Nightmare Fuel / Call of Duty
You will not survive.

We all know that War Is Hell, right? And we are reminded of it on certain passing days. But this series does not sugar coat how bad war can be...and the tropers who have played this and attained nightmares (and probably browned pants) can attest to that whole-heartedly.

  • In 2, there's the first mission in Toujane, "Outnumbered and Outgunned". Without any warning whatsoever even from the usually trusty loading screen, you find yourself getting orders shouted at you by a desperate Captain Price to help Hold the Line against a German counterattack with the nearby machine gun. Soon after you start, a scout car comes and blows it to pieces, and the only course of action left is to steal said scout car to cut through the swath of Nazis and meet up with the rest of your own forces. Meanwhile, the radio blurts out several transmissions from panicky British soldiers under heavy attack and taking casualties, right before they're cut off for one reason or another, be it an artillery strike or the operator's building being invaded. Even after Davis, Price and MacGregor rendezvous with a few allies, your orders are to keep on moving to the evacuation point while they hold the Germans off... and then there's smoke from their position, which means that they were overrun soon after you left them behind. MacGregor insists on going back to help, but Price only says it's a lost cause and urges you forward. Really, you're only safe after the end-of-level Fade to Black. The voice acting for this level (complete with more voice cracks than the rest of the whole game), the exclusively reactive actions you take as opposed to the predominantly proactive ones from previous missions (there is barely a defense segment, and after it all there is is legging it away from the city), and the ease of getting overwhelmed and shot to death if you dawdle create a very tense atmosphere that makes it quite explicitly clear that you do NOT have the initiative at ANY moment of the level. On a grander scale than a soldier-to-soldier conflict, it's a good example of Controllable Helplessness, and a showcase that in war things don't always go the good guys' way. At times The Cavalry isn't there to help the struggling defenders, and even a typical FPS hero can't pull off a fantastic and decisive move that throws the attacking enemy down on its ass. At times the only choice you have is turn back and sprint off to safety with your tail between your legs and hope that you live long enough to fight another day.

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