Nightmare Fuel: Dragon Age

BioWare marketed Dragon Age as "Dark Fantasy." They weren't kidding.


Franchise-spanning nightmare fuel:

  • Flemeth. She may be friendly and affable but thinking about her for more than a few minutes is truly nightmarish, partly because of how ambiguous her character is kept. First there's her backstory and whether it's true or not doesn't make it any less horrific. Then there's how she has managed to live for so long with her stealing of daughters' bodies. But as said above, the ambiguous nature of her character is a big part of what makes her so terrifying. Morrigan states that she is not a blood mage, abomination or even humian. Fenris states the same thing. Even Anders doesn't truly know what she is. Her cryptic warnings don't help either.
  • What we know about what the Qunari do their mages. And what we don't.