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Arena and Daggerfall
  • Eric Heberling did the music for the first two installments, Arena and Daggerfall. There's a reason there are dozens of music modifications for the later games floating around that replace Soule's works with arranged versions of the tunes from those older in the series, and it's not just nostalgia.
  • Arena has a few great tunes: "Track 17" (Track 16 is a variant) or "Track 14B".
  • Take a listen to Track 21. Phenomenal composition.
  • Track 26, the swimming theme. Gorgeous piece of music.
  • Check this out, an index of all specially remixed/arranged Daggerfall compositions. The ones by Dan Goodale are truly epic.
  • The recurring 'Elder Scrolls' theme mentioned in the Morrowind/Oblivion category? Contrary to what Morrowind's YMMV page may lead one to think, it began with Daggerfall's GSNOW_B. The Snowing rendition is not really the same song, because as you can see, the riffs from later games were put into the above remix, but you can't help but be reminded of it by either version.
  • The theme for the Daggerfall demo and this incredible remix from Dagger XL.

Morrowind and Oblivion

  • You would think that the trailer for the new Elder Scrolls game would have less awesome music on account of it being a teaser trailer. You would be wrong.
    • A new arrangement of the theme has been made for Skyrim, complete with a Nordic choir chanting in Draconic. The music got even more awesome. Skyrim Version (skip to 2:45 on Video 4).
    • A cleaner version of the Elder Scrolls theme has been released here.
    • This is what you get when you combine Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim's themes.
  • It took a while, but we finally got the official full theme, and it is glorious.
  • "One They Fear", the remix of the main theme used as boss music, has been known to induce Theme Music Power Ups in players. Here is a song that has got many a player killed, simply because they got so pumped while it was playing that they attacked the dragon in question head-on.
  • "The Streets Of Whiterun" is a surprisingly passionate and sentimental song for the first city you come across.
  • "Sovngarde" is pretty awesome by itself, but when it plays when you enter the Nordic land of the honored dead to do final battle with Alduin himself with the ancient heroes at your side, it takes it Up to Eleven.
  • "Watch the Skies" is unbelievably awesome, especially when fighting a particularly nasty dragon.
  • Secunda, one of the best ambient pieces in the soundtrack. Tundra is the other best ambient piece. A close third goes to Dragonsreach.
  • The most fitting soundtrack for the game's massive and gorgeous vistas: Wind Guide You.
    "We are the Dragonborn of Tamriel. We come from all corners, all places. From Skyrim, Morrowind, Hammerfell, The Summerset Isles, Cyrodil and all others. We are of all races. Nord, Orc, Breton, Imperiel, Elf Kind (Wood Elves, Dark Elves and High Elves), Khajiit, Redguard and Argonian. We are born in times of extraordinary crises. Tamriel will never fall into darkness. We the Dragonborn, the Dovahkiin will rise above all evil, vanquish it back into Oblivion. Always remember: Sky above, Voice within."
    -Youtube Commentator
  • Unbroken Road. It plays once in the entire game (specifically, when the ancient heroes banished Alduin the first time), and it is awesome. For some reason, this theme did not play in the Elder Scroll sequence for this troper; instead, it played after she finished Season Unending, right before the final battle against Alduin. And for some reason, that makes it sound even more epic to this troper.
  • Dragonborn adds to the game a bunch of new tracks, most of which are Morrowind remixes. They are amazing. Forgotten Vale from the Dawnguard DLC rivals "Wind Guide You" in terms of its larger-than-life scope.
  • Then there's Tale of the Tongues. (Spoiler warning!)
  • Miraak's theme, the Dark Reprise of the Dragonborn's theme, appropriately fit for your Evil Counterpart.
  • The main theme, "Dragonborn". Yes, they're singing in the Dragon language. Lyrics here. Even better when you realize it was used for the trailer. Say it with us: FUS RO DAH!
  • All hail the glorious dead.
  • Hell, even the 40-minute plus piece titled "Skyrim Atmosphere" is really, really good.
  • Under your voice they will cower!
  • "When we raise our flagon, to another dead dragon, there is just one drink we need, Nord Mead!"
  • Khajiit like to sneak!
  • Another cover of the main theme...with an electric violin.
  • "Far Horizons" is just gorgeous.
  • This singer portraying an entire Draugr choir and actually singing in Dragon language, complete with acoustic effects and drums to fit the dark chilling atmosphere, is just beyond words.
  • Here's a gorgeous vocal and guitar cover of "Tale of the Tongues".
  • Here's "Tale of the Tongues" again, combining two of the best bards in the game into an awesome duet.
  • The music they play when you learn a Word of Power or slay a Dragon and absorb its soul. They gave you your own Theme Music Power-Up for this game.
  • Two artists cover the game's theme song.
  • The Dark Reprise of the main theme used for the Dragonborn trailer is just epic. Even better, the Dragonborn DLC will feature a return to Solstheim, once the setting for Morrowind's expansion Bloodmoon. A chanting portion of the Skyrim "main theme" from the original game is a remix of the "Morrowind Leitmotif" that became recurrent in all TES games from the third onwards, including Oblivion. Guess which part of the Skyrim "main theme" turned up for the trailer? And if one listens to the lyrics they are chanting, instead of being about the Dragonborn and their heroism, these same words are now being twisted and warped to reflect Miraak's menace.
  • A high school choir with an English version of the main theme.
  • Ever wanted to play a thief type in the game? Lindsey Stirling shows how it's done.

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