Extensions to the EvilOverlordList. They're written by the editors here, so don't expect sanity, but ''do'' expect at least a modicum of intelligence, and don't expect that tropers are quite as [[GenreSavvy genre aware]] as they think they are.

Be sure to read the original EvilOverlordList (including [[EvilOverlordListCellblockA Cellblock A]] and [[EvilOverlordListCellblockB Cellblock B]]), before adding to this list. See also JustForFun/TheUniversalGenreSavvyGuide, which contains tips for other archetypal villains, or JustForFun/TVTropesAdditionalHeroVows for the GoodCounterpart. See also DefiedTrope.

[[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=14095875660A05812300&page=1 As part of a cleanup project]], we will instate some rules for quality control:
#Keep entries short and concise, much like the original Evil Overlord Lists. Each entry should only be about 1-2 lines long, not paragraph length! Too many details will bore readers.
##[[HypocriticalHumor You must also avoid]] [[SelfDemonstratingArticle sub-entries like this]]! Instead integrate it into a main entry, otherwise you should separate it, or delete it altogether.
#All sub-pages will be kept to a maximum of a hundred entries each.
#Do not add {{Natter}} about why an entry won't work or how you would do it. This is not "EvilOverlord Vows: the Forum Thread".
#The purpose of the Evil Overlord List is to teach a villain how to be more GenreSavvy, and lead his minions to victory over the heroes. Please keep everything ''relevant'' to this subject!
#Don't focus too much on [[VillainWithGoodPublicity giving the villain good PR]] by [[PetTheDog being a bit nicer]]. Take it too far, and you'll make them seem like a good guy.
#Don't just add things villains have done that annoy you unless they're actually counterproductive to the EvilScheme.
#Also please do not duplicate and repeat any entry, you must try to be as original as possible.
Looks like there are so many savvy tropers that we had to split the page! Please take a detour to one of the [[BlatantLies lovely cellblocks]] below:
* [[JustForFun/TVTropesAdditionalEvilOverlordVowsCellblockA Cellblock A]]
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See also:
* ''[[http://nift.firedrake.org/EEmpress.htm The Evil Empress List]]'', a nice addition for women wanting to break into the Evil Overlord business.
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