Heartwarming / Call of Duty

  • The ending of the first game.
    • "Mother. A few days ago, we waved the flag of the Motherland over the top of Reichstag in Berlin. The war at last seems to becoming to an end. There's very little fighting left in the end. Soon I'll returning to our home. There're German prisoners of war everywhere. Today, I crossed the Elbe river in Germany and shook hands with an American soldier. Although I could not understand anything he said, I felt this man was my brother-and I think he felt the same." The music helps too.
  • The ending of World At War, Dimitri (You) has/have just been shot, then Reznov rushes in with his Russian Machete and cuts down the Nazi responsible. He then picks up Dimitri (You) saying "You can make it my friend, you always survive.", cuts the Nazi flag from the Reichstag and tells you to place the Red Flag up as it is your honour. Reznov tells Dimitri (you) "As long as you live, the Heart of this army can never be broken." Depending on how connected to the story you were, or you started on Veteran first, this can also become a Tearjerking moment. In Black Ops it's then subverted to hell and back by Project Nova
  • In Black Ops, during Mason's interrogation, the interrogator (Hudson) asks Mason why he saved Hudson after the latter was injured during the siege on Khe Sanh.
    Hudson, as Interrogator: Hudson was down, and Khe Sanh was under siege. But like with Weaver, you risked your life to save him.
    Mason: Hudson was a fucking ice cube. But that's why I liked the bastard.