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Awesome Music: Call of Duty

  • World At War features some truly amazing tracks, such as the powerful "Red Army Theme" (ESPECIALLY the kick-ass version with guitars) and the frantic "Zero Alt."
    • "The One" from the new "Shi no Numa" DLC. Creepy Crazy Awesome.
    • As is its successor, "Beauty of Annihilation" from the new "Der Reise" DLC.
    • And no mention of the Nazi Zombies soundtrack would ever be complete with the song that started them all off, the fantastic Lullaby for a Dead Man.
    • And the old school "Taking Stalingrad" from the first game. Badass epic song, coping with screens from Enemy at the Gates and you as Vasiliy Zaitsev's twin brother, taking on the German machine-guns with just some ammo bullets. WaW and MW2 are probably some of the best games in history but nothing beats the good old fashioned COD1.
    • "Red Square", and its epic remix The Flag Must Fall.
    • Dog Fire is reminiscent of Control Room with its fiddles, but takes a much darker turn.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Some standout themes include:
    • The themes for the USMC in all their levels (especially "Shock and Awe").
    • The OpFor theme, played out in full in "The Coup" is epic evil.
    • "Sins of the Father", which plays when chasing Zakhaev's son through the suburbs and when defending against the Ultranationalists' reinforcements while on the destroyed bridge.
    • "Loyalists", played after you finally stop Zakhaev and his bodyguards, is a somewhat sorrowful track that perfectly fits the Loyalists' rescue scene.
  • Just about everything Hans Zimmer did for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is awesome. "Control Room" is a standout track, if only because it's the best use of a fiddle since, well, Fiddler on the Roof!
  • MW3's soundtrack, courtesy of Brian Tyler (of Transformers Prime fame), has some excellent tracks as well. "Russian Deliberations" lends an awesome sense of gravitas to the Russian President's entrance, while the Main Theme carries an epic feeling of finality, fitting for the end of the trilogy.
    • Arabian Endgame, the music for the final level, is pure epic in musical form.
  • Whether you like Black Ops or not, you've got to admit that some of its music is damn good. For example, the spawn themes are really good at pumping you up for a game! This, or maybe this, and and for sure this all stand out. The full factions themes are as good.
    • Also, the zombie soundtrack is especially nice. The main theme does a good job of setting the mood for your 30 minute zombie killing marathon. And who hasn't gone to the extra trouble of picking every meteorite fragment to hear this while blasting zombies?
    • The Kowloon level "Numbers" had this as good background music, especially from 8:17 onwards.
    • Escaping Vorkuta, and The Pentagon Theme.
    • There's a certain campaign mission where you pilot a boat down a Vietnamese river at night, shooting a combination of rockets and gunfire at the Vietcong on the shoreline. Treyarch could've just put in orchestral music in the background to reflect the action of the level, but what do they play instead? The freaking Rolling Stones.
    • And Eminem (yes, Eminem!) feat. Pink with "Won't Back Down". A-mazing and awesome.
  • Jack Wall truly outdoes himself with Black Ops II's soundtrack. In the very first mission, your ears are greeted with the epic brass and percussion of "Savimbi's Pride", and the game just keeps coming at you with equally awesome tracks from there. Standouts include "Suicide Ride" (from "Old Wounds"), the "theme of Raul Menendez", "Dockside" (from the end of "Karma"), "Dogfight" (from the F/A-38 sequence in "Cordis Die"), and the epic finisher that is "Hero's Theme" (played as Menendez is carted off to jail at the very end of the campaign). And of course, the main theme, composed by Trent Reznor, is exceptional as well, doing a great job of setting the mood for a bleak, violent future war.
  • The first game's intro song, which itself is remixed from a Immediate Music song. It pretty much fits the atmosphere of the first game.
    • Also the theme played in the final level.

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