Characters: Sonichu

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     The Main Duo 


"I am a new Pokemon. I am no longer a Pikachu, so with inspiration, I am now... Sonichu!"

The main character, at least early on. A mixture of Sonic the Hedgehog and a Pikachu, he saves the world several times, though he always finds time for his sweetbolt Rosechu.


"Spended[sic]! With our protest group growing, we will really hit those garbage sacks with our glorious womanhood!"

In theory, Rosechu is Sonichu's Love Interest, though that doesn't stop her from being an Action Girl. In reality, she's not much more than a Satellite Love Interest.

     The Chaotic Combo 


A Team of Sonichus and Rosechus who were created at the same moment the original Sonichu and Rosechu were made. When the Chaotic Rainbow flew out of Sonic and Pikachu and hit the female Raichu, some eggs flew out of the rainbow for no clear reason and landed in a variety of locations. These hatched into Sonees and Roseys that were raised by nearby Pokémon.

Wild Sonichu

"You think tha's something, I can use my leafy tail as a propeller, and I can run real quick. I also blend in with any tree to get my jump! I rule this jungle!"

Raised in the jungles by a Scyther and Venusaur, Wild is courageous and outgoing. He has power over vines, which he often uses to swing from the trees.

Bubbles Rosechu

"My Momma Swampert was excited after I rescued her. Now I freely swim the ocean that is my backyard. I found many new friends in the future, but I'll never forget what Momma said, "Stay strong and true to your heart, and you will prevail." I'm so happy, I think i'll make a seashell necklace."

Found in the ocean by a Swampert, Bubbles is optimistic and cheerful. She can create tidal waves.

Punchy Sonichu

"I am Punchy, Strike Ninja! I studied under the G.D.W Shinabe, and I became the greatest fighter since Goku! I also leaned[sic] to keep my temper down by watching TV comedies... Ha, Ha! They're so funny!"

Brought up in a dojo and learning kung-fu, Punchy's temper is calmed down by comedy movies.

Angelica Rosechu

"I am Angelica, humble servant to our Lo0rd[sic]. Having faith will reward you very well. So keep your head up hight[sic], and one day, you shall be blessed with good health, true love, and pure happiness. Spread your wings of hope and fly!"

Growing up in a Catholic church with nuns as surrogate parents, Angelica is a Technical Pacifist with a strong connection to God. Though she doesn't fight much, when she does she uses wing attacks and whirlwinds.

Angelica: May God have mercy.

Magi-Chan Sonichu

"I predict success in my future, for I see other Hedgehog Pokemon and great adventures. My destiny is just a teleport away!"

A serious Sonichu, raised by a Mewtwo in a cave, who has Psychic Powers and often acts as a Deus ex Machina.

     Other Protagonists 

Christian Weston Chandler

"I am Christian Weston Chandler, Sonichu's creator, and author of this comic. This is his story and nothing less!"

The TRUE and HONEST main character of the series. Chris depicts himself as Mayor of his fictional town, CWCville. Comic-Chris is popular, good-looking, and surrounded by women. He also has the ability to change himself into Chris-chan Sonichu and use all the powers of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon at will.

Comic-Chris is very much the lovable loser type of character. He is noble, brave, intelligent, and surrounded by cartoon characters who fawn over him.

  • Attack Reflector: As Chris-Chan Sonichu, is able to use Mirror Coat to reflect projectile attacks.
  • Author Avatar: Starts out as an Author Avatar character before steadily becoming more and more involved in his own series, moving on to Life Embellished as the author depicts himself fighting against people who antagonize him in Real Life, until he becomes a full-on God-Mode Sue and, in fact, the central focus of the entire series, with its title character Demoted to Extra.
  • Big Good: All of the heroes answer to him.
  • Big NO: Suffers quite a few of these, his most notable occurs after Hanna reveals to have tricked Chris with a fake date.
  • Boomerang Bigot: Chris-Chan's extreme sexism and homophobia are now easily explained by Chris Chan struggling with coming out as a lesbian transwoman.
  • Camp Straight: Frequently accompanied by rainbows, incredibly flamboyant and generally very effeminate, but beyond some unintentional Ho Yay, he only shows attraction to women.
  • Casanova Wannabe
  • Combat Pragmatist: Carries a Megatron-styled pistol, and literally uses it in a knife fight against Ian Brandon Anderson in the special comics.
  • Combination Attack: The "Chrs-Chan Pure Pulse-Jolt Lance" and "Double Corkscrew Kick" with Crystal, and the "Team Blast: Blue Fireball Attack" with Wes and Sarah.
  • Cosmic Plaything: A weird case. He's pretty much handed everything he wants with little effort, but he still seems to be kicked around by the universe just enough to Wanst about it.
  • Deflector Shields: As Chris-Chan Sonichu, able to use attacks like Protect and Barrier.
  • Groin Attack
  • In the Name of the Moon: He has a few of these, one example is from sub episode 7:
Chris: The more you haze me, I will grow stronger! You all are mean and vicious, so in the name of my heart, soul and love quest, I shall punish you!
  • It's All About Me: Completely self centered and only does things to benefit himself. Due to running an entire city, this comes off as pretty childish.
  • Loyal Phlebotinum: Naturally, Chris' Sonichu Medallion will only respond to him using it.
  • Man Child: He has incredibly childish views on just about everything and seems more interested in getting laid than running a government.
  • Nice Guy: Intended to be one, but him comes off as an embodiment of all of the most negative "Nice Guy" traits.
  • The Mayor Who Doesn't Do Anything: Chris spends far more time loitering in malls and fighting security guards rather than actually spending any time running CWCVille.
  • Power Copying: Is able to use all of the Chaotic Combo's abilities by his own, how he is able to is never explained.
  • President Evil: Of the corrupt and incompetent variety, though the police force do seem to at least be wary of him.
  • Psychic Powers
  • Pure Energy
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: As Chris-Chan Sonichu.
  • Serial Romeo: He's quick to declare every single Girl of the Week to be his true love, but it never ends up working out.
  • Shock and Awe: As Chris-Chan Sonichu.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Sonichu is allegedly the main character, not him.
  • Super Speed: Gains this while in his Chris-Chan Sonichu form.
  • The Power of Hate: Uses this to fuel his Curse-ye-ha-me-ha attack.
  • Transformation Trinket: His Sonichu Medallion, which allows him to transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu.
  • Weak Sauce Weakness: If the white patch of fur on his Chris-Chan Sonichu form is touched, he instantly reverts back to his human self.
  • Wish Fulfillment: The comic version of Chris is what his creator wants to really be like.
  • *You Are What You Hate: Chris-Chan spent most of his life hating women and homosexuals. Is now transitioning into a lesbian.

Black Sonichu/Blachu/Blake

Once the arch-nemesis of Sonichu, who turned goody goody after his partner Naitsirhc started being mean to him. He is also, inexplicably, Bubbles's boyfriend (and later husband outside of the comic canon). However, for some reason, Blake and Bubbles decided to hide it from all of their friends, not knowing that their friends already knew about the relationship.

    Minor Characters 

Kellie "Kel" Felix

A pokemon trainer and the previous owner of Rosechu, who she received as a Pichu at the beginning of her journey. She was the first to discover the Sonichu and Rosechu species, and had them examined by the Professor of CWCVille, and shortly after fought Christian Weston Chandler, whom is also a Gym Leader. Afterwords, Rosechu decided to stay with Sonichu, which Kel allowed her to do.

  • All There in the Manual: The majority of Kel's backstory is found outside of the comic, including her list of Pokemon she owns on her team.
  • Captain Ersatz: To Ash Ketchum, down to his origin story.
  • Limited Wardrobe: The only outfit Kel has been seen wearing is a blue hat, blue shirt with a heart, a blue skirt and white sneakers.
  • Put On The Bus: She was only shown in Sonichu #0 to serve as backstory for Rosechu's origin.
    • The Bus Came Back: After a prolonged nine issue absence, Kel reappears in Sonichu #10 as part of the three-person firing squad that executes Sean, a member of the Asperpedia 4.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: She participates in the execution of one of the Asperpedia 4 members, all with a bright smile on her face.

Sarah Hammer/Nicole Rammer

In the comic she is a friend of Christian, and ex-girlfriend of Wes Iseli.

Flame The Sunbird

A large red male bird who lives on Rainbow Island, and is tasked with the protection of the Legendary Master Sunstone.

Darkbind Sonichu

Another purple Sonichu who wields a sword, and lives within the realm of RuleCWC.

When Darkbind isn't helping his creator fend off mall security, he's on a quest to find the seven Sonichu Balls so he can awaken his girlfriend.

Crystal Chandler

Christian's twin sister who was created by his "Heart-Torch".

Megan Schroeder/Meg-Chan/Sailor Megtune

Sailor Megtune is Megan Schroeder's Sailor Soldier alter-ego in the Sonichu comic series.

Megagi La Skunk

A purple and pink skunk, she was created by an associate of Chris'. Much like Jiggliami, she was present in the comic for a while after the expy of her creator had left.

Worth noting is that Megan originally stated she was from Parody Island, but the name was changed to Parodyse Island in the comic.

  • Clean Dub Name: Her original name was "Spunky Skunk", but Chris changed this because the name reminded him of a nasty habit...
  • Flanderization: Megagi used to be more of a Tomboy character. However, in Sonichu #9, her personality begins eroding. Later on in the comic she is further reduced to being Bionic's personal cheerleader.
  • "Super Sentai" Stance: Performs one with Megan.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The tomboy to Megtune's girly girl, before later issues changed Megagi's personality.

DJ Jamsta

A Sonichu DJ, and a host on KCWC radio station. DJ Jamsta is known for using out-of-date slang and making sexist remarks towards women.


A fictional character based on Chris's beloved dog Patti, who died in 2006. Patti used to be a regular Beagle/Spitz mix until she ate a four leaf clover in the middle of the night, the next morning when Chris came to check up on her, Patti had transformed into a humanoid version of herself, and gained the ability to speak. Chris then allowed Patti to live in CWCVille among the public and allowed her to take refuge in his Mayoral Office.

Alison Amber

Chris's secretary in Sonichu. She was introduced in Sonichu #6, as a handwave of how few actual mayoral duties he performs.

Alison was a former movie star who retired early to work as a secretary for a prominent political figure.

  • Beleaguered Assistant: In the comic, she's stuck performing all of Christian's paper work and legal proceedings while Chris is off beating up mall security and evil clones.
  • The Unreveal: She has a boyfriend, but we are never treated to the boyfriend's identity.

Bionic the Hedgehog

Sonic's brother. Shown to really enjoy Basketball.

  • Captain Ersatz: Of Sonic himself, one of the few Sonic characters that wasn't crammed with another Pokémon.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Uses a basketball as his main method of attack.
  • Meaningful Name: No, despite the name, Bionic is not a cyborg. The name "Bionic" was picked because it starts with a "B" for basketball, and it rhymes with "Sonic".

Zelina Rosechu

The Princess of RuleCWC, and thrown in as Darkbind's girlfriend. As an egg, she landed in the audience of the present King and Queen of RuleCWC, and Zelina Rosey hatched out; they adopted her and dubbed her successor to the throne. After some time, she meets Darkbind Sonichu, instantly falling in love and living happy lives together. Until the evil Clawdorf unleashed the power of the Chaotic Crystals from an ancient tablet. In the process, Clawdorf cursed "eternal sleep over our princess", and also transmuting the wizard into stone.


A humanoid Jigglypuff songstress. She along with her manager Blanka travel to CWCville to put on a concert for Spring Break.

Lolisa Rosechu

A yellow Rosechu who works as Jamsta's co-host on KCWC radio. She is also Jamsta's girlfriend.


A young Rosechu with insect wings and a light-up abdomen. She aids Rosechu and the rest of the female cast for woman's rights, among other things.

Simonla Rosechu

An orange Rosechu with the power to turn her arms into drills and dig underground. She eventually becomes Wild's girlfriend. She eventually dies in Sonichu #10, via blown apart by a Voltorb explosion in the bathroom.

  • American Accents: Has a southern accent.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies
  • Captain Ersatz/Composite Character: To Amy Rose, Raichu, and Simon.
  • Dishing Out Dirt
  • Fast Tunnelling: Naturally, Simonla can use Dig with the aid of her Drill Arms.
  • Immune to Flinching: Her implied pokemon ability is "Inner Focus", giving her immunity to flinching.
  • Killed Off for Real: The trope itself became a huge component of the last book of the comic. After the author changed a fan character into a woman (Simonla Rosechu) and included her in the comic, he was demanded to remove her multiple times. Eventually the author was extorted into believing that he would be sued if he did not remove her and by that time the demand had been upgraded to killing her off on-panel. She is blown up by an exploding toilet.
    • Cosmic Retcon: It appears that the author is planning to revive Simonla after her initial death, as he quotes the "death was Troll-Influenced, so therefore I have undone that mistake".
  • Light 'em Up: Can use Signal Beam.
  • This Is a Drill

Yawning Squirtle

A simple Squirtle featured in Sonichu #9. He was apparently a childhood friend of Bubbles.

Reginald Sneasel

A light blue humanoid Sneasel who appears in Issue #9's Date Ed episode. He attempts to get paired up with Layla Flaaffy multiple times in the comic, but all of his efforts backfire in some way. Reginald does however find love with Angelica Rosechu.

Layla Flaaffy

A blonde Flaaffy girl introduced in Sonichu #9. She serves as the newest object of affection for Punchy Sonichu, and the two eventually begin seeing each other.

BlazeBob Sonichu

Another fire using Sonichu who only appears in a few pages in Sonichu #9 along with his friend Chloe Rosechu. He was previously under ownership of a trainer until a fire broke loose in their apartment, while the trainer freed BlazeBob and Chloe, the building exploded, killing the trainer off screen and leaving the two Electric Hedgehog Pokémon without a home. They mysteriously disappear after this incident.

Chloe Rosechu

A purple Rosechu who only appears in a few pages in Sonichu #9 along with her friend BlazeBob Sonichu. She was previously under ownership of a trainer until a fire broke loose in their apartment, while the trainer freed BlazeBob and Chloe, the building exploded, killing the trainer off screen and leaving the two Electric Hedgehog Pokémon without a home. They mysteriously disappear after this incident.

Sandy Rosechu

The daughter of Wild Sonichu and Simonla Rosechu. Not long after hatching, Sandy evolved quickly under the influence of Soft Sand, and was soon brought with Wild to the Trial of the Asperpedia Four. There, Sandy along with her father are responsible of killing off one of the members, Evan in particular.

Cerah Rosey

The eldest child of Sonichu's and Rosechu's trio of children. Cerah is a pink Rosey (The baby form of a Rosechu), whose personality or traits were never explained upon. It is shown however that when Cerah becomes Cerah Rosechu, she would grow up to become a tomboy.

Christine Rosey

The middle child of Sonichu's and Rosechu's children. Christine is a rare shiny Rosey varient, having purple fur instead of Rosechu's pink.

Robbie Sonee

The youngest child of Sonichu's and Rosechu's children. Robbie is a yellow Sonee (The baby form of a Sonichu), and of course has no personality like his sisters. Robbie in the future would apparently grow up to become a crossdresser.

     Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens 

Mary Lee Walsh

Walsh appears as a literal witch, complete with a broomstick, sinister grin and pitchfork. She is the leader of the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens, or. She is motivated by a hatred of true love and people who seek it. As the "witch of hearts," Walsh's goal is to wage war against love itself.

Count Graduon

The prime mover behind the forces of evil in Sonichu. Count Graduon is an ancient evil spirit residing in the scepter of the evil witch Mary Lee Walsh. Despite being a supernatural being of great power who threatened the ancient Native Americans, Graduon inexplicably holds the title of a low-ranking nobleman in European society.

Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc/Naitsirhc Giovanni

Originally known as Naitsirhc Giovanni, he was Christian's long lost twin brother, and was found and adopted by the Pokémon villain Giovanni, and raised as a member of Team Rocket. When Chris fell into the Dark Mirror Hole, his Medallion also entered the darkness, awakening a dormant evil within Naitsirhc, and transforming him into an evil(er) version of Chris. Renaming himself Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, the new anti-Chris dedicated himself to world conquest, and the destruction of his "straight" twin.

Like Chris, Reldnahc has his own Sonichu Medallion, patterned after Black Sonichu, which he uses to transform into Reldnahc Ha-Taque. In Sonichu #10, Christian pins him down and forcibly injects him with the Gay Vaccine from the future, which destroys his medallion, makes him lose his powers and strips him of his evil.

Metal Sonichu

A robotic duplicate of Sonichu, created by Doctor Eggman as a precaution in case Sonichu attempts to escape. Unfortunately, he was easily defeated by Sonic and Sonichu, and was thrown to the moon, where he is never seen again.

Wes Iseli/Walter Grisby

As Wes-Li Sonichu
Sara's ex-boyfriend, and a magician who has an unexplained lifelong grudge against Chris. Sarah breaks up with him halfway through Issue #2's Episode 8.

  • Combination Attack: The "Team Blast: Blue Fireball Attack" with Chris and Sarah.
  • Jerkass: Bullies Chris for no real reason, and is generally a pretty terrible boyfriend to Sarah.
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: The real Wes Iseli had no real relationship with Chris whatsoever, Chris was simply jealous of him for dating Sarah. Compare the actual Wes, who funded a charity drive, to the comic Wes, who is willing to murder Chris out of fear of losing his girlfriend to him.
  • Personality Powers
  • Playing with Fire: As Wes-Li Sonichu.
  • The Rival: To Chris.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: His bloodthirsty hatred of Chris seems to be completely unjustified, even after it is revealed to date back to their ancient ancestors, it still seems to come out of nowhere.
  • Transformation Trinket: Can use his "Fireshock Pendant" to transform into Wes-Li Sonichu.

Silvana Rosechu

A shape-shifting intersex Rosechu who first appeared in Sonichu's News Dash #7 and later played a major role in Sonichu #8.

Aside from her shape-shifting powers, she also shows some psychic ability. She was created by the same rainbow that made the Chaotic Combo. Her egg somehow ended up on the Moon, where she was raised by the evil Count Graduon.

CADD Chef/Keneru Meneth -CADD Chef-

A giant human-like robot under the control of Mary Lee Walsh used in Sonichu #9. He babbles on about the CWCVille mall design being unsatisfactory and grades Chris an F, before being destroyed instantly by Megan.



The private army under the control of Mary Lee Walsh. They were originally average men and woman who were attending Walsh's college, and are silently infected by some brain washing powder spread along the campus, then are called upon when needed. The Jerkops then regain their consciousness after Sonichu preforms some Deus ex Machina.


The leader of the Jerkops, well second to Mary. His main purpose in the series was to constantly cockblock Chris.

Crystal: How dare that jerk hit a lady like that!?

Marcus Bagget/Dagget

The "Jerkop of all Jerkops". Bagget was introduced in Sub-Episode 7 of the comic, in a dramatization of Chris's arrest at Target. He is portrayed as the "Jerkop Daitenzen", a sort of strange evil Power Ranger, and a reference to Excel Saga. Mary Lee Walsh seems to hold him in high regard, and at one point refers to him as "the strongest most evil villian [sic] ever."


The only man on the planet to spell his first and last name without a space, and possibly the first manajerk Chris encountered. Scot came to hate love and in turn hate Chris' goal of such because of his mother's murder-suicide, which in turn lead to Scot blaming love itself.

Scot remained one of the only villains in the series to give any kind of reason for his actions. Despite being the most motivated, Scot has done nothing in the series to Chris personally.


The Manajerk residing at the "Mal-Wart" region. He appears in Sonichu #3 and reused in #4, as he tries to ward off Chris from finding a girlfriend, as it was apparently illegal in Mal-Wart. Chris beats the snot out of the Manajerk, and would continue beating him easily from his later appearances. He also has a striking resemblance to the Jerkhief.

Merried Seinor Comic

Merried Seinor Comic appeared for the first time in Sonichu #3, helping the B-Manajerk in his opposition of Chris's Love Quest. He is one half of the "McDuo" of the City of M-C-D-Ville of the Region of Mal-Wart. He has cybernetic arms and legs and is armed with a broadsword, for no apparent reason except that it allows Chris to recreate the Black Knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In the comic, (no pun intended), Merried Seinor Comic was defeated in a sword fight by Darkbind Sonichu, whilst Chris defeated his partner.


A manajerk who is merely a human head in a jar, mounted on top of a massive robot body. He fights Christian in Sub-Episode 5 and manages to beat Chris down for the long run, however he is quickly overpowered by the sudden appearance of Christian's twin sister, Crystal.

     4-Cent Garbage dot Com 

Jason Kendrick Howell

The main villain appearing in Sonichu 8.

Sonichu and Rosechu confront Jason and Kathleen Nicole Wallace over the images featured on the website of Rosechu's TRUE and HONEST genitalia. After refusing to take down the website following Sonichu's speech, Sonichu attempts to fight Jason, only to be defeated by Jason's "dark force" powers. Rosechu (as The Incredible Lioness) then nearly beats Jason to death but the "dark forces" keep him alive.

Kathleen Nicole Wallace

Jason Kendrick Howell's "Woman Slave", and drawn with a strange BDSM costume sometimes seen crying tears of blood. She never actually said or did anything in either issues, both times just standing by and watching the fights between Jason, Sonichu and Rosechu with general disinterest.


The lobby receptionist for the Building prior to its destruction in Sonichu #10. He is a red humanoid with devil horns and wings. Whether or not he is supposed to be the Devil/Satan, some minor demon/devil, or simply a man who looks like a devil is uncertain.

     Other Antagonists 


The arch-nemesis of Darkbind Sonichu, who unleashed the power of the Sonichu Balls from an ancient tablet. By doing so, Clawdorf cursed "eternal sleep over our princess" (Darkbind's fair love Zelina Rosechu), but it backfired on him, transmuting the wizard into stone. He is revived when Sonichu transforms into Ultra Sonichu.


A villain who used to work for Mary Lee Walsh. He dies along with Jack in the building.

Ian Brandon Anderson

A minor villain appearing in several of the comics for a total of two appearances, and of course being defeated in both. Like Christian, Ian had the ability to transform into a Sonichu form of his own with the help of his own Paper Sonichu Medallion.


A throw-in villain who appears in Sonichu #10 in the building with Cly, who both die together as the building collapses.