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04:00:41 PM Oct 27th 2017
I don't know the context behind this entry, but the grammar is horrible and needs to be fixed before it can be added back to the page.

  • The Blights as a whole. The First Blight in particular is considered the most bloodiest, destructive and nightmarish of all Blights and was raging Thedas during 190 years, taking all Thedas's races to their extintion, if the Grey Wardens don't being founded. One of the things who make you how Nightmare Fuel the First Blight was, is when, after 90 years of Blight; one of the first wardens threw out the idea of drinking darkspawn blood to use the Taint against the Darkspawn, and none of the others objected. And even then it took another hundred years for them to finally finish off Dumat.
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