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Lolth, the "Tyrant Poisoner".

"Death to all who oppose Cyric. Bow down before his supreme power, and yield to him the blood of those that do not believe in his supremacy...[S]lay those that are weak, of good persuasion, or false prophets....[C]lergy of other faiths...are false prophets and forces who oppose the One True Way. Bring death to those that oppose Cyric's church...only Cyric is the true authority and all other authority must be subverted...[K]eep all folk afraid, uneasy, and in constant strife..."
Dogma of Cyric, Prince of Lies, Forgotten Realms, Faiths and Pantheons sourcebook

Complete Monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

The Tabletop Games
  • In the 3.0 adventure The Bastion Of Broken Souls, we have Ashardalon, an incredibly ancient, powerful and wicked red dragon. Already a cruel and rapacious creature in his own right, after having been mortally injured by a powerful druidess who didn't live long enough to celebrate the deed, he managed to sustain himself by substituting his own failing heart with a denizen of the Abyss, a Balor. The demon was not enthusiastic about this, and Ashardalon had to search for another way to extend his lifespan. He discovered an Eldritch Location deep inside the Plane of Positive Energy where the souls of every living creature are born and reside before getting a body. There, he settled down with a few of his servants and began devouring pre-incarnated souls in order to live forever. This act causes countless beings across the universe to be born without a soul, horribly alive and at the same time utterly dead. If the PCs call the dragon out on his crimes, his answer is that he doesn't care, as long as he gets to enjoy eternity as the self-styled "ultimate predator".
  • Dark Sun: Borys "Butcher of Dwarves" of Ebe is a former member of the Champions of Rajaat, a cult of genocidal lunatics who attempted (in many cases sucessfully) the complete extermination of all non-human sentient races by using the environment-raping defiling magic and turning the world of Athas into a warped desert dying world. He later betrayed the Champions and their master, absorbing them (and killing a city in the process) and turning into a dragon-like Eldritch Abomination.
  • Dragonlance:
    • Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness, is the head of the Pantheon of evil deities. Unlike her fellow evil gods, who may have people they care for, Takhisis cares only for her lusts, greed and power. After mothering the second generation of Chromatic dragons, Takhisis brutally killed two of them solely to make a point to the others. Takhisis threatened the world multiple times, sending her armies out to commit a host of atrocities, with her servants enslaving whole countries in living nightmares. Takhisis betrayed all her gods by stealing the world of Krynn at the conclusion of the Chaos Wars against Father Chaos after she abandoned her followers and forced every soul of those who died into an army of the dead. Not even her own followers are safe from her.
    • Lanther Darthassian, Spectre of the Blackened Starjewel, is a seemingly crippled member of the Legion of Steel who is a former Knight of Takhisis and member of the brutal Tarmak Empire. Lanther, faking his disability, betrays the Missing City to the Tarmaks and helps to murder its good-aligned dragon overlord, the brass Iyesta. Lanther's actions lead to a massacre of hundreds with more enslaved by the Tarmaks when Lanther personally murders members of the Legion. Lusting after the knight Linsha Majere, Lanther seeks to make her his and manipulates her into dueling and killing one of the Tarmak Emperor's daughters, a former lover of his he's grown tired of, so she won't bother him further. Lanther destroys several of Iyesta's dragon eggs for Tarmak rituals and also uses his magic to torture Linsha and her own beloved, the bronze dragon Crucible, before Linsha escapes. When he pursues her, Lanther tries to kill her friends, kills one baby dragon in the egg and opts to use his magic to rob Linsha of her mind so she can bear his child as an empty shell, just before the rest of the eggs hatch and the baby dragons make their first meal out of the murderous would-be warlord.
    • Cyan Bloodbane is a green dragon who despises elves above all else. When the elven king Lorac was enslaved by a Dragon Orb, Cyan arrived to whisper horrible suggestions in his ear with the power of the orb making them real, poisoning the land of Silvanesti and killing its people, driving others to insanity and death. Years later, Cyan would disguise himself as an elf and convince the Slvanesti elves to erect a magic shield, but without telling them that the shield would literally drain the life of every living thing in Silvanost, allowing him the pleasure of watching every elf suffer and die while he tormented them from the shadows.
    • Gellidus, AKA Frost, is a white dragon who won his territory in bloody struggle and murder like any other Dragon Overlord. After he is the only Overlord left, Gellidus makes a bond with the Dark God Chemosh and uses a ritual to channel the worship of other gods to Gellidus himself to enhance his power and intellect. Gellidus mentally enslaves the silver dragon Silvara as a potential consort and forces her lover, the elflord Gilthanas, to do his bidding with Silvara's fate as blackmail material. Using his Whitescale society for murder, discord and to start wars for him, he also has a drug spread through Ansalon's communities that are highly addictive. In the White Apocalypse path of Price of Courage, Gellidus reveals his intention: the drug can be detonated in its users, creating a killing frost called the Deathchill that will spread over the world and kill everyone and everything save Gellidus himself, leaving him to reign over his new kingdom of death as a divine dragon.
    • Malystryx the Red, one of the first and mightiest dragon overlords, is a titanic and brutal monster who carved out territory by simply incinerating anything in her way. After settling in Krynn, Malystryx hunted down and murdered other dragons, taking their skulls and inciting a dragon purge . Using the skulls as a sinister totem, she mutated the land around her into a hellish wasteland and allied with barbarians and ogres to destroy and enslave any innocents left. Malystryx killed her own mate to complete her totem and proceeded with a genocide of the Plucky Comic Relief race, the kender, only prevented by the Heroic Sacrifice of the warrior Riverwind. Establishing herself as a brutal tyrant, Malystryx would occasionally attack random targets for her own amusement, delighting in the instinctive fear she spread. Without doubt, Malystryx was the most evil dragon ever to set foot in Krynn.
  • Forgotten Realms:
    • Bhaal, a member of the Dead Three along with the below-mentioned Myrkul (as well as Bane), was once a mortal assassin who ascended to godhood as the God of Death. Interpreting "Death" as "Murder", Bhaal's dogma dictated that his followers make it a habit of killing innocent people on a regular basis as sacrifices to Bhaal. Receiving a vision of his own death in the Time of Troubles, Bhaal sired countless mortal children with one specific purpose: serving as his eventual Soul Jar. Despising all of them simply for existing, Bhaal left a curse to condemn them all to pain and suffering while arranging for them all to be murdered in hopes of bringing him back to life and punishing them for their very existence. Responsible for countless deaths and the entire Bhaalspawn crisis, Bhaal remained a figure of terror and hatred to all other Gods, even his ostensible allies.
    • Myrkul, Lord of Bones, was the old god of death before Kelemvor. While Kelemvor has a firm set of morals and only tolerates the Wall of the Faithless because it's necessary for the continued existence of the other gods, Myrkul was an utter sadist who, besides creating the Wall, took gleeful joy in witnessing the agony and suffering the Wall caused. He is stated to have ruled his faith with an iron fist, purposefully leading his followers through sheer fear of his retribution, and executing anyone who defied him, be they man, woman or child, in sadistically brutal fashions, such as burning them alive in a giant furnace. His greatest atrocity, however, was what he did to one of his best priests, who had had enough of the injustice of the Wall and attempted to destroy it. Initially, he just left the priest to rot on the Wall, but just before the priest fully merged with the Wall and attained some measure of peace, Myrkul decides that he hasn't suffered enough and transforms the priest into a mindless being of pure, unbridled hunger that feeds on souls, then sets it loose upon the world, knowing full well the chaos it will surely cause.
    • Cyric is the Prince of Lies. In the aftermath of the Time of Troubles, when the three prime gods of evil died, Cyric was raised to godhood for his evil in order to replace them. Cyric proceeded to prove his cruelty by murdering and oppressing other gods, sending his servants to steal faithful worshipers from the afterlife to torture in his realm, and instituting cruel punishments on the dead. Cyric invented new ways to drive beings mad, even succumbing to them himself for a time. Even after regaining his sanity, Cyric gleefully murdered his enemy Mystra, the Goddess of Magic, inflicting the hideous Spellplague that scarred the face of Faerun forever and claimed many lives.
    • Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders, is the goddess of the Drow, of spiders and of chaos. Once a member of the Elven pantheon, the Seldarine, and named Araunshee, Lolth betrayed the Seldarine out of growing malice, discontent, and lust for power. She betrayed her husband, the chief elven God Corellon Larethian, to his enemy, the Orc God Gruumsh, and tried to help the destruction of the Seldarine. When she failed, Lolth fled to the Demonweb Pits and led her chosen race, the Drow, into the Underdark, becoming a twisted and cruel goddess. Lolth would soon trick her own grandson into absorbing the essence of a demon lord to corrupt him into serving Lolth as her champion forever. Lolth had the Drow establish a society built on sadism and backstabbing, solely for her own pleasure, with cruel edicts consisting of demands for the sacrifice of every newborn male child at birth and demands for her priestesses to carve out the hearts of males they grow too fond of. What sets Lolth apart from other evil gods is that she cares nothing for her race or her worshipers, viewing them as merely tools for power. For her own amusement, she will capriciously withhold her favor from loyal Drow just for the pleasure of seeing them die. Lolth has nothing less than genocidal fury towards all surface elves and routinely directs her followers to murder them. After becoming more powerful, Lolth proceeded to purge the Drow pantheon of other deities, ending her victory by seemingly murdering her own children, Eilistraee and Vhaeraun, with savage glee.
    • Rivalen Tanthul, one of the 12 Princes of Shade, the remnant of the empire of Netheril, is the most powerful of his brothers. While his father and siblings are certainly ruthless, they genuinely love one another. Rivalen is the Nightseer, high priest, of the Dark Goddess Shar and murdered his own mother to instill his family with the loss needed to turn them to Shar's worship. Rivalen mentally tortures his younger brother Brennus with the vision of the murder and mocks his father, High Prince Telamont, about loving Rivalen too much to stop his mad plans. In the vision, Rivalen's dying mother simply asked Rivalen to hold her hand so she wouldn't be alone, to which Rivalen calmly denied her request to savor her suffering. Rivalen engineers massive casualties and Shade's takeover of the lands of Sembia, savoring the bitterness and pain of those he betrays. A century after Sembia's takeover, Rivalen attempts to finish Shar's manifestation, revealing his ultimate goal: to die and take all that exists in Toril with him. Defined by his cruel nihilism and utter lack of regard for any living being, Rivalen sought deaths on scales that not even Gods such as Cyric would attempt.
    • Kymil Nimesin is a Sun Elf who utterly despises Moon Elves and views the reign of the Moon Elf Moonflower dynasty as the worst atrocity to ever befall Elvenkind. Kymil organizes a conspiracy and begins to have the Moonflower family murdered one by one, including the goodhearted King Zaor and many of his children. Manipulating the half-elf daughter of one victim, Kymil plans to use her abilities to destroy the remaining Moonflower dynasty, and even murders the assassin who killed Zaor to keep the secret. After his initial defeat, Kymil sells out to the Gods who are elvenkind's worst enemies, including the aforementioned Lolth herself. Kymil assists in an attack on the elven kingdom of Evermeet where he even allows the monstrous Elf-Eater to be summoned, caring nothing for the genocide of his own people as long as he can fulfill his megalomaniac fury.
  • Greyhawk:
    • Iuz The Evil, the cambion child of the demon lord Graz'zt and the human witch Iggwilv. In his early career, Iuz rallied an army and launched a series of brutal campaigns that gave him the name 'Lord Of Pain'; that or the atrocities he committed on innocents. Eventually, Iuz gathered powerful sorcerers and drained them of life to add their powers to his in a path to godhood. Eventually becoming a demigod, Iuz ended up feared by all those who knew him, with no care towards either of his parents or any in his way. He eventually resorted to murdering his formerly loyal servants and replacing them with Fiends solely for convenience and power.
    • Likely the most dreaded and feared villain ever to grace the face of Oerth is Vecna, currently the God of Secrets and Lichdom. A once-human wizard who became the most feared of liches, Vecna's evil deeds could - and have - filled volumes. To give a notable example: in his conquest of the city of Fleeth, shortly after becoming a lich, the city officials begged for their lives, offering the whole city and their wealth in exchange for mercy. When Vecna wasn't satisfied with that offer, they offered their own lives. Vecna considered this, and gave one of them, Artau, and his family, to his lieutenant Kas, who tortured them to death in front of the other officials in an ordeal that lasted a day. Vecna then said he was still unsatisfied, and had every citizen in the city slaughtered except the remaining officials, forcing them to watch as he did, then had every victims' head stacked, with those belonging to the friends and families of the officials prominent. He never killed the surviving officials, claiming he was satisfied then, and allowed them to leave the city, saying they'd be under his protection for the rest of their lives - simply so they would live it with the horror they had seen. What truly sets Vecna apart from other evil gods is that no matter how powerful he becomes, he desires more, and like Lolth, cares nothing for anybody but himself. Unlike Lolth, he thinks on a far greater scale, and would unmake and consume reality (killing billions in the process) simply to remake it with himself as the only true god. (This was his actual plan in the epic module Die Vecna Die, but while he failed, the ramifications caused changes in the universe that explained the differences between the 2nd and 3rd editions of Dungeons & Dragons.)
  • In the Mystara supplement:
    • Baron Ludwig von Hendriks is an insane aristocrat who rules the Barony of the Black Eagle. von Hendriks has raids conducted where innocent halflings are often taken and enslaved and is most infamous for the tortures he inflicts. In the Black Eagle Barony, being accused of a crime gets you before his court. The problem is von Hendriks only cares how loud you can scream and devises nasty tortures that he's used on countless innocents.
    • The Baron's former right hand man Bargle the Infamous is just as evil. As the Black Eagle Barony's number two, Bargle enforced its brutal reign of terror, and deserted it when it fell. Bargle had used many innocents and captives in twisted experiments. He later participated in destroying the flying city of the gnomes and captured a well known cleric to father his child on her, after presenting her with the tortured corpse of her husband.

Book series
  • Dragonlance
    • Taladas Trilogy: Maladar an-Desh, aka Maladar The Faceless, is the cruel emperor of Taladas. When the series begins, Maladar has been dead for centuries and is remembered in terrifying legends. Flashbacks reveal Maladar was The Caligula of the old empire who conducted ethnic cleansing, invented torturous deaths for thousands—he was particularly fond of impalement—and he kept a slave boy he molested until the boy managed to poison him. After death, Maladar's influence lived on, his soul trapped in a small statue of his likeness. After he's revived, he spreads his influence to modern Taladas, inciting brutal wars to create enough bloodshed to prepare his resurrection. His initial choice of vessel is an innocent boy, but he simply bodyjacks the boy's father instead and enslaves goblin races to send them to their deaths as a cover for him to awaken his army and conquer Taladas anew.
  • Forgotten Realms:
    • Brimstone Angels may deal heavily with the devils and their machinations, but the series's worst antagonist, the Arc Villain of the second and third books, is all too human. Adolican Rhand is a sadistic and ambitious Netherese wizard-lord who takes an interest in Farideh in Lesser Evils, stalking her and eventually drugging her with something that induces a Mind Rape-like effect. It's later revealed that Rhand is a Serial Killer with a fondness for raping and murdering young women who catch his eye—the details are left vague, but were apparently brutal enough to traumatize Dahl when he investigated and ultimately drive him to drink—a fate Farideh barely escapes. He later tracks her party to the lost library of the archmage Tarchamus, hoping to claim a spell the legendary wizard used to wipe out entire cities; Farideh and her companions destroy the library to deny him his prize, leaving him only with scraps. In The Adversary, he aligns himself with the forces of the Nine Hells to harvest the souls of Chosen, splitting their god-granted powers between them, though he ultimately intends to double-cross the devils. As part of this bargain, Farideh is forced to work with him, using her power to see souls to sort out the real Chosen from the fakes; when she refuses to comply, Rhand has dozens of innocent captives—including children—summarily executed until she relents, and he still intends to make Farideh his latest victim once she outlives her usefulness.
    • Counselors and Kings trilogy: The necromancer and Big Bad Akhlaur combines the worst traits of a Mad Scientist, Evil Overlord, and an Evil Sorcerer, performing grotesque experiments on living captives (often though not always elves) so that he can puzzle out the secrets of life and death and acquire their power. He treats servants and captives alike with the same bored disdain, since he views all other people as being equally worthless. Oh, and he forcibly turned his former best friend into an undead horror under his complete control and together, they tried to murder his other former friend to steal his kingdom.
    • The Legend of Drizzt:
      • The Icewind Dale Trilogy: Akar Kessell from The Crystal Shard is the self-proclaimed Tyrant of Icewind Dale who formed a pact with Crenshinibon, the titular Crystal Shard, to fulfill his megalomaniacal aspirations. Even before finding the Crystal Shard, Kessell murdered his mentor, whom he considered like a father, on the order of a cabal of evil sorcerers in the hopes of gaining power and prestige. Ultimately nothing more than a loose end to tie up, Kessell was abandoned in the wastelands of Icewind Dale where he found Crenshinibon and set out to use its power to conquer Toril. Kessell would use the Crystal Shard to enslave countless goblinoid tribes and mind-control innocent women to be his sex slaves. Kessell soon grew bored and, against the advice of Crenshinibon, set loose his armies on the Ten-Towns where thousands where slaughtered, but, proving himself an inept leader, he was outwitted and defeated by Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall. Despite Crenshinibon being known for its corrupting influence, Akar Kessell proved to be a monster all along who was buried beneath an avalanche by the Crystal Shard when Kessell's own power lust grew too much for even the Shard to handle.
      • Legacy of the Drow: Matron Yvonnel Baenre (who first appears in The Dark Elf Trilogy), the de facto ruler of the Drow nation Menzoberranzan, is also the most evil Drow yet seen. Yvonnel Baenre keeps the city in its dark, chaotic state while destroying Drow houses she judges have outlived their usefulness. Her own children live in fear of her, and when dealing with her most hatred rivals, the Oblodras, Baenre annihilates their House, sending every inhabitant, even the slaves, to the Abyss to be tortured eternally. Baenre's ultimate goal is to conquer the dwarven kingdom Mithrill Hall, and for this end, she has enslaved the soul of its first king for two thousand years. She also utilizes her Illithid ally to forcibly and painfully mentally torture and devour the minds of those she wishes to interrogate while allowing her children and house to torture those who catch their eye. when she assaults Mithril Hall, her goal is nothing less than the deaths or enslavement of all in her path.
      • Transitions: Arklem Greeth from The Pirate King is a powerful lich and the leader of the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan. The de facto lord of Luskan, Greeth sought to expand his influence by weakening the Sword Coast and the Silver Marches. He made Luskan a haven for the very worst pirates and tried to dissolve the recent peace treaty between the orcs and dwarves, catching the attention of Captain Duedermont and Drizzt respectively. In the ensuing coup, Greeth displayed his evil by releasing ghouls to butcher the people of Luskan and killing thousands when he set his base to explode when he retreated. Even after losing, he was driven by revenge against Duedermont and destroyed supplies needed to feed Luskan's people and burned the ship, the Sea Sprite, to ensure the captain would die in the ruined city. His supposed love for his Dragon, Valindra Shadowmantle, was also made moot when he sent her off to die and then raised her as a lich, proving he cared for her only as a tool. While ultimately only a pawn for Jarlaxle and Kensidan, the titular Pirate King, Greeth was vile enough that every faction agreed that he needed to be eliminated.
      • The Neverwinter Saga:
      • Sylora Salm is a Thayan sorceress working under the orders of the Archlich Szass Tam to complete the construction of a Dread Ring, a powerful necromantic artifact. To go about this, she follows her rival Dahlia Sin'felle into the bowels of Gauntlgrym and mind controls the dwarf Athrogate into unleashing the Fire Primordial imprisoned there. This causes a volcanic eruption that destroys the city of Neverwinter and kills tens of thousands. Sylora uses the corpses to empower the Dread Ring and to create an army of ash zombies that constantly assault the survivors. Sylora is also shown to be pure evil on a personal level when she manipulates a cultist named Jestry into falling in love with her and then twists him into a constantly suffering abomination to serve as her bodyguard, and dominates the now insane undead Valindra Shadowmantle into being her servant.
      • Herzgo Alegni, unlike most of the relatively few rapists in the Forgotten Realms setting, likes preying on kids. At one point, he and his warband raided a village, killing all the men and taking possession of the women. Alegni took a woman hostage to force her 10-year-old daughter, Dahlia, to let him rape her. When he was finished, he had his men hold Dahlia upside down to make her more likely to get pregnant before he broke the mother's neck for fun. He also uses a powerful magical sword to enslave Artemis Entreri (a former villain who had undergone a Heel–Face Turn and just wanted to be left alone) as his personal assassin, and used the sword to stab pain directly into Entreri's soul whenever he was pissed or just plain bored. He also commits murder for the pettiest of reasons, such as somebody naming a bridge after somebody else besides him, even though he had nothing to do with the bridge's construction.
      • Tiago Baenre, who appears throughout the series, is considered one of Menzoberranzan's most promising young males. A ruthless, capable fighter obsessed with rising high in the storied Baenre family and becoming a legend to his people, Tiago dreams of destroying the legendary renegade Drizzt Do'Urden. Leading attacks on dwarves that kill multiple innocents, Tiago also ruins Drizzt's reputation by framing him for demon attacks, and also helps to manipulate the orcs into savagery by having the peaceful king Lorgru deposed and replaced with a brutal warlord. Tiago leads his new army in an attack on Sundabar, killing massive amounts of civilians and personally beheads the king before turning his forces to attack the city of Nesme, resulting in the butchering of countless innocents. Tiago interrogates a survivor by threatening to kill a child, and when the survivor gives in, he has the child killed because she took too long to answer. Tiago has the duke of Nesme crucified and amuses himself by "allowing" knights to escape before hunting them down and torturing them to death, in one case having his dragon ally swallow one alive to digest him slowly. Tiago, named as Weapons Master to the restored House Do'Urden, frequently rapes the brainwashed elf Dahlia Sin'Felle who has been installed as the puppet leader of the House, and also rapes a half-drow ally to demonstrate his power over her. His obsession with Drizzt eventually leads him to hunt down the older drow to become a legend by killing him. Tiago stands apart as the single most evil male Drow in the setting, his crimes fueled by nothing more than his own ego and attempts to amuse himself.

Video Games
  • Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn:
    • Joneleth Irenicus introduced himself by putting the hero and his sister through Cold-Blooded Torture, having already murdered one of their companions and dissected the other in his experiments. An inspection of his lair reveals twisted abominations he has created, living in endless agony, and a host of Dryads he has kept enslaved as his concubines. Irenicus forces the hero to awaken his power as a child of the dead god Bhaal so Irenicus can steal his soul, powering his magic with the souls of luckless captives who he states have no purpose but to die by his hand. It is revealed Irenicus was one an elf named Jonoleth who attempted to seize power by usurping a God of the elven Pantheon and killing their tree of life, for which he and his sister were stripped of their souls and banished. Irenicus tries to repeat the same action, and when confronted by his former lover, the Elven Queen Ellesime, Irenicus says he no longer remembers their love, and he feels nothing. He is only "Irenicus," meaning "Shattered One," and all he desires is power and vengeance.
    • Throne of Bhaal expansion pack: Amelissan the Blackhearted, The Annointed of Bhaal, poses as a kind figure, saving the children of the dead God from the brutal blood purges and giving them sanctuary in a city. However, behind the scenes, she is the one manipulating the purges, killing any with any connection to Bhaal, while simultaneously forming a clandestine group of powerful Bhaalspawn called The Five to plunge the world into war. Amelissan manipulates the heroes into eliminating the Five, but not before she allows their armies to invade the city, slaughtering everyone within, including the refugees who trusted her. Having gathered all of their Godly essence, Amelissan is willing to throw the cosmos into disarray to, instead of resurrecting her God, betray him and take his place as the new Lord Of Murder.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Black Garius, the self-proclaimed "Master of the Fifth Tower," is the leader of the Cult of Shadow, a group of necromancers that plunders grave sites and old battle sites for corpses to their army and tries to free the King of Shadows. Or so it seems. In reality, he wants to exploit the King for power, something he can't get enough of; treats his subordinates as expendable pawns (even his own Dragon admits this if you spare her after his death) and was ready to wipe out the remaining cultists as soon as he was done with the ritual to bind the King. However, the ritual is botched and he dies, only to be revived as a Shadow Reaver, a slave to the King. Even after that, he's perfectly fine with his state, as he has more magical powers than he had in life. His greatest atrocity in the game was ordering the massacre of a peaceful village in order to Frame the Player Character, who had thwarted his efforts. If you prove yourself innocent in the court, he shows no regret over the people that died, but is enraged over his minions for failing him and kills Lorne on the spot if you didn't do it yourself. Garius was all in all a smug, power-hungry backstabber with no redeeming features whatsoever.
  • Planescape: Torment: The worst monster is a former incarnation of The Nameless One, known simply as "The Practical Incarnation." Combining a wicked intellect with a lack of morals, the Practical enslaved an adventuring party to him, most notably by convincing a githzerai to follow him based on a religion the Practical invented. The Practical manipulated and murdered countless people, but the worst was what he did to the one woman who deeply loved him: after winning her love, he murdered her so her ghost, bound to the material plane by that love, would remain as a guide for future incarnations should the Practical's quest fail. At the end, the Practical confronts the current incarnation The Nameless One and attempts to absorb him into the Practical's own consciousness along with all the others so the Practical can achieve his goals.