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Trivia: Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger
  • Actor Allusion: In #4, an Imagine Spot shows Malshina going into past villainess outfits (Shelinda and Kegalesia) that also belonged to former porn stars. And in #7, Malshina's focus ep, we see Hakase handling a diorama that features Zonette, who also falls under this group.
    • See Acting for Two above. Hiroyo's actress really did seiyu work before this.
    • Yumeria's mother actually says to the Kabukicho MOTW "I'll buy 10 bottles - no, 151, getto daze!"
    • Partial example in #10. Kozukozu is the first to notice that Takuma Tsuzuki is identical to Retsu/Geki Blue - but the Rangers shoot her down immediately. And they're not wrong - Takuma is played by Shinpei Takagi, while Retsu is played by his twin brother Manpei Takagi note . That's right, our heroes have outdone Gai by being able to tell twins apart!
      • To play further on Shinpei's Gekiranger association, Episode 11's fight is full of Gekiranger references, starting from the verbally and physically elaborate roll call, then going all out on unarmed combat, and then right down to spelling out the "heart-technique-body" triangle and using Animal Battle Aura Ki Attacks. Interestingly, Takuma himself had something from each one of the core Gekirangers: the color of Jan/Geki Red; the element of Ran/Geki Yellow; and the animal spirit of Retsu/Geki Blue.
    • In Season 2, Nobuo addresses a toy shop clerk that has a Bae doll riding his arm. Said clerk may have possibly been a mad scientist with an obsession for endings that had a creepier-looking doll riding his arm.
      • Said creepier-looking doll is actually on top of the cash register
    • Katsuyuki Konishi voices a smartphone-themed MotW - which he used the last time he was in a Sentai series.
  • Dawson Casting: Inverted. 24/25-year-old Yuko is played by 16/17-year-old Karin Ogino.
  • Executive Meddling: Becomes a major plot point as of episode as of #11, when it turns out that the characters realise they'e in a TV show and that it's actively being rewritten by a Toei executive. Nobuo is able to sense and even predict this to a degree.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!
    • Karin Ogino (Yumeria Moegi) played Belle in the Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful movie.
    • The two men who walk into the Sentai Cafe in #3 are friends of the director — Ryuta Tasaki — and have a history in tokusatsu. Shocker Ono (the bandana'd one) is a famous Japanese personality, former toku stuntman and was once Ishimori Pro's manager. The other one, Kaneko Yoshinobu, played Aokage, the young sidekick of the title character in Kamen no Ninja Akakage.
    • Douji/Bishop appears in #8.
    • Doctor Z is played by Kazuki Yao (Ninjaman) in person!
      • Irony as He Is Cast: The irony is that Kazuki Yao is a damn veteran, still occasionally active seiyuu, while Doctor Z hates anime and disowns his daughter for being a seiyuu.
    • Takuma Tsuzuki, played by Shinpei Takagi, who also played Retsu's mirror self.
    • The Nurse Hirata, shown taking care of the patient in Season 2, is Yuka Hirata, who played Mele.
    • George Spielburton is none other than long-time Power Rangers producer/director Koichi Sakamoto.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!
  • Name's the Same: Nobuo's love interest Sayaka shares the same name as Change Mermaid. It gets used as a reason for imagining the former cosplaying the latter.
    • Borderline example: Season 2 has a new Akiba Blue - and the characters in her given name can read 'Mitsuki'! (Her name is actually Runa.)
  • No Budget: Compared with other modern Sentai, there's a noticable drop in quality across the board. From the CGI & effects to the monster/mook design to the fight choreography to even the Akibaranger suits themselves. Still doesn't keep the fights from being entertainingly awesome though.
    • May be justified in that the show targets an older demographic, and of course by being an Affectionate Parody.
    • Also consider the time they spend in their suits is more to set up gags and in-suit related humor as opposed to just fighting.
    • Then again, the Akibaranger helmets are much more uniquely detailed (the anime hair would require a more elaborate molding procedure then the standard Super Sentai helmets,) the costumes contain full armor instead of just the usual spandex, and instead of the standard rubber costume, the mecha is done in much more costly CGI, so YMMV on this one.
      • That's why the mecha is only used in episodes 2, 7 and 12.
      • Apparently blue and yellow's helmet hair kept breaking off, so they redesigned it for season 2.
  • No Export for You: There are official English subtitles for the show, but they're only viewable in Asian countries.
    • So are the SH Figuarts for the show in the US due to license problems (same will happen with Deka Red and Bouken Red), which explains the US release of SH Figuarts Red Hawk (which itself an aversion along with the Web exclusive Black Condor) is missing the Jet Winger part.
  • The Other Darrin: The legends fighting side by side with the Akibarangers (Dekaranger, Boukenger and Jetman) in Season 2 Episode 1 all have voiceovers not done by their original actors. The same goes to Tyrannoranger and Dragonranger. Averted with Kibaranger, who uses the original Byakkoshinken voice. Although zig-zagged with Ryuranger: When he's China Red, he's voiced by Tomokazu Seki. Once he's back being himself, he's back to being voiced by Keiichi Wada.
    • Nao Nagasawa is present in the Hurricaneger episode... but she's instead voicing the Monster of the Week (Hadezkin) instead of her usual Hurricane Blue, who is taken over by Akiko Nakagawa (otherwise known as Bomper and Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine). Also, along with Tomokazu Seki standing in for BOTH Hurricane Red and Kabutoraiger, Takeshi Kusao is also present standing in for BOTH Hurricane Yellow and Kuwagaraiger (and in the previous two episodes, he took in for Dragon Ranger).
  • Promoted Fanboy: Luna joins the team because she's a fan of the Akibarangers themselves- though it's a version of them from an altered history where they were the official 17th Super Sentai series instead of Gosei Sentai Dairanger. And she doesn't seem to know much about any other Sentai.
  • Prop Recycling: The giant robot Malshina is seen piloting in the flashback sequence of episode #2-1 is the same costume that was used for the (human-sized) Drill Cyclops monster from episode #1-11.
    • With very few exceptions, this is the general rule for all MOTW. This is Justified in Season 2, since General Pain is an otaku making his monsters out of kitbashed toys within his own budget.
  • Reality Subtext: Yumeria's monologue over the credits for #8 mentions her coming down with the flu after wearing a skimpy costume; Karin Ogino actually did come down with the flu while filming the show.
  • What Could Have Been: The series was originally intended to be a Gokaiger spin-off called Kaizoku-ban Sentai Gokaiger (Pirate Copy Sentai Gokaiger)

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