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The TV series in general

  • Name's the Same: Counting only the on-duty Rangers, so far we had four Akiras (Goranger, Denziman - this one was a woman - Maskman, and Tokkyuger), two Asukas (Hurricanegernote  and Abaranger), two Dais (Flashman, and the future team of Kyoryuger from their reunion special), two Daichis (JAKQ and Turboranger), two Daigos (Dairanger and Kyoryuger), two Daigoros (Goranger and Denziman), two Gais (Jetman and Gokaiger), two Gakus (Fiveman and Gaoranger), two Goros (JAKQ and Ohranger), three Hikarus (Bioman - this one too was a girl - , Gingaman and Magiranger), two Juns (one male in Denziman, one female in Bioman), two Kais (Gaoranger and Magiranger), two Kens (Fiveman and Gekiranger), two Kentas (Maskman and Megaranger), two Kyosukes (Battle Fever J and Carranger), two Rikis (Turboranger and Ohranger), three Ryus (JAKQ, Dynaman and Jetman), two Shiros (Battle Fever J and Bioman), two Shous (Changeman and Go Go V), two Takerus (Maskman and Shinkenger), two Tatsuyas (Denziman and Timeranger), two Yosukes (Dynaman and Hurricanger), and two Yokos (Carranger and Go-Busters).
    • By extension, one can also count two Dans (Dynaman, as Hokuto/Dyna Red's surname, and Zyuranger where it's Tricera Ranger's only name), two Hayates (Changeman - in which case it's Shou/Change Griffin's surname - and Gingaman - where it's a given name), two Tsubasas (Changeman - again where it's a surname, Mai/Change Phoenix's - and Magiranger, where it's a given name), two Shiraishis (Kensaku/Battle Cossack in Battle Fever and Mako/ShinkenPink in Shinkenger), two Nagisas (Maria/Miss America II in Battle Fever and Sayaka/Change Mermaid in Changeman, also it's not spelled with the same Kanji), two Akagis (Denziman and Akibaranger), three Joes (Liveman - where it was spelled the Japanese way, Jou - Go-onger, a surname also spelled the Japanese way, and Gokaiger - where it's spelled the English way), three Jins (Battle Fever J, Flashman - the only of these to be a given name - and Go-Busters), two Kaguras (Hurricanegernote  and Tokkyuger) and six Hoshikawas (semi-justified: one of them is Ryu/DynaBlack from Dynaman, while the others are the all-sibling team of Fivemen).
    • In addition, the carrier mecha from Maskman was called the Turboranger (although the pronunciation is different; the Maskman carrier is pronounced "Turbo Runger"), while the evil sentai from Fiveman was called Gingaman.
    • Two Pink Ranger names have come close: Pink Five (Bioman) and Five Pink (Fiveman).
  • No Export for You: A few countries have received some form of export of the series, but most of those countries are still missing some of them. North America, for example, has Power Rangers, but that only adapts the series from Zyuranger forward. And even then, people who want the original Japanese shows in countries where Power Rangers is shown are usually out of luck, since Super Sentai is expensive to be licensed in any country, except in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.
  • Star-Making Role: The Super Sentai series is often the first leading acting role for many young, then up-and-coming actors.
  • What Could Have Been: Media Blasters had attempted to license Goranger through Jetman for distribution in the US, but Disney blocked them when they had the rights to Power Rangers.
    • Saban seems to have no such objections though, having granted Shout! Factory the rights to release Zyuranger. If it's successful, other seasons, both adapted and pre-Zyu, will surely follow.
  • The Wiki Rule: Shared with Power Rangers, RangerWiki.