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Trivia: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
  • Actor Allusion: Tessai's gray suit looks more like a darker silver. Also, the clear domed portion on his head reflects light the same way Masayuki Deai's old Bouken Silver suit did.
    • In #40, when Yuko fends off some Zorima, she ends up performing the Dekaranger henshin pose (complete with the familiar sirens in the background).
    Yuko: What an emergency!
    • While Souji's father is played by Dyna Black, Souji's mother in Brave 43 is played by Dyna Pink.
  • Fan Nickname: Before Deathryuger's name was officially announced, folks had taken to calling him Kyoryu Navy.
    • In the V-Cinema film 100 Years After, Tobaspino actually has a new (not evil) partner, actually called Kyoryu Navy!
    • "Daigo Sentai Kingranger/Kiryuger", used in criticism of the heavy focus on Daigo.
    • Voltasaurs, which originates from the Overtime fansub, for the Zyudenryu. Zyudenryu means Beast Electric Dragon, while Voltasaur means Electric Lizard.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • For starters, four of the initial team members has a relationship with a character played by a Sentai veteran actor:
    • Amy's butler was the Nouveau Riche with the gold-bearing tree in Episode 6 of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Talk about your Laser-Guided Karma.
    • In the flashback of Daigo as a child with his father, the young Daigo is played by Itsuki Shibuya, who played the child version of Saburo Kazeta (the new Inazuman) in Movie War Ultimatum.
    • Also, Ramirez is Gordo.
    • Kyoryu Grey is Eiji. Interestingly, this applies both in and out of suit, as the suit actor is also the same as Bouken Silver.
    • Nobu's late brother-in-law is Decade!Kabuto... suddenly being stuck in Clock Up seems better...
      • And his old friend heading the robotic project in #15 is another Kamen Rider, Ibuki.
    • For a while now, the ending credits have featured video clips of kids dancing to the tune... and then episode 20 featured one of very much grown-ups "Kenichi" and "Hiroshi" clearly having the time of their lives.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Name's the Same: Ramirez, a centuries old warrior with a big beard and ponytail training our heroes.
    • There was previously an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy named Souji... but you know him better as Tendo.
      • And speaking of Kamen Rider, we have a girl named Yayoi who wears glasses in a Riku Sanjo work. Are we talking about Yayoi Ulshade, the granddaughter of Kyoryu Violet? Or is her name Yayoi Tokuda, the Coma Zodiarts?
  • Just for Pun: D's Lovely Angels pair, Ashi(the Kick Chick in black) and Lamunea(the big-chested Lady In White) are named after which body part of their actress was emphasized in costume!
  • One of Us: Voice actors Kenichi Suzumura and Hiroshi Kamiya are reportedly fans of the show and submitted a video of them doing the Dancing Theme. It eventually made it on air at the end of Brave 20.
    • Amy, Luckyuro and Torin are all fans of the in-series manga Love be Ball Touchdown (Love Touch, for short). Luckyuro's love of the manga causes him to even have a morality crisis as pointed out by Amy, since if the Earth's destroyed, he won't get any new volumes.
  • Prop Recycling: In #12, the Zorima wield weapons similar to that of the Nanashi Company.
    • The Special DVD reuses Debo Tanabanta and Debo Tanosekki from Ucchi's time (used represent the Japanese Boys' Day) as summer festival monsters.
    • #36 and 37 feature several slain Debo Monsters coming Back from the Dead.
    • D carries around Bacchus Gil's liquor bottle, now filled with the Deboss' restoration water.
  • What Could Have Been: Because of The Smurfette Principle, having the Yellow ranger male has been considered for this series.
    • The head writer Riku Sanjo originally wanted Blue to be a 45-year-old family man. The idea was vetoed, but some elements of it seem to have been used nonetheless in a downplayed form (he's still the oldest on the team at 32, and acts as a surrogate husband and father to his sister and niece respectively), and it was even given a reference in Episode 8 when KyoruyBlue's "old man jokes" cause Yuko to speculate on his age:
      Yuko: He might be a hero, but he's got to be at least 40!
      Nobu: No way Blue is already 40 years old! He's definitely younger than that. ...I think.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Badass?: The creator realized that after the majority of the previous series have Yellows who are female (there's only been one male yellow in the last ten years). Predicting that the target audience would consider Kyoryu Yellow too feminine regardless of gender, yellow was ultimately excluded from the main team.

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