Monster / Dragon Age

Justice: Foul sorceress! You will release these poor folk and submit yourself to justice!
Baroness: Justice? Is that what you are calling it? What of their punishment, burning my home to the ground and me within it?
Villager: Because you were stealing our children! Using their blood to feed your vanity!
Baroness: As was my due! You lived on my land, I your rightful ruler! Your blood was mine just as your lives are now!

Dragon Age has a few really bad villains.

  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    • Arl Rendon Howe is a smug, ambitious and cruel aristocrat dedicated to gaining power through any means necessary. Should the player pick the Human Noble origin story, as a member of the Cousland they will witness as Howe betrays and murders almost all of his best friend Bryce Cousland, along with most of his family and household, before usurping lordship over his lands. Among the casualties are Bryce's young grandson and defenseless daughter-in-law, as well as their guests. When confronting him later, Howe mocks the Cousland player about how he made their parents suffer before he killed them, as well as revealing he was envious of how beloved the Couslands were in Fereldan, as well as trying to accuse the Couslands of treason. Howe would join Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir as his second-in-command; in contrast to the well-intentioned Loghain, Howe is in it purely for his own benefit and ambitions; it's implied that Howe put Loghain's more atrocious plans in his head and carried them out. Howe is also responsible for purging Denerim's elven alienage, resulting in the deaths of numerous elves, including an entire orphanage full of innocent children, turning the orphanage into a haunted wreck. It's also hinted that he helped Loghain sell said elves into slavery. Finally, Howe is the one put in charge torturing the nobles that disagree with Loghain, a task Howe enjoys enough that he chooses to sleep in the bedroom right next to his dungeons. Howe also tries to convince Loghain into killing his own daughter Anora, and when the player goes on a rescue mission for Anora, Howe expresses an eagerness to kill the queen against her and her father's own plans.
    • Bann Vaughan is a sex offender and murderer of elven women who justifies his crimes by saying that elves aren’t real people. When he appears in the City Elf origin story, Vaughan abducts the entire female half of a wedding party, including the protagonist if female, to be raped by him and his men. By the time the protagonist fights back, one woman has already been killed and the protagonist’s cousin, Shianni, has already been raped by Vaughan and his friends. Unwilling to release his hostages, Vaughan instead tries to bribe the protagonist into letting him keep the women for the night. Such cruelty from Vaughan isn't an isolated incident either, as the DLC prequel Leliana’s Song features an overheard conversation where Vaughan is preparing to rape/torture one of his maids over a floor stain.
    • The Expansion Pack Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening: The Baroness of the Blackmarsh was a Vain Sorceress who murdered her subjects’ children to use their blood in rituals to keep herself young. When her subjects rebelled and burned her home down, the Baroness responded by killing her subjects and imprisoning their spirits in the Fade. Denied their eternal rest, the people of the Blackmarsh have their souls feasted on by the Baroness, now a Pride Demon, and are tormented by the demons prowling the spirit world. Should any person "die" they will only be revived back in the Fade for more misery. When confronted with her crimes, the Baroness brushes them off, saying that her subjects’ lives belong to her and are hers to do with as she pleases.
  • Dragon Age II: Ser Otto Alrik is a high-ranking Templar who is infamous for his habit of illegally conducting the Rite of Tranquility on unwilling mages. Forever cut off from the spirit world, known as the Fade, Tranquil mages have undergone the spiritual equivalent of a lobotomy and are left as Empty Shells for the rest of their lives. Not content with the way things currently are, Alrik’s dream is to initiate the Tranquil Solution, a plan where every mage is forcibly made Tranquil, regardless of age or ability. When this plan was turned down by Knight-Commander Meredith for being too extreme, Alrik began taking steps to carry out his plan in secret, turning mages Tranquil such as he did with Anders’s first love, Karl. Also, in the mission Dissent, while pursuing a female apostate named Ella, Alrik heavily implies that he’ll use the Rite of Tranquility to turn her into his willing Sex Slave, with the added implication that he frequently does this. This is proven in an overheard conversation between a newly made Tranquil mage and her former lover. In response to her lover trying to break through to her, the Tranquil mage emotionlessly responds, "I am Ser Alrik’s now."
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Elder One, aka Corypheus, is an ambitious being that will stop at nothing in his quest to become a god. One of the seven Magisters of Tevinter who invaded the Golden City in a bid to usurp The Maker, Corypheus was corrupted into one of the original Darkspawn as a result and is inadvertently responsible for the Blights that constantly threaten to destroy Thedas. Having failed and been punished for his attempt to serve a god once, he has decided to become a god himself by physically entering the spirit world known as the Fade and conquering the Black City. In his mad bid for power, the Elder One tries to murder Divine Justina, causes a Breach into the Fade to tear open in the sky which kills thousands and releases murderous demons into the world, tries to brainwash the mages to serve as his army, corrupts the Templars into insane monsters by feeding them Red Lyrium which is made from people he's captured and attempts to massacre the Templars at Therinfal Redoubt who haven't converted to the Red, attacks Haven and attempts to kill everyone within, and tricks the Grey Wardens into doing Blood Magic and Human Sacrifice to summon a demon army for him to use to conquer the world. In the end, after his plans are thwarted one time too many, Corypheus reopens the Breach to lure the Inquisitor to him, willing to destroy the world out of spite in the process.