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  • What is the name of the Family Guy episodes where the end credits showed Stewie walking on a road, and (I think this happened) pointing at stuff? I saw it on the CW 2 years ago.
    • That episode would be "Wasted Talent".
    • Thank you!
  • I remember a show on Fox Kids, that premiered sometime in 1996, although all I can remember of it was one line from the ad, with one of the characters shouting "We're the lunatics!" (As a result, I always though the title was "The Lunatics", although I can't find any shows with that title). I wound up sleeping in late the morning it premiered, and it never came on again (However, I did wake up just in time to catch the premiere of Power Rangers Zeo, which came on right after this show)
    • Sadly I don't have a link, but I am almost sure the show you're looking for was a failed pilot called "Balloonatics." It was, in fact, only aired once I believe. Was it about some kind of balloon people? Cause if it was, that's it. It's extraordinarily rare, I myself only saw a Fox Kids magazine add and a few seconds of a commercial, once, in the nineties. I do believe it was on around that time. I'll hunt for a link, if it helps.
    • That sounds like it, although finding that link would help me to confirm it
  • A show that was CGI and aired in Australia on ABC TV during the late '90s. What I can remember about it is that it had talking insects in the vein of A Bug's Life or Antz and that it had a musical instrument (likely blown, in retrospect it might have been similar in look to Futurama's holophonor) that could be used as some kind of magic weapon.
  • So, there was this cartoon that I saw once or twice in the 90's, and I think it was about this guy and this girl who were in... maybe some kind of alternate dimension or different planet or something? I remember an episode where the guy gets caught by some sort of underwater people and the queen messes with his biology so he has to breathe water, and he has to wear a diving helmet full of water until they fix him. Also, towards what I think is the end, the girl gets away from one of the pig-like soldiers by saying that the device he's holding is a "Bingo Bomb" from Earth. Any thoughts?
    • I remember seeing this too. The underwater breathing of this episode was due to a collar the underwater queen had made him wear. But she was not the series' Big Bad. Also, one of the good guys was a scientist; it's thanks to him that the collar could be removed at the end of the episode. The series tech level was most probably The Future.
    • Might be the 1996 animated Flash Gordon.
  • I remember watching a Christmas special in my youth about a anthropomorphic band of teenage dogs and one of the dog's father (who was white with a black spot on his eye) didn't want him to be in a band (because he was in a band once and knew of the bad side of the music industry) and because of that they were estranged then that dog's father became a Mall Santa
    • Rude Dog and the Dweebs?
  • The details are a bit muddled, but here it goes..A delinquent boy, who has a stuffed animal Companion Cube and an older male relative who owns a toy store, goes to school one day and sees that there is a beautiful new girl who is actually a doll from some imagination land where toys come to life and is powered by the imagination of children. She is looking for The Chosen One or something, but the boy accidentally gets chosen(which is not what the girl wanted.) and ends up in the magical world. He then has some adventures with his stuffed toy, who is alive in this world, but is sent back somehow. An evil force then takes over the magical world, and shuts down the machine that powers the childrens imagination, thus slowly killing everyone in the magical world and stealing the imagination of all the kids in our world, including the boy, turning them into dull zombies. But the boys stuffed animal persona in the other world just manages to slip into our world and snap the boy out of the trance and the save the day. I have no idea of the title, but I think it has something to do with Toyland or Imagination. It looked like it had late-90's style animation, and was a full-length movie.I saw it on tv(Cartoon Network, I believe) years ago, and can't seem to find it now.
    • That would be The Toy Warrior; unfortunately, from my experience, it's quite difficult finding much on it.
  • Once long ago, I saw what must have been a Christmas special; this girl had an evil little doll who came alive and, I think, ran away, because, I think, she was tired of playing with the girl or something. They somehow end up in toyland or similar, and the whole time, the girl is, IIRC, completely oblivious to the fact that her doll is evil. I remember a bit where she was telling all the toys about Christmas. They didn't know what it was. When she mentions Candy Canes, they picture a teddy using a giant version of one as a literal cane, and there were some other visual puns/gags along this line. I'm also pretty sure the doll dressed up as Santa for a sinister purpose. If it helps, I think the girl had brown hair and the doll was blonde, but I wouldn't swear to it.
    • Ah yes, A Tatter-Town Christmas. One of my very favorite Christmas movies, and if I recall, a Ralph Bakshi joint. Here’s a link.
  • I remember this cartoon from the early 90's, in which the main characters were all basically cute critter versions of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. While some were basically anthropomorphic versions of their sign and even had very specific traits (like Cancer had crab claws and Pisces had a fish tail), others were not exactly anthropomorphic but still had traits of the sign (like Aquarius wore a swimming suit and swimming cap andd Saggitarius was an archer and always had an apple on his head), and some of them had a heart on their nose. They all lived on what seemed to be an asteroid, their houses were shaped like stars, and they rode around on flying spheres with handlebars.
    • That has to be Star Street: The Adventures of the Star Kids. Intro here.
  • I just remember the end of one episode. The show had a bunch of kids as the main characters and the villain was a pirate (I seem to remember him being Long John Silver but that might be wrong) and in that episode they teamed up, with the pirate promising on his mother's grave not to betray them. But the girl of the group of kids guessed that he was going to betray them because she knew that the pirates mother was still alive and quite ashamed of her son.
    • That would be The Legends of Treasure Island. I can't recall the episode number, but I saw it a couple of years ago and I know that exact line. It's Jane (the fox) who says it.
  • where does the grey cat at the start of this video come from?
  • where does the cooking dog from this video come from?
    • Come on dude, it displays the title of the show on a big board in the middle of that video. Tasty Time with ZeFronk.
  • Okay, I remember watching this movie some time in the nineties, before I was six. My family thinks it may have been a dream and since I can't find ANYTHING about it, it may have been, but back then I didn't dream that sort of stuff. I remember it was sort of a Pied Piper plot, with the Piper some (maybe black) guy with a guitar and the rats could talk, and he made them all jump into a lake. After that, he took the entire town's kids up into a mountain. There was some white kid who could also utilize the Power of Rock or whatever, and at some point they make a rainbow-music-sparkle bridge across a chasm inside the mountain. Then the kids decide they want to go home, so the white kid uses the guitar to make the Sue!Bridge again. But when he's walking across he drops his pick, resulting in a Disney Death and he's brought back by the power of Love and Rock. It might have been a dream, but my dreams at the time usually didn't turn out so...cartoony. If anyone knows what the heck I'm talking about, please tell me. This has been haunting me for at least ten years. I'M NOT INSANE!
    • No, no, I think I know what you're talking about! It was this crazy psychedelic Pied Piper movie that I'd totally forgotten about before I read this, I remember all the things you described. I think I rented it some time in the nineties...curses, I can't remember the name! I do specifically remember "The Power of Love and Rock" or somesuch, though...
      • Well unless the three of us are crazy, I also remember seeing something like this but I have no idea of the name either.
      • Ah! I was looking for this forever! Ok, i think the name was Rats or something. It was really freaky. I tried Google, but all i found was other more famous movies with rats, so it's either hard to find or Rats is not the name... I wish i knew!!
      • It's called "The Electric Piper". It was shown on Nickelodeon about 10 years ago, I think.
  • When I was younger, I watched a direct to video musical movie about Moses. It was definitely not The Prince of Egypt. Ramses had an evil cat, and Moses had a dog. They talked to one another and were rivals. At one point in time in the movie Moses was being embalmed. Some old guy also gets shot with an arrow at some point in time. It was a very loose adaption of the Biblical story. It had many songs in it. It was probably made in the 90's or early 00's. I can't remember what it is called, nor can I find any trace of it anywhere.
  • During the mid to late 90's there was a CGI/live action cartoon on FOX that involved a group of what I presume to be young adults who would work in a garrage. They would periodically need to jump into the hoods of their cars, from which they'd transform into they transformer-esque machines to battle a brigade of similar beings....sorry if it wasn't enough information. It's been a while
    • Van Pires. Already asked and answered, but I guess the description wasn't close enough that you came across it.
  • An Argentine cartoon (or somewhere in South America) about an alien, gory and probably Inspired by South Park, it was made in the 90's
    • Mercano the Martian.
  • I faintly remember watching a creepy French ( I think it was French, I'm not sure) animated show ( it was a show, not a short) about a villain with a cool yellow mask that had occult powers and was using them to ruin the day, but a team of paranormal investigators ( I think it was a guy, a gal and their boss) always foiled him. It was very dark in tone, the villain had a creepy mechanical doll ballerina/music box that he would watch dance saying "yes, dance for me" or something like that, the closeup of the doll was also featured on the closing theme which gave me some nightmares.
  • Okay, this one is um... it was, if I remember correctly, a cartoon that was running in the early 90s sometime about the same time as the original The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. The main characters, as I remember it, were babies, and they would go into space and fight a space garbage man, whose ship was basically a BFI-style garbage truck with rocket engines. It wasn't Rugrats, just... preemptively. This was the plot of every single episode.
    • I think this is Fantastic Max. The garbage man was called Dumping Jack Trash.
    • Of course, not every episode of Fantastic Max had Dumping Jack Trash in it... but I'd much rather attribute that to OP exaggerating than an actual show being like that.
  • Okay, everyone know the Mynah bird from Merrie Melodies? I'm certain I saw it in a Sylvester And Tweety (or possibly Wile E coyote) cartoon, I just can't remember which one!! HAYULP!!
  • A short clip from the Disney channel sometime before 1999. I want to say it was the winner of some sort of contest, but I can't be sure. It took place in a fantasy-medieval setting and started off with a kid running away from some dark knights, then running across a dragon and flying around for a bit. The clip itself makes a very short appearance in the middle of the Disney-channel movie 'Smart House' (on the kitchen's television). I don't know what it's called or where to get it, or even who made it, though. Help?part of it can be seen here at 7:20.
    • It seems to be called "Dragon Friend", but it's listed in very few places. (It's a 15-minute short by Disney, made as part of a contest, and they've never released it on video or DVD in any form. I can't find any clips of it. Tony Jay played the dragon, but it's not on his IMDb page, though it is mentioned in passing here)
  • It's a CGI animation show that aired on Nickelodeon, not too long ago(at least after 2000). The main character is a girl with black hair, a red shirt and a white dungarees. She had some kind of psychic powers, and I think she had a brother who was a pilot and who worked for some kind of resistance...The Big Bad was a bald guy, who had captured the girls mother when she was little. It took place in a sci-fi universe; the entire world existed of floating rocks in the sky. I thought the title was Sky World, but I can't find it anywhere...
    • You didn't miss it by much: It was Skyland.
      • I was about to say that. I personally never watched it, because it seemed uncomfortably close to Baten Kaitos in overall premise (right down the near-nonexistence of water being an important plot point) So, yeah. Definitely Skyland
  • where does the scene from 0:01 to 0:10 come from?
    • Katy Caterpillar
  • A direct-to-VHS adaptation of Thumbelina (definitely NOT the Don Bluth version). Didn't have a lot of "animation" to it; it was more like a very hammed-up audiobook over a series of still shots. I think it had a song or two.
    • I saw that once at a store. As near as I can tell, it was just called "Thumbelina", maybe with the title of some larger series of fairty tale remakes too. As far as I know I believe it may even have been foreign.
  • I watched this anime in the 90's, I think it was a film rather than a series. It involved human colonists on an alien planet and the protagonist was a boy with a small funny alien friend/pet. There were taller, more humanoid aliens whose relationship with the colonists was if not hostile at least suspicious. They were mysterious. The boy was surprised to learn that his friend was the immature form of the other aliens. They were very long-lived. It ended in the future, when the boy was dead of natural causes and his friend had changed into his mature form.
    • That sounds a little bit like the Fox Kids miniseries Red Planet, which IIRC wasn't anime but did fit your description (including the ending).
  • I vaguely remember a cartoon movie about a crew on a space ship. Something goes wrong and a boy is sent to the nearby planet in a capsule. when he lands he is befriended by a creature that shows him what to eat. For some reason they go into a cave where these killer vines come down from the ceiling and grab the creature, the vines haul it up to the roof and kill it. The boy runs off. That's all I really remember. It must be late 80's early 90's. I have literally searched everywhere and done every type of Google search for it. If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know.
    • That particular scene with the killer vines is definitely from Les Maîtres du temps. I'm glad I'm not the only one haunted by this movie, though for me it was the tear jerker ending. Anyway, have fun revisiting your childhood nightmares ;)
  • Some kind of cartoon with a giant, talking butterfly and some aliens who used a mind-control device or something. Pretty sure one of the aliens was named "Zee" (or maybe just the letter 'Z').
    • This was probably Katy, Kiki and Koko (Spanish/mexican feature-length, no page on Wikipedia, but its French title was "Kathy et les extraterrestres"). The aliens didn't use Mind Control, but shapeshifting and teleport-capture, both via Eye Beams.
  • I've been having this memoir circling across my head for some months now. It's (if I'm remembering correctly the language and the art style), a French cartoon. The character is a caveman pretty much around the dawn of man. The story is based on him being the only one 'not superstitious/not falling under the guise of gods' something along those lines, and how he explores the world, applying scientific reasoning to others tribes rituals and solving their problems as such. I remember some more specific details as well:
    • The opening has him running towards the right of the screen, while the background zooms by in various forms. I believe it also tells a story about how his family/tribe died from a volcano eruption or similar.
    • One episode tells the story of how he found a tribe which workshipped or sent some criminals to some magical caves, where they exploded and killed them. He discovered that the caves actually had three substances(sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate which when mixed together and exposed to the heat of the torch someone carried where what caused the explosions). He uses them to create gunpowder which he stores in a bamboo bit and uses a small bit of extra bamboo to protect the fuse when he throws the bomb at a lake getting a huge bountiful of fish to the tribe. Later on, when a member of the tribe tries to use it for evil(killing another tribe or something), he decides it's too dangerous and uses the last three explosives to seal all 3 caves.
    • In another episode, there's a tribe that sacrifices persons to appease a face carved into a rock cliff facing the ocean. They are frightened by the voices from the cave, but it turns out that there is someone trapped there, because when the waves of the high tide come, any one thrown into the sea ends up on the cave with no way of coming back.
  • where does this come from?
    • Disney's "A Symposium On Popular Songs".
  • a show about aliens which look like eyeballs (or round things) it might be related to My Pet Monster
  • where does this animated sig come from?, I think it's french
  • An Animesque show that was either Flash animation or CGI, which all I remember was that the Big Bad's two mooks were twin magic using zebras
  • Fairly new stop-motion show about a family (I think) In the promo, they drive past a sign that says, "Pennsylvania - The Hard to Spell State."
  • I remember an animation of a peaceful village surrounded by huge mountains. There was a race of goblin-like or troll-like people that were trying to mine their way through the mountains to attack the village. Seems like the villagers spoke of the creatures to scare their kids out of venturing into the mountains. I recall one boy in a cave in the mountains and he heard the troll like creatures trying to dig through but no one in the village believed him. I could have sworn this was an episode of CBS Storybreak back in the late 80's early 90's but none listed at IMDB sound remotely like this. I'm pretty sure it's based on some children's fiction from the time as I have a memory of finding the story in the library but not ever finishing it. Any ideas.
    • Sounds a lot like The Princess and the Goblin.
    • It sounds like CBS Storybreak's adaptation of The Gammage Cup.
  • I remember this obscure animation about a robot who took a couple of kids on adventures (possibly in outer space). The robot had drawers on its torso from where it could pull out anything it needed like Mary Poppins' bag. I know it is not C.L.Y.D.E.
    • I want to say Doraemon, which matches your description, but it's Eastern Animation. Can you describe what this robot looks like?
    • It sounds like Doraemon. The pocket where it can pull anything out, the group of kids (I think there's like, what, four of them?), and the adventures in outer space. It's safe to call this a perfect match.
  • And another one (same troper from the last entry here). A military, sci-fi cartoon, where a group of soldiers were trying to take down this organization led by a man called Iron Claw (that's how I translate it from bloody Romanian). There were robots, lasers, and the opening cinematic had the good guy leader say something like "Not as log as I've something to say about it" in response to Iron Claw's proclamation that he will rule the world (again, I'm not sure word-for-word, as it was all dubbed). This Iron Claw guy had an awesome skull-like mask that I simply adored, and wore a blue berret, and he was actually a public figure that the good guys either knew or interacted with regularly, unaware of his hidden alias.
    • A quick Google Search suggests a G.I. Joe villain named "Iron Klaw".
    • I looked into it a bit more from there. It sounds like it would be the short-lived GI Joe E Xtreme cartoon, in which Iron Klaw was the Big Bad and leader of an organization called SKAR.
    • No mistaking this - Iron Klaw has a skull mask and a beret. That's too unusual a combination for it to be any kind of coincidence.
  • "You can't get lost in the woods if you don't go into the woods". That quote was said by a talking skunk climbing down a tree. That very clip was used in the Nicolas Cage film Next
    • I've not seen either the source or the re-use, but I found something attributing a similar quote (replace "don't" with "never", and maybe some other slight differences) to a talking skunk in the third Stuart Little film. Might this be it?
    • According to IMDB, it is indeed from Stuart Little 3.
  • This was a show I watched in Ireland between the years 1987-1989, so I'm assuming it was from the BBC, but I could be wrong. Basically it featured different parts and/or cells of the human body, anthropomorphised, kind of an educational "how-the-body-works" type of deal. In one episode, an older "dad" red blood cell was explaining to a smaller "kid" red blood cell their purpose of carrying oxygen around the body. In another episode, teeth were being attacked by big blue "plaque" cells that got all hopped up on sugar when the human child ate some candy until they got beaten back by the kid brushing their teeth. Another episode featured white blood cells fighting off an infection with the help of medicine. I could've sworn that the theme or outro music was just the line "That's life, that's life, that's life..." sung over and over again by a few different voices. Haven't been able to find anything on it yet, any help is greatly appreciated!
    • I'm sure it's Once Upon a Time... Life.
    • He's right, I've even seen the episode with the red blood cells (and I own the first season, dubbed into Hebrew).
  • did i dream an episode of He-Man (Mot U) where Mer-Man worships a Dagon-like sea god with a name that sounded like he was gargling while trying to say "bacon" that He-Man eventually conquered despite himself or someone else nearly being offered up as a human sacrifice?
  • It was about this brother and sister (sort of) in china who had magic powers when they held hands. Their powers came from these two stone tablets that they needed to take to the forbidden palace in order to break this curse that had turned their farthers into stone. I believe I saw it in the early nineties, the brother had black (dark blue really but the characters all said it was black) hair in a bowl cut and the sister blond hair.
  • Trying to find the name of a Christmas special I remember watching a long time ago. It was about a single mother who works at an Orphanage of Fear, run by this lady who used her funds to play poker, and apparently got away with it by showing the inspector one of the orphans in a really nice dress or suit on the one day he came. Anyway, the orphans coped by talking to this huge pine tree outside (and they named it Mrs. something), but then one day the lady decided to cut down the tree (for money, IIRC) and the single mom's two kids go off to get a letter to Santa asking him to keep the tree from getting cut down (I think). In the end, the lady was exposed and the single mom got to turn the orphanage into an Orphanage of Love.
    • I know this one, I actually have it on tape. It's called "The Christmas Tree." Amazon has it available on DVD.
  • An educational show where this kid had a shapeshifting blue newt named Newton who imitated Aladdin's genie to teach him stuff.
  • In the early '90s, there was a CG show (or possibly a stop-motion animation show) on YTV. It had to do with insects, and I think there was some focus on the heroes trying to bring colour/light into the world (something about the villains being dark and grey). I believe there was also a princess who had been kidnapped/imprisoned/turned grey, but I'm less certain about that.
  • Western animation about a bunch of dogs who get stranded after a cruise liner sinks. One of the dogs is looking for his master, and Once an Episode they almost find him. I think they do find him eventually, and he adopts the other dogs too.
    • That was "The Puppy's Further Adventures", (The puppy's name was Petey), part of ABC Saturday morning cartoons, running from 1983 to 1985 and was paired-up with Scooby Doo in a combination The Scooby and Scrappy-Doo/Puppy's New Adventure Hour Wow, you had me riding the ol' nostalgia train on that one.
      • I remember that. I kept wondering what the puppy's original adventures had been.
      • The puppy's original adventures were a series of four animated specials, beginning with The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy (which in turn was based on a book by Jane Thayer).
  • I think this was one of the many Transformers cartoons, but I can't remember much. All I can recall is that the Yuppie Couple was a woman driving a red convertible, whose (non-sentient) car was always being flirted with by one of the main cast.
    • Robots in Disguise, originally Car Robots in Japan. The Autobot Sideburn was the one flirting with the red sportscar.
  • For this one, the theme started with the line, "On the island of the bears, there is a rabbit and a ghost". Said rabbit and ghost team up with a cowardly polar bear with an alter ego made out of blue light, and they go around having adventures. One involved a contest to see who could fly a plane blindfolded, against a guy whose blindfold had a removable patch. When they realised he was cheating, the bear removed his blindfold altogether.
    • Don't you love Google? You're looking for The Bear's Island.
  • What was the episode of the Superfriends where the Legion of Doom almost defeated the Superfriends by combining all their weaknesses into a single object. Then there is a big plan by the Superfriends. That's all I remember.
    • The second-to-last episode of the Challenge season, "Superfriends, Rest in Peace". I'm just a tad depressed that I know that off the top of my head, but anyway, it's readily available from any good Superfriends fansite.
  • It was a mid90s CG animation short, that showed the universe and planets and stuff like that, it had a song that went "NEO, NEO"... (actually what I want is that bloody song but the animation was cool too)... I think I saw it in one of those discovery kids-like animation or movie programs
  • Another animated Christmas special, this one I'm almost certain a Disney production. It was a take on the 12 Days of Christmas, only the main characters were all bears. There was a king bear, a princess bear, and (I think?) a bard trying to woo the princess. The King's and the Princess's gift lists get mixed up, so the Princess's list (asking for things like a paint set, a tool kit etc.) were swapped with the King's (which was the Partridge in a Pear Tree, Turtle Doves, and whatnot of the original song). The bard (or whomever the love interest was) then tried to present all the gifts to her, much to her confusion.
  • A short from either Warner Brothers or MGM during the classic period: a cat is tortured every day by a dog. (The cat isn't Sylvester or Tom). Towards the end their roles switch for some reason, so the cat tortures the dog, but by the end it's back to normal. Each of the tortures has a nickname; at one point the cat begs, "Not Happy Birthday!!!!" (which I think may have involved a cake full of firecrackers/dynamite that the cat had to blow out or else get a face full of gunpowder, which he was always unsuccessful at doing.)
    • This is the Warner Brothers cartoon "It's Hummer Time" (there's also a hummingbird in it). It's available in the Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection 6 box set. Or online here.
  • When I saw it, it was year 1995. Show with more than 13 series. Post-apocalyptic setting. In the first episode each character got some totemic animal from somewhat mage after the trial and the ability to transform into it. That animal was drawn on their cloth. Some characters (maybe, all?) had a rechargable staff with some picture. Using this staff, helper could be summoned. Two sides, war between them, and so on. I'm not sure if it's a western animation, not anime.
  • This was an animated movie, possibly disney but maybe not. I think it was a sci-fi or magic based thing, maybe set in a circus. The only bit I remember is the end where the good guys leave (I think in a spaceship) and the bad guy (possibly the circus master) is left by himself. He has some sort of power over crows but as they leave he says something like "Sometimes, in the dark, I get scared myself". Then all the crows fly down and cover his body, then fly away again and he's gone (like eaten maybe?) all except for a ring or necklace or something metal that clatters to the ground.
  • There was an animated movie (almost certainly made in the 1980s, though it might have been the early 1990s) in which the protagonist was a pink dog-girl who looked like one of the Care Bear Cousins. She was kidnapped by what appeared to be an ambulatory pile of sludge and taken to what was referred to as a "junk food planet." In this case, the "junk food" consisted of defunct electronics and literal trash, so it would have been more accurate to call the planet a "garbage dump planet" or a "landfill planet," except that the sludge pile ate the contents of his world. There was also a possible implication that the sludge pile committed a Heel-Face Turn eventually, since he oddly appeared to feel remorseful for kidnapping the dog-girl. I saw a preview for this movie when I rented a VHS tape of the old Ewoks cartoon, if that helps. (By now, I'm thinking this movie was from the 1980s; it sounds too strange to be from any other time period.)
    • The closest thing I can thing of is Fluppy Dogs, but I doubt that's it.
      • Thanks, but that's not it. The pink dog-girl was the only one of her kind instead of traveling in a pack, and if the preview was accurate, the movie did not take place even partially on Earth.
    • Could it be Poochie? It still takes place on Earth, but mostly in Egypt, and seems to have a lengthy scene in a sci-fi control center.
    • I immediately thought of Popples.
      • As the troper who suggested Poochie, I take it back. The main character sounds like a match, but nothing else was even remotely like what you described. And the Popples were entirely Earth bound and simply helped kids, so that can't be it, either. Have you considered hunting down the original Ewoks tapes online and viewing the commercial again?
    • Sounds like Star Street to me.
      • Definitely. The trailer would have been for Star Street: The Happy Birthday Movie, but there was also a series of 26 episodes made for TV. Here's the opening sequence.
  • An animated Christmas special, I think it might've been on Disney Channel once. Basically, the plot is that the increasing commercialization of Christmas, with a focus on bigger, "better", and more expensive presents has led to Santa being ousted by an evil computer. Main character defeats the computer, and is rewarded for his efforts with a simple wooden toy train, rather than the fancy bike he asked for... but due to the events of the film, he appreciates it more.
    • I have been looking for that movie too! The problem was that kids were asking for like 20 presents, and Santa couldn't deliver that many. He made the robot/computer to help, but it took over. The robot looked vaguely like a vampire. The little boy was brought to the North Pole by the Sandman. The boy used the bike to stop the evil machine, and the toy train was Santa's favorite toy. I first watched it in the late 90's, and I was told the reason I couldn't find it was it was Canadian and I live in America. It was shown a station you can get without cable.
    • The Boy Who Dreamed Christmas.
      • Definitely. This troper has seen it, and it's not a vampire, it's a vampire clown. I think it's in my Decade.
  • Series that aired on Teletoon sometime in the mid 1990s to early 2000s. It mad very minimalist animation and was something of a parody of Star Trek as the crew sat around on a planet waiting for their new orders, which were taking forever. I remember that the engineer had nine heads, and it was interesting in that they chose to parody Picard for The Captain instead of Kirk. There was a read-headed lady who was the science officer, she may or may not have done all of the actual work.
  • I remember what must have been a movie, where the main character lived in a forcefield-surrounded city infested with robots. He meets a girl and they make some sort of plan to escape the city. There is also this one moment where it is revealed that the protagonist has a mechanical arm, which causes the girl to think he's a robot, but he tells her he lost the arm as a child or something. When they finally manage to escape the city, they find themselves looking out at endless green fields - a stark contrast to the post-apocalyptic nature of the city.
    • That sounds kinda like the beginning of Green Legend Ran. Which is anime, but whatever.
  • There was a cartoon in the early nineties/late eighties about a gnome in a blue coat with a red pointed hat. He rode on the back of a fox during the opening credits. A lot of people I've met remember the show, but no one ever remembers the name.
  • Alright, this one's been bugging me for years. A show, either from the 80s or early 90s, about a blonde guy who was a child of stars. It was either a typical fantasy setting, or mixed with science fiction; I recall soething about a disembodied female voice who would guide him in his trials, but I'm not sure. The ending credits consisted of the main character dancing in slow motion against a starry sky background. It ran in Poland in the 90s; does anyone know anything about it? I looked for it, but "child of stars" and its variations are too vague and common to help me find an old, forgotten cartoon...
  • Weird cartoon from The Eightes about a town full of anthropomorphic animals who want to build a dam. The phrase "Dam for Power" is repeated often. The slightly less anthropomorphic animals who live in the forest do not want their home destroyed, so they sabotage the dam and get sent to prison. They dig their way out of prison with the help of a bunch of geese who visit them and smuggle out the tunneling dirt out in covered picnic baskets.
    • Wow. I would have never remembered this if it weren't for reading this YKTS, but I just KNEW I had seen this and did some googling, and I found it! It's Dot and the Koala, a movie in a series of cartoon films about a young girl who lives in the Australian bush and befriends several talking animals. The series even has a trope page.
  • does anyone know where the pirate squirrel in this video is from?
  • There's this Simpsons episode I saw partly when I was only a couple years old (about ten years ago). I remember that there was a robotic factory city/world, and people from Springfield (including Grampa Simpson) were in weird factoring machines. There was a courtroom or something where robotic Krusty and others were negotiating about something. It was probably a pretty old episode, and maybe a Treehouse of Horror taking account the theme.
    • I've seen every episode of "The Simpsons", and no such episode existed. The closest thing I can think of is either "Time and Punishment" from "Treehouse of Horror V", specifically the part where Flanders is an Orwellian dictator, or "Bartificial Intelligence" from "Treehouse of Horror XVI" In which Bart is replaced by a robot and eventually transforms himself into one to get back in the family's good graces.
  • A CGI show about civilized ducks who can no longer fly, who live in a city next to a lake. On the other end of the lake is a alligator city. The main character is interested in flight, and is friends with a alligator, who struggles to control his predatory instincts. There are also talking, flying crows. There was one episode where the alligator tries using duck horomone patches to control his behavior, but starts turning into a duck, and another where one of the hero's friends reverts to his primal instincts and possibly flies (as in, it's left ambiguous whether he flew or not: he's found on the roof of a building.)
  • Remember this one I posted here?
    Here's one that many of you probably won't remember at all. It's for a type of cleansing wipe, and it has a sort of superhero theme. To be more specific, there's this guy in a tuxedo, and he's tied to a chair in the Big Bad's lair. The Big Bad has an orange/red suit, and a black spikey mask (I's been a long time). He and his henchmen are then surprised by a woman with pink hair, wearing a blue-and-silver outfit and make-up, who appears in the room and fights them all off. She then unties the man, before her wrist...thingy (it's hard to explain) beeps, and she leaves. She changes back into her normal clothes, and wipes the make-up from her face with the cleansing wipes. She then appears in a fancy dress, and the man (presumably her boyfriend) runs up and says something along the lines of "You'll never guess what happened to me." She shoots a knowing look at the camera, and the advert ends. Like I said, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.
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