Awesome / Young Justice Abridged

It's DC! It would be a crime to not have awesome moments.

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  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The series features short snippets of theme music from various iterations of the DCU, along with covers of popular songs with new lyrics.
  • Batman coming to the kids rescue from Clayface is one for the producers. Batman hitches a ride from his Batwing in Batman: Under the Red Hood animation to Batman Beyond's theme, then enters a warehouse in an awesome transition cut into Young Justice Animation, one-hit KO Clayface and delivers a one liner.
  • Superboy pulling a Borrowed Catch Phrase on Bane.
    And now...I break you.
  • "Can you feel the motherf*cking aster?"
  • They actually managed to make Batman's Dynamic Entry in the first ep even more awesome.
    Robin: Hey Freeze!
    Mr. Freeze: Mmm-hmm?
    Robin: Up above.
    Mr. Freeze: Uuuup above?
    Robin: Up above.
    Batman: (enters) Peek-a-boo. Fear me for I am the NIGHT!
  • Mental BROFIST!
  • Any of the trailers for the next episodes.
  • "Wow. I killed your little Robin, murdered hundreds, and you still don't have the BALLS."
  • The fact that an abridged fan series has managed to portray the first three Robins as active at the same time, beating out all other DC universes.
  • Red Hood is onto the Light's plans regarding Clone!Red Arrow. This is especially awesome since he is just ONE GUY! Clearly, the Light are right to be worried about him.
  • This series points out the ridiculousness of the mockery Aquaman gets by having Batman point out how he is basically the Justice League distilled into a single person. He's strong, he's a great fighter, he wields magic weapons and powers, he's a king, he has an army, and technology that is unknown to surface-dwellers. Aquaman's abilities are so overwhelming that Batman suggests to the League that they keep him far away so he doesn't make them look comparison.
  • The alternate Superman Batman brings to talk sense into his Superman: the Superman from the Bruce Timm animated series.
    • Batman gets another one for his subsequent talk with Alfred after he foiled the latter's plan for taking over the world.