Trivia / Dai Sentai Goggle Five

  • Dawson Casting: According to the information, Miki is supposedly 16 years old, but she's played by the 20 years old (more or less) Megumi Ookawa.
  • Name's the Same: No, no. Professor Hongou has no relationship whatsoever with Takeshi Hongou.
    • Also in one episode, there's one kid of the week who's named 'Saburou'. Probably that's one of the reasons Last-Name Basis is in effect to differentiate between that kid and Aoyama.
  • What Could Have Been: According to some sources, Miki was to be played by a different actress, who's actually older. That idea quickly got shot down since she's supposed to be the youngest of the team, the role went to her current actress, and the rest is history. Never mind the Dawson Casting.
  • Working Title: This series was originally considered to be called Mirai Sentai Miraiman, and later GoGoV, but eventually became Goggle Five. The second name was reused 17 years later, while part of the first name was reused in the series after that.