Monster / The Witcher
"You will die, Rat. Are not you afraid? Thatís because you do not know what death looks like."

"Remember your legends. Legends about people missing and returning after a year, only to see the graves of their relatives covered by grass. Are you going to say that they were pure fantasy, things taken from stories? You are wrong. For centuries, people have been kidnapped, snatched by riders, by the Wild Hunt. Abducted, exploited and then thrown away like an empty shell once consumed. But do not expect to be that lucky, Zireael. You will die here, you will not see the graves of your friends."
Eredin Bréacc Glas (King of the Wild Hunt) to Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (Ciri), Lady of the Lake

One of the main themes of The Witcher series is that humans can be the biggest monsters. While the saga runs mostly on gray morality, there are exceptions that reach the highest level.

  • Eredin Breacc Glas, King of The Wild Hunt, is the ultimate villain of the Witcher Saga, the Big Bad of the third game, and the Arch-Enemy of Geralt of Rivia. Leader of the "Dearg Ruadhri" (red riders) cavalry, Eredin has led his armies to the genocide of humans on the Aen Elle elf worlds. Able to cross over into other worlds, Eredin participates in massacres of anyone not sufficiently Aen Elle and takes innocents as slaves, even children, until they are "empty" inside and broken. Eredin murders his king Auberon and attempts to capture Ciri to control her Elder Blood and allow him to invade all the worlds he wishes. Chasing Ciri, the Hunt regularly slaughters all those who might help her, and at one point forcibly conscripts Geralt into their ranks, brainwashing him to take part in numerous atrocities. When he encounters Geralt at the end of the third game, Eredin mocks him with how he'll torture Ciri when he no longer needs her. While Eredin wants to escape the coming apocalypse, his sadism, racism, attempted genocide, and cruelty eliminate any sympathy or good intentions and make Eredin without doubt the most evil monster in the worlds of The Witcher.

  • Vilgefortz of Roggeveen was an ambitious, misogynistic, senior member of the The Chapter of the Gift and the Art, who desired unlimited power and world domination at any cost. Previously a killer and thief before becoming a mage, Vilgefortz aided Emhyr var Emreis in his quest to find Ciri, and helped Emhyr rise to the throne in exchange for the North once it was taken over. Vilgefortz betrayed his Northern sorcerer comrades to Nilfgaard, facilitating a bloodbath, not even because he switched sides, but to create a distraction for his personal power play and capture Ciri for himself. Vilgefortz brutally beats Geralt, refraining from killing him as a "lecture". Vilgefortz would betray Emhyr by sending him a decoy of Ciri and sending Stefan Skellen and Leo Bonhart to find the real one. Believing that Ciri's "blood" as per prophecy refers to her actual blood as opposed to her progeny, he performed vivisection experiments on living women, the results of which making his hardened agents blanch, in preparation for extracting Ciri's placenta and using it for her powers. He captures and tortures Yennefer for information; when Ciri offers herself to save Yennefer, he imprisons both anyways. In the final fight against him, Vilgefortz attempts to kill both Geralt and Yennefer, ripping apart and melting their ally Regis. Lacking empathy for anyone that isn't himself, Vilgefortz's plans and ambitions repulsed even other villains in this Crapsack World.
  • Leo Bonhart was a bounty hunter originally tasked with killing or capturing a young girl named Ciri on behalf of two different patrons, but when he found her, instead of doing either, Bonhart decided to take Ciri for himself. Before that though, Bonhart enjoyed himself by slaughtering the Rats, a criminal group Ciri was staying with who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Murdering them and cutting their heads off, Bonhart saved Ciri's lover, Mistle, for last, forcing Ciri to watch as Mistle died slowly and painfully before he cut off her head as well. Once Ciri was in his clutches, Bonhart beat her, drugged her with fisstech, and forced her to kill people in fights to the death at the Claremont arena. Bonhart would later kill Neratin Ceka when he tried to help Ciri escape from Bonhart, Rience and Skellen at the village of Unicorn. Deciding to hunt Ciri down for Vilgefortz, Bonhart first asked if he could watch Vilgefortz's planned vivisection of Ciri as part of his payment. Bonhart eventually participated in the defense of Stygga Castle, where he once again tried to kill Ciri and succeeded in killing her ally, Cahir. Bonhart relished fighting and killing more than anything in the world, tried to rape a prisoner at one point, expressed a desire to rape Ciri either before or after impaling her on his sword and feeling her slowly die, and was so evil that a psychic found the sensation of scanning his mind akin to sticking her head into a freshly opened grave.

Video Games

  • The Witcher:
    • Azar Javed is an Evil Sorcerer and Mad Scientist all in one and the front-man of the evil group Salamandra. Murdering his teachers for objecting to his use of forbidden magic, Azar Javed recruited many humans to Salamandra. Javed used his followers at cannon fodder to attack the Witcher home castle Kaer Morhen to steal their secrets on mutation and had children captured to serve as test subjects for the experiments. He used many humans as the subjects of the experiments and led the Salamandra on vicious anti-human crusades, leading to the deaths of many innocents. Azar Javed would also murder a man by infesting him with the eggs of exotic flies and murder a detective who got too close to his trail before confronting Geralt and trying to kill him as well.
    • The Reverend, the spiritual leader of Vizima's Outskirts, seems to be a fair, if slightly rude priest at first glance, but is actually a Knight Templar psychopath. He has his own pregnant daughter thrown out of the village for refusing to follow the psycho-cult religion he does, forcing her to become a prostitute just to get by, and tricks his own people into believing that the innocent, kindly mage Abigail is responsible for the recent rise in monster attacks, forming them into a howling lynch mob. He does this merely out of petty spite and prejudice. If Geralt (rightfully) prevents the lynching, even after saving the village from the monsters, the Reverend will try to have him killed, again purely out of petty spite. He doesn't fight Geralt himself first, but manipulates dozens of innocent villagers to attack, willing to sacrifice the lives of his own village just because Geralt hasn't let him murder an innocent woman.
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Bernard Loredo is the thuggish Commandant of Flotsam who runs the town like his own personal fiefdom, running criminal enterprises and instituting racist policies against nonhumans. When Iorveth's men kill some of Loredo's, Loredo sends out his soldiers to incite riots against the innocent, nonhuman residents of Flotsam, leading to butchery and mass murder of nonhumans in the streets. Eventually, Loredo has the Scoia'tael members and their sympathizers rounded up on a prison barge which he plans on sinking instead of delivering to prison. If Geralt sides with Roche and kills Loredo, the Witcher will discover, despite Loredo's hatred of nonhumans, the Commandant imprisoned, beat and raped an elven woman for a year, eventually impregnating her. The woman was so traumatized by the events that immediately after giving birth she killed herself. Should Geralt choose to side with Iorveth and hijack the prison barge, Loredo responds by spitefully trying to burn down a building full of elven women. If Geralt chooses to save the women rather than kill Loredo, Loredo will succeed in turning traitor and selling out Flotsam to the kingdom of Kaedwen.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:
    • Cyprian "Whoreson Junior" Willey is one of the four crime bosses of the free city of Novigrad and runs the casinos, fighting rings, and brothels, and is widely regarded as the most cruel and sadistic of the city's four crime bosses, and even evokes disgust from these fellow criminals. He has his men dress up as Monster Clowns to torment and intimidate the people of Novigrad, including Ciri, Geralt's adopted daughter. Geralt seeks out Whoreson Junior to get her whereabouts and discovers dark secrets along the way. Cyprian works under the orders of King Radovid to undermine the armistice between the gangs of the city and incite gang wars and mass chaos so that Radovid can invade. Cyprian is paid in prostitutes he can rape and butcher at his leisure. When invading his hideout, Geralt discovers the grizzly remains strewn about in one of the most nightmarish levels in the game. Ultimately, Geralt discovers Whoreson Junior bathing in the blood of his latest victim, and Geralt, normally rational and stoic, brutally beats him as he pitifully begs for his life.
    • The Concerned Citizen, aka Hubert Rejk, from the "Carnal Sins" sidequest, is a fundamentalist Serial Killer dedicated to the cult-like Order of the Eternal Fire and shares their belief that Novigrad is a fallen city. Targeting people he believes have blasphemed against his religion, the Concerned Citizen tortures his victims by removing their eyeballs and placing burning coals within their empty sockets, forcing them to drink formaldehyde, and cutting out their hearts. He believes these horrific murders will act as a form of shock treatment, awakening the city to its decline and causing its populace to repent. He first comes to Geralt's attention after brutally assaulting and nearly murdering his friend, the bard Priscilla. Other victims include a lecherous dwarf, a lecturer on theology who criticized the Church, an old woman who had a crisis of faith after witnessing the church burn people alive, beggars, street walkers, and orphan children. When Geralt gets too close to the truth, the Concerned Citizen frames another for his crimes, and should Geralt fall for the ruse, the killer leaves behind a final body and a mocking note detailing how he's going to move on to a smaller village and continue his work. Should Geralt uncover his true identity, the Concerned Citizen reveals himself to be a Higher Vampire, meaning that he is such a zealot that he willingly supports a religion that wants to completely wipe out him and all his fellow non-humans.