Trivia / Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

  • Acting for Two: Masayuki Deai as Tessai and his descendant, Shinya Tsukouchi, who succeeds him as Kyoryu Gray.
  • Actor Allusion: Tessai's gray suit looks more like a darker silver. Also, the clear domed portion on his head reflects light the same way Masayuki Deai's old Bouken Silver suit did.
    • In #40, when Yuko fends off some Zorima, she ends up performing the Dekaranger henshin pose (complete with the familiar sirens in the background).
    Yuko: What an emergency!
    • While Souji's father is played by Dyna Black, Souji's mother in Brave 43 is played by Dyna Pink.
    • Deathryuger introduces himself by saying "I am Deathryuger". Mamoru Miyano is also a Gundam and Kira.
  • The Cast Showoff: Candelilla is played by an idol, so naturally they come up with excuses to have her sing.
  • Fan Nickname: Before Deathryuger's name was officially announced, folks had taken to calling him Kyoryu Navy.
    • In the V-Cinema film 100 Years After, Tobaspino actually has a new (not evil) partner, actually called Kyoryu Navy.
    • "Daigo Sentai Kingranger/Kiryuger", used in cynical criticism of the heavy focus on Daigo.
    • Voltasaurs, which originates from the Overtime fansub (famous for adapting Japanese terms rather than the more common Too Long; Didn't Dub practice), for the Zyudenryu. Zyudenryu means Beast Electric Dragon, while Voltasaur means Electric Lizard.
    • As for Utsusemimaru, some fans would affectionately call him UtsusemiMoe for being Adorkable.
  • Hey, It's That Sound!: Tobaspino's roar is the same one used for the Kyoryu Origami.
  • Name's the Same: Ramirez, a centuries old warrior with a big beard and ponytail training our heroes. Plus, he didn't have to do everything!
    • There was previously an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy named Souji… but you know him better as Tendo.
      • And speaking of Kamen Rider, we have a girl named Yayoi who wears glasses in a Riku Sanjo work. Are we talking about Yayoi Ulshade, the granddaughter of Kyoryu Violet? Or is her name Yayoi Tokuda, the Coma Zodiarts?
  • Just for Pun: D's Lovely Angels pair, Ashi (the Kick Chick in black) and Lamunea (the big-chested Lady In White) are named after which body part of their actress was emphasized in costume!
  • One of Us: Voice actors Kenichi Suzumura and Hiroshi Kamiya are reportedly fans of the show and submitted a video of them doing the Dancing Theme. It eventually made it on air at the end of Brave 20.
    • Amy, Luckyuro and Torin are all fans of the in-series manga Love be Ball Touchdown (Love Touch, for short). Luckyuro's love of the manga causes him to even have a morality crisis as pointed out by Amy, since if the Earth's destroyed, he won't get any new volumes.
  • Prop Recycling: In #12, the Zorima wield weapons similar to that of the Nanashi Company.
    • The Special DVD reuses Debo Tanabanta and Debo Tanosekki from Ucchi's time (used represent the Japanese Boys' Day) as summer festival monsters.
    • #36 and 37 feature several slain Debo Monsters coming Back from the Dead.
    • D carries around Bacchus Gil's liquor bottle, now filled with the Deboss' restoration water.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Because of The Smurfette Principle, having the Yellow ranger male has been considered for this series.
    • The head writer Riku Sanjo originally wanted Blue to be a 45-year-old family man. The idea was vetoed, but some elements of it seem to have been used nonetheless in a downplayed form (he's still the oldest on the team at 32, and acts as a surrogate husband and father to his sister and niece respectively), and it was even given a reference in Episode 8 when KyoruyBlue's "old man jokes" cause Yuko to speculate on his age:
      Yuko: He might be a hero, but he's got to be at least 40!
      Nobu: No way Blue is already 40 years old! He's definitely younger than that. ...I think.