Monster / Star Wars
"Now, young Skywalker... you will die."
Cosinga Palpatine: Murder has always been in your thoughts, hasn't it? You've merely been waiting for someone to grant you permission to act.
Sheev Palpatine (the future Emperor): I don't need anyone's permission.
Cosinga: Precisely. You're an animal at heart.
Sheev: King of the beasts, Father.
Darth Plagueis, before Palpatine murders his family

As a popular franchise, Star Wars and its Expanded Universe have popularized the concept of Redemption and Heel Face Turns, especially Redemption Equals Death. However, Star Wars is still a modern tale of a classic battle between good and evil, the Light Side versus the Dark. Thus, even in the Galaxy Far Far Away, the worst of the worst may still exist.


  • Sheev Palpatine is a Dark Lord of the Sith who is the primary villain of the franchise—and by far its most evil one. Born as a nasty sociopath who loved to inflict pain and sought to extend his influence wherever he could, in his various guises as Darth Sidious and ruler of the Galactic Republic and later The Empire, he has been responsible for orchestrating galactic-wide wars, manipulating others and then disposing of them when they have served his needs, personally murdering and torturing a vast number of people, tyrannically oppressing trillions of sentient beings, wiping out billions of lives to secure and then maintain power, and all this for no other reason than his desire to dominate others and his boundless cruelty and hatred. Not relegated to one work, his crimes across the Star Wars universe and Expanded Universe are detailed in works like the prequel novel Darth Plagueis, the two Star Wars trilogies of movies, the cartoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the comic book Dark Empire, and the video game The Force Unleashed.

Canon Works

  • Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin is one of the highest-ranking officers in the Galactic Empire and one of their most infamously cruel. Even before his integration into the Empire, Tarkin showed resentment towards the Jedi and happily tried to have Ahsoka Tano executed, despite Tano having previously saved his life. After being promoted to Moff following Palpatine's conversion of the Republic to the Empire, Tarkin, after crafting the Tarkin Doctrine, which laid out principles of The Empire, would repeatedly demonstrate his cruelties as a high-ranking officer: boiling Space Pirate Q'anah and her crew to death from the heat of a star and ordering the destruction of any ships that tried to rescue them; punishing the populace of Antar-4 with no regard to which members of the populace had been loyal to the Republic, causing many innocent deaths; and, upon his promotion to Grand Moff, taxing the subjects of the Outer Rim to starvation and engineering the torture of Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus, even though Kanan may not know anything. During the earliest days of the Death Star, Tarkin sanctions the obliteration of rebel city NiJedha and claims the victory as his own. Tarkin later has the Death Star fire on the Imperial base on Scarif to quell rebel activity, killing countless members of the Empire's own men as well as his hated rival Orson Krennic, while also wiping out the remainder of Rogue One. Tarkin's most recognized atrocity is, while in command of the Death Star, having Princess Leia tortured and, even after being provided with the information he wanted, forcing her to witness the destruction of her homeworld of Alderaan, killing billions of innocent people. Tarkin's only response to any of his atrocities is a cold, smug sense of satisfaction. A Knight Templar par excellence, Tarkin exercised cruelty nightmarish even by the standards of the Empire despite not even being a Sith, coldly dismissing Berch Teller's words to his protocol with "[E]vil will have to do."
  • Star Wars films: Palpatine. In Episode I, as Senator of Naboo, he engineers the Trade Federation's invasion and blockade of his own home planet, using the sympathy generated to become Supreme Chancellor. In Episode II he starts the Clone Wars and uses the war to gain considerable emergency powers. In Episode III, he successfully turns Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side by exploiting Anakin's fear about the possible death of his wife Padmé, and afterwards nearly annihilates the Jedi Order by means of Order 66. He brands the Jedi as traitors to the Republic and has them killed by his soldiers, including the Jedi children; all but two of the Jedi die. He kills and disposes his loyal Separatist allies (such as his apprentice Dooku) when he has no more use for them and turns the Republic into a fascist dictatorship, ruling by fear and using planet-destroying superweapons like the Death Star against anything with the idea of dissenting. Once he becomes Emperor, he is known to have personally destroyed entire populations and single-handedly razed entire cities that were suspected to conspire against him. In Episode VI, he flawlessly engineers the total destruction of the Rebellion, and treats Darth Vader as expendable because he wants to make Luke his next apprentice by goading Luke into murdering his father. When Luke refuses, Palpatine then gleefully blasts him with Force lightning and would have killed him if not for Vader's redemption.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • Chancellor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, is the instigator of the Clone Wars and the Dark Lord of the Sith. Desiring an army of Force-users to serve his will, Sidious hired Cad Bane to kidnap Force-sensitive infants, so that Sidious could perform horrific and potentially fatal experiments upon them, coldly disregarding their possible deaths. When he felt that Asajj Ventress was growing too powerful, Sidious commanded Count Dooku to kill her, ignoring his protests and mockingly praising his apprentice for his "loyalty" when Dooku believed that he had carried out the order. Later, after deciding that his former apprentice, Darth Maul, had grown too powerful, Sidious attacked him on Mandalore, brutally murdering Maul's brother, Savage Opress, and sadistically torturing Maul himself into submission, later using Maul in a plot to kill Mother Talzin. When Fives discovered Order 66, Palpatine had him drugged into insanity to prevent the truth from being revealed, a plan which ended in Fives's death. When Yoda sets out on a vision quest, Sidious takes the opportunity to try and destroy the vulnerable Jedi Master, using Sith sorcery in an attempt to corrupt and kill Yoda. As always, Darth Sidious is a malevolent, sadistic monster who employs exceptionally cruel methods in his quest for power.
    • Dr. Nuvo Vindi is the Monster of the Week for the season 1 two-parter " Blue Shadow Virus" and "Mystery of a Thousand Moons", and the Mad Scientist who recreated the titular virus, a disease that kills all who contract it and which no lifeform is immune to, after it had been wiped from the galaxy. Vindi not only brought the virus back, he converted it to an airborne strain so it could spread more easily. Vindi's ultimate plan is to send a virus-laden bomb to each key Republic star system, creating a galaxy-wide plague that could kill entire planetary populations. When his operation iss put at risk by the Republic, Vindi just decides to prematurely activate the bombs while they're still on world, with the intention of killing everyone on Naboo, himself included. Though hired by the Separatists to perform these actions, it's clear that Vindi takes great joy in his work, and sees unleashing the revived virus as passing judgement on the galaxy that once "murdered" it.
    • General Pong Krell, introduced in season 4, is a ruthless and treacherous fallen Jedi who only cares for his own survival and benefit. Having foreseen that the Jedi will lose the Clone Wars, Krell sets out to sabotage their efforts in the Battle of Umbara to ingratiate himself with Count Dooku and become the Sith Lord's apprentice. Taking command of the 501st Legion, Krell, who holds Clones in deep contempt, forces his troops into disastrous battle plans designed to kill as many of them as possible. When Jesse and Fives disobey Krell's orders to carry out a successful mission, Krell, after initially deciding to have them court martialled, orders their execution. When the Clones refuse to follow this order, Krell engineers a battle between two batallions of Clones, claiming to each group that the other consists of enemy infiltrators, resulting in several deaths. Exposed as a traitor, Krell rampages through the Clones' ranks, violently killing many of them before being captured. When questioned, Krell admits that, in addition to his plan, he simply enjoyed manipulating and murdering Clones because he found them "inferior." When Rex prepared to execute him for his crimes, Krell taunted the Clone Captain, mocking his emotional turmoil. Sadistic, brutal, and smug to his final breath, Pong Krell is the perfect example of the corrupting influence of war upon the Jedi Order.
    • Keeper Agruss, also from season 4, is the cruel Zygerrian taskmaster of the Kadavo mining facility. Charged with breaking the will of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Agruss starts by executing several slaves just to make a point to the Jedi Master. Setting his slaves to work in horrible conditions, Agruss has other slaves tortured if Obi-Wan tries to help them, intending to make his help unproductive and alienate those whom Obi-Wan wants to help. When the Republic arrives to free Kenobi and the other slaves, Agruss sets the mining facility's system to drop all of the slaves to their deaths, and smashes the control panel to prevent Obi-Wan from undoing this. Agruss then taunts Obi-Wan by claiming that he cannot retaliate because of his Jedi beliefs, prompting the normally merciful Obi-Wan to subtly order Rex to kill Agruss. Even in a society of slavers, Keeper Agruss is a despicable being who places no value on innocent lives beyond their use to him.
  • A New Dawn: Count Denetrius Vidian is a bureaucrat and manager in charge of overseeing the Empire's factories. Vidian demonstrates his authority by working his subordinates to death and beating a union boss to death when he protests. Vidian shows a penchant for torturing his enemies and plans to mine one moon for all the materials it has, even though the excessive mining will destroy the moon and its planet, thus killing all the beings there; Vidian simply plans to blame a rival noble for the disaster. His worst moment comes when an entirely competent factory manager protests that Vidian's demands are impossible. He proceeds to throw her into a vat of acid and angrily tells her to "dissolve quickly" so he can get back to work before beating her husband to death when he attempts to arrest Vidian.
  • Catalyst & Rogue One: Orson Callan Krennic, eventual Director of the Advanced Weapons Research division of the Imperial Military, fought for the Republic in the Clone Wars, where he revealed his true colors by massacring civilians and noncombatants whose only crime was being affiliated with Separatists. Upon the rise of the Empire, Krennic enthusiastically supported the new regime to make his dream of creating the Death Star a reality. Krennic engineers a war on one world so the Empire can end up brutally suppressing it and frequently displays a tendency to backstab and kill those who work with him. When a group of engineers ask to be released from their contracts, Krennic simply obliterates their facility. When his former friend Galen Erso escapes, Krennic tracks him down, resulting in the death of Galen's wife, and forces him to help design the Death Star. Krennic later has it tested on the civilian city of Jedha and has innocent engineers massacred just to hurt Galen when he learns Galen has leaked information out. Firmly dedicated to his own career, Krennic will backstab or murder whoever he has to in order to keep the command he feels is his by right.

Star Wars Legends

  • Wilhuff Tarkin first came to the Emperor's attention with his handling of a peaceful tax protest, which he ended protest by landing his Star Destroyer on the protestors, crushing thousands of people to death. As one of Palpatine's highest-ranked agents, Tarkin enforced the Emperor's will through "The Tarkin Doctrine," which codified the Empire's policy of ruling through fear. This led to the creation of the Death Star, a project which Tarkin spearheaded and personally oversaw. As a test of the planet-killer's weapon, Tarkin destroyed the planet Despayre, the site of the Death Star's construction. With billions of deaths to his name, Tarkin proves himself to be one of the Empire's most ruthless officers, with only the Emperor himself rivaling his cruelty.

Comic Books
  • Agent of the Empire: Iaco Stark was once a domineering young pirate who started the Stark Hyperspace War. Always managing to come out on top of every galactic conflict until the days of the Empire, upon reaching old age, Stark fakes his own death and has his head grafted onto a powerful, spider-like droid's body with a plan to unleash what is known as Iron Eclipse. Having his second wife Dah'Liss murdered when she inadvertently tells Imperial Agent Jahan Cross too much, Stark later murders his own son Iaclyn when he shows his half-sister compassion, Stark's first wife having had an affair. Stark then reveals his true motivations: to activate Iron Eclipse and make every droid in the galaxy begin killing their masters until they submit to Stark as the galaxy's new ruler, something that would create a death toll that would eclipse countless other villains.
  • Dark Empire: Palpatine's cloning attempts lead to his vilest actions yet, not only by converting Luke to the dark side but also causing havoc through the use of devastating force storms and the planet-destroying Galaxy Gun. When his last clone starts to decay, he tries to possess baby Anakin Solo and is only stopped by another Jedi's intervention.
  • Dark Times: Dezono Qua, despite being a one-issue villain, manages to stand out as one of the most despicable monsters in the Star Wars universe. A noble from the planet Esseles, Qua is hated by most other nobles on the planet for his dealing in slavery, notably that of children. When Dass Jennir comes looking for Resa, one of Qua's latest child slaves, Qua first pathetically tries to buy him off, then reveals he killed and ate Resa, the same fate that befalls most of the slaves he purchases, simply because he could. Qua dies without empathy or remorse, showing no emotion but fondness over how "delicious" Resa was.
  • Jango Fett: Open Seasons: Tor Vizsla, Jango's Arch-Enemy, is the founder of the Death Watch extremists bent on returning the Mandalorians to their worst warmongering ways and is responsible for every tragedy in Jango's life. When Jango was a young boy, his entire family was killed by Vizsla and his men when they got caught in the crossfire of his war with Jaster Mereel and the True Mandalorian faction. Later on, when Fett had succeeded Mereel as leader of the True Mandalorians, Vizsla conspired to trick the Jedi into believing that the True Mandalorians were slaughtering political dissidents (the "dissidents" were actually armed insurgents) along with women and children; evidence for the latter was provided by Vizsla's men. This resulted in a horrific battle between the Mandalorians and a task force of Jedi that left almost everyone on both sides dead.
  • Knights of the Old Republic:
    • Chantique the slaver is a leader of the slaving operation Crucible, and as the Magister Impressor, is responsible for educating and teaching new slaves. Chantique proudly presides over a legacy of misery and torment, forcing slaves to battle one another in pointless gladiator fights, with one slave in particular having to carry the memories of every other slave who had ever suffered in the past. After the slave's suicide, Chantique proceeded to mock his would-be savior on the meaninglessness of his death. A brutal sadist who was not above outright murdering his victims, Chantique also possessed a grudge against her old rival Jarael and would stop at nothing to make her suffer and destroy all the relationships she had formed. The crowning moment of cruelty for Chantique was seeing that ever since she rose to lead Crucible, she celebrated by having one of her old schoolmates buried alive. When she learned her father was coming to collect her old classmates, Chantique buried them all and gleefully mocked him that he should have taught them how to hold their breath.
    • Demagol, born Antos Wyrick, become one of the most feared and loathed beings in Mandalorian history. Known as "The Flesh Carver", Demagol hungered to learn the secrets behind the Force by torturing the Jedi who fell into his grasp, even the children when children are honored and protected by Mandalorians. The experiments would often end in excruciating vivisection. Revealed to have once sold his own daughter into slavery at Crucible, when faced by her after stabbing her in the back, Demagol snarled he only wanted "The good ones. The ones that worked!". When he learns that Chantique buried his students alive, instead of mourning them he laments that she's ruined his "life's work." Combining a complete Lack of Empathy with sadistic scientific curiosity, Demagol stood as a unique monster in the Star Wars franchise and centuries after his death, his name had become a curse to the Mandalorians.
    • Haazen began his career in evil as a failed, jealous Padawan who murdered his former best friend Barristan Draay during the Great Sith War. His body rebuilt and scarred, Haazen's soul became as twisted as his outward appearance. Ruthlessly manipulating other Jedi into murdering their own Padawans, Haazen had Coruscant bombed from orbit to initiate a war that would allow him to destroy and rebuild the Sith and Jedi orders while ruling them from within. Haazen kept the true leader of the Convenant and the only one who might have stopped him in a state of horrible suspended animation where she could perceive every atrocity he manipulated her son in to committing, including the deaths of children. A man defined by jealousy and hatred, Haazen's grand goals of plunging the galaxy and causing the deaths of countless innocents while perverting the Jedi Order towards darkness were nothing more than an attempt to feed his ego and spit on the grave of Barristan Draay.
  • Legacy:
    • Darth Krayt (who was born born A'Sharad Hett), The Emperor of the One Sith, was a great Jedi Knight once, but that time is long past. Seizing control of the Imperial throne, Krayt establishes a military dictatorship that violently destroys any who might be a threat. When a single Mon Calimari shipman is captured on board a rebel cruiser, Krayt flips out and kills him after ordering a summary execution of ten percent of the Mon Calimari species while the rest will be forced into camps and exterminated later. Suffering a betrayal from his most trusted follower, Krayt later returns from the death, now of the belief the galaxy must experience death as he had before launching a violent, galaxy wide campaign, with the plan to manipulate his enemies to use a toxin against Coruscant, the most populated planet in the galaxy, that will kill everything on the world except the Sith.
    • Vul Isen is a Mad Scientist whose job is genocide. When Darth Krayt decides the Mon Calamari species needs to die, Isen is appointed as the one to expedite the process. Isen's first plan is to create a sea monster known as a Leviathan that steals the souls of its victims and imprisons them in eternal anguish. When this is destroyed, Isen develops a toxin to kill all life on the planet. Despite the best efforts of the galaxy, Isen exterminates 80 percent of life on Mon Calamari with nothing more than satisfaction at his own brilliance. He then proceeds to attempt to exterminate all life on another planet that defies the Sith after having refugees hunted down.
    • Zenoc Quah is a key ally of the One Sith and a fanatic even by the standards of the Yuuzhan Vong. A die-hard supporter of Supreme Overlord Shimrra (himself actually a puppet of Onimi, he went into hiding on the ravaged planet Wayland after his leader was killed by Luke Skywalker, declaring the rest of his people to be traitors for brokering peace with the galaxy. He brooded on Wayland for a century before the One Sith gave him an opportunity for revenge, informing him that the Yuuzhan Vong and the Jedi had embarked on a project to repair the words the war had destroyed. Zenoc proceeded to infect the Yuuzhan Vong's biotechnology with a virus, causing it to rampage out of control and kill millions; he also took care to make sure that neither Yuuzhan Vong nor Jedi would be harmed by the toxin, making it seem as though both groups had foreknowledge of the crisis and collapsing public support for them. Zenoc aids Darth Maladi of the One Sith in capturing Cade Skywalker and his girlfriend Deliah Blue, strapping the latter into a torture device which he has calibrated such that Cade's Force healing would cause Deliah greater pain. When a rescue party arrives to save the two, Zenoc attempts to feed the weakest member to his pack of abominations before finally being cut down.
  • Most Gen'Dai are pacifistic recluses who never leave their homeworld. Alas, this was not the case with Durge, bounty hunter, assassin, and Separatist commander during the Clone Wars. One of the most prolific-and sadistic-Jedi hunters of the war, Durge made his first appearance on one of Naboo's moons, where he and Asajj Ventress massacred the the local Gungans in a test of their new chemical weapon—a weapon they were planning to use against the planet Naboo next. When a squad of Jedi and clone troopers arrived to investigate, Durge tried to kill them all, even going so far as to try and skin Padawan Zule Xiss alive. Later, during the battle of Queyta, Durge would open fire on his own men, using the explosions caused by their deaths to kill a pair of Jedi Masters, one of whom he finished off by submerging in lava. Obsessed with having the title of greatest bounty hunter ever, Durge made an attempt on the life of Jango Fett's son, Boba, and would go out of his way to kill Jango's clones, all in the name of cementing his reputation. Finally slain after slaughtering the entire crew of a captured ship, Durge was as vile as even a bounty hunter could get.
  • Star Wars: Knight Errant: Lord Odion, born as the heir of the mighty Sith Calimondra family, had an unusual affliction where the existence of others caused him physical anguish. Finding a Sith solution, Odion found joy in the murder of others to the point where the murder of sentient beings became a high to him. Having learned to twist the minds of others, Odion found joy in forcing helpless captives in attacking carnivorous monsters and restored their minds to savor their agony when they were devoured. Leading countless campaigns that claimed the lives of innocents in his battle with his hated younger brother Daiman, Odion found the solution to the problem of existence: an ancient Sith helmet, an artifact that would initiate homicidal and suicidal insanity in living things. To power it up for its task, Odion had imprisoned every child on his realm to deprive them of hope and use their terror and anguish to power his helm, being but moments away from ending all life before being stopped. Odion's final goal was to exterminate all life and rule the graveyard he'd made of the Galaxy.
  • Tales of the Jedi:
    • Beginning his career as an arrogant, brash Jedi Apprentice who considered aliens to be inferior to humans, Exar Kun found himself drawn to the Dark Side. Under the tutelage of the ghost of dead Sith Lord Freedon Nadd, Kun plunged down a dark road where he embraced the darkness and destroyed his master's spirit, claiming lordship of the Sith. As the Dark Lord, Kun would enact alchemical experiments upon his followers, a species called the Massassi, twisting their bodies into weapons of war for his use. Kun would corrupt other Jedi apprentices by having them possessed by Sith Ghosts and sent them to murder their own masters. In the Sith War, Kun marched into the very heart of the Republic, murdered the Supreme Chancellor and delivered a grand speech to the Republic before killing his own Jedi Master in a duel. Kun would then trick several followers into initiating a supernova that would devastate entire star systems, including a genuinely loyal servant, mostly because the man's undying devotion irritated him. When cornered at his home base, Kun sucked the life from the entire Massassi race to preserve his own existence and trapped himself within his temple for four thousand years. When his spirit returned to haunt Luke Skywalker's students, he proved himself as cruel as ever by manipulating Luke's prized students, burning one alive from the inside out and having another use a superweapon to destroy solar systems.
    • Aleema Keto may not be a Sith Lord herself, but she is no less evil and cruel than many of them. A spoiled brat questing for adventure, she and her cousin Satal, heirs of the Keto dynasty, discovered the spirit of Sith Lord Freedon Nadd who taught them Sith Magic. They immediately used it to subjugate their home system, overthrowing and encasing their parents in carbonite. Aleema sewed her tutor's mouth shut after giving an illusion of his tongue turning into an eel and later blasted the flesh off his bones in a rage after he he spilled her wine. Aleema later conducted the executions for their regime by feeding victims to torture droids while she and Satal launched a crusade that took many lives, terming their faction the Krath after a demon in their childhood stories. Aleema was especially fond of using illusions to Mind Rape her enemies on massive scales. Aleema later seduced a fallen Jedi named Ulic Qel-Droma and manipulated him into killing Satal. When Ulic allied with Exar Kun, Aleema remained by his side until it was convenient to betray him to the Republic, feeding any of Ulic's loyalists to a pet of hers that sucked the life out of them. When Exar and Ulic later gave her command of Sith Lord Naga Sadow's ship, Aleema happily used it to annihilate a star cluster to cook her enemies alive in their ships.

  • The Crystal Star: Hethrir, part of a near-human race called the Firrereo, was once Palpatine's Procurator of Justice and the head of the Empire's justice system. To prove himself to the Empire, Hethrir had thousands of his people abducted and placed in suspended animation with the intention of awakening them far later where they'd worship him as a God. Millions of others were left on Firrereo, where Hethrir had the planet infected by a virus that agonizingly killed every living thing on it (an action which Palpatine happily approved). When Hethrir's wife escaped with their child, Hethrir hunted her down and placed her in a torture device where she remained in pain for five years, and took their son as a lowly servant. Hethrir took to enslaving children to build a new empire, selling those who weren't Force-sensitive or non-human into slavery, while also forming a cult dedicated to the alien being known as Waru. Hethrir promised Waru, who simply wanted a way to his home dimension, the lives of sentients, with intentions of sacrificing Force-sensitive children in return for great power.
  • Darth Plagueis: Palpatine's backstory as a villain shows the true magnificence of his manipulations, as we see him working with the Trade Federation to plot the blockade that takes place in Episode I. It is revealed that he killed his own parents and siblings, and is incapable of feeling regret when committing heinous actions and various misdemeanors—such as when he ends up crashing his landspeeder and killing two people without any remorse on his part. When Darth Tenebrous foresaw Palpatine's future murder of Plagueis upon his death and possession of Plagueis after the latter betrayed him, he was noticeably horrified at not only Plagueis's murder at the hands of his apprentice Palpatine, but at how evil Palpatine is, even for the Sith.
  • Darth Bane:
    • Darth Bane is the one who both destroys and reinvents the Sith. Born Dessel to a simple miner, Bane became a soldier and eventually joined the Sith Academy at a young age. Soon enough, Bane became a devotee of the Dark Side and came to the conclusion the current Sith were weak and flawed. Bane would soon abandon anything resembling morality or compassion. When poisoned, he saved his life by slaughtering a father's three young sons in front of him, drinking in the man's agony before killing him as well. He received healing only when he threatened to torture a healer's young daughter to death. when he rejoined the Sith with the goal to purge them, Bane led them in a ritual that stripped a world of life and finally tricked the leader of the Sith brotherhood, Lord Kaan, into using a forbidden technique that wiped out the Sith and Jedi armies, leading their souls imprisoned in a horrible prison for the next thousand years.
    • Darth Zannah, previously known as Rain, is Bane's first true apprentice who submits herself to the Dark Side as a young girl after she crosses the Despair Event Horizon. Proving herself to have the potential for evil, she murdered the crew of a small ship, including children, to secure passage to rejoin Bane. After ten years with Bane, any kindness or innocence Zannah once had is dead and gone. She has no compunction betraying her lover to his death, never having cared about him to begin with. When she discovers a terrorist in the same conspiracy was her lover's other woman, Zannah reveals her talent as a Mind Rape specialist: she uses her sith sorcery to destroy the woman's mind with horrible visions that make her claw out her own eyes until her mind is destroyed, save for a small pocket of consciousness where she will suffer until death. After a duel with the Jedi, Bane is critically injured. Unwilling to let him die before she has all his teachings, Zannah tricks her cousin and the same healer Bane blackmailed years ago, before she slowly hacks the healer to death with her lightsaber and uses her powers to drive her cousin into insanity so the Jedi will kill him, thinking he's the Sith Lord. While Bane is ice cold, devoid of emotion and feeling, Zannah is violent and openly cruel and sadistic, preferring to cause pain mentally. She is a worthy heir to the millennia long evil of the Sith.
  • Galaxy of Fear:
    • Borborygmous Gog was the Big Bad of the first half of the series. A Shi'ido changeling who once served the Empire, Gog and his partner Mammon Hoole worked on the world Kiva. When Gog realized their experiments would result in the extinction of all life on Kiva, he reported this to the Emperor and carried on with the experiments while concealing the truth from the more moral Hoole. He had no compunction letting Hoole take the blame, either. Gog would continue Project Starscream, creating bioweapons that included, among others, a living planet that devoured organic life; a machine to trap people in their worst nightmares; and an essence stealer that trapped the life force of sentients in a crystal matrix. To test them, Gog regularly unleashed them on innocents while cataloging the results. When his "masterpiece," the living bioweapon Eppon, chose to side with Hoole's family against Gog, Gog simply killed him without remorse. He also funded Dr. Evazan’s research (see below). Combining his brilliance with an utter lack of morals, Gog sought to master the Force and achieve scientific perfection- even if the Galaxy had to burn behind him.
    • Dr. Cornelius Evazan brags to Luke Skywalker that his crimes have given him the death sentence in twelve systems ("He doesn’t like you…I don’t like you..."). A Serial Killer and thug with delusions of grandeur, Evazan claimed countless victims with his depraved experiments. When his Aqualish partner Ponda Baba lost an arm to Obi-Wan Kenobi after threatening a young Luke, Evazan kidnapped an Aqualish Senator to have Ponda's mind transferred into the Senator's body, obliteraring the senator's consciousness. When this went wrong and Ponda was erased and replaced with the Senator's mind, Evazan had no remorse. Joining Project Starscream, Evazan moved to the world Necropolis where he tried experimenting to bring the dead back to life. For this end, Evazan even murdered and attempted to murder children to reanimate and fuel his personal Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Jedi Academy Trilogy: Moruth Doole keeps a harem of Rybet females he rapes, and he enslaves the children, making them package up the spice mined. Then, when they're old enough to challenge him, he kills them. He runs a massive slaving operation with high fatality rates, without a glimpse of remorse or humanity. He's also fond of feeding any enemy slaves to the giant spiders that inhabit the spice mines.
  • Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest: Few Star Wars villains have had a career as varied as that of Jenna Zan Arbor. Fascinated by The Force, Jenna first appeared in Jedi Apprentice, where she captured, tortured, and killed in an effort to work out how their abilities operated. Found out and pursued by the Jedi, she fled to the planet of Belasco, where she infected their water supply with a bacteria that would kill millions unless she was paid to "discover" the cure. Arrested and imprisoned, Jenna escaped custody in Jedi Quest, and allying herself with gangster and terrorist Granta Omega, setting herself up as a drug dealer before joining his effort to poison the entire Galactic Senate. When Omega died, Jenna joined the Separatists, manufacturing chemical weapons—including the gas that Durge used on Naboo's moon—for them, before changing her allegiance to the Empire at the end of the war. At the time of her eventual execution by Darth Vader, Jenna was part of the Death Star project, and was engaged in experiments in mind and memory manipulation. Void of ethics, and interested only in profit and fame, Jenna Zan Arbor was prepared to do anything, however depraved, to satisfy her curiosity.
  • Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor: Lord Cronal (supposedly born as Perek), also known as Lord Shadowspawn and "Blackhole," grew up worshiping the Way of the Dark, an ideology which focused on nihilism and instilled in him the fanatical belief that the only true power was the power to destroy. Seeing the "creation" of his own daughter, Sariss, as a transgression against nihilism, he disavowed her and gave her to the Prophets of the Dark Side to be raped, even participating himself. Though Cronal initially served Emperor Palpatine, in reality he held contempt for the Emperor and plotted to overthrow him because Cronal viewed him as not destructive and evil enough for his tastes. Following Palpatine's death, Cronal declared himself the New Galactic Emperor and waged war on the New Republic. Cronal's Imperial splinter faction embarked on a campaign of wholesale slaughter against multiple worlds, conquering the Inner Rim in the process. In order to act as his puppets and decoys, Cronal kidnapped, lobotomized and mind-controlled multiple Force-sensitives to act as extensions of himself whom he could bodyjack should his own frail, elderly body fail him. His plan during the Battle of Mindoir being to take over the body of either Luke or Leia both due to the siblings' force sensitivity and to prolong his own life. Cronal also had kill-switches implanted into the entirety of his forces, and, when his attempt to switch to a Skywalker body failed, he sent them all on suicide runs against the Republic while he escaped. This necessitated the death of every Imperial troop under Cronal's command, 50,000 people total. In the end, Cronal was a man so completely nihilistic, that his ultimate goal as Emperor was to create a never-ending cycle of entropy until all of existence, including himself, was destroyed.
  • New Jedi Order: Onimi was once a gifted Shaper whose experiments resulted in him becoming hideous and malformed, branding him as a Shamed One and outcast in the eyes of the Yuuzhan Vong. However, his experiments also granted him incredible power. He enslaved the mind of Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane, ruling the Yuuzhan Vong as the secret master from the shadows while being publicly presented as Shimrra's court jester, hiding his intellect behind Obfuscating Stupidity. Onimi ordered the invasion of the Galaxy, leading to a brutal campaign that saw hundreds of trillions dead and entire species and worlds annihilated by the Yuuzhan Vong. Desperate to contain the supposed "Jeedai" heresy, Onimi initiates violent purges of his own people, slaughtering them en masse while throwing away the lives of loyal Yuuzhan Vong on pointless endeavors throughout the war. When he faces off with the Solo twins, Onimi reveals he has come to see them as avatars of the Yuuzhan Vong gods of trickery and war and reveals his intentions to continue the massacre of everything in the galaxy to elevate himself to godhood. Twisted, cruel and obsessed with his own glory, Onimi aimed to destroy all he could for the sole purpose of spitting in the faces of the gods he abandoned in his own hubris.
  • Return of the Jedi: The non-canon novelization has its version of Moff Jerjerrod. Portrayed as an arrogant, self-important Sociopathic Soldier who joined the military for the violence, Jerjerrod saw the Rebel Alliance as something smaller and weaker than himself that he could bully with impunity. As commanding officer of the second Death Star, Jerjerrod was an enthusiastic participant in Emperor Palpatine's plan to exterminate the Rebels, viewing it as an exercise in total annihilation; his one regret was that the end of the Rebellion would mean the end of the war he loved. When the Emperor and Darth Vader were slain, Jerjerrod, enraged at the Rebels for fighting back, ordered Death Star II to obliterate Endor, intending to butcher not only the Rebels and the Ewoks, but his own men, and every other sentient lifeform on the moon, out of a desire "to incinerate something green and living, gratuitously, meanly, toward no end but that of wanton destruction. A small act, but deliciously satisfying." A petty, sadistic man with a big gun, Jerjerrod was among the cruelest and most vindictive officers the Imperial Navy had to offer.
  • X-Wing Series: Ysanne Isard is Director of Imperial Intelligence and Emperor in all but name. Along with the traditional things that come from being at the head of the Empire, like oppressing nonhumans and ordering strikes against the Rebels, and what she did to the previous people in power, she ordered the creation of the Krytos Plague, which causes infected nonhumans to die horribly, and set it loose on Coruscant before the Rebels captured it. This so that the New Republic would both bankrupt itself trying to treat the infected and tear itself apart along species lines, as resentment towards immune humans rose. It might not have gotten that bad, but that was the intent. And then there's how she left Coruscant. And Lusankya. At one point, Wedge thinks to himself that Isard might not have been evil on the scale of the Emperor or Darth Vader - aside from Luke and sometimes Leia, few people in that 'verse consider Vader anything but evil even after his Redemption Equals Death - but that was small comfort to the millions who died at her hand.

Video Games
  • Bounty Hunter: Montross's first introduction shows him coldly gunning down a helpless bounty who's wanted dead or alive, simply for the pleasure of murder. As the man desperately pleads, his bounty is worth more alive. Montross replies "You're worth enough dead." Later on, while trying to beat Fett to the big prize that they're both after, he tortures Fett's non-combatant friend and mother-figure to find out the location, mortally wounding her in the process. Then he sets her entire space station to explode, hoping to kill Fett. He fails, but undoubtedly slaughters countless civilians who were on the station. Fortunately, he gets a karmic death when Jango leaves him to be ripped apart by the Banda Gora.
  • The Force Unleashed: Emperor Palpatine is the despotic ruler of the Galactic Empire. Upon discovering that Darth Vader had been training a secret apprentice, Starkiller (born Galen Marek), to overthrow him, Palpatine commands Vader to murder Starkiller to prove his loyalty, laughing maniacally as he watches Vader telekinetically brutalise his own apprentice. Initiating a plan to wipe out potential threats to his regime, Palpatine, through Vader, manipulates a revived Starkiller into forming the Rebel Alliance, so that all of the Empire's enemies could be gathered in one place. After capturing the Rebels, Palpatine intends to torture them into betraying their allies before publicly executing them. When Starkiller arrives to save the Rebels, defeating Vader in a duel in the process, Palpatine tries to convince him to kill Vader and become his new apprentice. When Jedi Rahm Kota, Starkiller's mentor, tries to attack him, Palpatine tries to torture him to death with Force lightning. In the game's (non-canon) Dark Side ending, where Starkiller kills Vader, Palpatine slaughters most of the rebel leaders, then orders Starkiller to kill Kota. When Starkiller betrays him, Palpatine responds by torturing the apprentice before crushing him with the Rogue Shadow and having Starkiller rebuilt into a cyborg monstrosity, making it clear that he intends to use Starkiller as a living weapon before discarding him, just as he had with Vader.
  • Jedi Starfighter: Captain Cavik Toth and Lieutenant Bella drop bioweapons on a town filled with civillians, and when the test is successful Bella still tries to level the city purely because she enjoys, failing only because Reti and Adi intervene. She also violently threatens her subordinates. Toth, meanwhile, kills his aids with the THX weapon simply because production is behind schedule, and develops weapons to use against the clones, testing them against innocents. Nym's aid describes him as a ruthless monster.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic:
    • Emperor Vitiate, born as Tenebrae and known as Emperor Valkorion to the people of Zakuul, is the Greater Scope Villain of the entire franchise. was an illegitimate child of a Sith Lord and a farmer's wife. Rising to power at a young age after murdering his family, the young Sith Lord tortured his true father to death, imprisoning his soul to torment forevermore. After the Great Hyperspace War, Vitiate lured thousands of Sith Lords to his own world, where he forced them to participate in a ritual that empowered Vitiate, and left the world devoid of both life and force. Establishing a twisted empire with himself as its deified master, Vitiate would bring about the Mandalorian Wars to test the Republic, and eventually captured and torture the redeemed Jedi Revan for centuries. Initiating a massive war that claimed countless lives, Vitiate used sleeper agents to weaken the Republic and attempted to facilitate the destruction of entire star systems to enact his ritual on a grand scale, allowing him to devour all life in the galaxy. It was revealed that he had founded another empire on the world Zakuul by possessing a hero on the world centuries past, even marrying a human woman and fathering three children. Manipulating one of his twin sons into murdering the other, he treated his "favored" daughter as science experiment, having her locked away and experimented on. Initiating a new invasion from his favored "Infinite Empire", Vitiate bound his spirit to the hero, the Outlander, and ended up manipulating the galaxy into war, allowing his insane daughter to ascend to Zakuul's rulership before having the Outlander kill her and leave the Eternal Throne leaderless. Revealing his intent had been to allow the powerful Eternal Fleet to annihilate the Jedi and Sith alike, the Outlander had been nothing but a new host for him to cultivate. A being so evil that even other Sith held him in contempt, Vitiate stands as one of the single most evil beings to ever threaten the galaxy.
    • Darth Jadus, when first introduced, appears to only differ from his fellow members of the Dark Council in that he is enigmatic. It gradually becomes apparent that Jadus is twisted even by the brutal standards of the Sith. Jadus fakes his own death at the hands of a terrorist so he can secretly kidnap several hundred people and torture them into becoming his mindless servants. He then gives incredibly powerful Kill Sats to terrorists so they can use them to kill countless Imperial citizens, all so he can come back from the dead and save the day, increasing his political power. To prevent the other members of the Dark Council from figuring out his plans, Jadus has his insane daughter, Darth Zhorrid, succeed him on the Council as a distraction. If Zhorrid somehow manages to survive Sith politics, Jadus plans to have her killed. Jadus plans to use the power he will gain from his plans to repeat the tortures he inflicted upon the people he kidnapped with the entire Empire.
    • Rise of the Hutt Cartel: Toborro, Big Bad of this Expansion Pack for the Republican side, shows that even among the greedy Hutts, a whole new low can be reached. After the war between the Republic and the Empire breaks out once again, Toborro plots to seize the power for himself. To that end, he hires the InterStellar Regulators and brutally subjugates the peaceful planet of Makeb. His ruthless harvest of the rare Isotope-5 to build himself up as a galactic power soon brings the planet on the verge of destruction. Fully knowing it will soon explode, Toborro orders the construction of an ark, which will only evacuate himself and his treasures, leaving the civilian population to its grim fate. After his ark gets taken away from him, he angrily rants that he is the one being unrightfully robbed and swears bloody vengeance, announcing civilian massacres as long as the ark isn't returned to him. Even after this, he is given several chances to stand down and redeem himself, but he doesn't take any of it and instead tries to blow up his base and the planet prematurely, claiming that if he can't have the Isotope-5, nobody should. Toborro is such an megalomanical, racist and self-centered person that even his fellow Hutts willingly give themselves to the Republic instead of going along with his plans.

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