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Black Eyes

In nature, black eyes are rare and usually coupled with dark skin and almost can't be found with a pale complexion, so they're sometimes used to make a character seem exotic. However, there is a rare condition called aniridia where the eyes really are black, as the iris is missing. See the other Wiki for more details (importantly, this condition severely impairs vision). It's not impossible for someone with very dark Brown Eyes to be mistaken for having these in real life.

Black eyes themselves are Not a Trope and as such should not be listed on any page. If you find any links to Black Eyes, please delete them, or see if they fall under one of the actual tropes instead.

  • Black Bead Eyes: A simplified drawing of eyes as black dots.
  • Black Eyes of Crazy: Characters with black sclera that indicate that the character is crazy and/or dangerous.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: All black eyes, iris, pupil, and sclera that indicate a character is evil.
  • Dark Is Evil: Characters are given dark colouring to indicate that they're bad guys in some way.

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