Monster: When They Cry

"When they're alive, you can enjoy watching them struggle. When they're dead, you can enjoy tearing out their guts. Tales are things you get to enjoy twice."
Bernkastel, Umineko: When They Cry

The When They Cry franchise has had its fair share of Ax-Crazy serial killers, evil witches, and rapists galore. Here are the worst of the worst.

Higurashi: When They Cry
  • The leader of the Orphanage of Fear in Big Bad Miyo Takano's past was a sadistic disciplinarian who believes in brutalizing the children by whipping any he deemed 'disobedient' so that the others could hear. When one boy accidentally spilled the ink in his pen, the orphanage leader forced him to eat the ink. Takano herself was even forced to clean a filthy outhouse with her mouth and saw one of her friends turned into chicken feed. With this treament, it's little wonder Takano ended up as such a delusional psychopath.
  • Teppei Houjo is also a Child Hater who commits child abuse in inventive and chilling ways. Not only is there evidence he raped his own niece Satako, an 11 year old, he forces her to strip naked so he can use her for a 'table' and humiliate her. He regularly uses psychological torture on her as well, and murdered Rika, another child for getting involved. Even Big Bad Miyo Takano considers him utter scum.
  • Nomura herself, despite having very little screentime, can be seen as the ultimate monster of the franchise as well. Being the Manipulative Bitch she is, she tricks Takano amidst her Despair Event Horizon into helping her, in the side helping to indirectly cause the Great Hinamizawa Disaster note , all for her goal of closing up a competing company. She also gets away with everything, never meeting any other characters and leaving Takano to take all the blame.

Umineko: When They Cry

  • Bernkastel, the Witch Of Miracles, reveals herself as a cruel sadist over the course of the story. Embracing her role as Big Bad in the fourth arc, Bernkastel set up Ange Ushiriyoma to have a hell of a life in order to manipulate her as a pawn later on before deciding Ange is of no further use and leaving her to turn into shredded meat. In the 'game' on Rokkenjima island, Bernkastel introduces a pawn named Erika Fudo to mentally torment the mentally fragile Natsuhi by accusing her of being the murderer. She helps the elimination of the Golden Witch Beatrice to seize control of the game and cement the protagonist, Battler in a forced role of villain. Bernkastel's only real pleasure in life remains the suffering of others, and it's something she creates with endless amusement.
  • Black Battler from Ougon Musou Kyoku CROSS is a negative palette swap of regular Battler who lacks the good-guy depths that his real counterpart does, not only talking about killing everyone on Rokkenjima but also suggesting to female characters that he's going to rape them, and he "tastes" male characters. He has a wicked habit of killing anyone he feels like killing, strictly For the Evulz, and laughing about it.