Awesome / You Can Play This!

  • Jew Wario pulling out ALL the volumes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in the review of the PS2 game.
  • Jew Wario calling on the powers of all his friends on the web to give him the power to defeat the Evil. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Psychotaku, Pat the NES Punk, Iron Liz, Linkara, Todd in the Shadows, and Nash all singing the theme from DuckTales.
    • And at the end, Justin lets Todd show off his piano skills by playing the whole way through the song (which he learned just for the review).
  • Jew Wario defeating the NegaWarion Kamen Rider style. And the costume is badass.
    • The entire exchange between NegaDub and Yanki J. after he and Justin laugh at the villain's name:
    (NegaDub scowls and punches Yanki, knocking him over.)
    NegaDub: Keep laughing.
    Yanki J: (smirking) Hah hah hah ha-
    (NegaDub punches him again.)
    NegaDub: Keep. Laughing.
    Yanki J: (now bruised and bloodied) Hah hah hah-
    (NegaDub punches him again.)
    NegaDub: (threatening) Keep laughing.
    Yanki J: (glaring at NegaDub) HAH. HAH. HAH.
    (NegaDub punches him again.)
    NegaDub: Are you finished?
    Yanki J: (through gritted teeth) I can do this all night.
    NegaDub: So can I. (throws him across room)
    • And in the end, Yanki J. demonstrates respect for Justin for the first time, addressing him by his new title ("Rider") rather than the usual informal "J-Dub".