Monster: The Witcher

One of the main themes of The Witcher series is that humans can be the biggest monsters. Only a few of them reach the highest level though.

  • The Witcher:
    • Azar Javed, an Evil Sorcerer and Mad Scientist all in one and the front-man of the evil group Salamandra. Murdering his teachers for objecting to his use of forbidden magic, Azar Javed recruited many humans to Salamandra. Javed used his followers at cannon fodder to attack the Witcher home castle Kaer Morhen to steal their secrets on mutation and had children captured to serve as test subjects for the experiments. he used many humans for the subjects of the experiments and led the Salamandra on vicious anti-human crusades, leading to the deaths of many innocents. Azar Javed would also murder a man by infesting him with the eggs of exotic flies and murder a detective who got too close to his trail before confronting Geralt and trying to kill him as well.
    • The Reverend, the spiritual leader of Vizima's Outskirts seems to be a fair, if slightly rude priest at first glance, but is actually a Knight Templar psychopath. He has his own pregnant daughter thrown out of the village for refusing to follow the psycho-cult religion he does, forcing her to become a prostitute just to get by, and tricks his own people into believing that the innocent, kindly mage Abigail is responsible for the recent rise in monster attacks, forming them into a howling lynch mob. He does this merely out of petty spite and prejudice. If Geralt (rightfully) prevents the lynching, even after saving the village from the monsters, the Reverend will try to have him killed, again purely out of petty spite. He doesn't fight Geralt himself first, but manipulates dozens of innocent villagers to attack, willing to sacrifice the lives of his own village just because Geralt hasn't let him murder an innocent woman.
  • Bernard Loredo from the second game, The Witcher 2 Assassins Of Kings, is the thuggish Commandant of Flotsam who runs the town like his own personal fiefdom, running criminal enterprises and instituting racist policies against nonhumans. When Iorveth's men kill some of Loredo's, Loredo sends out his soldiers to incite riots against the innocent, nonhuman residents of Flotsam, leading to butchery and mass murder of nonhumans in the streets. Eventually, Loredo has the Scoia'tael members and their sympathizers rounded up on a prison barge which he plans on sinking instead of delivering to prison. If Geralt sides with Roche and kills Loredo, the Witcher will discover, despite Loredo's hatred of nonhumans, the Commandant imprisoned, beat and raped an elven woman for a year, eventually impregnating her. The woman was so traumatized by the events that immediately after giving birth she killed herself. Should Geralt choose to side with Iorveth and hijack the prison barge, Loredo responds by spitefully trying to burn down a building full of elven women. If Geralt chooses to save the women rather than kill Loredo, Loredo will succeed in turning traitor and selling out Flotsam to the kingdom of Kaedwen.