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Authors and Websites

The Rogue Province, Rogue Agent Series by Deus Ex Freak
  • Recommended by Golden Anuer
  • A trilogy nearing the end of its second installment, Deus Ex Freak's two-story series stands as some of the best Oblivion work on the His first story, Rogue Province, Rogue Agent, is a Dark Brotherhood-centric story that dosen't involve shipping with a nearly completed sequel, Bedrock of the Betmer. These two works feature solid writing and interesting yet well-founded twists on Tamrielic lore. For a genficcer, these tales are true treats

Tales From Cyrodiil by Sickle Yield
  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • A truly excellent series of stories set in the same universe but mostly unconnected to each other. Notable for its exotic, gritty and often downright strange choice of characters and premises, the beautifully subtle and realistic friendship and love arcs and the unpredictable storytelling that defies patterns and established norms of how a story should go after this or that.

Heiwako's stories or alternate link
  • Recommended by Black Winged Heaven
  • Heiwako's main series follows the Dragonborn from burnt-out hero to Listener of the Dark Brotherhood. It includes three novel-length stories and a collection of novellas and short stories: Darkness Rises When Silence Dies (her first lengthy fiction, a little rough in places but still good), which picks up after the main quest with Diana the Dragonborn attempting to figure out what to do with her life now that Alduin is defeated; For the Future of Skyrim, which deals with the consequences of her becoming Hecate the Listener and working out her anger issues; The Dark Brotherhood Forever, a series of short stories and novellas about the future of the Dark Brotherhood; and Diana Dragonborn, a prequel about Diana before becoming the hero of legend up through her battle with Alduin. The author has also stated she will soon start on a story set between For the Future of Skyrim and The Dark Brotherhood Forever; entitled Breath and Focus, it will be another novel-length fiction which follows Hecate through the resolution of the civil war plotline.
    • There's also an excellent novel-length story pairing Elenwen and Ulfric of all people, called Season Unending. NSFW, though.

Ysraneth's Tales by Morninglight
  • Recommended by Taiyou-x6
  • What do you get when a half-Nord/half-Bosmer woman is raised to both honour the traditional Nord way, but also the Green Pact of the Bosmer? A very... unique... set of dietary requirements to say the least. Make her the Dragonborn and then you've got a party. Morninglight has her Dragonborn go through many an adventure, each contained within a single, short, humorous, story. Starting with Ysraneth heading her father's words of Waste Not, Want Not, to questioning The Ethics of Eating a Dragon's Soul, then educating those closest to her on Why Thalmor Hate Diplomatic Immunity, followed by introducing dragons to Thalmor Tenderloin, then we have her very own Wedding of the Year, all culminating to when she becomes The Cannib-Jarl. Enjoy.

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

''Dragon of the East" By Okan-Zeeus
  • Four souls journey to the north at a time of crisis. Dragons have returned and threaten the land. Now Skyrim's fate lies in the hands of foreigner, a kind Argonian who wears a killer's mantle. He must rise and become the greatest dragon slayer the world has ever known, and he must do it against all odds… for there are those, in the name of justice, who would see him die trying.
  • Stars a Argonian Dragonborne named Chases the Winds. A Nord Warrior, Reinhardt. An Argonian Thief, Dar-Meena, and the Dark Elf Mage, Falura Andrilo.
  • Has several arcs already and you can watch the progress of each chapter here:

The Divine Champion by Phantom X 0990
  • An in-progress Skyrim fic that follows the tale of the Dragonborn, who just happens to be Talos returned to the mortal world to stop Alduin. It follows the stories of numerous original and in game characters with each chapter containing multiple character perspectives happening all over Skyrim. The simple and to the point writing style make this an interesting read.
  • Though not done yet the author has promised a sequel.
  • Doesn't follow the in game questline, like so many other cardboard cut out Dovahkiins.
  • summary: Alduin the World Eater has returned to finish what began centuries ago. Only now there are no Dragonborn to stand in his way. Except one, the one they made a god; Talos himself. The god of men has returned to Skyrim to reclaim his glory, and stop Alduin.
  • Seconded: Good story overall, with a lot of orgininal characters who take the roles/guild master positions that the main character would in game, leaving our Divine Dragonborn to do his duty.
  • Plus there's giant Khajiit with an innuendo streak.

The Neveragaine by Helena L
  • Recommended by Rahkshi Lord
  • A humorous fic which loosely follows the Morrowind story, a good read.

Images by Sindaheri
  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Oblivion's main quest and all of its trials and tribulations condensed, distilled and crystallised into a series of drabbles each roughly ten sentences long. If for nothing else, read it for the awe factor and hope you can someday become as good at putting so much meaning into so few words as the author is.

Blackbirds by Crisium
  • Recommended by Socially Disoriented
  • A character study of sorts on Ruma Camoran. Mildly angsty, gorgeous writing style. Highly recommended.

Arvil's Dusty Tomes by Tim Cummings
  • Recommended by Z Seeker
  • An excellent journal of Arvil Bren, "a wizard of Breton descent" who goes on to become the Nerevarine. Unfortunately, a Dead Fic. Wordof God says it was because Arvil was too overpowered to be fun to play.

Forged in Darkness: A Dark Brotherhood Tale by Raven Studios
  • Recommended by Pyrotorch 246
  • More or less exactly what it sounds like: A novelization of the Dark Brotherhood plotline. It adds a few twists of its own, though, and intersects with the main plot of Oblivion every now and then. Very well written with solid characterization, but it doesn't pull any punches, which means that it is dark. Gets into Lucian/OC territory as well.

Watermelon Waterfall by Mewgia Mirrorcoat
  • Recommended by Clockwork Lynx
  • All seems lost. The Mythic Dawn stands at the gate of Cloud Ruler Temple. All the Blades have left are five thousand scrolls of Absorb Mercantile and a watermelon...

Lux ex Tenebris by Valerianus
  • Recommended by: Anonymousaccount, Smoodle-Fshoodle
  • Synopsis: He was a broken, crippled man and she was from a race of semi-mythical monsters. And yet, this peculiar duo is the last, best hope a crumbling Skyrim has for survival. The gods truly have a sense of humour, it seems.
  • Features an emaciated captive of the Falmer and a Falmer slave. Together they escape into the surface and generally try to survive. Not only is it well written, but it also gives the Falmer some depth.

Innocence Lost by blackwingedheaven
  • Recommended by Anonymous Account
  • A novel-length Skyrim fanfiction following the life and times of Aventus Aretino, a young boy who loses his mother, and his salvation by the Dark Brotherhood. Set in the same continuity as and acts as a companion story to Heiwako's main series (see above). Finished.
  • The author is currently working on a sequel, The Age of Assassins.

Of Vigilance, Mercy and Insanity by Augustinian Frog
  • Recommended by Anonymous Account, Anxious Kiwi
  • Some days you have to settle for what you can get. For a Vigilant of Stendarr, if a bad day involves shadowy plots and the inkling that you are at the whims of Divines and Daedra, you would pray dysfunctional teammates should be the least of your worries.

This Many Goblins Left the Cave by Dementor
  • Recommended by BBQ Platypus
  • The true story of the creation of Nirn, as retold by goblins. Hilarious and surprisingly accurate, especially if you know enough about Elder Scrolls lore to know what they're talking about.

Blood and Steel by Dual Katanas
  • Recommended by piattish
  • Gorgoth gro-Kharz, a brutal warrior-shaman from Orsinium, didn't expect to end up as the champion of the Nine, acclaimed by many as the Hero of Kvatch. But now that he finally has a cause worth fighting for, he and his new comrades will stop at nothing to defeat Mehrunes Dagon.

Hero by Mistake by Skyrim Junkie
  • Recommended by Kyrean
  • This is not my world. Unless I am in another dimension where Earth has two moons, this isn't even Earth. If so, these barbarians are not ancient Norse people. I fell into a cave, hit my head, and woke up in a world with torches, leather, and swords. I'm lost and not understood, and my only friend has a penchant for blood warpaint.
  • A very well-done and believable modern-insert fic. There are some occasional sex scenes, but they do not by any means comprise the majority of the fic.

The Wolf Queen Awakens by Ms Katonic
  • Recommended by Aryhil, Mcnickel
  • Dragons may signify the world's end but as far as Elisif's concerned, her world ended well before that when Ulfric Stormcloak murdered her husband. So it is that no one's more surprised than her when a dragon attack on Solitude reveals that there's more to the High Queen in waiting than anyone.
  • A fanfic that explores what Skyrim would have been like if Elisif, the Jarl of Solitude, was the Dragonborn. The result is a wonderful story that explores several different quest lines. Some characters are gay, however, and there's Delphine/Brynjolf and Cicero/Eola shipping, but there's nothing involving Elisif, at least not yet. Rated M for violence and drama.
  • Complete, at 50 chapters.

The Song of Deirdre: A Memoir of Skyrim by Laurentius Aaronius
  • Recommended by ITNW 1989, Mike Rosoft
  • Combines adventure, the arcane arts, dragons, bold deeds and harrowing escapes, a celebration of the natural beauty of Skyrim, histories natural, human, and merish, discourses on religion and the mystery of existence, meditations on the nature of power in a land governed by might, and not a little romance. Main quest lines, well-told, with numerous twists. Femslash (eventually). - ( description)
  • A first-person, narrative-based story told from the eyes of a half-Breton, half-Nord lass named Deirdre. One of the under-appreciated works on the site, the entire story flows nicely from one scene to the next, resulting in a gripping tale of a young girl's rise from orphaned thief to one of the greatest legends in Tamrielic history. Contains femslash between Deirdre and a certain spunky housecarl, though nothing explicit, and the focus remains on Deirdre's rise and growth as Dragonborn. Loosely follows the storyline in-game, but goes heavily AU later on. Finished in both the author's website and in, with the version having an extra little afterword.
  • The author has put the idea of sequels (he intends to finish it eventually as a trilogy) on the backburner, but may return to finishing Deirdre's story.

"Keeg's Quest: A Skyrim Adventure" by Rich Matheson
  • Recommended by twg92
  • An audio "drama" available on itunes for free. Follows the "Great dragonborn warrior" Ynroh of the House of Keeg as he struggles to find his latest fix of Skooma, overcome his fear of dragons and frolic through fields of flowers. Along the way he is assisted by an elite group of individuals. The story is not a retelling of Skyrim, but rather a unique adventure in the frost covered lands.

This Is The Moment by Buckshot
  • Recommended by pistachioinfernal
  • Synopsis: Short one shot drabble about Eorlund's adventure to deliver a blade to the Dovahkiin
  • Comments: It's nice to see a female Dovahkiin who isn't a grim warrior. This fic explores the lighter side of being the hero of Skyrim.

The Grey by Against.The.Current
  • Recommended by littlekaijuu
  • "Helgen is done for and I am calling a complete ceasefire as of this moment." Pacifism has the ironic tendency of throwing those who practice it directly into the line of fire. A SI story about walking the grey line between morality and destruction.
  • It's a serious take on a Skyrim OC/SI character falling into Skyrim from our world without being dour. It's also pretty cathartic for people who are sick of the Stormcloaks and Imperials still trying to kill each other when there are literally dragons attacking them.

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

The Last Scabbard of Akrash
  • Recommended by M Tibbs 1989
  • Pairings: Peliah/Kazagh
  • When Peliah, heiress to the House Dres slave-dealing dynasty of Morrowind, falls in love with one of her father's khajiiti slaves, the bodies of her dunmer suitors begin to turn up mysteriously decapitated. Some call the killer "The Lopper." But Peliah prefers to call him "The Liberator."
  • Note: This is a lovely expansion of the in-game book, The Last Scabbard of Akrash and is still in progress. Be warned that it will likely eventually have graphic scenes involving interspecies romance.

With a Dragonborn Like This... by ms_katonic
  • Recommended by kichithewolf
  • Pairings: Cicero/Delphine
  • Instead of an anonymous prisoner at Helgen, another Dragonborn has arisen. The Greybeards have called Cicero to High Hrothgar. What could possibly go wrong?
  • NOTE: There are some NSFW scenes.

Twist of Fate by Pheonicia
  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • A Doorstopper-length novelisation of Oblivion and the adventures of the Hero of Kvatch. Notably, this story incorporates all the major questlines in the game and many of the minor ones, as well, while developing the setting and many minor characters into fully fleshed-out individuals. At the core of it is the fascinating character arc of the protagonist. Filled to the brim with both drama and humour as well as a more logical approach to some of the game's unreasonable elements. An excellent and very satisfying read, well worth the time.
    • Seconded by Derko 5. This is just a great novelization of an already great story. But, I must say that it starts off a little shaky and some twists seem to come from left field, though that should be forgivable considering that this was the author's first attempt at storytelling. A must read for anyone who's played the game.

Anathema by ReaperRain
  • Recommended by Clockwork Lynx
  • Pairings: Ocato/Modryn
  • Summary: The Oblivion Crisis is over, the Empire is without an heir, and Chancellor Ocato is desperately struggling to keep the Empire together. Then an Elder Scroll is stolen and his bodyguard murdered, and now he needs to replace a woman he has no time to mourn.
  • The pairing may be utter crack, but the author makes it work. There is only the merest beginnings of actual romance as of yet, but the slow buildup works fantastically and is quite believable.

This One Time, at a Bandit Camp
  • Recommended by Captain Calliope
  • Pairings: Female PC/Vilkas, Female PC/Farkas
  • Summary: Theoretically, the red-headed Dragonborn should be fire in the bed, right? But after some conflicting stories from some drunken twins one late night at the Bannered Mare, the question on everyone's lips is... whose bed?
  • This is easily the funniest fanfic I've ever read. Everything about it, from the premise to the story itself, is just utterly hilarious. The author does an amazing job of giving each of the narrators a distinct voice, and it resolves itself in a way that makes a surprising amount of sense. There are some killer one-liners, too.
  • Tags: Probably Not Safe for Work; the stories are cut off before anything explicit is described, and neither does it focus on the acts themselves.

Honor and Glory: Book one of the Honor and Glory Trilogy by TheLoneWolfGirl
  • Recommended by Aspiring_Critic
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Female!PC/Vilkas
  • Summary: After training for over a year to fulfill my destiny as Dragonborn and defeat Alduin, I knew I would need a challenge. Joining the Companions in Whiterun seemed like the only guild I could ever call home. But I still don't feel quite settled. None of the Companions know I'm the Dragonborn, the savior of Skyrim. I don't want them to know. What would they say if they knew? Would they respect me? Or would they hate me and tell me to leave? Would they scoff at the idea that a woman barely into her adulthood had been the one to save them? Maybe not all of them, but Vilkas, one of the most respected members within the Circle, and one of the most honor-bound men I have ever met, can't seem to fathom that thought. Because of this, I don't know if I could ever tell my new family who I truly am.
  • Although this fanfic does not deviate much from the original Companions questline, the canon characters in the story are all portrayed in-character, and the OCs involved in the story are likable and interesting. The author’s descriptions of scenery and fighting scenes are well done, and believable as well, which makes this fic an enjoyable read.

Honor Among Thieves: The Unwilling Nightingale by Madame Hyde
  • Recommended by Eagle Fox
  • Pairings: Female!PC/Brynjolf
  • Summary: Tiberia Morwyn has been cracking skulls for the Stormcloaks ever since she took care of Alduin, but her latest assignment, infiltrating the Thieves Guild, leaves her wondering what, exactly, she stands for, and who, exactly, she stands with. When her past catches up to her present, it's all she can do to bunker down before the firestorm.
  • I started off thinking this would be yet another typical follow the quests line for line story. I was sorely proven wrong. This is no simple retelling of the story. It's a new spin to a familiar story and the author does it beautifully by using her character to build and add to the characters we already know and love.

Dyce the Incredibly Easy Breton by mongoose_bite
  • Recommended by nothinggoeshere
  • Pairings: Male!DB/many, many, many characters of many genders and races
  • Summary: These are the stories of Dyce, an incredibly easy-going and easy-coming Breton Dragonborn, and all the interesting people he meets while adventuring across Skyrim.
  • As a series of Kink Meme fills, this is definitely not safe for work, but it's no ordinary porn, either. The time and care the author puts into Dyce, his lovers, and the hijinks they get up to is incredible, making every fic refreshing and new and definitely worth a read, even if the pairings or tags don't appeal to you at first. It gives unimportant characters significance and adds new layers to characters we know well, and can effortlessly change moods in the blink of an eye. Dyce himself is snarky and charmingly amoral at times, but his solutions to some of the moral complexities in Skyrim are sure to please every audience, and his attitude toward sex gives the series a healthy, positive atmosphere.

Crossover Fics
Thu'um of a Distant Utopia by Deviate's Fish

Dovahkiin Quest Redux by Deviate's Fish
  • Recommended by Bloodhawk531
  • Crossover with Dragon Age
  • Synopsis: This is another RP log from [the author's] time in SB in the middle of 2012. It is where a very arrogant Dragonborn struts around Ferelden and has some fun here and there. Killed some 20,000 or so Darkspawn in the process too.
  • Comments: The Dragonborn (who is named Gilgamesh), having just defeated Alduin, appears in Ferelden in the middle of the battle at Ostagar. Hilarity and curbstomping ensues.

Of Ice and Dragons
  • Crossover with: F Rozen
  • Recommended by Mister Cuddlesworth
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: What Happens when a person loses everything? When Power is nothing more than Pain to others? These are the questions that must be answered by both Queen Elsa and the Dovahkiin in a gripping tale of the adventures of both.
  • Comments: A rewritten version of the original Of Ice and Dragons, this fixes the most prominent errors, and improves the overall quality of the story's writing, though the original is also worth looking at. The crossover proper takes some time to begin, but this allows for excelent character building for the nameless Dovahkiin.

Blood Ties By Igornerd
  • Crossover with: Naruto
  • Recommended by SAMAS
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: In Helgen, a couple divorces, splitting their twin sons between them. The child left behind grows to a mighty destiny as the Last Dovahkiin. After a deadly battle, he finds himself in the Soul Cairn(again), where he finds the spirit of his brother, who had an amazing destiny of his own, in a land far across the sea. A journey he now wants the Dragonborn to undertake...