Monster: The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls franchise has some incredibly evil characters.

  • The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall: Queen Akorithi of Sentinel, like her late husband King Cameron, was a warmonger. Their designated-heir son was chronically ill and fairly uninterested in invading neighboring countries for their land, the latter of which was the kind of thing his parents liked doing when they could get away with it. Not only did they produce some more children and partially disinherited him, his interest in scholarly pursuits hit King Cameron's Berserk Button, so he and Akorithi murdered him by tossing him into a dungeon full of zombies and mummies just after a bad bout of the flu. By the end of Daggerfall, Queen Akorithi has used the power of the Numidium to conquer Bergama as well as the whole of northern Hammerfall.
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Mankar Camoran, the leader of the Mythic Dawn cult and a worshipper of Mehrunes Dagon plans to summon his master into Tamriel so Dagon may destroy the world and create a new one in its place, one that coheres with Camoran’s Social Darwinist beliefs. Not only does Mankar aide Dagon’s Daedra in attacking the mortal world, he also orchestrates the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim, as well as his children. He even had the city of Kvatch completely destroyed in a failed attempt to kill Uriel’s bastard son, Martin. While Mankor lures in his followers with promises of a paradise for their faithful service, this turns out to be a lie. Seemingly idyllic on the surface, Dawn’s Beauty, Mankar’s “paradise,” is really a hell where his followers are constantly killed by monsters, only to be resurrected and killed over and over again. His promise to allow any follower who loses faith to leave his paradise also proves false, as the grotto, which is said to be an exit from the afterlife, really leads to a torture chamber where the unfaithful are made immortal, locked into gibbets, and then dumped into lava. One follower who lost faith was forced by Camoran into inflicting this punishment on his friends over and over again. Dawn’s Beauty is said to be Mankar’s vision of how he believes the world will be once Dagon takes over.
  • Both games: Mannimarco, the King of Worms and the leader of the Order of the Black Worm, first appears in Daggerfall, then appears again as the Arc Villain of the Mages’ Guild quest line in Oblivion. An incredibly powerful necromancer and the world's first lich, Mannimarco’s study into the arts of entrapping and enslaving souls festered in him a deep hatred for peace and life. A sadist believing himself Above Good and Evil, Mannimarco sought out obtaining as much magical and political power as he could over the passing millennia. Sometimes this power was obtained via Faustian deals; in at least one instance he helped a princess arrange a political marriage in exchange for her firstborn child. After achieving godhood at the end of Daggerfall, a mortal part of Mannimarco was left behind, and decided to settle a petty grudge with a long-dead enemy by destroying the Mages’ Guild said enemy founded. Mannimarco became invested in creating black soul gems, which he used to steal the souls of those who opposed him, and plotted to capture the soul of Archmage Hannibal Traven to empower himself. The souls captured are aware while in the gems, and, once their power is used up, they are sent to a purgatory-like dimension called the Soul Cairn for all eternity. When a mage infiltrated his order, he had the mage tortured to death and then resurrected the mage as a zombie to be an example to the Guild. Mannimarco also took great pleasure in leading the attack on the Bruma Mages’ Guild chapter, slaughtering everyone present save for one mage whom he kept alive to tell tale of what happened in Bruma.