YMMV / You Can Play This!

  • Evil Is Sexy: The Negadub.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In Nash's crossover with Film Brain and Linkara of The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, Justin shows up at the end with another bad Marvel TV Pilot, and is last seen attacked by the trio as they go for it. Considering this was one of the last times Justin was in a video before he left TGWTG...
    • To be fair: It seems like they parted ways on good terms, and Justin would still appear in some videos of TGWTG-members afterwards.
      • As it turns out, Nash, Film Brain, Linkara, and Justin did record a review of the pilot, so this may not really qualify anymore.
    • Justin getting stabbed by Negadub and dying is this now that Justin's actually dead.
      • Justin singing Javert's part in the Nostalgia Chick review of Les Misérables as Javert committed suicide.
    • Justin saying "This is story of how I died." in the trailer for YCPT's third Anniversary is this now he's dead.
    • In the second Pokémon movie review, telling his friends: "Not everything I do is a cry for help!"
    • Justin was working for Pushing Up Roses...
    • In his appearance in the fourth Pokémon movie review, which wasn't released until after his death, he leaves the review early, angry and depressed.
    • There's an entire episode of YCPT where JewWario slips and has a near-death experience in the bathroom, which is absolutely cringe-worthy and nigh-unwatchable now if you know the circumstances around his death.
    • In Suburban Knights, Todd in the Shadows threatens to shoot Justin with his (fake) gun. Justin took his life via gun.
    • His Monster Rancher retrospective about his time with the Japanese version (known as Monster Farm), especially when he says toward the end that he'll slate his beloved Golem into Monster Farm 2 "maybe someday."
    • In 2018, many former Channel Awesome employees came forward with allegations of mismanagement and sexual assault. Among them were claims that a sexual predator was not properly dealt with by the management. This was revealed as the result of a sloppy response from CA itself.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: Two and a half years after Justin's passing, his dream of having a full video game-themed Kamen Rider series has finally come true.
  • Nightmare Fuel: For such a light-hearted show, Negadub is quite creepy and malevolent.
    • The way he kills JDub is pretty disturbing, too: as Justin comes down the stairs, the Negadub steps out in front of him with an eerily serene grin on his face; Justin glances down...and sees a knife sticking out of his gut.