Creator / Saban Brands
Saban Brands is a Los Angeles-based subsidiary of Saban Capital Group.

The second Spiritual Successor to Saban Entertainment (after Sensation Animation), Saban Brands was founded in 2010. Its first move was to acquire the Power Rangers franchise from Disney and has acquired numerous other properties since then, including the other live-action superhero properties it held in the Nineties, the Digimon anime, and the former 4Kids block on The CW, dubbed Vortexx.

Hasbro has agreed to acquire most of Saban's franchises, including Power Rangers, for $522 million.

Saban Brands' main subsidiaries include:

  • Saban Films
  • SCG Films
  • Paul Frank Industries
  • The Playforge (defunct)
  • Vortexx (defunct)
  • (defunct)

Shows owned by Saban Brands include: