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Vortexx is a Saturday Morning Cartoon block on The CW, that replaced Toonzai, and is run by Saban Brands.

The block aims to feature action-adventure and comedy shows, including Professional Wrestling from WWE, and airs in HD, unlike with Toonzai and other past 4Kids Entertainment blocks.

Unfortunately, in the Fall of 2014, it will be replaced with Litton's all live-action One Magnificent Morning block, marking the end of the era of American free broadcast Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Shows airing on Vortexx (Toonzai holdover marked with *):

The block provides examples of:

  • Edited for Syndication:
  • Last Of Its Kind - Well, Toonzai had this trope, and it applies ever more fittingly here. Fall 2014 will mark the End of an Age.
  • Lighter and Softer: As mentioned above, every acquired show is edited down to air under The CW's strict TV-Y7-FV standards.
    • WWE Saturday Morning Slam was lighter fare than WWE's usual programming, being forced to abide by TV-G standards instead of WWE's usual TV-PG-V rating. Also, moves aimed at the neck or head are banned. This got a little obvious when Randy Orton had a match, since his finisher, the RKO, specifically targets the neck. Every time he tried it, or his second rope DDT, they would awkwardly cut to the announcers.
  • Saturday Morning Cartoon: see Last Of Its Kind
  • Vindicated by Reruns: Despite being over 7 years old, Justice League Unlimited is routinely the highest rated show on the block.


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