Awesome Music: The Elder Scrolls

Arena and Daggerfall
  • Eric Heberling did the music for the first two installments, Arena and Daggerfall. There's a reason there are dozens of music modifications for the later games floating around that replace Soule's works with arranged versions of the tunes from those older in the series, and it's not just nostalgia.
  • Arena has a few great tunes: "Track 17" (Track 16 is a variant) or "Track 14B".
  • Take a listen to Track 21. Phenomenal composition.
  • Track 26, the swimming theme. Gorgeous piece of music.
  • Check this out, an index of all specially remixed/arranged Daggerfall compositions. The ones by Dan Goodale are truly epic.
  • The recurring 'Elder Scrolls' theme mentioned in the Morrowind/Oblivion category? Contrary to what Morrowind's YMMV page may lead one to think, it began with Daggerfall's GSNOW_B.
    • Snowing rendition. OK, it's not really the same song, because as you can see, the riffs from later games were put into the above remix, but you can't help but be reminded of it by either version.
  • The theme for the Daggerfall demo and this incredible remix from Dagger XL.

Morrowind and Oblivion