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Just For Fun: TV Tropes Additional Evil Overlord Vows
Extensions to the Evil Overlord List. They're written by the editors here, so don't expect sanity.

Sanity may not be expected, but remember... DANGEROUSLY GENRE SAVVY! (Seriously, I got a short way down and had to come up here to add this. Apparently, many tropers are not as genre aware as they think they are.)

Examples will be kept, but have a post explaining their mistake, if they are either: Genre savvy but not practical, like: If there is a monster lurking around, all troops will have flashlights that run as long as permitted. (Smart, but what if the monster is attracted to light? What if the normal lights never go out? what if it's Daylight Horror? Also note a simple shift to "All soldiers will always have unlimited flashlights on them" would be much better.) Or practical but not savvy, like: "All soliders will have as much ammunition as possible on them so they don't run during a fight." (Good idea, but what if it's a game like Devil May Cry, where so much ammo not only slows down a character, but is less effective than a sword or melee? What if all that weight makes them much worse, the rules not allowing them to carry so much without a major slowdown. It might be uneeded, they might just have infinite ammo by default) If they have either of these then they will be corrected but not removed, as they might seem like a good idea to other as well, but if not then they will be deleted at once.

Be sure to read the original list, as well as Evil Overlord List Cellblocks A and B and the Additional Evil Overlord List Cellblocks A, B and C, before adding to this list. Any minions found duplicating items from those lists will take a swim in the Shark Pool. (Minions thrown in the Shark Pool will have Nerf-covered ankle and leg shackles, and a bulletproof glass cover will be locked onto the top of the pool.) See also The Universal Genre Savvy Guide.

Also, don't just add things villains have done that annoy you unless they're actually counterproductive to the Evil Scheme.

See also Defied Trope.
Looks like there are so many Dangerously Genre Savvy tropers that we had to split the page! Please take a detour to one of the lovely cellblocks below:
Trope Title ShowsJust for FunTV Tropes as a Gateway Drug
Evil Overlord List Cellblock BEvil TropesAdditional Evil Overlord List Cellblock A

alternative title(s): TV Tropes Additional Evil Overlord Vows
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