Funny / You Can Play This!

  • The absolute glee JewWario has watching the action in Super Robot Wars, especially watching GoLion fight.
  • And his description of the kappa in Kappa Mechi in his Japanese DSi Games video:
    JewWario: I mean, how can you resist this cute little face?
    Kappa: ...
    JewWario: ...
    Kappa: ...
    JewWario: ...
    Kappa: ...
    JewWario: ... [Goes XD] SO CUTE!!!
  • Jew Wario getting constantly hit for drooling over Konami Girl/Lady in the first Wai Wai World review.
  • JewWario happily spinning around and going "Not touching you!" on Shuuki and Jenny. The later promptly back fists him in the face. He falls over and then we see his hand as he keeps at it with a painful "Not touching... You...".
  • The premiere of Yanki J's new show gives us an excellent one.
    Yanki J: It's kind of hard to find out about new games when SOMEBODY DOESN'T GO OUTSIDE!
    JewWario: There's a huge ball of flame out there!
  • Mario Monologues, just Mario Monologues.
    Mario: And there he was, the biggest FOOKKIN' ape I ever saw!
  • The end of the Bullet Hell video.
    JewWario: You know when you play Tetris for too long, and you start to see patterns and shapes? I can see individual atoms. I CAN FEEL THE COSMOS!!!
  • Sees one of the enemies in Chinese Bootleg Famicom Chrono Trigger is a Beedrill.
    "Umm, I choose you George Takei-autographed Bulbasaur?"
  • His Kamen Rider costume (it's him in his street clothes with a henshin belt and a Luchador mask).
    • And Yanki J.'s reaction to seeing it: "Justin, you make me want to punch a kitten."
  • JewWario's reaction to Jareth's dancing muppets at the end of his Labyrinth review.
  • Justin opening the 04/11/11 livestream with a creepy impression of Mister Rogers.
  • From another livestream, we get The Dildo Chair and Justin's idea for an all-male version of SailorMoon...starring the guys from TGWTG.
  • On another occasion, he shared an experience he had while working as a technician at a small news station in Floridanote . The station was covering the story of an illegal cockfighting ring that had recently been busted; the female news anchor would giggle every time her male co-anchor said the word "cock", so she removed every instance of it from the teleprompter and replaced it with a different word. After the report went off without a hitch, a picture of a rooster with a huge beak appeared on the screen behind them....
    Male Anchor: Wow! Will you look at the pecker on that cock!
    Female Anchor: (slams face into desk)
    • J-Dub later referenced this very joke in his "Zombeak" crossover review with Diamanda Hagan.
  • NegaDub's incredibly half-assed attempt at a review, which goes entirely off the game's box.
  • The "Project DIVA" review.
    • "Yes, this game does have skimpier outfits. Perverts. [switching to bikini Luka] Don't judge me!"
    • Failing the song.
    • Also the Ouendan guy.
  • He also does some pretty funny reactions when playing Sailormoon with Psychoneko.
    "Sooo meaaan!"
  • The teaser for "Yanki J Plays -- River City Soccer Hooligans:
    Justin: [watching review] Uh...your intros have been really short the past couple of times.
    Yanki J: You're really short.
    Justin: No, I mean they need to be...longer, and more interesting.
    Yanki J: You need to be longer and more interesting.
    Justin: Well, YOU need to be...longer! And more...inter...esting.
    Yanki J: [smirks] I am longer and more interesting.
  • JewWario finding out Yanki J was in Sakigake!! Otokojuku.
    [Jew Wario can barely hold back his Squee!.]
    Yanki J: What.
    Jew Wario: YOU'RE J!
    Yanki J: Aw jeez. [Face Palm]
  • JewWario and LordKaT trolling a phone sex hotline on one of LK's streams.