Literature: The Truce at Bakura

Yesterday, the second Death Star was destroyed, and Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader slain... But today is business as usual, and the Rebels have business helping the Empire. A far-flung Imperial system, Bakura, is under attack by previously-unknown aliens called the Ssi-ruuk. Only the Rebellion can render aid in a timely manner. Whilst dealing with the aliens, themselves no picnic, Leia struggles to form diplomatic ties with the Imperials, with (or despite) Han's help, while Luke meets a fellow Force-sensitive and falls in love with a girl who considers Force-users abominations.

Holds the distinction of being the tenth EU novel published by Bantam, being published months after The Thrawn Trilogy and The Glove of Darth Vader. However, it's also the first set after Return of the Jedi, beginning literally the day after the movie's events, and for that reason is often cited (along with The Thrawn Trilogy) as being one of the best starting points for readers who want to get into the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Tropes used in this work include: