuking in the first game, as well as the one who even earlier saved Zakhaev, thus making him responsible, directly or indirectly, for all the events of the series—including the actions of General Shepherd in the second gameómaking him responsible for the deaths of several millions.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare
  • Admiral Salen Kotch is the ruthless and single-minded leader of the SDF, and is devoted to the conquest of the Solar System, and the eradication of Earth-born bloodlines, which he sees as inferior and unworthy. Kotch introduces himself confronting wounded UNSA soldiers, briefly feigning sympathy before ordering their brutal execution. In that same scene, he casually shoots one of his own soldiers to demonstrate that by not caring, he has what it takes to win the war. He would go on to orchestrate a terror attack on a city, causing wanton destruction and thousands of deliberate civilian casualties, before going on to destroy Tigris and killing all its personnel. Throughout the campaign, Kotch sends out broadcasts to the UNSA that their cause will fail and that they should accept surrender and execution. He also sent a spy on a suicide mission to activate a beacon to signal a full SDF invasion of Earth. When the invasion begins, Kotch has his flagship Olympus Mons destroy the UNSA headquarters, killing Admiral Raines. When Reyes and his team board Olympus Mons, Kotch orders its self-destruction to wipe them out and to destroy the city beneath them in the process. Unscrupulous and fanatical to the bitter end, Kotch is willing to sacrifice civilians, his own men and ultimately his own life to the cause of Earth's devastation and further the power of SDF.