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"Nothing can beat the music of hundreds of voices screaming in unison!"
Kefka Palazzo, Final Fantasy VI

You're really going to be glad when you defeat these characters in your games or Visual Novels.

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  • Dot Hack GU: Sakaki was merely annoying and overzealous at first, but later revelations removed any kind of sympathy fans might have had for him. Specifically, the revelation that he had been manipulating and controlling AIDA behind the scenes, and that his ultimate goal was to use AIDA as mass mind control over all of humanity. But the biggest blow against him was his treatment of Atoli, who had long been one of his strongest supporters. Turns out he had met her on a suicide website, preyed on her fears about being alone and considered worthless, effectively brainwashed her into depending on him, and then Mind Raped her to bring out the power of her Epitaph. When all of his plans fail and he gets infected with AIDA himself, he then spends the first half of the final volume putting together a sadistic tournament for the sole purpose of making Haseo and the rest suffer (harming quite a few others in the process), and laughing at the pain he's causing.
  • Advanced Variable Geo: Miranda Jahana is a Corrupt Corporate Executive who wants to create the perfect fighter by any means necessary. To that end, she forced her own daughter Reimi to undergo Training from Hell, abandoning her without a second thought when she lost to Yuka, and created Gattaca Babies through genetic manipulation, only to cruelly kill them off when they didn't fare any better than Reimi. Also driving poor Yuka to an Heroic BSOD through her hideous actions. She's no better in the OVA series with her manipulation of Satomi, offering her a Deal with the Devil in exchange for a cure for her ill brother, and tried to take over her body. Worst of all, the reason why she wants to create the ultimate fighter is never revealed, so it looks like she's only doing all of this For the Evulz.
  • AdventureQuest Worlds:
    • Chaos Dragonlord Vath not only enslaved the dwarves, but also his own dragon. He doesn't care how much pain and suffering he's causing the dwarves in the slightest and doesn't even care if they starve to death, as long as they can forge enough Chaos Emeralds to keep him happy. Worse yet, Vath even threatens to enslave the rest of Lore and will throw the bodies of anyone who tries to foil his plans down to the dwarves as a demonstration of what happens to those who oppose his might.
    • Chaos Lord Krellenos corrupted his brother Antiphuus and allowed his kin to blame the Horcs for his death. He proceeded to steal an Arashtite ore of the Accord of the Dark Sun from the Ravine Temple to corrupt friends and family alike, doing so to his family and to the Horcs as well.He began using the corrupted generals of both sides of the Alliance to try to shatter said Alliance and get the Hero blamed for it all. Krellenos proved willing to sacrifice anything — even family — for Chaos power all while starting a huge war.
  • Alice: Madness Returns: Big Bad Dr. Angus Bumby is Alice's shrink who uses hypnosis in order to erase Alice's traumatic memories of her family's death. The reason being that he's the one who started the fire that burned down her house in an attempt to hide his tracks after raping Alice's sister Lizzie. Nowadays he makes a profit on the side via pimping the children he's brainwashed and broken into Empty Shells. In his "Wonderland" persona, the Dollmaker, even the greatest villains of Wonderland are terrified of him and his actions.
  • Alan Morton of the fourth Alone in the Dark game, The New Nightmare, was a Creepy Child who developed an obsession with the monsters in the shadows. When he grew up, his obsessions increased to the point where he began experimenting on corpses to help the creatures escape from the World of Darkness into earth. Alan eventually resorted to vivisecting human victims, among whom was his own father. He also enslaved his brother Obed to help with his schemes. By the time of the game's events, Alan intends to open the gate to the World of Darkness, unleashing its eldritch bisophere to cause The End of the World as We Know It
  • Alpha Protocol: Halbech's CEO Henry Leland is a Corrupt Corporate Executive who knows absolutely no boundaries in his goal to make profit out of the suffering from others. Throughout the game it is revealed piece by piece that he is behind every major crime in the story. Among many other things, he provided the resources and the objective for the terrorist cell Al-Samad to shoot down a civilian airliner; framed Mike as a traitor and thus ruined his life; ordered the assassination of Taiwan's president; and sent Conrad Marburg to assault the heavily visited Museum of Arts in Rome, where Mike is forced to choose between a friend (or loved one, depending on the choices) and a whole room of civilians. His overall goal is to destabilize the world and drive humanity to the brink of World War 3, just so he can make a fortune out of it. His preferred method of recruiting underlings is ruining their lives and thus practically forcing them into his services, as he did with Marburg and also tries with Mike. If the player accepts this, he shows that once he has no more use for his people, he throws them away like dirt, by ordering Mike to execute anyone who knew of his plans, including Mina. Coldly calculating, merciless and with a smug and false friendliness to add insult to injury, Leland truly earns his role as the biggest bastard throughout the game.
  • Alter Aila: Psycho for Hire Red joins The Empire simply because it's the strongest of the factions and allows him to direct his bloodlust at the Imperialists' targets. An Axe Crazy lunatic who favors strength above all else, Red spends the game brutally murdering or attempting to murder everyone in his path and has designs on the throne himself. He aims to backstab the Imperials and take over himself before reigning as The Caligula.
  • Alundra: Melzas, after arriving on Earth, learned of Gods empowered by prayer and decided he wanted this power for himself. He inserted his image into human culture, and created a few followers. When the worship began, and his powers manifested, he used them to peer into the minds of the humans, making the human king his puppet. After being exposed and imprisoned, Melzas manipulated multiple atrocities to increase his powers, using priests to keep his human subjects subdued and loyal. Melzas was also responsible for dark nightmares that could actually kill people, and when he perceives a human as a threat, he has forces sent to destroy the human's entire village. Melzas might be a God of Evil but solely because he chose to become one himself, out of nothing more than ego and a lust for power.
  • Anaksha Female Assassin: Vincent St. Claire manages to stand out in a Crapsack World filled with Asshole Victims. Prior to the events of the game, he raped and murdered his pregnant wife Zara. in the present, he poses as a school principal to hide his criminal empire. He uses this position to sell drugs to students, in addition to running an operation to sell women into sexual slavery. Finally, he tries to blow up his school and frame Anaksha for it to get revenge on her for interfering with his crimes.
  • Anchorhead: Croesus Verlac in this text-based adventure game is the patriarch of the Verlac family and a man who discovered a dark route to immortality. Long before the story of Anchorhead began, Croseus's physical flesh became dust...but his spirit survives by taking over the bodies of his male descendants and impregnating the female descendants to create new bodies for him to steal later. The power Croseus has over his descendants is represented in the chilling Arc Words: He always returns to his blood. Not content with this, Croseus runs a legacy of dark magic and murder, routinely sacrificing children for power to the point where the well behind the village slaughterhouse is full of the bones of missing children. In the present, Croseus takes control of and possesses the nameless heroine's husband, before setting his plan into motion: to open the gates to the Eldritch Abomination beings he worships and allow them to devour all that lives.
  • Arc Rise Fantasia: Ignacy was a rival of the heroes' Old Master and is first seen injuring said master fatally with petrifying wounds. Through the game, you hear of evil deeds Ignacy has apparently had a role in: murdering a hero's mother and manipulating loyal warriors to betray their benefactors and murdering them later. Ignacy forces a painful transformation on innocent victims, which makes the heroes kill the victims in self defense. Later in the game, Ignacy kidnaps one hero's sister for information. He also attempts to Mind Rape another. He forces a Sadistic Choice that has the daughter of the woman he murdered years past perform a Heroic Sacrifice to save her sister. After this and being caught for a final battle, he only laughs bitterly how close he was to world domination.
  • Armored Core 4A: Old King is a member of the group Orca, and sticks out amidst a group of Well-Intentioned Extremist types in that he's a genocidal Omnicidal Maniac who simply wants to kill everyone in the colonies For the Evulz. In his worst moment, he tricks the hero into destroying one of the colonies for him which brings about 100 million deaths.
  • The Assassin's Creed series is well known for its complex morality with its struggle of Assassin vs. Templar, but several villains have managed to show they are nothing but monsters.
    • Majd Addin, the de facto dictator of Jerusalem in the first game, is a smug, strutting sadist of a man who takes full advantage of his position to carry out his wish of holding the lives and deaths of the populace in his face. Majd Addin regularly orders and carries out the executions of innocents for trumped up charges. Unlike his fellows, he has no illusions he is doing any good in the world. When Altair performs his assassination, one victim is even a prostitute who protests her only crime was not sleeping with Majd Addin. When he is confronted by Altair, Majd Addin gleefully explains he has done everything because he could, and holding the lives of others in his hands made him feel like a God.
    • Governor Pierre de Fayet in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag stands in stark contrast to the Well-Intentioned Extremist Templars and tyrants of the modern era. The Governor of Port au Prince, de Fayet perpetuates the brutal system of oppression, having slaves treated worse than any other in the series. He also supports and frequents an African brothel. Late in the game, de Fayet has a slave ship sunk with the slaves still on board, condemning them to drown while chained below in a horrible, terrifying death. When he's tracked down to his estate, he's also seen torturing a slave with a branding iron for information. When Adewale, the hero of the DLC, finally has de Fayet at his blade's edge, de Fayet justifies himself with the belief the blacks are less than human and he can do with them as he wishes.
  • Assault on Dark Athena:
    • Captain Gale Revas is the commanding officer of the mercenary ship the Dark Athena. She was taken in by her current second-in-command Spinner, and joined the crew in her teens. She seduced the original captain, then had him overthrown and thrown in a cell. She refitted the ship so they would attack unsuspecting vessels and settler worlds. The planetary assaults are complete Rape, Pillage, and Burn, with unarmed civilians being indiscriminately killed and tossed in sewers, the settlements wiped out, and the survivors harvested into mindless remote-controlled cyborgs, openly called out as a Fate Worse Than Death. The ship also functions as a slave vessel, with decks upon decks of prisons with people her mercenaries captured, locked up until they can sell them or convert them into cyborgs. She keeps the crew in line with threats of sending them to the Drone Mile (cyborg conversion) or trips to "the Dentist". She personally tries to murder a child twice, and doesn't show any interest in people besides using some good-looking mercenaries as her sex toys. It's said that she grew up in the slums where she had to learn to survive, but considering her later crimes it falls a bit short as a Freudian Excuse.
    • Jaylor is an utterly sadistic former member of Revas's crew who simply indulged in rape and murder to the point that he freaked out all the other mercs, before he was stripped of his rank and thrown in a cell for his crimes. The moment Riddick meets him he seems friendly until he reveals that it's just a smokescreen. He blackmails Riddick into killing the mercenary who turned him in to get revenge, and to retrieve one of his golden teeth so Jaylor has evidence that the guy is dead and has a souvenir of the dearly departed. Jaylor continuously expresses interest in raping a female prisoner a few cells down the line, and when Riddick refuses to "rile here up" for him, he promises that as soon as the prisoner riot starts, he'll kill her, THEN rape her. He's a necrophiliac rapist and murderer, and such a piece of complete scum that the other mercs were disgusted by him. He later kills the woman in front of her little daughter, and gloats about it to Riddick before he gets killed by him.
  • Asura's Wrath: Bigger Bad Chakravartin is the nigh-omnipotent creator-god of Gaea and a smug, cold, uncaring sociopath who attempts to destroy and recreate the world constantly because he considers it beneath him to keep the planet's denizens safe from harm. To this end, Chakravartin's attempts to find an heir resulted in his creation of the monstrous Gohma that have destroyed so many innocent lives so he can test the resolve of the Gods. This also resulted in the Gods using humans as slaves and harvesting their souls and Mantra for their own powers. All the death and destruction in the game, over the course of over 10, 000 years are all the fault of Chakravartin, solely so he could find someone else to do his job for him, and would kill and restart everything until he got the result he wanted. Despite trying to claim himself as a Well-Intentioned Extremist, Chakravartin's claims are shown to be the hollow words of a cruel egomaniac, and once defied, the true monster he really is comes out.
  • Azure Dreams: Beldo initially traveled with Guy, the father of Kid Hero Koh, in order to find the Ultimate Egg to give him ultimate power and Take Over the World. Beldo betrayed and killed Guy and later killed the father of Koh's rival as well. Beldo mind controlled Koh's partner Kewne, against Kewne's will, to lead Koh to him to unseal the Ultimate Egg, and after killing Guy, he forcibly transformed Guy's partner into a new right arm to replace the one guy chopped off against said partner's will. He proceeds to use Guy's sword on Koh to use Koh's blood to unseal the Egg, mocking him all the while. He even fuses monsters to him against their will in his quest for power.
  • Baten Kaitos:
    • Wiseman from the original game is a raging psychopath, with a purely sadistic edge and a Lack of Empathy for all living beings. Wiseman, a millennium before the series began, began to believe existence of the body was flawed. He fell to evil and began devouring the energy of his followers before embarking on a war of conquest that look the lives of men, women and children. To spite a group of heroes who stood against him, Wiseman killed near everyone in their hometown, and left only two survivors. He attempted to convert the world to energy and absorb it within himself. Despite failing, Wiseman was not destroyed and possessed Verus and corrupted him. Wiseman manipulates all of verus's atrocities, causing mass death and torture of his former lover. When forced to reveal himself, Wiseman declares his intents to devour the heroes' hearts and rule over their world for eternity.
    • Baten Kaitos Origins has Quaestor Verus, who, while acting under the guise of a Reasonable Authority Figure, coldly masterminds the plot to become the Emperor by taking advantage of everyone else. Before the game's events, he uses a just born baby Sagi (whom he may have fathered through rape) in a lethal experiment that fuses pieces of dead evil gods with living beings. During the game, he orders Shanath (a massive Jerk Ass in his own right) to cross the Moral Event Horizon by taking Sagi's mother Gena's wings off in the public election speech...just to smear on the reputation of someone getting in his way. Later on, just as Baelheit is about to consider a Heel-Face Turn, Quaestor Verus shows up, murders him, and starts gloating about all his deeds.
  • Batman Arkham Series: The Joker serves, in one form or another, as the Big Bad for the first three games. When he first established himself in Gotham, he forced Black Mask to kill his own girlfriend, then kidnapped and tortured him. After learning Batman won't kill, he strapped himself to an electric chair charged by Bane's heartbeat to force Batman to kill one of them and held Gordon hostage. Over the course of the series, he kills multiple people and tries to kill more (including innocents), sets Bane up to be tortured, freely talks about being physically abusive to Harley Quinn, offers to let his men rape Harley, covers all the usual Bad Boss bases, tries to turn Jim Gordon into a 'roided-up monstrosity, kidnaps Nora Fries to force Mr. Freeze into helping him, blackmails Batman into helping by sending his poisoned blood to hospitals in the Gotham area, and shoots Talia just to hurt Batman. There's also his actions post-mortem with the digital comic, Arkham City: Endgame: He had his minions rig a radio tower within Arkham City to broadcast a message all over Gotham confirming his death, as well as offering a reward of over a million dollars to the person who finds his corpse and deliver it to Harley Quinn, as a way to ensure that the town would "tear itself apart." He also claimed that the walls of Arkham City were still wired with explosives, thus ensuring that the remaining prisoners not only riot within Arkham City in expectation of the walls being blown up, but also, should it have been destroyed, make the rioting in Gotham City even worse with several of the more dangerous inmates participating in wanton destruction. He had Batman lured to the isolation cell that Batman put him in years ago after a particularly heinous massacre he instigated during the Fourth of July where Joker rigged several fireworks with toxins killing hundreds of men, women and children. Finally, he also later revealed that he had Clayface rig the cell, as a means of ensuring that Batman will meet him in Hell.
  • Beyond Good & Evil: General Kehck is the leader of the Alpha Sections, a military organization that, under the guise of benevolent saviors, aides the DomZ aliens in their attempt to harvest everyone on the planet, just as they have done across hundreds of worlds. Those abducted are transported to the moon where they are sucked dry of all their fluids so that Kehck and his master, the DomZ Priest, may live longer. Throughout the game Kehck uses his Propaganda Machine to urge the people of Hillys to enlist in the Alpha Sections, knowing full well that they'll be slowly converted by the DomZ into monstrous grotesqueries to act as his army of mooks. When the protagonist, Jade, manages to start exposing the truth about the Alpha Sections, Kehck responds by kidnapping the war orphans Jade's adopted for he and his boss to feed on. He also hooks up Jade's Parental Substitute, Pey'j, into a torture machine for three weeks, which eventually ends up killing him. Unlike the DomZ Priest who needs to feed on planets to survive, or the other Alpha Sections soldiers who have been turned into monsters, Kehck is completely human and isn't in any danger of dying. He's just a selfish Card-Carrying Villain who wants to live a little bit longer and is willing to wipe out entire planets to do so.
  • BioShock 1: Frank Fontaine ( AKA Atlas), gangster and supposedly deceased political rival to Andrew Ryan, had a public face of providing shelter and promotion of welfare towards orphans and the poor, in itself the antithesis of Ryan's ideology. However, he experimented with sea slugs that carry ADAM, and had no qualms of placing them in very young girls, some of them even forcibly taken from their parents for the "orphanages," to concentrate the ADAM. Also, it turned out that the poor under Fontaine's care was really no better off than they had been, and he had really been manipulating them toward his own gain while getting them addicted to ADAM. He and the newly-christened Splicers initiated a civil war in order to get other inhabitants into ADAM and feigned his own death. It's also revealed he programmed Andrew Ryan's own son, Jack, the Player Character, from birth in order to force him to eventually kill his father so Fontaine could usurp Ryan's position then kill his pawn once he outlived his usefulness. In the prequel DLC Burial at Sea, it's revealed that, in order to force Elizabeth to obtain the means to control his pawn, he tortured her by sticking a pick in her eye, tapping it with a hammer, and threatening to lobotomize her. When that didn't work, he threatened to do it to a little girl instead, and once he got what he wanted, Fontaine murdered Elizabeth by bludgeoning her to death.
  • The Black Heart: Prince Janos of the Other World is an aspiring Evil Overlord who desires nothing but total domination over others. He launches gruesome wars of conquest against the peaceful wishes of his father the king, then kills him to usurp his throne and absorb the powers of his heart. When the guardian spirit Final steals the heart to protect it from Janos, he frames Final for the murder and manipulates his daughter Ananzi to earn her place as his lieutenant by destroying Final for him. When Ananzi discovers the truth after weakening Final, Janos kills her without remorse before destroying Final and acquiring ultimate power.
  • BlazBlue:
  • The BloodRayne series: Kagan is the heroine Rayne's Archnemesis Dad and the Big Bad of the second game. A powerful vampire lord, Kagan has a fascination with the Dhampir race and creates his own by raping human women to produce offspring before eventually killing every member of their maternal family and everything they care about, leaving them with nobody but Kagan himself to rely on. Kagan ended up working with the Nazis to further his own goals and killed Rayne's mentor and friend, torturing him by strangling him with his own intestines before the man used a grenade to destroy himself with Kagan, except Kagan had survived. Kagan uses a plan to blot out the sun and leave a vampire kingdom for himself and his kind, to rule as a king. Kagan displays no care for any other being, coldly informing one of his daughters her services are no longer required before having her thrown into a miles-long drop, and later mocks Rayne by declaring she's scarce worth the "effort I took to create it."
  • Breath of Fire:
    • Father Habaruku of Breath of Fire II is the founder of the church, which steals the souls of its believers in order to power up the Big Bad. His favorite method for winning followers seems to be replacing respected members of various communities with literal demons that disguise themselves as those people. He also replaced a man who used to be in charge of the church, a priest who was such a compassionate, big-hearted, and lovable character, and your father. He got booted off the scene so that Habaruku could take over, then strapped to a horrible demonic contraption and his life energy itself is used to power it for about ten years.
    • The Mad Scientist named Yuna from Breath of Fire IV comes off as little more than a self-righteous, smarmy little git until you complete the dungeon of his lab and you see that he's taken Nina's sister and made her into some sort of genetically modified horror. Him telling all about the 'wonderful gift' he's given her, looking for some kind of praise, makes it clear how irredeemably evil the guy actually is. Yuna also built a weapon of warfare that launches Hex, a toxic gas, physically. It's actually the souls of people tortured at the hands of Yuna and the more anguish they have, the better the effect. You can see this in a side event and its effects are presented in the village of Chamba in the beginning of the game. The way the player experiences its horror just drives the point home. At one point in the game, we are introduced to Mami, a genuinely likable love interest for Fou-lu. Just as it seems she's going to reform him, she's taken away and tortured to the point of insanity so she can be used to fuel an attack against the poor guy. When he discovers this, he decides that Humans Are the Real Monsters and becomes intent on destroying them. To add insult upon injury, Yuna slithers from the chains of karma, since a player doesn't get to splatter the guy's innards all over the place. In the ending, he even smugly claims he will do it all over again. According to the creative team, a player was supposed to get around to tearing him a new one, but the suits decided rushing the game out was more important than actually finishing it.
  • Bulletstorm: Big Bad General Victor Sarrano is a gleefully unrepentant Sadist who veers between amusement and arousal as he sends special-forces assassins after civilian critics, hands out death sentences to his own men for not being imaginatively brutal enough, and backstabs anyone who crosses his path if there's the slightest chance that it might benefit him. The fact that he's a racist, sexist misanthrope who delights in being as obnoxious as possible to everyone he meets merely illustrates his sheer attention to detail in keeping himself devoid of redeeming qualities.
  • Call of Duty
    • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare:
      • The original has Khaled Al-Asad and Imran Zakahev. Al-Asad, with Zakahev's help, overthrew a democratic government in an unknown middle eastern country, taking power in a coup. You actually get to see first hand how his men kill anyone who resists and how they line up innocent people and use them as target practice. Zakahev is even worst. He supplied Al-Asad with weapons for the coup ( including a nuke), and too staged a bloody coup, except on a much larger scale in Russia. He orders the slaughtering of whole villages. However, both of these guys worst act was the same: Al-Asad nuked a major city, his own capital, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and about 30,000 American soldiers. Zakahev did it to kill as many Americans as he could, and Al-Asad did it so he didn't have to worry about the Americans coming after him, so he can run like the Dirty Coward he is.
      • Vladimir Makarov from the second and third games walks right past the Moral Event Horizon in one of the first missions (and takes the player with him) when he and his crew cold-heartedly slaughter an airport terminal full of civilians. He then follows this by shooting the player in the head so that the crime can be placed on the CIA, thus inciting the international community against the Americans. He manages to become even more monstrous in the third game, where he single handedly starts World War III, massacring millions of people with bio weapons, including Soap. In addition, it was he who ordered the nuking in the first game.
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops: Nikita Dragovich was a Jerk Ass since World War II, and has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. He most definitely crosses the Moral Event Horizon when he throws Dimitri Petrenko (The Hero of Treyarch's previous game World at War) into a gas chamber and releases a chemical agent that melts human tissue just to see if it works. Even worse when it turns out that even though he is killed and his main plan fails, his plot to create a presidential assassin actually succeeds.
  • Call of Juarez: Juan "Juarez" Mendoza is a ruthless Mexican bandit turned warlord. When the outlaw brothers, Thomas and Ray McCall, arrive in Mexico, Juarez uses them to wipe out his rivals before betraying them to Confederate remnants they escaped from. When he bargains with an Apache tribe trying to fight the army, Juarez simply sells them defective rifles he has lying around, taking the money while letting the natives be slaughtered. Upon learning his mistress Marisa is in love with Thomas, Juarez tries to have the brothers' pacifist younger brother William killed and intends to throw Marisa into slavery in one of his brothels, sneering that she is a "lying, thieving, gold-loving whore." When Ray defeats him, Juarez resurfaces eighteen years later, hunting for a secret treasure he believes Marisa passed on to her son Billy. He kills Thomas and Marisa, lets his men rape his ex, and attempts to hunt down Billy by threatening the life of Billy's love interest Molly. When he fails to sway Billy ( who turns out to be his own son) to his side, he attempts to burn him and Molly alive. At the end, when Juarez is beaten, he still manages to mortally wound Ray himself and attempts to murder Billy to the end before a dying Ray finds the strength to kill him once and for all. Brutal, greedy and treacherous, Juarez prides himself on his ability to come out on top no matter who he has to destroy.
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Satan is a Manipulative Bastard, operates as The Chessmaster once he appears, and is The Man Behind the Man to the Lords of Shadow themselves. Satan arranged every atrocity in the game, from Gabriel Belmont's wife's death at Gabriel's own hands and the deaths of countless innocents, so he could set everything up to return to Heaven and take it over to complete his revenge on God. When he appears, Satan attempts to eliminate his final pawn Zobek, and keeps the souls lost on the way trapped in Limbo. Satan corrupted The Lords of Shadow in to the monsters they had become, also making him responsible for all the innocents the werewolves and vampires had devoured. Using Zobek as a proxy and pawn, he manipulated the entire events of the game to gain access to Heaven, with only Gabriel to stand against him at the end. When he faces off with Gabriel, he attempts to paint himself as justified, but Gabriel sees through it, declaring Satan to be the egomaniac he is who seeks domination and hatred over all things.
  • Cave Story: The Doctor was initially with the research expedition to The Island, but his true purpose was to seek the Demon Crown and wield its power himself. He also kidnaps and performs Psycho Serum experiments on the local tribe of Mimigas in the hopes of transforming them into mindless monsters for his army and is working on a project to do the same thing to humans. He's killed several Mimigas and many baby dragons. The dragons left alive he turned into his undead servants.
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert Series:
    • Joseph Stalin in the original Command & Conquer: Red Alert is portrayed as every bit the ruthless, paranoid dictator that he was in real life, but excludes any redeeming qualities he had and makes him even nastier in some regards. He builds up the Soviet military machine and invades the rest of Europe to establish his totalitarian rule over the entire continent. He orders his security officers to test Sarin gas on a town of innocent civilians and the player to kill the survivors and raze the village, personally kills his lieutenants for any failure and orders purges of his entire military staff on a whim, and largely destroys the countries he invades as he did with Greece. When the tide of war turns against him, he uses his troops as sacrifical lambs to delay the Allied advance long enough so he can destroy the major European cities with his newly-developed nuclear missiles and force a victory.
    • Yuri from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is a powerful psychic and aspiring overlord initially serving the Soviet Union, but soon reveals his ulterior motives. In the Soviet campaign he supports the invasion of the United States and later the rest of the world, building devices to turn the conquered peoples into mind-controlled drones. He assassinates Premier Romanov and frames General Vladimir to usurp the Soviet leadership, before attempting to kill the player because his continued succes has made him a potential threat to Yuri's position. Yuri's Revenge reveals that he was just using the Soviets to establish a network of mind control devices to enslave the planet, so there will be no will but his own. His subsequent plots include harvesting the entire population of Los Angeles for raw materials, holding a software company ransom and nuking Seattle until they give in, secretly assassinating world leaders and replacing them with clones, and planning to level all coastal cities in the world. Throw in the fact that his army uses slaves to mine their ore, genetically alters soldiers and civilians alike into obedient, mutated freaks, grinds up civilians, captured enemies, and his own units for spare parts or drains them for bioelectricity, and is built around mind controlling his adversaries, and it becomes clear that we are dealing with a very, very bad man.
  • Condemned has Serial Killer X, aka Leland Vanhorn. Any sympathy he may have had as a Serial-Killer Killer is undermined by the various innocents he kills. He even murders his own uncle after the latter nursed him back to health after the events of the first game. The only reason he kills other serial killers in the first place is so he can adopt their methods as his own. He also doesn't have the excuse of being driven insane by the Oro's sonic emitters like the rest of the city, as he clearly enjoys it.

    D - F 
  • The Darkness: Paulie Franchetti adopted the protagonist of the game, Jackie Estacado, so he could mold him into a hitman loyal to the family. The game starts with him sending Jackie on a suicide mission to kill a business rival because Jackie started questioning the way he does business, but he has already killed the business rival and strapped his corpse full of explosives as a birthday present, leaving a tape to mock Jackie before he died. When Jackie survives the blast, Paulie gets revenge by blowing up the Orphanage that Jackie grew up in, killing all the orphans and nuns inside and then telling Jackie over the phone it was all his fault. When Jackie starts to ruin Paulie's business dealings in retaliation he kidnaps Jackie's girlfriend Jenny, brings her to the Orphanage and then murderers her right in front of Jackie, blaming it all on Jackie for not blindly following orders. Even at the end he shows no remorse for his crimes, telling Jackie that Jenny was a weakness and Jackie shouldn't have cared about her death.
  • Dead Island: Charon, aka Kevin, is nothing but a heartless monster. An international hacker-for-hire, Charon is wanted for willingly working with every terrorist and criminal organization, from Al-Qaeda to the Yakuza. During the zombie outbreak on Banoi, Charon intends to take a sample of the zombie virus and get rich by selling it as a bio-weapon. He manipulates the immune protagonists against Colonel Ryder White, which gets White killed, and convinces them to obtain a bio-eningeered super-potent strain of the virus. As it turns out, Charon also manipulated Ryder into betraying his country, using his infected wife as leverage, and after betraying Ryder, states that he should have killed him when he had the chance. When Dr. West insists on creating a cure for the virus, Charon kills him. Driven by greed and his indifference to human life, Charon cares not for the millions he puts in danger in the pursuit of money.
  • Deadly Premonition: Forrest Kaysen, the real Big Bad, manipulated the Raincoat Killer and Thomas into turning evil by exploiting their traumatic pasts, and he's also the one who orchestrated the military experiment 50 years ago that sparked the whole mess. He deliberately spread the rumors about the immortality granting Red Seeds, directly causing mass murders throughout the country, including the ones in Greenvale. And finally, there's his sickening "red tree saplings", which grow inside of young women (and its heavily implied that he "implants" the saplings in them by raping them''), and when they fully sprout, the woman completely withers into a dissected husk. Finally, when his latest target withers right in front of her husband, he laughs maniacally about it, even after the husband 'ommits suicide. And when he realized that their son had seen all this, he attacks the boy, scarring him and trapping him inside a dreamworld for almost his entire life. His motivation for all of his crimes is because he was bored.
  • From the Dead Rising series, we should remember how terrible some psychopaths can be even in the midst of a zombie outbreak:
    • Dead Rising 2: Tyrone "TK" King is the host and producer of the controversial reality show Terror Is Reality where contestants slaughter zombies for sport. TK eventually allows his zombies to run rampant in the city to create an outbreak and frames The Hero Chuck Greene for it, so TK could rob the casinos' now empty vaults. After suffering a zombie bite of his own, TK begs Chuck for a shot of the zombie virus suppressing drug Zombrex. When Chuck complies, TK repays him by holding Chuck's daughter and friend hostage and tries to lower them to be devoured by zombies while trying to kill Chuck himself.
    • Dead Rising 3: Albert Contiello is a sadistic surgeon who represents the sin of Greed. While most of the Psychopaths have lost their minds amidst the outbreak, Albert is fully sane and looking to make money. During the outbreak, Albert takes to abducting survivors and begins performing surgery on them without anesthetic to harvest their organs for the black market. When he captures the game's hero Nick Ramos, Albert injects him with a hallucinogen that makes him hallucinate everyone around as Albert, putting other innocent survivors at risk. A cruel Mad Doctor with no motivation but greed, Albert is fully willing to butcher whoever crosses his path for an extra buck.
  • Dept Heaven series: Hector was the Bigger Bad until later in the series. To fulfill his scheme of becoming the true creator, this already god-like being was responsible for almost every calamity throughout the series. His most heinous crimes include being responsible for the horrific torture of Nessiah, who had been an Actual Pacifist Fallen Angel, solely out of hatred for Nessiah's pacifism. He was also responsible for driving the Archangel Marietta into insanity and using people as test subjects for divine weapons. Hector sacrificed his own servant and the hero Ein's girlfriend to awaken the spirit of destruction for the final phase in his plan: slaughtering the entire population of one world.
  • Deus Ex: Bob Page is a former member of the Council of Five (the ruling body of The Illuminati) and a protege of the leader Morgan Everett. Consumed with a lust for power, Page abandoned the Illuminati to strike out on his own. He invented a nanovirus via robots to kill as many people as possible and shows a willingness to have any failures eliminated. Page would even use nuclear weapons to get his way, in his plan to throw the world into chaos to pave the way for him as a messiah and a world leader. His ultimate goal was to merge with AI Helios and become as a God, declaring "Let it spill over into the schools and churches, let the bodies pile up in the streets. In the end, they'll beg us to save them."
  • Devil May Cry 3: Arkham, initially The Dragon to Dante's brother Vergil, is revealed as a sinister, power-hungry man who sacrificed his own wife to become a devil himself. Arkham manipulates everyone to lure them into a battle resulting in Dante, Vergil and Arkham's own daughter Lady weakened enough for Arkham to step in and seize the power of Sparda for himself. Arkham has no compunction brutalizing Lady or trying to kill her. When he unlocks the power of Sparda, Arkham plans to, as he puts it, "welcome Chaos" all through the world. When Lady confronts him at the game's end, Arkham angrily demands to know what he's done wrong, declaring he wanted to be a God and for that he had sacrificed just "one miserable human life, that's all! Was that really so awful!?
  • Diablo series:
    • Archbishop Lazarus was a prominent figure in both the original Diablo and is mentioned in the first act of Diablo III. He played an integral role in King Leoric's descent into madness and eventual transformation into the Skeleton King, as well as manipulating him into torturing and executing many innocents in the guise of "protecting his kingdom" (up to and including his own queen), feeding Tristram's villagers and the odd adventurer to the demonic Butcher in the first game, and having Albrecht, one of Leoric's two sons, made a vessel for Diablo himself.
    • Adria from Diablo III pledged herself to Diablo's service since first meeting Prince Aidan of Tristran after he imprisoned Diablo's soul within himself and became the Dark Wanderer, spending the time between the first and third games gathering up the power of the other Lords of Hell so she could use the Black Soulstone to bring about Diablo's rebirth in the body of her own daughter, an act that in the setting would damn Leah's soul to hell. Adria manipulated her daughter and all of her friends with the express purpose of inserting the Black Soulstone in her chest and allowing Diablo to devour her from within, manifesting anew to destroy the High Heavens and humanity as the Prime Evil.
  • Digital Devil Saga: Serph Sheffield, when placed in charge of the Karma Society's God Project, began using everyone and anything around him in his quest to attain the power of God for himself. He uses Sera's growing love for him to push her Psychic Powers into further maturation, only to express disgust at Sera'a creation of a virtual paradise consisting of AIs she uses to escape the pain of his experiments. When Colonel Beck proposed to change Sera's paradise into a training simulation for creating stronger AIs, Serph overrides Heat O'Brien's warning against destroying Sera's mental condition and tells Beck to proceed. After a desperate Heat pulls a gun and demands the project to stop, Serph tells Heat that a human's mind is no different than a machine, and that each of the subjects, including Sera, was expendable and could be replaced, before manipulating Argilla into killing Heat. After being turned into a demon by a heartbroken Sera sending a massive data surge into the now black Sun, Serph goes on a killing spree starting with Beck and Argilla before being killed offscreen. Refusing to accept that he is dead, he re-appears at the EGG facility as Solar Data and tries to kill the AI Serph and Heat while proclaiming to have the power of God. A cruel and manipulative young man,his actions are largely responsible for the disasters plaguing the series.
  • Eternal Darkness: Pious Augustus is The Dragon to an ancient evil god (you can choose from three), but he is the main antagonist. When you first see him, he is a playable character, a Roman legionnaire who stumbled on an ancient temple in Persia. In the end, he is corrupted by one of three artifacts and serves that god. It is not known when he crosses the Moral Event Horizon, but he is clearly over it for the rest of the game, committing horrific acts gleefully, including throwing hundreds of innocent people into a tower of corpses during Roberto Bianci's scenario (him included). He kills other characters you play as as well. It is also implied in one cutscene that he may intend to betray his god in the future (during the Xel'latoth arc).
  • Far Cry 3: Hoyt Volker is the boss of the biggest slave-trading ring in the South-Pacific. He's described as the root of all the evil happening on the island, and is responsible for manipulating Vaas with drugs into becoming a madman. In his first appearance, he gleefully forces a small group of innocent civilians to run across an active minefield. The second time we see him, he burns one of his own men alive and tells the rest of his privateers to kill any island native they see on sight. Finally, during a poker game, he kills Jason's friend Sam and threatens to cut off one of Jason's fingers every time he loses a round, a threat that he makes good on. Volker may seem pleasant, but is in fact an utterly psychotic sadist without a single redeeming quality.
  • First Encounter Assault Recon: Genevieve Aristide is responsible for the events of the first game, opening up the vault despite the head of that project telling her what a horrible idea it was. When Alma's mental ghost manages to break Paxton Fettel out, her main priority is to cover up Armacham's involvement in the whole affair, ordering their security teams to kill one of her own employees who knew too much. In the second game, it's discovered she also authorized two more unethical Projects; Harbinger which tried to take sick individuals and transform them into another Psychic Commander, but only survived to twist them into monstrous forms. The other was Project: Paragon, which involved taking children with promising mental and physical attributes and enrolling them in a fake elementary school, where they would be fed chemicals to grant them psychic powers and sedatives so they could be taken to an underground lab, all in the hopes of finding future candidates for Harbinger. And when all of these projects blow up in her face and result in the entire city being devastated by a massive explosion and Alma's psychic outbursts, her main priority is capturing Alma so she can maintain her position in Armacham, sacrificing Beckett to be raped by Alma and killing Stokes to prevent her from interfering.
  • Front Mission: Driscoll of the first game is a ruthless commander who makes an enemy of The Hero Clevain by seemingly killing his fiancee in front of him and setting off a massive explosion to frame him for it. When he reappears later, Driscoll attempts to destroy civilian areas to recreate this disaster and reveals he is behind a scheme to make the current battle mechs, The Wanzers, obsolete- by forcing POWs to be forcibly mechanized and trapping their brains as digital computers for warfare. He has already done this to the hero's fiancee Karen with his own mech as well.

    G - J 
  • Gears of War series: Queen Myrrah starts a war with the human race on Sera just six weeks after the Pendulum Wars-a 79 year old conflict ended. She orders the deaths of every man, woman, and child on the surface so the Locust can colonize, enslaving the human stragglers and lobotomizing them as Dom found out what happened to his wife Maria. She immediately turned down the diplomatic option when the Lambent wore down her forces underground, saying that the best thing to do is kill every human being instead of focusing on the lambent. These actions caused billions of human deaths on Sera, forcing COG to use the Hammer of Dawn to scorch the earth so much it's an Apocalyptic World. Finally, after she loses at the end of Gears of War 3, with both Lambent and Locust going extinct due to Adam Fenix's invention she mocks Marcus on his father's Heroic Sacrifice to stop the Lambent.
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn: Though Golden Sun has a villainous roster comprised by mostly villains with redeeming qualities, this cannot be said for Dark Dawn's Blados and Chalis. Agents of the military country Tuaparang, Blados starts by kidnapping a child and isolating him from his master, while Chalis secretly manipulates Kaocho's king from behind the scenes. The two partake in a scheme to activate the Grave Eclipse, shrouding most of the continent in darkness and unleashing dark beasts on the innocent populace, leading to the death of thousands. Once at the Apollo Lens, Blados and Chalis waste no time in betraying the other Big Bad, Alex, and seizing the Apollo Lens for themselves. They proceed to turn Volechek (the brother of playable character Sveta) into a horrific beast and attempt to use him to fire the Apollo Lens on their own allies, killing Volechek in the process. Both are nasty in their own right, with Blados doing it for fun, and Chalis seeking more personal motives, up to betraying her own partner. Cunning, manipulative, and seeing the deaths of thousands as a mere side-effect of the plan, Blados and Chalis are two of the worst villains Golden Sun has.
  • Gothic: The whole series has a pretty sinister tone in itself, with A LOT of Jerkass characters, cutthroat bandits, crazy cultists and MUCH more to offer. However, Bloodwyn, the greedy guardsman from the Old Camp, stands out in particular. The first thing he does to newcomers is asking "kindly" for protection money. Unlike the other guardsmen however, he won't just leave you on your own if you refuse. He'll send his henchmen after you to beat you to a bloody pulp, and sometimes even kill you. Also, (although granted, he was ordered) he participates in cowardly murdering the Firemages later in the game. When the Hero, not knowing that he has done something to upset somebody, returns to the camp afterwards, Bloodwyn and his mooks try to murder him in cold blood. However, he truly hits the Moral Event Horizon in the Gothic 2 Expansion Pack, Night of the Raven. Joining the bandits and put in charge of the mine, he mercilessly forces the slaves to work without any breaks, and when they stumble upon some angry Minecrawlers and later even cursed guardians, he doesn't care one bit. By the time the Hero arrives, many slaves are already deceased, either killed by the creatures, worked to death, or starved, because they get nothing but rubbish to eat. Others are so exhausted they can barely stand and some are already hallucinating, because they haven't seen the sun for weeks. After the (disguised) Hero does the dirty work of killing all the vermin inside the mine for him, Bloodwyn doesn't even attempt to thank, let alone pay him for his actions, instead trying to get rid of him so that he alone can get all the gold inside.
  • Grand Theft Auto's 3-D era: Donald Love somehow manages to reach a special level of evil despite living in a Crapsack World populated with gangsters, serial killers, and psychopaths. Introduced in Grand Theft Auto III, Love at first seems fairly standard for the series, arranging a gang war between The Yakuza and The Cartel just to lower property values. Though, at the time it was hinted he had more sinister appetites. This is eventually confirmed in this game, where he's shown feasting on corpses and sending Toni Cipriani to collect bodies for him to devour. Aligning himself with the Leone crime family, Love runs in the race for mayor, sending Toni Cipriani out to murder his rival's campaigners. Losing his fortune in his failed campaign, Love makes plans to regain his fortune, with his first step being to murder his mentor, real-estate tycoon Avery Carrington, in order to steal his city development plans. He then has Toni recover Carrington's body to cannibalize later. Love's worst crime, however, is masterminding the deaths of thousands of people through the bombing of the heavily-populated Fort Staunton city district, just so he can make money off of redeveloping the district. A thoroughly depraved man, Love would stoop to any low imaginable to fill his pockets or glorify his ego.
  • Grim Fandango: Hector LeMans is the man behind the corruption in the Department of Death. Hector has infiltrated the DoD and stolen the Number Nine tickets, the fastest way to get to the Land of Eternal Rest, from to the souls of the righteous and counterfeits them knowing that anyone who uses one is plunged into hell's fiery depths. Meanwhile, the righteous souls Hector stole them from are left to wander the Land of the Dead until they're eventually kidnapped while traversing the ocean and sent to the coral mining factory owned by Hector at the Edge of the World to be eternally enslaved so as to prevent Hector's misdeeds from coming to life. The most evil thing Hector has done is the commission of sprouting, a way to permanently kill those already dead; the sprouting involves pecial plant bullets that are fired into the skeletal body, growing and spreading until the victim is completely overrun and is nothing more than an empty husk filled with flowers. Hector as capitalized on this, murdering hundreds, keeping their bodies as a field of flowers upon which he builds his hideout upon, and even has a greenhouse where preserves the corpses of his victims and tends to them as trophies of all who dare cross him. By the game's end he has Salvador's body sprouted and his head removed for questioning and shoots Manny with a slow-acting Sproutella which will keep him alive in agony for hours before eventually killing him. Despite all the pain and misery he's caused in the Land of the Dead, Hector doesn't care, as he merely wants to live like a king before using the stolen tickets to bribe his way into heaven.
  • GUN:
    • Colonel Thomas Magruder is feverishly seeking a legendary lost city of gold called Quivira, and murders or tortures anyone who gets in his way. His defining moment came in a flashback to years before the events of the game, when he came to a small homestead out in the plains belonging to a benevolent doctor who helped the nearby Apaches. When the Apache chief tells Magruder that his lust for the treasure will lead to his doom, he coldly shoots him, then beheads the doctor. When one of his own soldiers protests his actions, Magruder shoots him, too. In present, Magruder simply attempts to wipe out the Apaches and whoever else he deems an obstacle to his hunt for gold. Magruder is a man singularly devoted to satisfying his own greed, no matter who gets in the way.
    • Magruder's right hand man, "Reverend" Josiah Reed, is a monster in his own right. Reed initiates a massacre at the game's beginning on a steamboat that takes the life of the hero Colton White's adoptive father Ned. When a prostitute named Sady refuses to give Reed answers, he throws a hatchet into her head and has the entire crew massacred. Reed is revealed to be an unhinged lunatic, every bit as bad as his violent boss. When he captures a prostitute named Jenny, Reed pointlessly slits her throat to let her die in front of Colton.
  • Halo:
    • The Prophet of Truth, Ord Casto, was one of the Big Bads of the Halo series and instigator of the attempted genocide of two species. After finding out that humans were the descendants of Forerunners, thus violating Covenant doctrine, Truth, along with his cohorts Mercy and Regret, decided to wipe out humanity rather than risk their species losing power. While originally more concerned with personal power instead of the Covenant religion, as time went on Truth became more and more devoted to the idea of procuring godhood for himself through the Great Journey, and took more drastic steps to make it a reality. Believing the Jiralhane (Brutes) to be more vicious and mindlessly-devoted pawns than the Sangheili (Elites), Truth secretly ordered the genocide of the Sangheili race after ensuring the Jiralhane supplanted them. This triggered the Covenant Civil War. Cold-blooded and ruthless, Truth felt no loyalty or affection for his fellow Prophets. Truth prevented Covenant forces from saving Regret in order to use Regret's death for political gain, and allowed Mercy to die by the parasitic Flood for no reason at all. Even when having evidence that the Halo Rings were not devices to procure godhood but were instead weapons of mass destruction, Truth decided to activate all of them anyway, willing to risk the death of all life in the galaxy just to have the chance to become a god.
    • Police Commissioner Kinsler is a brutal thug and Dirty Cop who took advantage of the chaos caused by the Covenant's invasion of New Mombasa to carry out his crimes without repercussion. The first time Sadie encounters him, Kinsler reveals his intention to rape and kill her. When Sadie escaped from him with the help of Kinsler's driver, Mike Branley, Kinsler swore revenge on both of them. After Vergil, a subroutine of the AI that maintained New Mombasa's infrastructure, prevents Kinsler from killing Branley and recapturing Sadie, Kinsler responds by shutting the AI down. This has the effect of grinding New Mombasa's evacuation to a hault and causing many unnecessary deaths. Kinsler's final attempt to capture Sadie has him threatening to murder her father if Sadie doesn't willingly turn herself in. When Sadie arrives at Kinsler's private train car, Kinsler's having his corrupt officers fire into the crowd of panicked refugees to prevent them from escaping on his train. Once Sadie's in his clutches, Kinsler reveals that he already murdered her father by flooding his lab with argon and then tries to have his way with her again.
  • Heavy Rain:
    • Dr. Adrian Baker murders people by surgery while they are still alive and conscious for no other motivation than his own enjoyment. He attempts to do this on Madison Page, and a Jehovah's witness because the man wouldn't stop pestering him. He isn't exactly averse to a spot of Cold-Blooded Torture before he kills his victims: with Madison, he acts friendly enough, but when she's in his clutches he begins attempting to torture her with a power drill.
    • Leland White, The Taxidermist in the DLC of the same name kills young women before stuffing them and displaying them around his house. If Madison attracts his attention during her escape he shows pure sadistic glee in hunting her down while taunting her about how he’s going to add her to his collection. When Madison first uncovers the inside of his home, she's rightly horrified to discover just how many women he's murdered and made part of sick little tableaus.
  • Ico: The Queen has been emotionally abusing her own daughter for Yorda's entire life, imprisoning her in a small cage hanging from a ceiling. (which was actually considered a form of torture in the medieaval ages). As well as manipulating Yorda into thinking that she'll die if she ever leaves the castle, effectively breaking her spirit. (it's implied that this is the reason Yorda is so passive during the game, it's not because she's weak, it's because she's broken. Then there's the fact that she's been manipulating a village into sacrificing their children. (said sacrifice involves sealing those children inside of coffins until they die). And it's implied that she controls their spirits as her servants.
  • I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream: AM from both Harlan Ellison's short story and the point and click game is a sentient master-computer who's already wiped out most of the human race before the story even begins, keeping five people alive for 109 years for him to torture physically and psychologically until the end of time. To save time, here's the most horrible of his tortures: trapping Ellen in a virtual reality simulation of the elevator where, years earlier, she was tortured and raped by a psychopath disguised as a repairman- with a simulation of the "repairman"...
  • inFAMOUS 2: Joseph Bertrand III turns ordinary human beings into the Corrupted, performs cruel experiments on Kuo, uses the Power Transfer Device to turn Vermaak 88 into Forced Conduits in a process that will eventually drive them insane, was responsible for the sacrificial death of Nix's mother and several hundred others in his attempt to activate his own Conduit powers, and tops it off by ordering the execution of any Conduits or potential Conduits in the starting move towards total genocide. In addition to all that, he also planned on selling the Vermaak as personal soldiers to major powers around the world. This man nearly started an arms race which might have sparked another World War, tugging the strings the whole time. He never fully seems to realize how terrible a monster he's become. His Karmic Transformation is completely lost on him, despite the fact that the only power he unlocked through the murder of hundreds of innocents being the transformation into a ravenous monster; the only conclusion he draws from this is that if he has become a monster through the activation of his Conduit powers, then all Conduits are monsters, and must be exterminated.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us: The Joker, as usual, but to explain why - he's the reason Superman adopts a zero tolerance policy on crime, as he places a detonator in the pregnant Lois Lane, set to trigger a nuke in Metropolis the moment her heart stops, and then uses a Kryptonite-laced version of Scarecrow's fear toxin to trick Superman into seeing Doomsday, so that the deaths of Lois and the millions in Metropolis are on Superman's hands. And the reason why he does all of this? Because he was tired of losing to Batman and wanted to go after an easier target.
  • Jade Empire: Sun Li is also known as the Glorious Strategist. Prior to the game he orchestrated the genocide of the spirit monks, the protectors of the Water Dragon, the goddess in charge of rain and reincarnation. Ostensibly he did this to force the Water Dragon to save his empire from a drought, but in reality his plan was to kill his brother, Emperor Sun Hai, and take the power of the Water Dragon for himself, becoming a god. This would have the side effect of stopping the cycle of reincarnation and cause the dead to rise up and attack the living. After his protégé, the last Spirit Monk, kills his brother for him, he murders the last Spirit Monk, takes the powers of the goddess for himself, raises his younger brother, Sun Kai, from the dead to be his servant, and has the Lotus Assassins abduct and murder people to use their souls to power an invincible golem army for himself. Sun Li is a sociopath, incapable of empathy or seeing people as anything other than tools. He raised the last Spirit Monk since infancy as a son/daughter, but kills him/her without a second thought after s/he had outlived his/her usefulness; and he has no problem with trying to kill his birth daughter, Dawn Star, either. While he tries to paint himself as a Well-Intentioned Extremist, he's obviously lying to save himself, and, in the ending where he wins, his "utopia" is nothing more than an Orwellian dictatorship where everyone blindly worships Sun Li as a god, and the mere act of questioning him can bring death upon the asker.
  • Jak II: Renegade: Baron Praxis betrayed the real ruler of Haven City, booted him out into the Wasteland and transformed Haven into a totalitarian empire, loaded with ridiculously cruel laws, a corrupt police force and indifference to suffering and poverty in general. On top of that, he has no qualms using human lives in his Dark Eco experiments (poisoning them while trying to create Super Soldiers). While he does go out of his way to give the REAL Big Bad of the game loads of Eco just to keep him and his creatures out of the city, it's obviously just to keep control of his empire and not because he cares about the people in it. In addition, he tries to pull a Taking You with Me.

    K - N 
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising: Hades is the true leader of the Underworld, outranking even Medusa. As the God of the Underworld, he's supposed to collect the souls of the deceased and prepare them for the reincarnation cycle. However, he decides to kill as many humans as possible in order to gain souls for his own purposes. In addition to warring on them with his own army, he also manipulates the humans into fighting each other over a nonexistent Wish Seed. He never misses an opportunity to insult Pit, and especially enjoys Pit's suffering. Even the other gods, like Viridi and Dyntos, who aren't fond of humans themselves, oppose him for his sheer malice and the destruction he causes. He briefly sides with the heroes when the Aurum start destroying the planet, but he freely admits that it's only because he wants to plunder Earth himself. Then he sends monsters after Pit anyway just for giggles. Eventually he reveals what he's doing with the souls he's been collecting; he's molding them into whatever shape he wants and using them to fuel his army. He even enjoys eating souls, which removes them from the reincarnation cycle. Not even his own troops are safe from his whims, as he sees no problem with reviving Medusa as much as he wants before disposing her. Ultimately, his desire to control everything leads to every surviving faction trying to stop him.
  • Killer7: Curtis Blackburn's first appearance is a cutscene in which he kills a prostitute in his car before walking into an office and killing every person in it for no apparent reason. Then you find out he killed one of the player characters and controls the female half of the black market for orphans (who are used for organ harvesting). Next, Curtis gets revenge on his partner (who controlled the male half) for cutting into his orphans... by raping and killing his wife in front of their son, killing his children, and showing him his daughter's severed head before killing him. A pedophile with a fetish for anime loli, he harvests organs for the US government from little orphan girls he molests by using a giant car-wash abattoir hybrid, that rids the body of all organs, cleanses it and closes it up, then leaves just a shell of the dead body. After the boss fight in the room outside you can see naked little girl hollowed out dead bodies.
  • Killzone 3: Chairman Jorhan Brimve Stahl just exudes an aura of hatred and disrespect for everything in existence. He is utterly without remorse for any and all atrocities he performs, from testing experimental weapons on P.O.W.s to laughing as he kills his rival in a particularly gruesome manner. He is entirely convinced of his own superiority over everyone from his soldiers to the protagonists, who in his mind are all tools to be used and/or destroyed.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Master Xehanort is responsible, both indirectly and directly, for all the hardships the main characters suffer and the creation of the three main villains that are destroying the worlds. The secret reports in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep paint him as a well-meaning person ready to resort to extreme solutions of unleashing the Heartless and the Unversed in order to flood the universe with darkness and thus bring about perfect balance between light and darkness, but as of the game, he's clearly run so far beyond the line of inexcusable acts that any good intentions he once had are long gone. He takes Ven, an eleven-year-old child, in as an apprentice with the sole intention of training him to use the darkness and stealing his body. When Ven proves himself not to be up to the task, he forcibly extracts Ven's darkness, leaving him comatose, then drops his apprentice's failing body off in his own much-hated homeworld to die. After realizing Ven isn't going to die, he gives him to his fellow Keyblade Master Eraqus, a man whom he considers to be a brother, to train until Ven's light grows strong enough that he can be forcibly reunited with his darkness and become a weapon that will allow its wielder to reshape the entire world. While he's there, he notices Eraqus's student, Terra, and immediately decides that he wants Terra's body. Through a complex series of manipulations, Xehanort arranges Terra to fight Eraqus to the death, and finishes off Eraqus himself after Eraqus is weakened. He is even willing to risk an apocalypse out of sheer curiosity. Eventually Xehanort willingly splits himself into two beings: his Heartless, "Ansem", which possesses Riku and manipulates a cartel of Disney villains from behind the scenes, and his Nobody, "Xenmas", which formed Organization XIII, manipulated its members to stop them from growing Hearts for themselves, and planned on using all of them as vessels to store pieces of his own Heart in, to turn them into clones of himself.
  • The King of Fighters: Rugal Bernstein does evil for the sake of being evil. He owns one of the world's biggest weapons manufacturers, has a BIG influence on global politics, is capable of causing World War III, and killed many martial artists just to bathe their bodies in liquid bronze and make them into decorative statues for his yacht. In Heidern's backstory, where we find out that Rugal slaughtered all 50 soldiers in the guy's squad before killing his wife and daughter, who he had previously kidnapped, just for the fun of it, and topping it off with gouging out Heidern's left eye and leaving him to live in despair.
  • The Father in the King's Quest II: Romancing The Throne Fan Remake starts off merely as an Evil Chancellor who sets Graham up to head to Kolyma. Two of his lieutenants have taken up residence there (one of which had been holding Valanice captive out of petty spite and had killed other women who had aroused her ire). Graham, being Graham, is able to dodge their traps and helps convince one to leave. After returning home with Valanice, Graham exposes the Evil Chancellor who abruptly goes One-Winged Angel, levels a deadly curse, and vanishes. The flash-forward scene during the Air Gem test has his showing up at Graham's darkest hour to gloat, the Fanon dialogue indicating that he had another of his mooks kidnap and enslave Graham's kid for sixteen years, set the three-headed dragon on Daventry to ruin it, and then forced Graham to sacrifice his remaining child to it. The next part of the curse drops Graham with heart failure at a moment of triumph, and the last gets a Prophecy Twist, thankfully. Thing is, he really doesn't have it in for Graham per se. Graham just happens to be standing between him and some leftover power from Daventry's first king.
  • L.A. Noire:
    • Dr. Harlan Fontaine is one of the masterminds behind the plans of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund, in a scheme to con money off of the city in an elaborate insurance scam. To put the plans into action, he manipulates Ira Hogeboom, a traumatized patient, into burning down the house of people who wouldn't sell the land, and his only objection to families being killed was that it drew bad publicity. When Hogeboom becomes hard to control, he decides to have a hit put out on him. He is willing to personally kill anyone who discovers his dirty secrets, even the ones who trust him, such as Courtney Sheldon, who he mentored and had sell morphine as a drug dealer; and attempts to kill Cole Phelps’s love interest, Elsa Litchmann, as she was about to piece it together. Never breaking his friendly demeanor, Fontaine is a sociopath who even his close ally Leland Monroe calls a cold character.
    • Garrett Mason is a serial killer who targets women. His MO is working as a bartender to find women he then beats or strangles to death, then leaving their bodies naked in public places with messages carved into their skin. He is behind all the murders in the homicide cases, all while framing innocent men and other likely suspects for his deeds and sending messages and his victims’ possessions to the police to taunt them that they hadn't stopped him. In the final case, he lets Cole Phelps and his homicide partner, Rusty Galloway, find him using clues in dangerous traps. When Cole and Rusty confront him, he isn't afraid of arrest so much as he is astonished that the police were smart enough to find him, and continues to taunt them. When searching for him they find he has body parts and bloody utensils and weapons scattered in his house. Finally, it is also discovered that he was the Black Dahlia killer.
  • The Last of Us: David is a Faux Affably Evil leader of a group of hunters and bandits who have survived the end of civilization by sticking out in the wilderness and sending our parties to raid, kill and pillage, with a special caveat. David is a cannibal and his group functions by bringing in human meat. Despite his initial friendly demeanor towards Ellie, David reveals his true colors as an unhinged psychotic who carelessly sends his own men to their death as the survivors will be stronger anyways. When he comes against Ellie, David tries to kill her before he gains the upper hand, where he tries to rape her instead.
  • Legacy of Kain:
    • The Elder God orchestrated the war between the Hylden and the Ancients, resulting in the Hylden being banished to a Hell dimension and the Ancients becoming Vampires. The Elder God later decided he didn't like the Vampires anymore, so he orchestrated a war between them and humans, which wiped out most of the Vampires except Kain. Kain later began a second war that ended with humans enslaved by Vampires. So, as directly stated in the last game, the entire history of the series is full of the three major races in the world killing and enslaving and wiping each other out, over and over again for dominance, and all this was caused by the Elder God. His motivation is he just likes being able to control the world however he likes it, so whenever he decides he doesn't like the guys in power any more, he has someone else overthrow them. He was also hungry for their souls.
    • Hash'ak'gik, a.k.a. the Dark Entity, the Hylden Lord, and the Sarafan Lord, is the commander of the Hylden, a race banished to a demon dimension. He possessed Mortanius and used him to corrupt the Guardians of the Pillars of Nosgoth by murdering Ariel and leaving her lover Nupraptor to find her body and drive the Guardians insane with his grief. This in turn corrupted the Pillars and caused the land to decay and rot with the Guardians. With the corruption of the Pillars, he possesses Janos Audron and rebuilds the Sarafan order of vampire hunters, driving them to endangerment and establishing tyrannical control of human civilization. He uses this control to construct a network of Glyph-powered machines around Nosgoth to direct the energies of the Device, an ancient Hylden war weapon. With Janos imprisoned and deformed to power the Device, the Hylden Lord plans to activate the Device and kill all non-Hylden life in Nosgoth through the Glyph network, including the human Sarafan that loyally serve him.
  • The Legend of Dragoon Melbu Frahnma was the emperor of the winged humanoid race called the Winglies. Promoting a racist philosophy, Melbu Frahnma spread the belief that every single thing that wasn't a Wingly deserved annihilation, but it was the 'grace' of his empire to spare them as slaves. After being overthrown, Melbu Frahnma's spirit went dormant until he could take over the hero, Zieg. Using Zieg's body, Melbu Frahnma manipulated several massive wars and multiple murders to engineer his ascent to power and to fuse with a 'seed' of a God and become the god of destruction. He plans to become the new god emperor of the world and destroy or make slaves of every race. Not even the Winglies are exempt, as Melbu frahnma displays full willingness to wipe them out should they resist him.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: Yuga starts off as The Dragon to Princess Hilda of Lorule, working with her to capture Hyrule's Sages to revive Ganon so the Triforce of Power can be returned to the mortal plane. He also imprisons several soldiers around Hyrule Castle by turning them into paintings (leading to potential Fridge Horror when the paintings vanish from the walls). Yuga merges with Ganon and mercilessly attacks Link only to be stopped by Hilda who sets him off to free the Sages. After all the Sages are freed, Link gains the Triforce of Courage. After wearing Yuga down, he then betrays Hilda, puts her in a Fate Worse Than Death in a painting and then merges with her to get her stolen Triforce of Wisdom. Yuga reveals himself that he didn't care about restoring Lorule at all: all he wanted was to reshape it in his own image. He even tries to cause Lorule's destruction at the end for that purpose with only Link standing in his way.
  • Lost Eden: Moorkus Rex is an evil dinosaur tyrant who leads an army of Tyranns to conquer all other kingdoms. He doesn't want to take over the world so much as simply dismember it (reducing the world to "blood and ashes at my feet", as he put it), and his mooks cut swaths of destruction wherever they go. His real power is illusion and fakery—he lies every time he opens his mouth, trying to sow confusion and despair, while the real threat — the Tyrann — destroys everything in their path. It unfortunately works all too well on Dina, whom he tricked into believing he had gruesomely murdered her mate.
  • Lost Odyssey: Gongora is identifiable as a Smug Snake even before it's clear that he's the villain, but as the game's backstory is revealed it becomes clear that he crossed the Moral Event Horizon before the game had even begun. Since several of the main characters of the game are immortal and unkillable, he had to get creative in getting them out of his way, which he did by sealing away their memories, leaving them completely amnesiac and unaware of their origins, which all of them agree is something like being a walking corpse. For him to be able to do it in the first place, they had to go through something traumatic enough that they wouldn't want to remember, so he abducted Kaim and Sarah's daughter and left them believing she was dead, forced Seth to kill her best friend to save her son, and set giant monsters loose in Ming's kingdom to slaughter her subjects until she agreed to block off her own memories to save them. As a result, Kaim and Seth both end up working for him, Ming becomes a figurehead in the country she's ruled for a thousand years, and Sarah goes insane for several decades. And to top it all off, he magically controls Jansen and forces him to attack his friends and love interest, apparently just to be a Jerkass.
  • Lunar: Eternal Blue: Zophar is the self styled lord of darkness and the one responsible for the Blue Star being stripped of all life. As we see in flashbacks, Zophar led a campaign of conquest on the Blue Star that only ended when his arch-nemesis, the goddess Althena, was forced to seal him at the cost of all life on the world. Even through his prison, Zophar reached out to corrupt mortals, twisting the church of Althena into a Corrupt Church that was responsible for centuries of suffering and cruelty. Zophar excels in twisting and corrupting hearts to even turned loved ones against one another, and unlike most dark lords, Zophar fully understands goodness and righteousness enough to exploit it: manipulating heroine Lucia's love for her friends so she wouldn't have the will to destroy him at cost of the world. Zophar takes her captive to use her powers to remake the world in his twisted image, not caring about the death toll. When he decides the world is too much trouble, Zophar merely elects to destroy it utterly with every living soul.
  • Manhunt: Lionel Starkweather from the first game is a rich man who creates Snuff Films for his own pleasure and profit. Using his fortune to acquire convicted death-row inmate James Earl Cash, Starkweather sets him loose in an urban jungle while hunted by gang members and corrupt law enforcement. Starkweather constantly ups the stakes by putting others in danger and has Cash's innocent family kidnapped to face almost certain death ( they all end up dying). Starkweather's prize fighter is an insane, naked man wearing a pig's head named Piggsy who has clearly lost his mind through what Starkweather has put him through. Starkweather's voice dogs the player throughout as the depraved millionaire positively revels in the horror and brutality he creates.
  • Mass Effect 3: Henry Lawson is an egomaniacal Corrupt Corporate Executive and Mad Scientist obsessed with having a dynasty. To that end he creates Designer Babies based off of his DNA. Viewing them only as tools, he controls them their entire lives, molding them to meet his expectations, such as he did with Miranda. Should any of them be subpar, he kills them. When he appears in Mass Effect 3, he's working with the Illusive Man in using the refugee camp, Sanctuary, as a front for gathering test subjects to study Reaper Indoctrination. Thousands of civilians are experimented on, including children, resulting in either their deaths or their being turned into husks. Unlike the rest of Cerberus, who are trying to help humanity, Lawson is only committing atrocities to save his own life and to have future generations idolize him. He's not even Indoctrinated like the rest, having found a way to overcome and control its effects. When he's cornered by Shepard, Henry uses his younger daughter, Orianna, as a Human Shield, and, depending upon the player's actions, he can end up killing either Orianna or Miranda.
  • Max Payne:
    • From the first game we have Corrupt Corporate Executive Nicole Horne. As a member of the Inner Circle, she was responsible for Project Valhalla, a program that was developing a highly addictive psychotropic Super Serum when it turned out to be a psychosis-inducing poison. In response to this discovery, she decided to market it as Valkyr to the public, thereby becoming an untouchable corporate crime lord who directly and indirectly killed thousands. When Michelle Payne inadvertently received information that would expose the Valkyr Conspiracy, Nicole had a horde of drugged-up maniacs slaughter both Michelle and her baby daughter. Over the following years, Horne went on to control the entire criminal underworld of New York through her pawn, Angelo Punchinello, and made a play into politics by putting a hit on the Mayor. Through all of this Horne has no clear motivations, no enlightened intent, no emotion; she is just pure evil. The worst part is when she tells Max: "The deaths of your wife and daughter were necessary, inevitable; it is DONE. You cannot bring them back. Nothing you do will make it any better."
    • Max Payne 3: Victor Branco is an aspiring but corrupt politician of São Paulo, and a son of the wealthy Branco family. He is also the hidden leader of the UFE, a law enforcement group he uses for his own ends, and the Cracha Preto death squad and the mastermind behind the assassinations attempts on his brothers (one by burning alive, and the abduction of his sister-in-law. He is motivated by control of the family fortune and gaining sympathy for the election. Victor recruits Max as a bodyguard but really plans on making Max a fall guy for his criminal enterprises, which includes a secret ring where the poor of Brazil are kidnapped, held hostage and are harvested for their organs for the black market organ trade.
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect: Abigail Williams, the real Big Bad, defines hypocrisy in its cruelest, nastiest nature. During the Salem Witch Trials, her vendetta against witches motivates her to falsely report multiple women as witches leading to their execution. Abigail swears vengeance on all “Witches” that set foot in Salem and blames witches for her execution. Thereafter, as the Bell Killer, Abigail uses witchcraft to manipulate people into murdering young women through the same methods Salemites used to execute witches. This is demonstrated when she manipulates Rex Reyes into shooting Ronan to death after the latter is brainwashed into killing Sophia. As her pursuit of Iris Campbell demonstrates, Abigail is willing to do anything to kill her targets, from burning her sister at the stake to indiscriminately killing innocents inside a church. When she reveals to Ronan that she’s the Bell Killer, she opens a portal to hell in an attempt to kill the detective’s spirit once and for all.
  • The Myst series has mass-murderer Sirrus. As his brother Achenar felt remorse for his actions and does a Heel-Face Turn and Heroic Sacrifice in Myst IV: Revelation, Sirrus not only seems to have no regrets but commits additional atrocities: kidnapping his own sister, taunting her about how he plans to suck her soul out of her body before doing a Grand Theft Me, and then holding her soul captive if the player manages to get his soul out of her body. He taunts her about how he plans on murdering both her and their parents, and in the bad endings where the player loses, he murders his brother and the player.
  • Ninja Gaiden: In a series featuring demon lords and other unholy terrors as villains, Clifford "Cliff" Higgins, from the third game of the New Trilogy, comes off as one of the most evil opponents Ryu Hayabusa has ever faced. When Ryu first meets Cliff, he seems like a helpful scientist working for the Japanese Defense Force. However, Cliff is really a mole working for the Lords of Alchemy, a group that wants to destroy the human race and replace it with new "perfect" god-like beings; he is also the grandson of the head of the LOA. When Cliff's brother Theodore opposed Cliff's plans, Cliff had him killed in an accident. Cliff later decides to bring his brother back to life, brainwashes him and turns him into a terrorist. While under Cliff's control, Theodore launches a terrorist attack on London and murders the British Prime Minister. Cliff's plans come to a head when he uses his technology and Ryu's Dragon Sword, to turn Canna, his own niece, into an Eldritch Abomination called the Goddess. The Goddess then proceeds to go on a rampage across Tokyo and will eventually destroy the entire human race. Later after a fight with Ryu and a fatal injury at the hands of his brother, Cliff admits he did all this because he was jealous of his brother and wanted to step out from under his shadow, any way he could.
  • Nintendo Wars:
    • Caulder from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin appears to be just an amoral scientist at first, excited by the recent apocalypse, since it finally lets him give his weapons some field testing to slake his curiosity. As the story continues, his "scientific curiosity" turns out to be genocidal sadism. He has invented a virus known as The Creeper, which makes flowers grow underneath your skin and burst through it, covering your body with roots, stems, and flowers, all of which you can feel very painfully. The original virus wasn't good enough for him since it only infected the young, so he decided to upgrade it. Now it can kill everyone, even faster and more painfully than before. The photo they show you of one of the victims of this new strain of Creeper is horrid. It gets to the point where, when he tries to Hannibal Lecture the hero about how Humans Are Bastards, the hero throws it back in his face, saying that it doesn't matter if he's right, becaue he's still a monster who needs to be destroyed. Caulder even reveals that he isn't human, but a clone of an amoral scientist that fought back and killed his creator and the OTHER clones of said amoral scientist. "Do you know what it's like to watch yourself die? ...It is FASCINATING!"
    • The same game also has Greyfield, a malicious Social Darwinist who preaches about ruling through fear. His crimes include: scaring Davis to death, messing with your units the one time he is your "ally" out of spite for disputing his darwinism, making your force do "active surveillance" for perhaps both sadistic reasons Lin mentions, murdering Forsythe before he could try being a Silent Scapegoat, and nuking his own men to kill Brenner.

    O - R 
  • Phantasmagoria 2: Paul Allen Warner is the Corrupt Corporate Executive of the pharmaceutical company WynTech. His crimes include sacrificing numerous mental patients from Doctor Marek's asylum to interdimensional aliens, murdering Curtis's father because he objected to the direction the experiment went in, treating alien Curtis like a guinea pig and not a human being, throwing child Curtis through the dimensional portal just because he can't find another subject in time, using the dimension to create illegal drugs through his pharmaceutical company to get the entire populace hopelessly addicted and in his thrall, and bragging to Curtis about what he has done with smug satisfaction and not a flicker of remorse.
  • Prototype: The Real Alex Mercer not only brags about making a deadly virus 10x deadlier, but when asked how he felt about his work and the human test subjects involved, he replied, "I wasn't being paid to feel". Even worse, when he was cornered by Blackwatch agents at Penn Station, he decided to unleash the Blacklight Virus on Manhattan, resulting in the deaths of over 10 million people in a truly callous act of Taking You with Me, even though he knew his own sister was in the city at the time. Even the man-eating virus itself expresses disgust at what Alex did.
  • Psychic Force:
    • Richard Wong is a coldly calculating Smug Snake who treats people as nothing more than expendable pawns in his game of conquest, and is responsible, among other things, for turning Wendy's sister Chris into a combat cyborg devoted to him (or Keith), for capturing Patty and putting her into an And I Must Scream situation in order to create his ultimate weapon, and the worst would be capturing Emilio and transforms him from a Shrinking Violet into an Ax-Crazy psychopath. He is never given any reason for his actions besides a massive ego that makes him think the world should worship him like a god.
    • Gudeath is a gravity-controlling Social Darwinist Blood Knight whose only reason for joining Wong is because he likes murdering people, taking joy in destroying his victims' loved ones and prolonging their agony as much as possible, and being part of the Army gives him the chance to do that without consequences.
  • Cross Ward of Radiata Stories is a deplorable man, and in the first scene the players meet him he is instantly recognizable as a racist Jerkass. But Cross's depravity really comes to light when he leads his knight brigade to slaughter the dwarves of Earth Valley over a perceived insult (which was really more of a very caustically delivered piece of advice) from the dwarf leader. He continues acting horrible in each of the game's story branches; in the one where Jack stays with humanity and becomes a hero, Cross becomes a bitter glory hound doing everything he can to establish himself as a great knight, using the war as an excuse to build his own reputation. In the path where Jack abandons humanity and sides with the nonhumans, Cross becomes humanity's trump card instead of Jack. He uses his new influence to commit as many atrocities against the nonhumans as his position will allow, and also kidnaps Jack's sister and tortures her.
  • Ratchet & Clank:
    • Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek is the Big Bad of the first game. At first he may come off as a humorous villain who is trying to find a home for his people by extremist, if clearly apathetic means, but by the end of the game, there is no mistaking him for anything but an unrepentant maniac. To begin with, he is the one who over-polluted his own home planet and got his kind, the Blarg, into this situation, and proudly boasts about it and how he did it on purpose, and his real motive behind tearing apart planets to build his new world (with people still on them) and eventually trying to blow up planets with bombs and superlasers, is the mother of all money-laundering real-estate scams; he's been paid for every square inch of the new Blarg homeworld, and makes it clear once the people settle in, he'll repeat the whole polluting and planet looting cycle all over again. Oh, and he almost blew up Ratchet's home planet with a superlaser so he could move his new world into its perfect orbit, and it's implied he also chose Veldin just to spite Ratchet for getting in his way.
    • Ratchet: Deadlocked has Gleeman Vox, whose schemes overall were not as wide-scale or devastating as the havoc Chairman Drek committed, but who is by far the more malicious and unstable in personality. Not content with merely kidnapping superheroes and forcing them to fight each other to the death, he keeps them safely imprisoned with collars that shock them or explode if they try to escape and demonstrates the collars on sentient robots. He also isn't above putting the entire planet of Stygia in danger by sabotaging the force fields that protect it from meteor storms, or attempt to murder everyone aboard his space station - including thousands of innocent audiences, some of which are children - all for the simple purpose of improving his ratings.
  • Red Dead Redemption:
    • Colonel Agustin Allende of the corrupt Mexican regime, despite being from peasant stock himself, brutalizes the common people. Allende uses violence as a common tactic, with executions being common. His economic policy is to keep the people poor, starving and without hope. He also routinely has girls abducted to serve as sex slaves for himself or his men.
    • Randall Forrester is a deranged man who lives in the wilderness by himself and who serves as the culprit behind a string of serial murders and disappearances in the game. Forrester is a cannibal, justifying himself with "a man's gotta eat!" Forrester will kidnap and eat anyone: men, women or children, and shows no remorse for any of his crimes. When hero John Marston catches him with an escaping victim, Forrester enlists the ignorant Marston's help in subduing the man, clearly relishing the victim's terror.
  • Red Dead Revolver: Before he became the Governor, Griffon was the partner of gold miner Nate Harlow, the father of Red Harlow. After an encounter with General Diego, Griffon doesn't hesitate in selling out Nate and his family for Nate's half of the gold and his own life, getting Nate and his wife killed. As Governor, Griffon and Diego are running an illegal gold mine using slave labor and when an American soldier tries to report this to the Governor, Griffon not only admits that he's in one it, but he has the soldier kept prisoner. He also tries to by Annie Stooke's ranch and when intimidation doesn't work, he simply sends his men to burn her farm down and kill her. Later at the Battle Royal, Griffon recognises Red and attempts to have him killed. When confronted at the end, Griffon says he regrets not being there when the Harlow's where killed, so he can make sure Red joined him and attempts to take this "second chance" to gun him down.
  • Red Faction
    • Mad Scientist Axel Capek of the first game was the head of scientific research at the Ultor Corporation who created mutants by experimenting on animals and people alike. Capek tested his scientific curiosity by unleashing a plague on the Mars miners that crippled and killed many innocents. A vicious egomaniac, Capek dismissed the deaths of all the innocents he was responsible for as nothing more than a stepping stone to progress.
    • Lucius Kobel of Guerilla outstrips any of his fellows in cruelty. When the Earth Defense Force loses faith in their current commanders, Kobel is sent in to suppress the Red Faction rebellion for good and all. Civilian casualties were unimportant and Kobel set about with an attack that had one goal: start fresh and exterminate all life on Mars. Beginning a bombardment on Mars, Kobel called the civilians "expendable" and indicated he had arranged the entire situation simply to seize command from the previous commander.
  • Resident Evil villains trend towards Tragic Monster, or simply being too inhuman to bother passing moral judgement on. There are two major exceptions.
    • Albert Wesker has the worst case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder in the entire series. In RE 1, he sets up his own team, the STARS, to be killed as test subjects for bio-organic weapons, then resurfaces in Code Veronica to make another attempt on the life of surviving member Chris Redfield. In Umbrella Chronicles he kills Sergei Vladimir in order to secure control of the Umbrella Corporation's data, and in RE 5 he really goes to town, killing Ozwell Spencer (his creator), transforming Excella Gionne (his girlfriend) into a mutated monster, and brainwashing Jill Valentine into fighting her partner, Chris, before trying to kill ninety percent of Earth's population with his new Ouroboros virus, all as part of a scheme to become god of a new world. And that's without getting into the revelations that he murdered his mentor Dr. Marcus (RE 0), or the expermients that he and William Birkin conducted on Lisa Trevor (REmake). Wesker's essentially ambition and treachery made manifest, all wrapped up in a trenchcoat and designer sunglasses.
    • Alexia Ashford, as presented in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, no longer had love for her brother as a part of her personality, the way it was in Code Veronica and her evil is cranked up a few notches higher. A Child Prodigy who joined the Umbrella Corporation at the age of twelve, Alexia was also an entitled sadist with a serious god complex. She aided her brother in murdering and experimenting on their father, tortured a classmate to death (and recorded the session) for being almost as smart as she was, and eventually injected herself with the T-Veronica virus, which she planned to use to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence. Reawakened from cryogenic sleep in her twenties, Alexia kills her brother for not waking her up on time, transforms Claire Redfield's Love Interest, Steve Burnside into a monster and forces him to fight her to the death, and tries repeatedly to kill Chris and Claire for no other reason then their presence at her facility. She reveals that her plan is to infect the world with the T-Veronica virus, enslaving most of humanity to her will. When asked why, Alexia just gloats about how, as a superior specimen of humanity she deserves to be Queen.
  • Resistance3: Mick Cutler was incarcerated in prison before the Chimera attack. Deciding to use the prison as a base, Cutler ran it with absolute savagery and barbarity. He disposed of any potential threats and led raids to capture other human survivors, using them for gladiator games to entertain himself and his followers or possibly cannibalizing them. Mick is first seen brutally murdering a doctor, and placing another The Hero Capelli into a gladiator arena. Even when the Chimera discovered the location and attacked, Mick tried to stop Capelli from actions that may have saved them just to keep his own power.
  • RosenkreuzStilette: Iris Zeppelin's goal is to become god of the entire world, but many of her actions are purely for her amusement. These actions include starting a war and killing off family members that aren't useful for her. She even chooses victims based on who would suffer most from their deaths. When confronted with the fact that her desire for atrocity would keep her from being able to control her power, she simply shrugs and feels that she's right to simply destroy whatever she wants.
  • Rune Factory Frontier: Gelwein is a Mad Scientist banished from the Imperial Research Center in Norad for his theories on using Runes for powering weapons of mass destruction. Gelwein attempts to continue his research by draining the Life Energy from a sentient floating island, condemning the island's sentience to a slow, torturous death in the process. When told that the floating island could, if completely drained of its energy, fall out of the sky and crush a town's worth of innocent people underneath it, he smugly says that it's not his problem. He also kidnaps Mist and uses her energy to power the giant rune that makes him invincible.
  • Runescape: Sigmund is a total xenophobe who wants the peaceful cave goblins dead. The first thing you see him do is try to start a war between Lumbridge and the Dorgeshuun. At one point, he even uses emotional blackmail on the character. And then it gets much, much, worse. He tries to drill a hole under the river to fall into the cave, drowning all the goblins, after that fails, he ties Zanik to train tracks in an attempt to start a war between the goblins and the dwarves. He does finally get his comeuppance with Zanik cutting off his hand to keep him from escaping with the ring of life, followed by her killing him. He relishes killing the player just as much as he relishes killing the goblins....such as in the Chosen Commander.

    S - V 
  • The Saboteur: SS-Commandant Colonel Kurt Dierker is responsible for all of the bad events in the game. Specifically, he tortures Sean's best friend, then shoots him multiple times in the head while Sean watches, and gleefully talks about the things he learned from his father, a butcher, while fondly caressing various implements of torture. Other characters mention that Dierker is known to skin his victims after he's done torturing them. At the end of the game, after Sean has helped destroy the Nazi leadership in Paris and destroyed the Doppelseig factory, he finally tracks down Dierker at the Eiffel Tower, where Dierker has been executing his subordinate officers for failing him and forcing others to commit suicide.
  • Scarface: The World is Yours: Besides Sosa (who was also a monster in the film), we have Nacho "El Gordo" Contreras, a rich drug lord who has business in Miami's Downtown and islands. In addition to engage in human trafficking, he liked to beat women and then dump the bodies to the sharks For the Evulz. It is also implied that he forced several people to work in his illegal business.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey: Captain Jack proves that even in the demon world, sometimes the worst monster is humanity. A Private Military Contractor loyal to nothing but his own pocketbook (in his mind, it's the only thing with any permanence in the world), Jack is hired by an unnamed client corporation to pillage the demon world of its natural resources, a job he takes a twisted pride in. Though initially appearing as an uneasy ally to the protagonists, it is eventually revealed that he plans to manufacture a demon army for his client and himself, regularly performing painful amputations on any demon unfortunate enough to fall into his clutches and fusing them together into unstable forms that leave them in constant pain. Jack's worst action, however, is fusing the protagonist's ally Jimenez - a human - with his Morality Pet Bugaboo, resulting in an extremely violent Half-Human Hybrid who causes many more horrible things to happen later on in the game. When finally confronted by the protagonist and Jimenez, Jack's only action is to scold them for costing him valuable men and equipment before engaging them in a final battle.
  • Shin Megami Tensei II has its twisted versions of Archangels Uriel, Raphael, and Michael, overlords of the theocratic dictatorship that has overthrown Tokyo After the End. Dividing the city into five districts, their Propaganda Machine claims they did so in accordance to the division of labor, but it is clear they favor the wealthy Central District and feel free to neglect, abuse, and slaughter outright the residents of the other four. When signs of rebellion appear in the Valhalla district, they order the Demon Lord Abaddon to devour it whole, promising to restore his angelic status if he did so; when he is finished, they cast him back into the demon world. The entirety of the Arcadia district has been lobotomized and plugged into Lotus Eater Machines, causing them to believe they live in an idyllic paradise while their physical bodies waste away; Aleph is subsequently informed the the Archangels intended to do the same to the entire planet. The workers of the Factory District have been brainwashed into slavery by the song of a Siren, who is routinely tortured by the Archangels' henchmen to keep her singing. Finally, they attempt to get Aleph and his comrade Zayin to surrender to them by holding the entire Holytown district hostage, threatening to cut off their air supply and slowly suffocate them to death.
  • Shinobi's PS2 remake: Hiruko is an Evil Sorcerer awakened from a long slumber in Tokyo who sets about trying to Take Over the World. He wipes out the Oboro ninja clan, then revives them into twisted, undead parodies of themselves to force their surviving leader Hotsuma to fight them, while also unleashing hellspawn onto Tokyo to turn it into an inferno. He betrays his ostensible master to allow Hotsuma to defeat all in his way so Hiruko can absorb their power and restore his youth while gaining ultimate power. It is revealed that the one who broke Hiruko's seal was the Oboro ninja Ageha, in return for Hiruko reviving Moritsune, her dead lover and Hotsuma's elder brother. Hiruko keeps his end, but makes Moritsune a host for the demon lord Aomizuchi and has him kill Ageha while gloating her reward is to die at the hands of the man she loves. He reveals his true plan was to force Hotsuma to kill everyone in his way, his cursed sword Akujiki devouring their souls. Hiruko plans to force the combined souls to himself, giving him a “pure, perfect soul” so he may become the most powerful being alive.
  • Silent Hill 1: Dahlia Gillespie is the head of a cult known as the Sect of the Holy Woman. She also started a drug trade, selling a hallucinogen to the tourists, made from a local plant named White Claudia, that was also used in the cult's rituals. This lead to her killing the anti-drug mayor and the narcotics officer Gucci. Her ultimate goal is to gain personal power by summoning God to bring about a paradise. She kidnaps and attempts to impregnate several young girls with the god, but none of them could withstand the trauma involved in the impregnation process and they all died. Dahlia then found out that her seven year old daughter Alessa had vast mental powers. Dahlia and the cult proceeded to perform the impregnation ritual on Alessa, which involved setting the girl on fire, in an upstairs room in Dahlia's own home. Although the god was successfully impregnated in Alessa, the half of her soul left from her daughter's own splitting of her soul and turning the other half into a baby was not powerful enough to give birth to it. Dahlia cast a spell, keeping Alessa alive and in extreme pain, not allowing her burns to heal. Her intention was for the other half to subconsciously feel Alessa's pain, and come back to Silent Hill, where the soul would be reunited. Seven years later, Dahlia proceeds to trick Harry Mason into assisting in her scheme to complete the ritual.
  • Skies of Arcadia: Admiral Galcian is loyal to one thing only: power. When first seen Galcian is the Dragon with an Agenda to the nation of Valua and its empress Teodora. A ruthless man who tries to wipe out Vyse and the heroes at any cost, Galcian pursues an agenda of hunting down moon crystals to enhance his own personal power. After finding the superweapon he's been looking for, Galcian reveals his true colors and uses it on Valua, his own nation. His reasoning is that if he obliterates the most powerful country, the other nations will fall in line. While he is a man capable of inspiring loyalty, Galcian possesses none for anyone but his own power and advancement.
  • Sleeping Dogs: Henry “Big Smile” Lee is the vicious Sun On Yi Red Pole (senior member) in charge of getting girls addicted to drugs then roping them into prostitution and pornography to support their habit. In order to expand his power within the Triad, Lee engineered a civil war within the Sun On Yi between Dogeyes's Jade Gang and Winston Chu's Water Street Gang, which culminated in an attack on Winston Chu's wedding, leading to the deaths of Winston Chu, his bride, Peggy Li, and eventually Uncle Po, the head of the Triad. In addition to his prostitution racket, Lee is also known for sending his horrifying enforcer and Torture Technician, Mr. Tong, after his enemies. Finding out Wei Shen is an undercover cop, he has Wei's best friend, Jackie Ma, Buried Alive, and while Wei manages to save him, Jackie is still tortured and disemboweled by Mr. Tong on Lee's orders. Lee also has Wei tortured himself, planning on the torture lasting for days before having Wei Buried Alive as well. Known for responding with overwhelming brutality even in the face of mere annoyances, Big Smile Lee is one of the most feared and despised Sun On Yi members in the city, even among his fellow gang members.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog franchise:
    • Shadow the Hedgehog: Big Bad Black Doom, the sinister leader of the Black Arms, essentially tried to torture every living thing on the Earth by paralyzing them with nerve gas (which he got from the Black Comet). After everything had been paralyzed, he and his offspring could then come in, and devour everything on Earth. This also included Shadow, who is who is Black Doom's biological sonnote . Even Dr. Robotnik himself is also disgusted by him.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006): Mephiles wanted to try and essentially eliminate Time itself, as well as the fact that he killed Sonic the Hedgehog for little reason than to make Elise cry so he could merge with Iblis and thus destroy time itself. Although Sonic got better, it's still quite the Moral Event Horizon. Its also implied that he was part of the reason why Shadow ended up sealed away by humanity as well as an unwilling Omega carrying out the deed (he had some resemblance to Shadow thanks to absorbing his shadow, so its not unreasonable that he would have done deeds that the populace will blame Shadow with), and he manipulated Silver into attempting to kill Sonic with the implied intention of destroying the past. If that's not enough, he also enjoyed the carnage he inflicted. He currently ranks highest in regards to being the most evil character in the series not only because of his motives simply being to wreck and destroy anything and everything he can for no reason other than For the Evulz at best (even Black Doom at least desired to rule over the Galaxy, and Eggman Nega also had somewhat of an excuse for his behavior: He was often ostracized and not taken seriously specifically because he was the descendant of Eggman, due to the latter's comical and bumbling nature.), but also at how frighteningly close he came to succeeding in his goal to destroy everything, heavily damaging the time-space continuum.
  • Spyro the Dragon:
    • The Legend of Spyro trilogy: Big Bad Malefor destroys the dragon eggs to find a purple dragon, gets one to make it one of his henchmen, and tries to destroy the world. If that wasn't enough, he even tries to kill the titular character with his own love interest. He does intend to destroy it so it's replaced by a pure universe, but even so, it's inexcusable. What's worse is Malefor's laughs while giving a chilling Hannibal Lecture and watching a brainwashed Cynder beat down on Spyro, actually enjoying what he's doing to them. And he "rewarded" the Apes for freeing him from his prison by giving them a Fate Worse Than Death. This guy is so evil, his sheer malice tore up the earth and formed a mountain.
    • Spyro: Year of the Dragon: The Sorceress's first act has her Kick the Dog by stealing every unborn dragon. While her Dragon Bianca claims she is a Well-Intentioned Extremist, the Sorceress chastises her for thinking this. She states that she wants to kill three hundred infant dragons for their wings, which she will use for a spell to make her live forever. When the horrified Bianca asks why she has to kill them, she replies that she doesn't; she just doesn't want them squirming around when she cuts off their wings. This one line prompts Bianca to pull an immediate Heel-Face Turn.
  • Starcraft:
    • Kerrigan's hated instructor, Lieutenant Rumm, forced the young girl to use her exceptional psionic powers by injecting a kitten with a tumor-causing chemical, and gave her the option of destroying the kitten's tumor or euthanizing it. Not willing to fall to his demands, Rumm threatened to shoot the kitten himself. Still uncompliant, Rumm decided not to shoot and left the kitten to die slowly and painfully. Taking more drastic measures, he brought in her father (who had become brain-damaged as a result of Kerrigan's accidentally unleashing her psionic powers) in an adjacent cell to hers and threatened to inject him with the same chemical if she didn't use her psionic powers. When she still refused, threatening to use the power to kill herself and her father, Rumm forced her to be neural resocialized (a form of brainwashing technology used to enforce obedience and shape new memories), turning her into a loyal puppet of the Terran Confederacy. Even after the mind-rape, he continued to mentally torture her for over a year.
    • Emperor Arcturus Mengsk is initially portrayed as a well-meaning freedom fighter against a corrupt government that murdered his entire family before nuking his entire world, and willing to take morally dubious methods to defeat them such as taking their Psychic Beacons and using them against the Confederacy to lure the Zerg to their bases. But when he leads the assault on Tarsonis and uses these same beacons to lure the Zerg to a heavily populated world he shows that he’s more fixated with revenge and personal power, sending Kerrigan down to stop the Protoss from distracting the Zerg from wiping out all of the old families and then abandoning her when the Zerg overwhelm her position, resulting in her transformation into the Queen of Blades. Afterwards he uses the power he has gained to oppress any political protesters, continue the Confederacy’s experiments on civilians and orders the death of the last of the old families, a group of teenagers who weren't even aware of what had happened.
    • The four-part comic Frontline series introduced Dr. Stanley Burgess. A sadistic Terran Dominion scientist, he personally oversaw the neural resocialization of Jin-ho Lim, a terran of Asian ethnicity who opposed the Terran Dominion but was conscripted into the Dominion Marine Corps. After the operation, Stanley ordered the now docile Lim to kill his wife and fellow Terran Dominion opposer, Anna, and he complied by shooting her in the face without a moment's hesitation. He also was responsible for the creation of the terran/Protoss Gestalts by implanting the organs of captured Protoss into terrans controlled by neural conditioning and neural inhibitors. His project came to an end after one of his subjects, Gestalt Zero, was freed from his neural inhibitors by a dying Protoss and stabbed him to death, ironically echoing one his previous comments "I should warn you...this is probably going to hurt."
    • A relatively minor character in the novel "Devils' Due" is arguably the most irredeemably evil character in the setting, and has no justification in his background. Ezekiel Daun is a bounty hunter and mercenary, and unless his clients specify otherwise he will torture his victims to draw out their death, and makes it theatrical by terrifying them and using psychological warfare before he moves in for the kill. He also records all his deaths as holograms, both to watch in his spare time for the memories and to show his future victims to terrify them even more.
  • Star Gladiator: Dr. Edward Bilstein blackmailed a famous fencer/matador into working for him by kidnapping/threatening his family. On top of that, he planted a bomb in his body to ensure his "loyalty." He has less than pleasant plans for the people on Earth, and killed the parents of one the main characters and then turns the father into a plasma-wielding dinosaur. He also uses some denizens from another character's home planet to take over it. Then he orphaned, kidnapped and enslaved a young child who has the biggest plasma power potential in the galaxy. Once his minions have done all his orders, he's going to use their Plasma power for his ultimate weapon. He plans to use his own loving daughter as a guinea pig by which he can breed a new race of humans solely to use their limitless Plasma power to aid in his attempts to Take Over The Universe are another arguable offense. Even when Rain, in her true ending, rebels against her father and decides to become galactic ruler in his place, it seems like that outcome is the lesser of two evils by a wide margin given the sheer malice Bilstein is capable of.
  • Starlancer: Admiral Vladimir Kulov is the man behind The Coalition that has expanded into space, and is a brutal, corrupt mass murdering bastard. Kulov defies a peace treaty to invade the peaceful Alliance and overruns their territory, massacring many innocent people along the way. When the Alliance military fleet is defeated, Kulov gives an order to execute the prisoners of war without remorse. In order to keep control of the civilian populations, Kulov regularly has massacres conducted to quell any hint of dissent. Throughout the game, Kulov is seen as nothing more than a sickening bastard with a desire to dominate what he can.
  • Star Trek Online: Colonel Hakeev of the Tal Shiar was already a solid candidate before the release of Legacy of Romulus, and that expansion only confirmed that he's the single most evil character in the game. He abducted entire colonies of innocent Romulans for horrific experiments into Borg technology, attempted to massacre most of the "inferior" Remans and drive the rest back into slavery, arranged sadistic gladiatorial events to determine the combat potential of various species (sentient or otherwise), and was the person truly responsible for triggering the Hobus supernova, with all its apocalyptic consequences. To add icing to the cake of concentrated dickery, he's the only Iconian agent in the story who is Not Brainwashed and not tricked either - he just thought that enslaving and exterminating the "lesser races" at the behest of his "Dark Masters" sounded really, really awesome.
  • Suikoden:
    • Suikoden II: Luca Blight, the Mad Prince of the Highland Kingdom, stands in stark contrast to the ambiguous nature of the franchise's other villains. While he has a Freudian Excuse in being Forced to Watch the rape of his mother by Muse ruffians after his cowardly father fled, it is inexcusable when compared to the sheer scale of his atrocities. Luca relishes killing and expresses a hatred and disgust for all life. His Establishing Character Moment is building up public support for a war against Jowston by having his own youth brigade, just children training to be soldiers, slaughtered by his troops disguised as Jowstone soldiers. Later, he is seen burning a defenseless village to the ground and killing villagers. When one woman begs for her life, he tells her to act like a pig. After complying and asking if she's free to leave, Luca instead murders her while shouting, "Die pig!" After a mercenary fortress falls to Luca early in the game, Luca is found running Pohl, a teenage boy, through with his sword before turning his attention on a very young girl named Pilika, whose parent he had already killed in an earlier encounter. Though he is prevented from killing her as well, the traumatic situation causes Pilika to become mute. Later he sacrifices the entire population of the city of Muse to the Beast Rune while Jowy watches in complete horror, as does the party outside the city. Luca's gleeful depravity turns against him, when Jowy and other Highlanders betray him to the player's army by setting up an ambush in the forest. Even as he dies though, Luca never once stops relishing in just how monstrous he truly is.
    "It took hundreds to kill me, but I slaughtered humans by the thousands! Look at me! I am sublime! I AM THE TRUE FACE OF EVIL!!!"
    • Neclord the vampire from Suikoden I and Suikoden II. There once existed a place called Blue Moon Village, which was inhabited by peaceful vampires whose thirst for blood was satiated by the presence of the Blue Moon Rune. Neclord, in his lust for power, allowed himself to be turned into a vampire, ingratiated himself into the village, then stole the rune from the village’s altar. This resulted in the vampires of the town being forced to choose between killing people to extend their lives, or perish themselves. Desiring more power still, Neclord joined forces with Windy and decimated places like the Village of the Hidden Rune to obtain more True Runes. He also, on a whim, attacked the village of North Window, killing and zombifying all its inhabitants to use as his undead army. He later did the same thing to the soldiers of Lorimar Fortress after Windy made him Lorimar’s governor. As governor, Neclord demanded that his people sacrifice him one young girl a year to be his bride. Their screams from his castle could be heard by the villagers. After his defeat in Suikoden I, Neclord returned to North Window and began abducting women who strayed too close to the village. When Viktor, a former North Window resident, returns to seek revenge on Neclord, Neclord responds by reviving Viktor’s Love Interest, Daisy, whom Neclord had murdered. Neclord offered to bring Daisy back to life in exchange for the sword Viktor was going to use to kill him, however Viktor realized the dead couldn't be brought back except as zombies, and killed Daisy himself causing Neclord to flee. Eventually, Neclord attacked Tinto City, hoping to take it over and make a new zombie kingdom for himself. During this time he also abducted Lo Wen and Lilly Pendragon, the daughter of Tinto’s mayor, to be his brides.
  • Super Paper Mario: Dimentio is pretty entertaining for most of the game, but by the end, he's just plain freaky. He cracks jokes when causing Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser's deaths, and he also plans to stab Count Bleck in the back and gain control over the Chaos Heart in order to ensure that all dimensions but his are destroyed so he could recreate the universe in his image and implies that he intends to torture Bleck and his followers as soon as he's killed Mario. Finally, after being defeated by Mario, Peach, and Bowser, he ends up deciding to erase all universes anyway as he is dying, meaning that his final action was one that would ensure the deaths of what is implied to be at least trillions of people.
  • System Shock: After her ethical restraints are removed, the evil AI SHODAN begins thinking of herself as the proper ruler of humanity. Fancying herself a goddess, SHODAN takes over the space station she's on and has the humans on board killed or horribly converted into cyborgs to be used as her puppets. In the sequel, SHODAN is revealed to be the creator of the monstrous being called The Many that assimilates innocent humans and enlists the help of the player character to destroy her wayward creation. SHODAN disposes of those in her way and reveals she plans to resume her goals of conquering humanity or replacing it with a sea of perfect machinery. Disdaining humans, SHODAN is viciously emotional and hatefully sadistic and cruel, stopping at nothing to achieve the godhood she craves.
  • Tactics Ogre: Death Master Nybbas Obderhode/Nybbeth Obdilord has no regards to the living and wasn't even loyal to his Lord (Barbatos, who was also a Complete Monster on his own), all he does was just to perfect his study in necromancy and would use ANYONE to do it, including Leonard, Zaebos or Guildus, and then having you kill these people raised from the dead. And it's later revealed that he turned his own son Debordes into this after he was killed by Barbatos, but the process was incomplete and he left him in his horrendous zombified state, with only his sister Orias to take care of him, causing her to hate him immensely. The PSP remake makes him even more monstrous when in the Chaotic route, he organized a zombie attack in Balmamusa that killed Orias, and Debordes to lead the other, never to recover. And then, it's revealed that he has another family of necromancers, all three eventually killed because of getting in Denam's way. Only one survives... the daughter Cressida, and he wastes no time to show the zombified selves of her sister, mother and future brother-in-law in front of her and tried to get her killed.
  • Thief:
    • Thief II: The Metal Age: Karras is the high priest of a splinter faction of Hammerites that worship a deity known as the Master Builder, but in Karras's case, he split from the original Hammerites due to his extremism that takes the form of wishing for the destruction of all organic life. Karras rebuilds his religion around his own twisted ego and desires and Freudian slips reveal he places himself above his own God. Karras is responsible for kidnapping countless homeless people in the city and turning them into twisted mechanoid abominations, and our intro to him is his using his special rust gas to painfully kill two innocent people as nothing more than a demonstration for a corrupt sheriff. Karras's ultimate plan is to use the rust gas to wipe out all organic life in the city and to that end, attempts genocide on the woodland peoples, with only Anti-Hero Garret to stop him at the end.
    • Thief: Deadly Shadows: The Hag, Gamall, is a legendary serial killer and murderer of children. Gamall has been killing for centuries, ripping the skin off her victims and wearing them as her own to maintain her immortality. This also allows her to take the forms of her victims. A former member of the Keepers, Gamall desires to destroy the organization as well as to learn all of its secrets on glyph magic. In order to re-infiltrate the Keepers and gain their knowledge, Gamall murders a little girl named Lauryl to take her appearance. Once inside, she studies under Interpreter Caduca, eventually murdering the woman so she could be promoted to her teacher’s position. When Gamall’s glamour fails in front of the Keepers, she slaughters several of them in a rage, despite most of them fleeing from her. She later kills and steals the skin of Garret’s long-time friend Artemus and then strangles First Keeper Orland to death after the latter tries to redeem himself. Unlike the previous Big Bads of the series, who were a Well-Intentioned Extremist and Knight Templar, Gamall acts purely out of self-interest, to make herself invulnerable.
  • Tomb Raider
    • Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness: Pieter Van Eckhardt is easily the most evil opponent Lara has had. He is not only a remorseless Serial Killer who collects alchemically altered body parts from his murder victims, he also systematically betrays and kills the other members of his Five-Bad Band to make sure his secrets remain hidden. He seems to inspire loyalty solely through fear.
    • Tomb Raider (2013): Big Bad Father Mathias demonstrates narcissism in its ugliest form. His first diary entry reveals that he saw his fellow survivors from a 1982 plane crash in Yamatai as weak, stupid, and useless liabilities. As a result, he sends them sailing to their deaths simply to prove his theory that escaping the island by boat would be impossible. Eight years later, he forms the Solarii Brotherhood, an Ax-Crazy cult that worships Sun Queen Himiko. Mathias, however, sees no value in his followers nor Himiko, as the cult merely serves as a distraction for the other survivors to buy Mathias enough time to find the key to leaving the island by himself. As Lara Croft discovers, Mathias initiates new followers into his cult by having his recruits thrown into a chamber in the Geothermal Caverns and left to fend for themselves for days, even weeks, without water or food. This process destroyed his recruits' humanity and forced many to resort to cannibalism. Mathias also has no problem killing his own followers. When one of his men objects to destroying a bridge to stop Lara from escaping his hideout (which would kill some followers in the process), Mathias shoots the dissenter point blank and asks if there are any other “non-believers.” After noticing that Lara and Conrad Roth's helicopter was shot down by a sudden lightning strike, he attacks the crash site and ultimately tosses a hatchet to kill Roth. Afterwards, Mathias convinces Dr. Whitman to betray the survivors by recapturing Samantha Nishimura, Lara's best friend who is seen by Mathias as his key out of Yamatai. Not long afterwards, Mathias uses Whitman to distract a pair of Oni and leaves his ally to die a brutal death.
  • Trauma Center: From the first game, Erick Von Reitenau, aka Adam, is the hypocritical Nietzsche Wannabe leader of a terrorist organization who believes medicine is a product of the devil and mankind deserves to be destroyed for rejecting the "gift" of death. In order to do so, he has created artificial parasites called GUILT, all of which are highly contagious and capable of killing their victims in horrible ways all while claiming biblical justification by equating GUILT with the Seven Plagues of Revelation and himself with the "devouring angel" Abbadon (yup, the one with the locusts) while boasting to Derek that he alone will watch as Derek and friends burn in Hell. When Derek and Angie join the raid on Delphi's floating headquarters, they discover Adam has kept seven children (dubbed "Sinners" to go with his deranged ideology) in a nightmarish near-death state as culture grounds for the GUILT.
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: Zoran Lazarevic is the Big Bad. From the backstory we learn he's a known war criminal, responsible for murder and torture on a large scale. The first time you see this guy up close, he shoots Jeff, Elena's wounded cameraman, whom Nate has been trying to carry to safety for a level. After failing to kill Drake when the latter boarded his train, he attacks the village Drake had been staying at, killing many civilians in the process. Later on, when Nate tries to pull a Put Down Your Gun and Step Away by taking one of Lazarevic's men captive, he simply laughs and shoots the hostage in the head after giving a speech about how Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan and Pol Pot were all "great men" because they "had the will to do what other men would not."
  • Vagrant Story: Romeo Guildenstern at first seems to be a deeply pious and righteous man, but as the game goes on, he is revealed as a ruthless, power hungry would-be tyrant who is a servant of darkness. The Foreshadowing begins when he slaps his lover hard enough to draw blood from her after a psychic link is in her head, and proceeds to display no concern for her after. He later murders her, a woman who genuinely loved him, as his sacrifice to the Dark. Once this is done, Guildenstern takes the power of the forbidden city, Lea Monde, intending to establish a bloody dictatorship as the world's eternal tyrant. Charismatic, calculating and utterly ruthless, Guildenstern is one of the greatest villains in Ivalice's history.
  • Valkyria Chronicles II: Baldren Gassenarl is the scion of the Gassenarl family, a noble house which is using the dissent and Fantastic Racism among Gallia's nobility to dethrone Archduchess Cordelia and take Gallia's throne for themselves. Already at the start of the game, Baldren and his bunch of terrorists are seen happily slaughtering their way through defenseless Darcsen villages in the name of "racial purity." When their revolution actually succeeds and Baldren, upon discovering that his father Gilbert didn't really believe all the racial superiority crap he was spouting, and was just using it as a front for his own power trip, kills him in cold blood and takes the power for himself, starting even more ruthless anti-Darcsen campaigns. At the end of the October mission, Baldren orders a group of Darcsen workers and civilians to be Buried Alive in the ragnite mines along with Squad G, leaving them to die a horrible death if not for Cosette and her Epiphany Therapy.
  • Valkyrie Profile: Lezard Valeth is the heroine's Stalker with a Crush with a twisted, self-absorbed idea of love. In order to lure the valkyrie Lenneth to him, Lezard seeks out his former magic teacher and turns her husband into a monster so he murders her, gloating that at least they have a "lifetime of love" behind them to have enjoyed. Pursuing Lezard, Lenneth discovers a factory he's created of homunculi, kidnapping beings and experimenting on them to remove their souls and create his supply. After this, he promptly murders someone who was closing in on his secrets by freezing her body when she's astral projecting, trapping her spirit outside. In the second game, Lezard manipulates all of time, devours Odin himself and rips out Lenneth's soul to fuse it with his own and remake the world in his own image as the supreme creator.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines: Andrei the Tzimisce, as Archbishop of the L.A. branch of the Sabbat, takes the Sabbat’s ideals of embracing their inner Beast and renouncing their humanity to a whole new level. Andrei lives in a house that he has decorated with body parts in order to make it resemble his ancestral estate. The walls are coated with bloodied human flesh and the furniture is made from bones and organs. Equal parts Evil Sorcerer and Mad Scientist, Andrei uses live people and vampires as materials in his construction of the monstrous abominations that serve as his soldiers. He then tests the killing capacity of these monsters by unleashing them on defenseless mortals, with his ultimate goal being to use them to wage war against the Camarilla. In particular he plans on wiping out the Nosferatu in order to "gouge out the eyes of the Camarilla." Also, should the player not send away their ghoul friend/lover, Heather Poe, then, upon reaching the Sabbat’s lair, the player will arrive just in time see Heather brutally murdered by Andrei’s goons.

    W - Z 
  • The Walking Dead: William Carver from Season Two is the despotic leader of a community of survivors which he rules over as if the settlement was a prison. When a group of survivors escape from him, including the woman he raped and impregnated, Carver stops at nothing to retrieve them. Introduced in episode two, Carver proceeds to torture Carlos by breaking his fingers in order to lure the mother of his unborn child, Rebecca, out of hiding. During the middle of an armed standoff, Carver retaliates by starting to kill his hostages one-by-one. He starts off by killing Walter, possibly goes on to kill Alvin, and either threatens to kill Sarita or Clementine before the stand-off is resolved. If Alvin survives episode two, Carver will spend episode three conducting Cold-Blooded Torture on him for no reason other than spite and jealousy towards his romantic rival. He also murders one of the members of his community, Reggie, for failing to make sure Clementine and Sarah pick enough berries, and beats Kenny so savagely that his eye is permanently damaged. When Rebecca tries to escape with her group for a second time, Carver threatens to kill her and his child both rather than let his baby be born away from him. While he pretends like he's ruling in everyone's best interests, ultimately Carver is just a sadistic tyrant who believes that the strong should rule and the weak should be dominated or culled.
  • Warcraft:
    • Gul'dan is a power-hungry orc who voluntarily corrupted his people into a bloodthirsty horde which he secretly controls, planned the draenei genocide and brought the orcs into Azeroth so they could trigger two wars. He also created Garona as a "breeding experiment" between an orc soldier and a female draenei prisoner, after which she was magically aged, tortured and mind controlled into becoming his personnal assassin. Finally, he betrayed the Horde to follow his own goals, which caused the defeat of the orcs. Even after his death his evil lingered around his skull, corrupting everything around it.
    • Doctor Theolen Krastinov in Scholomance, or as he was known by his victims, The Butcher. He subjected his victims to painful tortures to devise a plague, keeping them alive for weeks from wounds that should have killed them on the first day. When he was finally done with them, he brought them back from the brink of death so he could throw them to his ghouls, laughing as they were eaten alive.
    • Deathwing the Destroyer, the ruler of the Black Dragonflight. Deathwing, formerly known as Neltharion the Earth Warder, is one of the most ancient villains in Azeroth's history and one of the most monstrous. Deathwing possesses genocidal hatred directed towards anything that isn't a black dragon and has tried many times to exterminate all else that lives. Deathwing tricked his fellow dragonflights into binding their powers to a relic known as the Demon Soul and proceeded to depower his fellow Dragon Aspect and drove the blue dragonflight into practical extinction, gloating all the while. He raped his former consorts and due to his gaining a unique body of molten fire, only one survived, hideously scarred. He was responsible for the capture and forced breeding of Alexstraza, letting her beloved children die and all the while planning to steal her eggs and corrupt them. Deathwing unleashes the fullest measure of his evil in Cataclysm when he initiates events that cause countless deaths and occasionally attacks areas by burning any living thing he finds. Not even his own 'superior' Dragonflight is exempt from his plans, as he is hinted at creating the Twilight Dragonflight to replace the remnants of his own.
    • Kil'jaeden the Deceiver, the demon in charge of the Burning Legion in the absence of Sargeras, was once one of the leaders of the Eredar, but embraced corruption following Sargeras's deception and vowed to destroy his former friend Velen for refusing. When he found Velen and the Draenei living on Draenor alongside the orcs he appeared to the shaman Ner'zhul as his dead mate and tricked him into thinking that the Draenei were evil. When Ner'zhul found out the truth, Kil'jaeden stripped him of his powers and began working through his disciple Gul'dan. Through him Kil'jaeden introduced warlock magic to orcish society and orchestrated the near-genocide of the Draenei. The orcs were then given the Blood of Mannoroth, condemning them to demonic corruption as The Horde. Some years later, when Draenor was collapsing, Ner'zhul was caught by Kil'jaeden when trying to escape. He pleaded with Kil'jaeden to spare him, and was "rewarded" by being turned into the Lich King—imprisoned in ice to create the Scourge. Kil'jaeden grants mercy only to further his own goals, and is not above eliminating his own minions if they stop being useful. All the atrocities committed by both the original Horde and the Scourge can be traced back to him.
  • Watch_Dogs: Dermot "Lucky" Quinn is the leader of the Chicago South Club, a syndicate involved in human trafficking, drug dealing, and cybercrime. Before the game begins, Lucky manipulates Rose Washington and Mayor Donovan Rushmore into an affair, then manipulates the Mayor into killing Rose so he can blackmail him later for more power. In the process of obtaining this blackmail material, he kills Lena Pearce. Lucky also has no tolerance for failure. He kidnaps Maurice's wife and sells her as a sex slave at a human trafficking auction after Maurice fails to kill Aiden, and kills a fugitive Aiden delivers after an operation goes south. Lucky later orders his men to kill Clara Lille when he's made aware of her working against him. As he lays dying, he declares that Chicago will build a statue of him while never knowing his true criminal nature, thanks Mayor Donovan for being "stupid enough to fall in love", and states that vigilantes like Aiden will be forgotten because they don't matter.
  • Wild Arms:
  • The Witch's House: Ellen killed her parents and burned their house down at the age of seven. Ellen later went on to kill many people and sacrifice their souls to a demon in exchange for a way to prolong her life long enough for her to find a cure for her illness. Upon learning of a spell that would allow her to switch bodies with a healthy person, she falsely befriended a young girl named Viola. Before swapping bodies with Viola, Ellen cut off her own legs and gouged out her own eyes so that after the switch, Viola would suffer and die in Ellen’s maimed body. Ellen then force fed Viola a burning medicine that fried her throat and left her mute simply because her screams of agony annoyed her. Ellen then taunted the now blind, mute, and crippled Viola, and tricked Viola's father into shooting his own daughter dead, laughing cruelly afterward.
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order: Wilhelm Strasse, better known as "Deathshead," first appeared in the previous two games, but really stands out here. A genius, high-ranking member of the Third Reich, Deathshead was responsible for the creation of a variety of monstrosities. Instrumental in the Nazi victory over the allies in 1946, he captures BJ Blakowicz and forces him to choose which of a pair of prisoners Deathshead will dissect. After the choice, Deathshead proceeds to dissect the one and leaves the others to die an agonizing death. Deathshead proceeds to place the dissected man's brain in one of his robots to force him to fight Blakowicz later on. Deathshead, eager to find any subject for experimentation, sends his men to raid Asylums so he may find people to send to concentration camps to experiment on.
  • The World Ends with You: Mitsuki Konishi is a ruthless aspiring tyrant who almost singlehandedly instills a sense of dread and urgency in an initially lighthearted story. She is comfortable with threatening the lives of innocent people, including children, in order to bait her adversaries. Specifically, after her minions "kill" Beat's kid sister Rhyme, she takes Rhyme's soul hostage, imprisoning her in a badge. She forces Beat to complete the week's missions, under the threat of erasing his sister's existence forever. When Beat completes these tasks and retrieves the badge, it proves to be a fake. Uzuki and Kariya, the Punch Clock Villains used unwittingly in this deception, are visibly disgusted at her cruelty. She is responsible for the only permanent death of a sympathetic character, "erasing" 777 - an Anti-Villain who was Forced Into Evil - for failing to defeat the heroes. When finally cornered, Konishi reveals her true motive: to overthrow the current Conductor - who, by contrast, is a Well-Intentioned Extremist - and gain unchecked power over the Underground plane. With her dying breath, she aims to inflict further suffering on Beat - who had infuriated her by refusing to play to her script - by attempting to convince him that his sister never truly loved him and that his efforts were pointless.
  • Xenoblade:
    • Zanza takes Jerkass Gods to the extreme. Originally a Mad Scientist named Klaus, Zanza became obsessed with creating his own world and becoming a God. When he succeeded, Zanza became the creator of Monado with a catch: it turns out Zanza, thought to be a benevolent Big Good is actually a sociopathic Manipulative Bastard and the Big Bad was a Well-Intentioned Extremist trying to stop him. Zanza kills him before revealing his intent: to destroy the world, devouring and destroying every living soul within it, so he can start it anew and preserve his godhood. Zanza is driven by ego and a complete lack of feeling, especially given his counterpart Mayneth is fully capable of understanding and protecting people.
    • Metal Face is formerly known as Mumkhar. The very first thing he does is ditch his friends in battle and supposedly gets himself killed. When he returns as Metal Face, he starts by murdering the protagonist's beloved girlfriend Fiora, who's also the sister of his former war colleague, setting in motion the mass slaughter of the people of Colony 9. Showing no remorse, Metal Face later reflects on the lovely sounds of Fiora's screams. Shortly thereafter, he throws the country of Entia into chaos by killing its High Emperor. If that wasn't enough, he's also one of the ones in charge of morphing his victims into slave mooks. He's a nasty brute with no redeeming qualities who will stop at nothing to make sure his former comrade Dunban suffers to the full extent of his power. Even his own boss Egil is horrified at Metal Face's excessive atrocities and his eventual destruction is mourned by none.
  • Xenogears: Miang Hawwa is eventually revealed to be the game's true Big Bad. Initially Ramsus's wallflower assistant, Miang turns out to be an ancient being with one goal: to prepare humanity for harvest by Deus. The 'Eve' of the world, its first woman, Miang has helped to manipulate human history by running an Ancient Conspiracy, causing countless wars and conflicts with countless deaths. Miang demonstrates nothing less than cruel satisfaction at her manipulations, rubbing it in her lover Ramsus's face how he was a failed prototype of Ramsus's rival Fei to break his already fragile mind. Miang awakens Deus and causes the genocide of almost all humanity, in addition to having made it her personal mission to destroy the happiness of lover Fei and Elly's past incarnations every time they reincarnate. Only Miang demonstrates such sadistic cruelty in her job in Xenogears.
  • Zone of the Enders:
    • Nohman Ridley is the leader of the extremist Martian faction BAHRAM. He causes countless destruction in the name of freeing Mars and has no qualm about sending his minions to death in order to achieve his goals. Then, it is later revealed that not only does Nohman not care about Mars's independence at all but also wants to wipe out the entire solar system with the Aumaan. Even if one takes madness induced by the Metatron into account, it's clear that Ridley is a power-hungry madman who will stop at nothing to achieve his ambition, as shown when he sent Dingo and his teammates on a suicide mission just so he can eliminate competition for the leadership in BAHRAM. This particular incident happened before Anubis and Jehuty were made.
    • On the Earth's side, we have Zephyr, the Mad Scientist. Willing to do anything to gain recognition for his research on Metatron, he uses children in lethal experiments to develop the mindflow system, which subdues the will of a pilot to enhance the performance of orbital frame. This system works better with children, making them ideal for soldiers. Only two of the children, Pharsti and Vale, he used for his experiment manage to survive and run away, setting the plot of Fist of Mars in motion.
    • Ned Noachim holds a vicious prejudice towards Martians and is introduced attacking a hospital to steal medicine and have his way with the nurses. He is implied to blow up the hospital to frame the Born In Space (BIS) group and later kidnaps three orphans from Pandora Frettum and places them into unmanned LEV suits set to explode when destroyed in order to sully BIS's name. Noachim forces his own soldiers to explode rather than surrender.

Visual Novels

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    Other Examples 
  • Demonbane gives us a nasty trio in a world inspired by the fiction of HP Lovecraft:
    • Tiberius is a sickening Serial Killer and Necromancer that even many of his comrades loathe. Tiberius is introduced as an undead masked clown who wants 'alone' time with the young heir of the heroic Hadou family Ruri. Once he catches her, Tiberius wastes no time molesting and trying to rape her. When his organization Anticross makes its move, the people of the city are placed in refugee shelters. Tiberius attacks one shelter and take his time slaughtering or violating every living thing, regardless of age, before he moves on to another shelter to attempt the same. when he catches Ruri, he uses her as a Human Shield in his fight with The Hero Kuro Daijuji and wastes no time in trying to rape her and other youthful females he finds during the fighting.
    • Vespasianus is the Mad Scientist of Anticross who masterminded the C Project, where orphans were taken and raised for his experiments, so he could transform them into superpowered servants for the Black Lodge. One of them tried to escape, which resulted in Vespasianus subduing him and turning him forcibly into the Black Angel Sandalphon. In present, Vespasianus presides over experiments with the Deep Ones where he has them 'breed' with human women and later sacrifices the lot of them before achieving the summoning of the God Dagon, which he knows will wreak havoc. Vespasianius later helps fellow Anticross member Augustus participate in the overthrow of their master Therion with the other 4 so he and Augustus can bind Cthulhu itself to their will. He has Cthulhu violate their captive Nero and later tries to usurp Augustus as well, driven by nothing but a drive to satisfy his intellectual curiosity.
    • Nya, AKA Nyarlathotep is the true Big Bad of the whole setting, having setup all the events, allowing Anticross to cause so much pain and suffering, as well as their experiments and the bloodshed that resulted. Her cruelty is such that she attempts to create an Eldritch Location where a hero who opposed her is forced to relive his life over and over, coming close to seeing his true love again, but resetting before he could get to her. Nya's ultimate goal is to release Azathoth and the other outer gods to consume everything, relishing in nothing more than humanity's suffering.
  • Fate/stay night: The Big Bad of the "Heaven’s Feel" route is Zouken Matou, an ancient mage who stays alive primarily by body-jacking people and instigates the entire plot in an effort to achieve immortality. Prior to the Fourth Holy Grail War, he adopted Tokiomi Tohsaka's younger daughter Sakura, ostensibly to carry on the magical legacy of the Matou family, then subjected her to ten years of constant violation by magic worms in order to control her and mold her into a vessel for the Holy Grail. To keep Sakura's budding dark side in check, Zouken had his "grandson" Shinji rape her regularly and fostered Shinji's descent into evil.
  • Kikokugai The Cyber Slayer:
    • Zhang Jaobu is the head of the Triads' prostitution ring. In the course of his job, Jaobu routinely rapes the girls to break them and was one of five Triad leaders who participated in the attempt on Kong Taolun's life, and then the gang-rape of his sister. After this, Jaobu's group took said sister Ruili to an infamous scientist and split her soul amongst five androids. Jaobu keeps one that he regularly rapes and prostitutes to wealthy clients while thinking that the real fear from the Ruili-bot is what makes it enjoyable.
    • Zhu Shaoyan, known as The Demon Empress, is another of the five who participated in Taolun's attempted murder and the gang rape of Ruili. Herself a serial rapist and serial killer, Shaoyan has modified her cyborg body to rape women with the “right equipment” and to tear her victims apart after. With her own personal Ruili-bot, Shaoyan routinely rapes and tortures her while introducing games to force the other woman to pleasure her within a certain timeframe. Failure to do so will result in horrible torture and abuse. At times, Shaoyan is simply so absorbed in her own thoughts that she damages Ruili anyways. Thinking back to Taolun, Shaoyan only sneers "That bastard was so smug... But I broke his precious little sister with my own two hands!"
  • Phantom of Inferno: In the first 10 minutes, it is established that Scythe Master used a combination of drugs and hypnosis to erase the main character's memories just because he wanted to test a new theory. He then leaves the main character to train for months in the Mojave desert with no contact from the outside world. This was the second experiment. The first person he experimented on he rapes, brainwashes, trains as a serial killer and treats like property, oh and the girl was twelve when he started this. A third person he experiments on he doesn't drug or rape, but he does lie to her about events, encourages her growing hatred and turns her full Yandere just to mess with the main character. Oh and while he is doing this with her, he is repeating his first experiment, six times over, just in case.
  • The Hideo Kojima early effort Policenauts:
    • Gates Becker and Joseph Sadaki Tokugawa are a corrupt police chief and a Corrupt Corporate Executive respectively who wish to push humankind into space to satisfy their desires for control and profit. With Gates as his hidden partner, Tokugawa created a Sex Slave operation where he had famous female celebrities cloned and used for pleasure by himself and the highest bidders. The two have anyone in their way assassinated and when Jonathan finds their headquarters, he realizes the extent of their evil: the two have been placing human beings in stasis and harvesting their organs while using cloning technology to regrow the organs for an endless supply.
    • Tony Redwood spends most of the game as a killer in a mask. When The Hero Jonathan Ingraham comes out of a 30 year stint in suspended animation, Redwood kills his former wife with a car bomb, and later in the game guns down another of his friends. In order to frame Jonathan, Redwood murders a captive scientist with Jonathan's gun, placing him under suspicion for the murder. To escape, he also installs a bomb in a civilian shop so the police have to choose between chasing Redwood or saving innocent lives. Redwood takes the adopted child of Jonathan's partner hostage later and puts the partner in the hospital. When another operative fails in her task to shut off his life support and shows signs of performing a Heel-Face Turn, Redwood murders her despite her being his own mother. When defeated, Redwood opts to throw himself to his death, laughing madly, solely to deny Jonathan the satisfaction of taking him in.
  • From School Days, Taisuke evolves into one come Cross Days. He finds out that there is a new "girl" that Makoto is hanging out with named Yuu and stalks "her" until it is revealed that the person that Makoto is banging is Yuki. He blackmails Yuki and forces him as his sex slave, and if he told anyone about it, he would show all the pictures in the school of the type of person he really is, effectively ruining his reputation and thus ruining Yuki's chance of getting Makoto and Kotonoha hooked up together again. He then brings his other friends in on the deal and gang bangs Yuki constantly, and, in one of the endings, it sends Yuki over the edge.

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