Monster / Super Sentai

"Our invasion is all that is left...There will be no resistance! Attack, kill, plunder! Our motto is destroy and slaughter. After we completely destroy the nations's society...we can begin the world of our Black Cross Army."
Black Cross Fuhrer, Anthem of the Black Cross Army, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger

Whenever Super Sentai decides to go Darker and Edgier, expect these kinds of creeps tend to appear. Of course, the Lighter and Softer ones might not be excluded from this...

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger:
  • Black Cross Fuhrer, later known as Black Cross King, serves as the leader of the Black Cross Army. An alien from the Cassiopeia constellation, he created his army of minions and androids with the express purpose of conquering the world. When threatened by a team of United Nations officers, he would order his men to slaughter all of them in the Japanese branch, leaving only one survivor from each base. He would launch various attacks on the city and was even willing to kill children if it meant advancing his goal. If any of his minions so much as thought of disobeying him, he would kill them on the spot. Nearing defeat, he would use the sacrifice of his most loyal general, Golden Mask, as a way to both escape and carpet-bomb Tokyo, causing untold destruction, not even caring about the death of Golden Mask. Caring only about himself and power, he would also serve as a prototype of countless, diabolical villains of the franchise that would succeed him.

Dengeki Sentai Changeman

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
  • Great Professor Bias is the prime example of corrupters in the franchise. Having corrupted three geniuses before the show began, turning them into his students, Bias has them massacre the remaining geniuses at Academia. After kicking out Goh Omura and attempting to kill him, Bias recruits the aliens Guildos and Butchy. When Guildos tries to prove his superiority through Guild-zuno, it is revealed that both aliens are actually robots built by Bias to make the humans try harder, which he coldly tells Butchy to his face after Guildos's death. After Butchy is convinced to defect, Bias blows him up. Goh later realizes that Bias only wants his students for their brains, one of which will be used for the Giga Brain Wave, which will turn all humanity into Bias's slaves and make Bias immortal. After Yusuke saves the world from the Giga Brain Wave, Bias is reverted to a child who shifts his goals from conquest to destruction and mocks Megumi's kindness when she offers it before finally rejecting redemption.

Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman
  • Vulgyre serves as the true antagonist. A plant-like alien who once coveted the hand of Princess Meadow, after she refused him, he took her life. Later impersonating her, he would use her as his figurehead, creating the Galactic Imperial Army Zone with the purpose of destroying 1000 inhabited planets with the hope of becoming immortal and the God of the Milky Way. After succeeding in destroying 999, he made his way to Earth to complete his goal. He forcefully transformed his general Doldora and her subordinate into a mindless monster after they discovered the truth about him and refused to continue working for him. He helped turn Chevalier into a killer to corrupt his soul with the blood of his victims, with the purpose of killing him off later to gain a power-up. Later becoming Galactic Super Beast Vulgyre, he launched an attack on the city and it was shown that he had kept the soul of Meadow from moving on just so he could have her for himself. Vulgyre is obsessed with pleasing only himself, uncaring to the countless innocents whose lives that he took and has one of the highest body counts in the history of the franchise.

Choujin Sentai Jetman
  • Back Dimensional Count Radiguet is a sadistic Ax-Crazy genocidal maniac with megalomaniacal fantasies of ruling the Vyram under an iron-fisted dictatorship. Even when Juza, his boss and the true Big Bad, arrived he planned to overthrow her but that failed. Afterwards when it looked like he would become good because of a sick girl (who became his Morality Pet while he had amnesia) whom he cured unknowingly he spurned her offer to turn good by killing her. All because she believed he could feel love. He's also the one who brainwashed Rie into being Maria for no other reason For the Evulz. His most repulsive Kick the Dog moment was when he killed her after she snapped back to being Rie. There's also the part where he tortured Tranza until he became insane and was left at the door of an asylum.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger

Denji Sentai Megaranger
  • Commander Guirail is a seriously depraved creature with love of underhanded tactics, whatever it takes to win. Even children wouldn't be spared. His favorite tactic seems to be using human shields. Anyone's fair game, even his ally Yugande: After "tricking" him to work together for the common cause, Guirail makes him take full brunt of damage when the chips are down against him. He's the only one amongst Nejirejia Kingdom who knows nothing of "family/companionship" value: The moment Yugande was subjected of those things, both Hinelar and Shibolena were thoroughly disgusted and socked him with a Psycho Serum under the guise of power-up in revenge of what he did to Yugande.

Rescue Sentai GoGoFive

Mirai Sentai Timeranger
  • Captain Ryuya, the descendant of Tatsuya Asami, serves as the ultimate mastermind behind everything that occurred in the series. He helped Don Dolneiro to escape from captivity and releasing the other Londerz prisoners who would wreak havoc on the present, with one even trying to release a virus to poison an entire city. He would later drive Gien—who was a 5-year-old—to insanity, which lead to his death. He was responsible for the crisis that took place in the finale (he had seen two futures—one in which 1/3 of the 21st century is destroyed and one in which the 31st century ceases to exist). Willing to kill billions of innocents to save his own hide, he is everything the Timerangers are not.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
  • Dezumozorlya, worshipped by the Evoliens as a God of Evil, has launched genocidal wars against innocent planets for no reason other than bigotry, for fun, or because the people of those worlds refused to worship him as a god. It also stands as the only rapist in the entire franchise as it brainwashed Mahoro so she could give birth to Lijewl and cares nothing about the fact that its acts are despicable. Despite his belief in his superiority to other lifeforms, Dezumozorlya demonstrates cruelty and sadism, such as how it takes sheer delight in the destruction it causes in the finale, which shows it is Not So Different to the beings that it despises.

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
  • Agent Abrella sold many weapons supporting galaxy-destroying wars for fun and profit to most of the Alienizers, regardless of how many lives were taken. Once a galaxy is destroyed, he moves to the next to generate profit and destruction. Abrella treats any and all crime as a business opportunity, and it doesn't matter if you're destroying cities, selling slaves, pawning stolen merchandise, or filming child pornography, as long as the price is right, he'll be more than happy to sell you the tools you need to further your enterprise. And his Villainous Breakdown near the end of the series was caused merely because the Dekarangers were ruining his transactions. Yes, Abrella himself caused a citywide destruction spree and nearly destroyed the whole of the Space Police ''just so he could keep his job''.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger
  • Hades Wise God Dagon, leader of the Infershia Pantheon of Hades Gods, is dedicated to the revival of the Dark God N Ma. Adhering to the Dark Precepts, Dagon shows no regret in executing his fellow God Ifrit when Ifrit fails to defeat the Magirangers within a time limit. Dagon soon shows his true colors by cheating, and when the good-hearted Hades God Titan attempts to seal away N Ma within himself, Dagon ambushes and kills him, releasing N Ma to devour Magitopia, earth and even Infershia as well. Betraying and attempting to kill his honorable companion Sphinx, Dagon later rejects her offer to ally with the humans, claiming all he desires is destruction and to see "the ultimate nightmare."

Juken Sentai Gekiranger
  • Long the Infinity Dragon has to remove all worldly attachments from a person by systematically destroying everything they love in order to create the god of destruction and destroy the world. He did it four thousand years ago to Maku, causing the original rebellion, the Kensei had to use a forbidden technique and be turned into animals before he could destroy the world. Years later, Long destroys Jan and Rio's hometown. Jan loses his mother, forcing him to be raised in the jungle. Rio is taken in by Master Shafu, but eventually turns away and seeks evil power to get revenge on anyone. His motivation is boredom, and since he's an ancient being, he thinks he has all the rights to manipulate these lesser creatures for his own amusement at their expense.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Sujigarano Akumaro shows that a Villain can take a show to even darker levels even if it was already fairly dark to begin with. The Gedoushu at large wanted to create enough anguish to cause the Sanzu River to rise high enough to flood the world of the living, thus enabling their incursion thereof. Akumaro, on the other hand, wanted to open a portal to Hell because he wanted to enjoy absolute human suffering—even though said opening would destroy both the human world and the Sanzu River. He also made Fuwa Juzo's sword from Juzo's dead parents, whom he murdered himself. His monstrosity extends to even the Ayakashi who serve under him; they seem specifically made to cause as much suffering as possible in order to further his goal which was to use the suffering of people as a wedge into one of six precise points along a line, at the center of which was a portal to Hell for his sinister purpose.
  • Fuwa Juzo was a remorseless Blood Knight to the point that even his fellow Gedoushu wouldn't trust him; he even only became a Gedoushu in the first place so that he could keep killing in spite of his sickness. Akumaro saw potential in him for his ability to walk the line between humanity and the Gedoushu and sought to use him to open the gates of Hell. However, he throws a sharp wrench into the plan, declaring that he already knew that his sword made by Akumaro was made of his parents—a fact which Akumaro had recently told him to bring him to a Despair Event Horizon—and that he didn't care.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
  • Enter/Dark Buster started with his "attempts" to appease his Majesty Messiah. This involves causing misery as much as he likes and pulling Unwilling Roboticisation, even on children, using them as human shields, while having a blast while doing all of this with an unabashedly relaxed, but still nasty speech pattern peppered with French phrases. Even after Messiah is apparently destroyed, he attempts to revive him before later deciding that he would be much better at the job then his lowly creator and escalates his horrors, going so far as to implant himself with two cards containing backups of Messiah's data—one of which also contains Masato Jin's data—in order to become the new Messiah, as well as implant Hiromu with another card to serve as his Soul Jar, forcing the Go-Busters to face the possibility of killing Hiromu in order to stop Messiah once and for all. He even threatens to harm Hiromu so grievously as to put him into a coma, just so that he can keep said Soul Jar alive without worrying about Hiromu attempting to off himself—assuming the card would let him do so.

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger
  • Lord Ginis is an alien being made entirely of countless Moebas. Hating that he's made of inferior creatures, Ginis creates the Deathgaliens to serve him and participate in the Blood Games by committing planetary genocide across space, simply For the Evulz; 99 planets have been previously destroyed, one of which was the homeworld of his minion, Cubaru. When the Deathgaliens set their sites on Earth for the 100th planet and manage to cause great pain to others, Ginis one-ups them by creating a shrinking barrier around the earth that would destroy everything it touched if it wasn't shut down—although Ginis would activate a planet-destroying robot even if the barrier were stopped. Manipulating and brainwashing the friendless Misao Mondo(u) into painfully becoming the evil Zyuoh The World, while infusing him with the spirits of three Zyuman he had killed, and hiring the vile Hunter Bangray/Bunglay to play and make the game more interesting. After Cubaru betrays him as vengeance for destroying his homeworld, Ginis easily defeats and spares him, but only to amuse himself by watching Cubaru hysterically destroy everything in a vain attempt to please him. Once all but he and his minion Naria are dead, he chooses to end the Blood Game in a twistedly glorious way; he'd inject his cells into the Earth's core, destroying it from the inside and empowering himself in the process. When the Zyuohgers learn his secret and unintentionally reveal it to his servant Naria, who declares her sympathy and loyalty to him even if he's made of lowly Moebas, he kills her off, not wanting any compassion for his condition. A desire to prove himself as the ultimate being in the universe and a love of witnessing violence motivate Ginis in his conquest, and even his Freudian Excuse proves to be a mere contributor to his selfish ego and Lack of Empathy.