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  • Jonathan is a leader of black circle who tortures vampires for days even weeks, bringing them back from the edge of death, only to resend them to near death over and over again in order to gain power to rejuvenate himself. Desiring to return the gods in order to increase his power, Jonathan over his long run in the series, Jonathan attempts to kill the pregnant fiance who carries the possible heir to faerie in order to start a civil war between the fey which could kill thousands, tortures Louise-Cesare to near death, unleashes zombie vampires to kill the north american vampire senate, tries to crash magical Hong Kong into normal Hong Kong which would kill millions in order to create an energy wave to exterminate the various vampire senates which oppose the gods and tried to unleash the ancient horrors in order to conquer all. A complete sociopath only interested in himself, Jonathan is eventually revealed to graft the skin and ghosts of creatures and people to himself in order to gain their powers, keeping them in agonizing pain all the while.
  • "The Best Laid Plans": During the mass arrests, Professor James Moriarty gleefully guns down several of his associates as hes being arrested either for trying to escape or just to tie up lose ends. It is revealed that Moriarty has experimented on dozens of people, fusing them with animal parts and leaving them in agonizing pain and later uses a failsafe to dispose of them before making his way to Reichenbach Falls in order to duel Holmes to the death.
  • "The Deadly Sin of Sherlock Holmes", by Tom English: Brother Moriarty is fiendish monk who communes with the devil in order to create a magical book inked with his own blood. Moriarty enchants it so that anyone who reads it will become mind controlled with the need to murder and mutilate people in the most horrific ways possible, with it even leading to the creation of Jack the ripper, over two centuries after his death, ensuring a legacy of evil.
  • Mycroft Holmes:
  • The Lost Husband: William Gatherford is a fiendish adventurer and scientist who discovers a way to make zombies during a trip to Haiti and decides to use it to enrich himself. Gatherford persuades hundreds of poor, disenfranchised workers into signing up with him, before having them experimented on and tortured to death and brought back as undead puppets which he uses to increase the profits of his business enterprises by decreasing costs of labour. His zombies kept in an eternal state of pain, Gatherford sics them on Holmes and Watson and reveals that he intends to spread this operation across the entire world, killing the world's poor and disenfranchised in order to maximise profits for the rich, all in the name of his his smug elitism.

Who is Adam Mc Guire ?

A cold, ruthless and racist businessman and all around scumbag who believes in the "superiority" of the white race. Mc Guire discovers that their is oil across the beaches of trindad and plans to use slaves as a way to gain workers for it. The problem of course us that slavery has been banned their and in Britain for decades. So Mc Guire has been illegally funneling slaves to that area and to keep the locales inline uses a horrific method to scare them from going to beach and discovering evidence of his operation. He kidnaps and murders their children in over a dozen and lays theirs bodies in the beach taking advantage of their beliefs to scare awaya the locales. Something that even his associates aren't aware off and would bak at.

Anyway Adam plans to spread his trade across the world even into areas where slavery is banned promising investors a more "humane and friendly version" of the trade and slAve treatment compared to the original trade. In reality, Mc Guire treats them horrifically. He has then chained, beaten , starved and into submission. Breaking their wills. Though making sure his investors don't see.

Anyway one of his associates Georgina whose Mycroft's fiance learns from when Mycfrot and Douglas are talking about the mysterious child murders that occupied in Trinidad. She balks at this since h in doing that is something he doesn't mention to his minions and rushes back to Trindad to find out for sure. Douglas and Mycroft head their to investigate and find out where she went. Adam sends assassins after them to scare them and a pickpocket to keep tabs omon them. When they run out their use. He has them murdered off. Douglas and Mycroft confront her s she's dying with Mycroft not being aware of all this horrid stuff she'd been doing and she does at least try to do something good by revealing where the prisoners are.

Douglas and Mycroft go to the island with the villagers to save the prisoners. Said slaves are kept chained to the guns being used to fight the invasion as human shields. Douglas and mycrrotc free them only for Mc Guire failsafe to blow the entire complex up with the slaves in it activates. Douglas and Mycfrot thabkfully survive and where able to save some.

Their confronted by Mc Guire who holds Douglas captive and reveals his intent to kill both of them. Douglas is able to knock him off balance before he's going to shoot mycroft and Mc Guire responds by shooting him and bringing mycrfot forward as he plans to beat him to death. Thankfully reinforcements arrive and shoot Mc Guire dead and Mycrrlt saves Douglas by getting him medical attention. With Mc Guire ironically for a hardcore racist dying at the hands of the villagers who were black and Chinese.

Freudian Excuse ?

Not in the slightest. Mycroft describes him as a main without a single drop of empathy for anyone but hinsleg. A derpaved killer.

Mitigating factors ?

Not really. Hes a hardcore racist scumbag who views his own white race as superior to others. But has absolutely no problem with killing other white people. It's just something he uses to make himself feel superior. In book even for the time he's considers to be extreme.

And even his men and associates are not aware of what a depraved monster he is as he hides it from them. He hides that hes a child serial killer and how horrid he treats his slaves from them. And doesn't show empathy for anyone in the book.

Heinous standard ?

Well yeah. Hes a child Serial Killer, monstrous slaver who beats and chains and whips his slaves and intends to bring the slave trade back. Easily over baseline and maybe one of the worst Sherlock holmes villains ever.

  • The Folk of the Air: The cunning, charismatic General Madoc is the high general of Elfahme who desires to expand and rule Elfahme who adopted the heroine Jude Duarte and her sister and raised them as his own after killing their parents. Allying with Prince Balekin Greenbriar, Madoc skillfully pulls a coup while making Balekin think that he'll be his easily fooled puppet. Instead, Madoc turns the tables on him and plans to use his adopted son who is secretly one of Eldred's descendants as a Puppet King allowing him to become the ruler of Elfhame instead. After being foiled by Jude, Madoc changes tactics and uses Jude's twin sister to trick Jude's lover King Cardan into freeing him from his vows to the crown so he can begin his attempted takeover. Madoc later manipulates the poisoning of the queen of the undersea to ensure her daughter will now be forced to side with him in his war against Cardan, pushing him to the edge of total victory. Madoc skillfully mixes wit with cunning intelligence while possessing many admirable traits like love for all of his children even Jude and even steps down gracefully into exile when she shows that the people of Elfhame side with her.

  • The Monster of Elendhaven, by Jennifer Giesbrecht: Florian Leickenbloom saw his entire family die due to the cruel actions of the city of Elendhaven during a plague and concocted a scheme to take his ultimate revenge. Becoming an accountant to the city's elite, Florian carefully manipulates them into bleeding the city dry all while playing as a naive and innocent victim. F Lorian with the help of his assistant/lover Johann helps in the creation of a new plague to destroy the city for its ills even skillfully deducing when a mage hunter is onto him with his dying breath, Florian transfers his magic to Johann allowing his beloved to be able to live and be free.

Who is Jonathan

The series most prolific recurring villain (appearing in 8 novels), Jonathan is the most powerful sorcerer alive at a thousand years old. To keep himself alive, Jonathan uses torture magic on vampires, torturing them for days-weeks to break them and funneling their pain to rejuvenate himself. Jonathan is one of the leaders of black circle (the main antagonistic faction of the series). Black circle are servants of the various gods who wish to rise again and black circle helps them through sacrifices in return for power. with jonahthan's job being to accquire magical objects and people to help them.

Right from the top. Saddle up people:

  • Touch the Dark and Claimed by Shadow: Jonathan tries to kidnap Cassandra in order to to use the pythia power in order to allow Apollo to return to earth. Years ago, Johnathon was part of the Inquisition and tortured the human lover of the vampire Louis cesare to death.
  • Midnight's Daughter: Jonathan along with count Dracula plans to help the evil king of the blue fey Aienslnn murder the pregnant fiance of the son of he king caedmon of the golden fey. By ensuring caedmon has no heirs it will launch a civil war when a succession crisis looms which would cause the fey to once again war with each which could kill thousands, something they haven't done since the time of king Arthur. The plan is to allow the blue fey king to take over whose a staunch Fundamentalist in favour of the gods compared to caedmon who despite being implied to be zeus' son is staunchly agsint their return and the enslavement and horror they;d unleash. An army that apollo/ares or zeus could use to fully put humanity and demonkind under foot. Anyway Jonathan captures louis cesare and has him tortured with a hot poker for hours. Bringing him to deaths door in terms of pain and then bringing him back, and then repeating the process over and over again. Anyway Dorina and Mircea save the fiance and louise cesare and destroy Dracula but Johnathan gets away.
  • Fury's Kiss: Dorina whose Louise cesare's mate plans to get revenge on Johnathan for what he did to him. Johnathan was badly damaged during the fight and has now become a lich like person while he tries to recioparte. He teams up with a corrupt member of the ruling body of the vampire senate and unleashes a horde of zombie vampires of vampires they killed and then brought back as zombies to destroy the ruling council allowing the war to be won. He gets stopped and it goes underground for a few years to recuperate.
  • Dragon's Claw and Siren's song: Jonathan creates a gun which can kill vampires and uses it to kill dozens of vampires to create his zombie vampires. He hires a vampire to start a gang with with a kinda friend of Dorina in order serve as a distraction while mind controlling hundred's of mages as the mooks. Johnthan or at least the guys who work for him in this book under his orders, reveal they intend to crash the entirety of the magical floating city of Hong Kong that floats above actual hong kong into Hong Kong, killing the entire population which is millions last time I checked. Since Hong Kong is on a ley line it will generate An energy tsunami wiping out anything on said ley lines including the various vampire senates. Paving the way to total victory in the war against the gods in favor of black circle and aienslann and his fundamentalist fey faction. Pritkin and Dorina are able to stop him.
  • Brave the tempest: Jonathan disovers a book in the library of aienslann which features the true names of the ancient horrors. During the war between the titans and the olypmians. Both sides experimted with mating with various supernatural creatures in order to create powerful soldiers. Echidna, mother of monsters mated with various demons across hell (which in this universe is less a pit and more an entire universe filled with thosuands of inhbaited dimensions. Earth is the highest level of hell with fearie being the lowest level of heaven) and birthed the ancient horrors, the most evil and powerful demons in existence and were such classics like Lamathsu, Pazzuzu and Asmoedus to name a few. The horrors are feared even by other demons and were sealed away by Artemis. Jonthan realises with the book he can control and realse them. Using them as an army he plans to take control of the demon army which would stop the main source of opposition and allow him a way to conuer faerie and earth. Unfortunately he loses it and has to get it back, in the meantime he summons two of the ones whose unsealing methods he already knows Kulullû (this is an actual demon from mythology I discovered...) and evil santa to attack the demon and vampire army defending. The book ends up getting destroyed which means he know is stuck with only a few dozen names of the ancient horrors rather the thousand plus that was in it. So he goes back to black circle and Aiensalln using the realsed horrors as their new soliders. Anyway in the meantime Jonathan teams up with an old enemy of cassandra named Jo who was killed during the ares stuff and has suck around as a ghost. In return for helping him defeat cassandra, he gives her a magical boon to create a ghost army in the thousands to destroy casse which is stoppped but not before she gained some of the time travel power of cassie
  • Shatter the earth: Its revaled that Jonahatn gains his powers through a sick methods. He chains the ghosts of people into himself where they appear as faces under his skin.../while being aware the entire time. He does this to Jo in order to gain time travel powers while creepily calling her his new pet.. and attemtping to pet her head which can protrude from his torso while she is trying to flinch away out of fear and pain v(what can I say hes a subtle villain...). He kills a librarian in the vampire senate in order to gain the lover's knot spell which is a ay that cassaandra, mircea and pritkin can use to perhaps vanquish any opponent while boasting on how hes going to turn cassandra into another addition on himself, another "pet" like Jo became. Anyway during the orginal timeline in this book, aienslanna nd the entire army fort the gods was deafted in a sneak attack. Jonathan doesnt like that and uses time travel to have aienslann and him law a trap while laughing as his forces are about to slaughter them. Luckily, Cassandra's ghost friedn Billy since ghosts can go coperal in Faerie scarcices himself to destroy Joanthan. His soul then hitches a ride to a new bodie which is captured by the good guys.

In his cell wall

It seemed to annoy Jonathan. “To what do I owe this pleasure?” he asked, more sharply. And then winced when the guard lost patience and cuffed him upside the head.

I thought it showed remarkable restraint, considering how many of the man’s friends Jonathan was directly responsible for getting killed, but the mad mage didn’t seem to see it that way. He came offthe bed, snarling, and was only prevented from doing any damage by the chains he wore.

“I’m going to get out of here,” he told me. “I’m going to come after you. I meant what I said—I’ll destroy that damned court, and the fucking demon spawn you sleep with, and that vampire, too—”

“We need a medic,” the so far silent guard said, into a mirror on the wall. “He’s having another fit—”

“I’m not having a fit!” Jonathan snapped, and then he looked back at me. “I’m telling you what will happen.”

“No,” I said. “It won’t.”

“And why is that?”

“Because the little goddess is savage sometimes,” I whispered, quoting his own words back to him. I saw his eyes widen with understanding, right before my hand caught his throat.

But not for long.

And then I shifted

she chokes him to death and so ends Jonthan.

Freudian Excuse ?

Not really. It's mentioned that his lust for more and more magic has turned him into an addict whose now constantly looking for his next fix. Thing is he's only like that because he was an evil torturing douche who wanted to live forever so kept taking more ans more power for himself.

Other redeeming qualities ?

Nope. Hes an egomaniac whose only it for the power. Hes noted to have no true loyalty to anyone as demonstrated with jo. Hes also the worst servant of the gods In the series by a long mile.

'Heinous standard ? He's no ommicidal maniac like Ares or Apollo but he doesn't need to be one. For his tier. Hes easily the worst villain their. He is behind Almost a thousand years of horrific torture, tries to kill millions , unleash a demon army and literally is an a walking And I Must Scream for people and is chocked full of personal atrocities. Easily the worst of the minions of the Gods

Freudian Excuse ?

Thats a no. No sob story of any kind.

mitgiating factors?

No. Gatherford is just a greedy elitist who wants to increase his profits and he never actually tells his victims what he's going to do to them. So they have no idea he plans to kill him.

He even admits to having no conscience and is a psyhco. Albeit a polite one.

Heinous standard?

One of the worst in Holmes canon ever. He tortures and sews the mouths shut of his victims who are poor people he's tricked into this. Killing hundreds this way with indications that his victims may still be aware of the pain their in. He intends to replicate this over the entire world ,which would kill boatloads of people.


Anyway Madoc is more tilted towards war and it's nature die to being a redcap since in this series they favour bloodshed. Hes grown bored of eldred's stagnant and old reign and wishes to now take over and rule as a conquering king. Unfortunately thanks to his vow to the crown, he can't make a direct move. So plots with balekin to usurp it. Anyway Madoc sets it up perfectly, the doors are locked, guards are posted in bigger numbers but not to the extant if raising attention. And then when the crown comes off eldred's head to crown his favored son dain, Balekin walks in and with h in takes control. Trying to force eldred to give it to balekin and what leads to the massacre of the rest of edldreds kids expect Cardan. Balekin thinks madoc is a loyal puppet. He's wrong.

In reality Madocs youngest son oak is actually prince dain's son. Dain had attempted to have his pregnant lover poisoned as he has heard that his son would be his undoing. Well the mother died, her friend removed the baby and was able to keep him alive. She later married Madoc as his second wife . With madoc releasing that the kid, Oak would allow him a puppet King as a descendant of mab to allow him rule (No more second Fiddle), though he did grow to legitimately care for the boy. He even personally kills dain in the massacre that balekin starts specifically for the fact he dared nearly kill oak. It would also allow Jim to be the one in charge, not balekin.

Anyway Jude is able to get Oak to crown Cardan as king destroying both balekin and Madocs ambitions and she defated him by poisoning him while they were having a meal (its just a knock out drug. She wasnt going to actually kill him since he is at the end of her day, her father).

Anyway next book, Wicked King, Madoc is now once again bound by the crown so cant directly fight against it. So after cardan gets poisoned by Balekin he gets an idea due to the close bond between Jude and Cardan. He sends Jude's twin sister Tayrn and has her convince Cardan to allow him to both be free of his vows as well as get half of the army. Going into exile and having convinced Grimsen (THE BLACKSMITH WHO CREATED THE CROWN TO HELP HIM)

Anyway final book Queen of nothing, After Taryn kills her abusive husband (Both jude and Madoc told her not to marry that creep but she didnt listen to them), she sends Jude in her place as the lie detectors they'll use to determine if she did kill him wont work on her. Madoc though arranges a rescue mission to save his daughter who he thought was Taryn. He is able to sneak in and rescue her and the two enjoy a genuine. Anyway her friends comes to save her (though hes cloaked so none notices its him and hes quiet around madoc). Madoc reveals he figured out it was Jude the two duel, Jude is injured and Madoc gives care to her to the rest of the heroes so she can get medical attetnion.

Jude having sneaked into his chambers beforehand noticed a note which seems to imply that he plans to use his assaain to assassinate Cardan. She races their after being healed and...finds him fine. You see it was a plant. Madoc sent the assain to hit Queen Orlagh of the undersea with a debailting posion to put her under his thumb. This would force her daughter Nicassia whose cardans friend to not get involved in helping cardan and force them to fight for him. Which would now have him them outnumbered.

Anyway as part of a temporary negotaion, Madoc reveals to Cardan that he wishes the best of elfhame and believes cardan to be weak. He challenges him to prove that the people respect him more, this sort of sets off Cardan who does want to prove himself so he breaks the crown to prove that yes that crown is nothing comapred to the peoples will. Unfornutely its cursed so turns him into a ginat snake monster which threathens the kingdom and runs off.

Madoc and Jude join forces with Jude eventually using the power of the land as one of its monarchs to defeat the snake. After being killed from it, Cardan emerges from it and with both armies bowing to Jude and cardan as their new monarchs showing the people really are on their side. Madoc himself bows and takes his defeat and exile quite gracefully, being genuinely proud of his daughter for showing her stuff and beating him.

'Mageficne ?

Why yes. Hes a worldy, general type with a knack for the arts and philosophy. You dont see that archetype very often. His mind is always trying to find a way to outplay someone having turned the tables on Balkin who thought he could control him. Using a very small window to free himself from the vows to the crown. And more importanlty totally disabling any way cardan could have fought back. He would have won too if it weren't for the giant snake forcing an Enemy Mine and even then he knows when to fold and acknowledge hes lost and bow out gracefully to his daughter

'Bastard ? Too much?

Madoc is bad I wont lie to you. Hes a warmongerer who lives for battle and glory and desires to put himself on top and he did murder his wife but being fair that was a heat of the moment after they tried to kill him after he legit just came to talk. And he adopted her kids out of his sense of honor and legit does love them. He was also revolted by Dain poising his pregnat wife and well he did help Balekin with the coup. The actual massacre of balekins family was carried out by balekin with Madoc only really killing Dain because of what he did to Oak. The rest was all Balekin. He also genunily belives hes best for Elfhame and that he could lead it into a golden age and when he sees the people view cardan and jude as better, bows out gracefully. Compare to a monster like Blakin who targets civilains on and cares nothing for his family, the pragmatic and wie Madoc comes out far better.

'Conclusion ?

An awesome keeper in my opinion but we'll see what you think.

She after much encouragement.

. The protagonist is such a fucking moron compared to Gillespie house and Ashburn house that I want to hit my head. The house has blood on the walls, noises, every family to ever visits it has died, she gets visions of the dead victims and she finds a tape which shows a wife killing her husband and then.

The woman knelt on the wooden floor and placed the axe ahead of her. She seemed to be arranging it carefully with the wooden handle pointing towards herself and the sharp blade aimed at the ceiling. Once she was satisfied, Sal rose to her feet and disappeared from view. When she returned, she was carrying a wicker chair, which she placed a few feet behind the axe.

Sal then climbed onto the chair. She stood tall, head held high, and began to tilt forward.

Mara realised what Sal had planned, but was incapable of looking away. The woman fell in a smooth arc towards the waiting axe’s blade. A millisecond before impact, the screen cut to static.

(Seriously what more do you want to admit the house is haunted? She refuses to accept that after all this.Including seeing a literal scence of someone decapitationg themselves.)

Anyway after a while she eventually accepts it and brings in some seance dudes who discover that Victor has left several cords throughout his victims making him a puppet master who feeds of them. Anyway Victor since hes had enough. Posses her boyfriend and tries to kill her (with him able to fight him off enough to give her a shot), she discovers his weakspot though due to her own powers. By collecting light energy and forcing it through the Same cords Victor feeds off. It overloads and Victor is destroyed. Allowing his victims peace and to leave.

Freudian Excuse ?


Other redeeming qualities?

Lol no. Hes just a power hungry prick. We seem him flashed out through his possession of Nell which gives him lots of slasher smiles and some choice lines. Here are some of the best.

  • Ha! You’re entirely unaware of your own ignorance, child. Don’t struggle. I’ll make this quick.

  • Love. Do you think love can save you? Do you think it will grant you any more mercy than my other guests

He also seems to really enjoy himself with the self decapitation thing. That was something.

Heinous standard?

Kills a shit ton of people including over a dozen children including a baby. This is way past horror baseline. Then binds their souls, forcing them to relive or over and over again. Dude is nasty.

Anyway the ring is smashed but Adam discovers the people that the ring supplied to with money and gets greedy since he's now retired and hence a cviialin. He recreates concubine and begins kidnapping young collge girls before beating them and leaving them in horrific conditions tied up and threatening their families (8 over a period of 2 months). When one of the girls, a sailor fights back. He executes her personally in front of the others to make an example of her.

The death of this sailor alerts NCIS. Bishop calls Adam and Daisy to discuss but Adam leaves since he says that he has retired from there. Daisy phones Bishop to explain that She is following the money trial to try and catch these guys. Only for Adam to kill her, he them gives Bishop a fake trail to throw her off the scent.

Anyway they get help from the creator of the GPS and track the girls to the docks where they take out the guards and save them. They mention the leader though spoke English and also discover that the gun that killed daisy and the sailor are the same but don't match from the guards.

Anyway elle figured out though adam had given her a fake data and that he was the new leader of concubine. He draws on her and tries to kill her but she shoots him in the shoulder and he's arrested and taken away.

Freudain Excuse ?

Meh he's a greedy basatrd. Nothing more.

Other redeeming qualities ?

No. Uh he seems to have a comraiadre with Bishop and Daisy but that's fake like his nice guy facade and he's cool with killing them. In reality he is a monster.

Heinous standard?

You know what sure.

Sex crimes are very rare in the franchise

Who is Eleanor Ashburn?

A sociopath from the day she was born, Eleanor would bully her twin sister Edith even from the age of three and at age four spent her time killing baby chicks and torturing her sister by pricking her with pins. Eleanor was born with an odd power. Anything that she well and truly beloved in could come true. If she belived she has superstwtngth during the full moon or that anyone she killed she in turn would recieve their years that they would have loved naturally. These came with drawbacks though sunlight would weaken her, any pictures of her would weaken her Nd make her lose her power and any light from candles would deflect her powers back.

At the age of six she tried to drown a neighbourhood child before her father stopped her and stopped her. After this he made sure that she couldn't leave the house, the next two years where ahe nightmare. She would could constantly terrorise her family and drive them crazy. She eventually gained enough power at 8 to murder them. She took a hatchet and brutally killed them. Cutting out her mother's jaw, stabbing her father and cutting our his heart, removing limbs from her aunt and uncle. pure horrendous slaughter. Her mother was able to save edith who used the photographs and candles to weaken Eleanor before killing her.

Edit eventually returned to the town at 18, her sister revived from the grave (every person she kills, she gains their yeArs remember with the presence of a blood relative causing her to rise again using those years), edith tried to talk her down but Eleanor as a prick decided to kill her and take her place. Only for Edith to defeat her using bed weaknesses to burn her to dust.She then reburied the body and to ensure that he'd wicked sister could never rise again. Did this very night, she would light a candle and shine it on a photograph of her sister, preventing her resurrection, unfortunately due to killing four people her sister had bought at minimum around 160 years of living. So it contained for 80 years to ensure her sister could not be unleashed on the world.

Anyway Edith eventually passed on after 80 years and have her great great grandniece Adrienne take over. Eleanor discovers on the first night that the candle ceremony hAndy been performed to stop her so she mind rapes and drives to madness a friend of Adrienes whose weak willed into digging her out. She then begins to stalk and terrorise Adrienne, mocking her with her creepy face and taunting beflreI trying to kill her. Only stopped by Adrienne locking herself in and waiting for dawn which hurts Eleanor. During dawn she discovers a secret passage where the ghost of Edith reveals the truth. Adrienne tries to reach out to Eleanor who promptly shuts that down and the tries to kill her with sadistic glee only for adriennes badass cat to attack her taking our her eyes. She then summons marrion to help her but adrienne defeats her and then uses fire to destroy her before taking up the mantle of ensuring this monster will never rise again along with edith's ghost. The book ends with the two lighting the candle while she draws a picture from Edith.

Freudian Excuse ?

No. Th is lady was born evil. She was always a spiteful monster from birth.

Other redeeming qualities ?

Nigh. We hear her thoughts which,reveal she's a spiteful prick, facial expressions of sadism, mocking tone and sadism as well as her hate for her sister and how much shelves terrorising adrienne even giggling. Shes perhaps not the most complex of villains but no GDV.

Heinous standard ?

Oh yeah. Think of it as a quality over quantity one. For someone who has a power or two. She tried to drown a kid, brutally murders her family in a horrific and bloody way all at the age of eight. Terrorise her sister andand niece. Drives a woman to madness. She also has a shit ton of weakness like photographs and candles which hinder her but still makes it in sheer personal bite. One of those that array cuts deep. What do you think?

Anyway a decade or two before Elle, the five year old daughter of the newest Gillespie house members met Genevieve whose been trapped on the earthly plane due to her father. She rather bravely tried to defeat him only for him to brutally kill her.

Anyway elle in the present whose been receiving visions and flashbacks from Geneive (whicj is were all the above stuff came from btw) meets her and two go up against Johnagon whose now a rotting corpse who tries to brutally kill her determined to spite his daughter. Toghter they gather enough strength to smash his skull in, destroying him and allowing Genevive peace and giving Jhnaton justice.

Freudian Excuse ?

No. You see normally being walled alive would be a pretty good fe. Jonathon though was an abusive bastard and murdered BEFORE that happened who was slowly killing his kids. It's treated as an act of self defence. Also if he's so mad at Genevieve for killing him uh,.....why does he kill most of his children w/o don't have anything to do with it or cowardly wait till she's in her 80's and couldn't properly defend herself. Hes just a scumbag who had it commning and that's what it's treated like in universe.

Other redeeming qualities ?

Nope. His worship of the others is purely selfish for power. He treats his children awfully and his family and followers are abused.

He is quite soft spoken as revealed by Genevieve's flashback but is also a cold blooded sociopath

He doesn't talk in his zombie form but Geneive reveals that that he does know what he's doing and is very malicious and more importantly we get flashbacks to when he was alive where he speaks quite often showing his cold, cruel personality.

Heinois standard ?

This dude is horrific. He abuses and starves his children in horrific ways. Before unleashing a plague which mutitlates them as young as four. Hes got dozens of victims mostly kids. So yeah for a horror baseline. Easy pass.

market wherein he'll be able to dictate who gets them as a way to purge the world of any he views as scum (You know poor people) as part of a survival of the fittest mantra if you will. Waverly even killed a researcher who discovered a way to create cheap artificial/organic organ hybrids as a way to eliminate the problems of organ transplants and provide a cheap solution which could help even the poor. Waverly said nah to that as it would sst up his profits and killed the dude setting it up as a suicide.

To do this Waverly experiments on the homeless with and then cuts them up to test the organ succeed rate, the first five we're at least done under anaesthia (force of habit. As Waverly loves his work but not the people involved so knocked then out to prevent them struggling from his knife work) but the sixth wasn't and he got sloppy and cocky causing her to bleed out painfully.

Anyway when Eve is sent in the case, Waverly hatches a plan to totally destroy her. He has a rival if hers who hates her and has her assigned to the case using his connections. The two fight and W Averly later has his pet droid drug her and then kill her by breaking every single bone in her body one by one..... journAls from her implicating Eve in fake crimes are planted. This results in her getting suspended and sent from the case as well slowly falling apart due to sheer pressure. Waverly then he threatened the new locoe officer that he would murder his five year old son and the dudes pregnant wife ifo hd didn't do what he said. Like snuck in well the dude was away. Took pictures of his goon w/o t the kid and then sent it to him. Wasn't an idle threat....

Anyway after spending the book getting over her issues since Waverly really put a numberoved her, Eve gets help from her Louise to find out info on the various doctors that are on their suspect list. Louise discovers Waverly's files but his nurse tries to bludgeon her to death. Waverly then decided to cut out lose ends murdering one of his partners who'd had second thoughts and then killing the nurse after Louise wakes up from her coma and identifies her as her attacker.

Waverly then rushes to the hospital to kill Louise (whose the wife of his applet close friend Cagney btw) and holds her hostage planning to remorselesy kill her(and then dispose of the body) despite the fact he admits it would probably destroy his friend Cagney but then shrugs it off because we'll sacrifices are to be expected sometimes(scumbag) and uses her as a shield against eve. Anyway he know goes on and on on how he'll be able to with the help of the state senator whose in his pocket, he'll be ableable to personally chose a no gets itit and take it nation wide, forgoing the world into his own image (and getting lots of profit). Anyway after this gloating session, Eve disarms Waverly with him collapsing into a crying heap with all his plans gone. They say that he's such a cowardly prick when the

Anyway Holmes is vacationing in London during the first book (stalking jack the ripper) when he comes across Nathaniel Wadsworh (Aubrey's brother) when he discovers him ranting about prostitutes and the diseAses they bring as his mother had died of illness. He senses a dark urge in him and decides he plans to transform him into a monstrous like him. Nathaniel plans to use the organs from the people that Holmes kills (these are Jack the rpper murders btw. Holmes is jack) in order to try and resurrect his dead mother. Holmes is interested at first at the idea of conquering death but eventually grows bored and discovers that he just liked killing people

Well?” I asked, letting impatience slip into my tone. “Why did you kill those women one way and begin murdering others here differently?”

“Oh, I’ve found the method of killing isn’t what excites me. It’s death. Whether I strangle someone or flay them open, exposing their innermost secrets, or watch as they slowly asphyxiate behind a closed door, it’s their pain, their inability to conquer death, that thrills me.” He pushed past a skeleton, not nearly as careful as I was while weaving through them. “I wanted to be enthralled by the thought of using body parts to conquer death and reanimate them, but I couldn’t. It was your brother’s dream, not mine.

Anyway after discovering this whole bringing back the deAd thing is boring and after Nathaniel doesn't prove as willing as murderer as he'd hoped. Holmes leaves him to die and take the blame for the jack murders before becoming obsessed with Aubrey Ross herself.

On board a ship where Harry Houdini is framed for murder during the third book Hunting Houdini. During those murders he mutilated a random woman during the chaos and a mocking note is sent to Aubrey indicating the Ripper lives.

In the fourth book, Capturing the devil, Upon Thomas and Aubrey reaching new york he begins a new murdrr spree of prostitutes, killing half a dozen more and mutilating the victims. Aubrey figures that's it's him due to a calling card mark that he left on the orgifinal victims (a uh x craved onto their buttocks.)

Anyway discovering Nathabeuls secret diaries which show that he had a partner and (a hyde to his Jekyll) and that he had never actually killed anyone. They used clues in it to discover that the real Jack's home would be Chicago which they head to.

Anyway upon discovering their, they discover that despite many disappearances theirs been no bodies found their oddly. They meet the sweet Minnie and her apparently loving husband Henry who introduced them to their hotel. (Yeah....).

Anyway Thomas and Aubrey's uncle are poisoned in the hotel with arsenic and Aubrey rushes them to help, now figuring out it was Henry (who is Holmes btw if you haven't guessed). She comes to the hotel and he gasses her and knocks her our before taking her to his basement where he tries to corrupt her (His wife Minnie was disposed off and tortured to death. Their now in his basement with dozens of corpses).

He tries to corrupt her and edge her onto violence

My grip tightened on my found blade, which only seemed to delight him more. Thomas had been correct—he’d coveted me. He’d been savoring the idea of this encounter for months. He wanted to draw this out for as long as he could before his knives tasted my blood.

“You, my dear, may be more of a villain than I am. [[Card-Carrying Villain I accept my horns; I know the blackness in my soul]]. I was born with the devil in me. But so were you, Miss Wadsworth.” “I do not believe in such nonsense as Heaven and Hell.” “But you do fear your darkness.”

I cringed and he smiled knowingly. “I recognized it in you the moment I first saw you. I wanted to help you, you know. Unleash the potential I knew was writhing in your soul. It was difficult, holding myself back.”

He tries to egg her into evil and when she says no while then he prepares to kill her. She fights back with everything she has and is able to overpower him with the help of Thomas. She stabs him in the legs and is about to finish him but stops as it would rob his victims of the justice of a trial and instead carts him off to prison.

Though in a dark irony, Holmes gets his fame by confessing roto the hotel murders immortalizing himself in infany forever.

Freudian Excuse ?

Lol. No see that quote above

Redeemong qualities ?

No he's a sociopath and self-admitted one. Their is nothing good about the dude at all.

Only thing is despite being the Overarching Villain he's only in person in a few chapters near the end of the last book but he males up for it in having sheer eloquence and a really surprising large amount of characterization.

Heinous standard ?

Triple digit body count he's the worst in this series by a long, long mile.


Easy, easy, easy keep.

Who is Count Dracula

Dracula has gotten bored off Translyvania, the land does feed his hunger but he wants more. So after the business of screwing with Jonathon Harker, he decides to conquer England due to the empire it would allow him control ov sSeri er 1/3rd of the world under his vampiric control. Through this he uses his powers to corrupt Lucy Wsterna and Renfeld from across the Atlantic to turn them into harbingers when he gets there due to them being well....of the weak minded that their highly suspictible to him.

Anyway he's recruited some of his followers to transport him onboard the Demeter with the fifty boxes of earth from his homeland. Now the current voyage is going well, untill he smells female menstrual blood from Ekaterina. He uh becomes overwhelmed with lust at the idea of an actual female onboard that he can simply not help himself and turns into most to escape. He comes across a random sailor in his mist form and enters through his nostrils, flowing into his lungs through his heart and all across the man's circulatory system in an executing process. He then reforms into human form, blowing up the dude from the inside (This is uh unique.....).

Anyway he bites Ekaterina which allows him to start to corrupt her and bend her to his creepy whimes. Harrington finds her and he's interrupted and tries to recuperate her. Anyway Drac is patient, he would love to just kill the entire crew and size her but he doesn't know how to sail so that would doom him. So he needs to wait till their closer, that said he's kinda a dick and is bored of the prendre of a random sailor snoring at his cabin hold SO uses his powers to summon a deadly storm (calculated go be just enough to keep everyone on their toes but not actually sink it). Anyway as they get closer he starts to pick of the few dozen crew onboard and dumps their bodies overboard. Including one sad case of a man who'd come onboard as he wanted to see his father who was dying for the last time as well as his pregnant daughter give birth.

When the first mate comes to the hold in search of the vampire as the cast have becomes suspicious, he unleashes venous sliders on the man who slowly suck him dry and then cocoon him. Anyway he finds Ekaterina and fully bends her to his will, mind controlling her into sleeping with him and then transforming her fully into a vampire.

Harrington decided to take on Dracula in the hold, he has a fire starter and is fine with burning the ship down if it means To stop this minster. The two engage and Drac turns into a wolf. Harrington gets in some good knocks but he's just sadly outclassed. Drac brings him to his knees and then forces a mind controlled Ekaterina to strangle him to death while he sees. Forcing him to watch his own love interest kill him. He then dumps the body overboard.

Anyway now against the captain Niklov. The two fight with Niklov using his rosary to beat them back but he becomes to scared despite wanting to save the girl and runs.

Dracula well decides that well things gave run their course with Ekaterina.

“Am I dying?” she asked, struggling for breath. Dracula smiled in spite of himself. “You are already dead. You are beyond death.” “But I feel like I’m dying.” “The cross,” he said, “left atop your box all day, prevented your wounds healing.” “Will I heal now?” “In time. Were I to allow it.” She gasped against the pain, holding him tightly. “I do not understand.” “You are a delectable little toy.” The vampire smiled cruelly. “But I have many plans for when this ship reaches England. None of which include you.” “I love you. I am yours.” Dracula chuckled, then roared with laughter. He set her bare feet upon the deck and, supporting her weight, stood her against the pinrail. “Companionship… a pleasure, but always a fleeting one.” Anger flashed in her eyes driving the pain, temporarily, from them. She grabbed the rail to brace herself. “You don’t want me?” “I cannot use you. Still, to show you that I too can love, I offer you something I have never offered another in all these many centuries…” Breathless anticipation took over, the wounded vampiress was wide-eyed. “You offer?” “My pity.” He stroked her hair, watching the anger flash in her eyes, and allowed his hand to trail to the nape of her neck. “And a second, even more rare gift… my mercy.” He snatched her throat with lightning speed. (So quickly she hadn’t even time to gasp). “I shall not miss you,” Dracula told her. “But I will most certainly remember you.” Showing neither hesitation nor emotion, he lifted her off the deck and snapped her neck. Her lithe body went limp as a rag doll. Her face was still alive, her eyes blinking, her protruding tongue lolling to one side, a stuttering gasp escaping her lips in an unsuccessful attempt to talk – or perhaps to scream. He grabbed a handful of her flowing dress with his free hand, bunched it at her knees and lifted her over the gunwale. Then he dangled her above the churning North Sea like a goose in a shop window. “We are undead,” he told her. “We cannot die. But we can be destroyed. This is the gift I now give you.” He dropped her with a splash. The living water of the cold North Sea churned around her as if she’d been dumped into a vat of acid. [[And I Must Scream Without muscle control, she could not work her lungs, could not scream (though her mind was shrieking), could not struggle. All Ekaterina could do was vanish beneath the foam-topped waves]].

Anyway he finds Niklov bundled in a corner.

“The girl!” Nikilov hollered. “What have you done with her?”

Dracula stared a threat at the captain. “Like your crew,” he said, “her usefulness was behind her.” He punctuated the remark by washing his hands in the air.

Anyway Drac vampirizes Nilovic and forced hhim on the ships wheel to carry them the last way with him lashed on the whell. He kills him when they reach shore and Drac takes his leave with renfeld and Lucy. Totally victorious. At least till tHe gets staked by van helsing in the novel proper. But hey victories are fleeting.

Freudian Excuse ?

In a work that's an interquel to the original novel. Nah.

Other redeeming qualities?

Nothing for the most part execute a few weird passages I want to bring to your attention.

And now a new feeling! The recent revelation of a woman aboard the vessel had aroused in him… something he had not felt or thought of in generations. An image of his wives, behind at Castle Dracula, flashed in his mind and the words of one in particular, spoken recently in spite, echoed in his ears… He’d just returned to the castle with their… sustenance. He threw the bag upon the floor where a gasp and low wail escaped as it writhed with its living contents. Angry as he was, Dracula paid it no further attention. He found them – all three of his women – in a room they did not belong, doing that which he had forbidden; closing in on Harker, intent upon drinking his blood. He’d stopped them, of course, denying their hoped-for kisses. Then Marishka, his fair-haired treasure, with her usual laugh of ribald coquetry, leveled her accusation. “You yourself never loved. You never love!” The others joined her, filling the room with their mirthless laughter. Gorgeous, ageless maidens, soulless fiends, taking pleasure in his pain. But he had loved and told them so. Long ago and far away, he had loved – deeply. Before that love, leading to that love, he had lusted. Now, starving for life-giving blood, insanely lusting for the female creature here and now aboard the ship, he knew these were not dreams (for vampires do not dream). They were all-consuming desires. In his box, in the dark of the forehold, Dracula felt the overwhelming, undeniable ache… For, indeed, one lust fed another.

Now this is interesting admirably. But it's also said in connection to him desiring to corrupt and sexually assault a random women out of naked lust while already expanding his tastes to mina harker and Lucy. There are implications in the novel that they may also have started off like Ekaterina where he twisted them to his will. It's just lust, not love plain and simple. He never speaks of them with genuine love and even admits that relationships are a pleasure he grows bored of them after awihle as showed by the final fate of Ekaterina.

Heinous standard?

Lots of nasty gruesome murders over and entire Crew. Plus the sheDr cruelty of what he pulled in Ekaterina, Harrington and Niklov easily plummets him over the baseline.


Hes a keeper in my book.

W Ho is The Erl King

A monstrous green tree-person dude. The Erl King lives in the forest where he seems like this enchanting dude and nice guy. In reality he's a huge creeper. He charms women who enter the forest into conning to him where he then seduces or rapes them before branding them with his seering claws on their throat. Or after he's grown tired of them, after seducing them, he then does the whole hand on the throat thing and marks them. He then transforms them into songbirds who he keeps caged. Where they'll be miserable forever. Their voices silenced forever. With him having dozens of cages of them.

Anyway the protagonist is charmed by him to the point they sleep together before he starts to abuse her with her marked. She then realises that when he grows bored of her he intends to get rid off her like he normally does and turn her into another part of his collection. She though outwits him by well he's sleeping, strangling him to death with his own long hair which undies his spell and frees his victims.

Freudian Excuse ?

Uh none given. He can think pretty human like. Avoiding blue and orange morality concerns..

We don't learn much about where he came from barring this :

Even the homely wood blewits , that you cook like tripe, with milk and onions, and the egg-yolk yellow chanterelle with its fan-vaulting and faint scent of apricots, all spring up overnight like bubbles of earth, unsustained by nature, existing in a void. And I could believe that it has been the same with him; he came alive from the desire of the woods.

Which is a speculation on the narrator's part and even true their is no indication of agency issues or that being of the forest somehow means being evil.

Heinous standard ?

He doesn't kill anyone but rape is kinda rare for this anthology. Theirs only one other case in the sleeping beauty story which involves a creepy count sleeping with the dead body of a child. And we'll that's ick. The victim wasn't alive like here so it's not heinous. He though has raped possibly dozens and then turns them into birds for his collection. Only thing is he doesn't kill anyone but he makes up for it in other ways.

Now the stories are pretty dicsconnected but I think him and Marquis occupy unique niches to not step on each other's toes. Torture Technian The Bluebeard vs Serial Rapist The Collector

Eventually her curiosity takes over and she discovers his uh room... You see he has a torture chamber in his basment which is where the key leads Tom their are his three wives. His first wife was on a torture rack where he tortured her for his own sexual satiification before strangling her to death. He then embalmed the body so he can uh watch it's lifelessness. Wife number two was tortured to death on a wheel before he took her skull and turned into an ornament. Isolated bride who was just killed a week ago, was put through an iron maiden. So yeah....

Anyway she is able to send a message to her mother who was once a great hero to come save her using het piano instructed . Marquis finds out, and decided he's going to kill them both. But she is going to be the "exquisite" and slow torture while he he'll just knock him off more faster. Hes sent the servants away so he can have time alone here. Anyway before hes about to kill her, her mother who had received the message and raced here ( She had defeated pirates, nursed back to health a plague ravaged village, and singelhandedly shot and killed a maneating tiger, all before she was even 18) and come to save her. Shooting the Marquis right in the head, killing him instantly

a rage she threw her glass. It's shattered and hits the face of her maid. The blood slashing onto her face, Elizbeth becomes intrigued well wiping it out and notices that her skin has deaged where it hit. Remembering the stories of Bathory from her youth she wonders if they were true after all. So she cleans up the maid, takes her to the bathtub and sliced her throat. Her response is pure sociopath.

She should be horrified. She should be disgusted. She didn’t want to open her eyes – not because she was scared to look upon the literal bloodbath she had created but because she wanted her eyelids to receive the full benefit. She reached out a hand and rested it on the cool flank of the dead maid, the woman she had killed. She realised she felt nothing. No, not nothing, worse than that: she felt thrilled. She felt powerful. She felt back in a place of dominance, feeding off the little people, thriving off their devotion. She felt herself.

Anyway her husband finds out and freaks, she coldly tells him that if he wants to even think of winning her back he'll need to help her. He does so he begins to help her drug prostitutes (dozens) whose throated she slits mda whose blood she bathes in. She meanwhile bangs a young actor on the side, Nyland becoming more and more bitter at this. With her threatening him with being the one to take the fall if he does anything. She treats him like dirt throughout this book.

Anyway a detective named Harrison is investigating the maids disappearance and discovers that their alibi does not check out. So he comes to the manor where their hosting a large party. Their things descend into chaos when Nyland's friend Fabio tries to save him. Nyland says he loves her too much though and kills him with . Elizabeth discovers that her blood remedy comes with a price her skin has started to decay and become ugly. What's in the inside is now outside. She orders Nyland to cover for her and used the blood of her young actor lover to briefly rejuvenate herself. She then heads to the barn in order to take her blood bath.....

Only you see them body dumping had attracted coyotes. Who eat her alive in her bathtub.

Oh and the ending.

‘Hang on, though,’ said Vonda. ‘So you’re saying the police only ever found out about Georgina, the maid? All the other women they killed, all those prostitutes, that went undiscovered?’

Holdaway nodded. ‘They had no reason to look into it any further, did they? They’d never have believed that the blood had that effect on Elizabeth. The people at the party didn’t want to come forward and offer evidence of what she looked like at the end – they hid away and kept their secrets, just like Hollywood always does. The only other man who knew their secret was Fabio and he was dead. All the police had to go on was a missing maid and the dead bodies at the party.’

‘OK,’ Leo said. ‘I get that, but it still doesn’t make sense. As you say, there’s only three people who knew about it so … how come you do?’

Holdaway smiled at that and reached into his jacket pocket. ‘Because my name’s not really Gary Holdaway,’ he admitted, pulling out a small handgun. ‘It’s Frank Nayland – and you’re all going to help me make a comeback.’

make it barring statuary rape and accidental death. Koss played it for the courts that Amy was A a badgirl and that this had been simply her being slutty.

Anyway after Nadia is depressed that one of her hits on a domestic abuser went south. Long story short. She didn't want to kill him in front of his daughter. So let him go. His wife then ended up confronting him later and he grappled with the gun and ended up killing her and critically wounding his daughter. So her boyfriend Jack decides to give her a present to cheer her up. He's found drew Aldrich. Anyway drew sees her at the bar and panics. He calls his old pal koss who decided to tie up lose ends and kills drew.

He then begins to put a hit on Nadia. He's infiltrated the vigilante organsition Contrapasso which hunts down criminals and turned it into a source of information for victims plus here he can secure hitmen. Anyway in order to cut ties, he has the eighty year old Wallace whose a friend of nadia with valuable information. Beaten, then dazed the slit his throat and sent a coyote to eat him.

Anyway Nadia figures out it's Koss and confronts him where they have a Mexican standoff with his second in called Henry.

  • "He's like a feral dog. Intensely loyal, as long as I keep feeding him. And I feed you very well, don't I, Henry?"

  • The man's eyes narrowed.

  • "It's true," Koss said, conversationally, as if he had no idea how much he was insulting his partner. Or he just didn't give a damn. "As you guessed, I joined Contrapasso for the same reason I made my living fighting for justice for women. It's not just a smoke screen but an unbelievably rich source of information and opportunity. Henry's more like you. He has ethics, damn it. And morals. Unfortunately, those ethics and morals don't play nicely with his compulsions and obsessions, do they, Henry?"

Koss figures that Henry is having second thoughts so shoots him. Jack and Nadia subdue him only for their friend Quinn and other compraso members. They want to talk to him discover how Dar the root goes in the organisation. Quinn, Nadia and Jack realises they plan to release him being more of his goons. Afterwards he's going to run. They go in pursuits and track him to his building, taking down his minions.

In a standoff against him. They offer him a shot that they'll give him around thirty seconds head start I'd he confesses to them. Conrned in his office he agrees. Confessing that he's murdered six girls in total along with his many rapes and pedophilia.

Really? Think about it. You know my reputation. You know what I've done for victims' rights, a subject which seems very important to you. Do you want the world knowing that the man who made those inroads was actually a killer? What impact would that have? Not a positive one, I'm sure."

"True. There will be fallout. But none of the advances you lobbied for will be reversed simply because you're exactly the kind of monster they were meant to thwart. In the end, you may have even done one last great service for victims' rights. You are living proof that not all monsters appear monstrous. That decent-seeming people can be as dangerous as any thug lurking in a dark alley. That's an important message, don't you think?"

He only laughed. "It's a pointless one. Think on it some more, Ms. Stafford. And think on this too: no one will reward you for unmasking me. No one wants to see a hero fall. The families of those girls don't need to know who killed them. Now, let's finish this."

Quinn and I did exactly as promised. We retreated into the office Koss had selected. We closed the door. Koss heard it shut and asked us both to recite the first few lines of our respective national anthems, just so he could be sure our voices sounded suitably distant and muffled.

Then we heard his feet pounding and the door of his room fly open. We heard him skid into the hall, sliding on something in his haste. I could picture him there, eyes wild, heart thumping, gun raised, sprinting down the hall, knowing we'd burst out of our room and come after him.

Except we didn't. We simply stepped out and—

One shot. Koss gasped in pain and shock. A second shot. A thud as he hit the floor.

I broke into a jog and wheeled around the end of the hall to see Jack kicking Koss's gun out of the way.

"Huh," I said as I walked over to Koss. "Seems you forgot someone."

I crouched beside Koss. His face was pale with shock. Blood gushed from his thigh. The femoral artery, I was guessing. More blood seeped out around him from a shot to the back. Neither was immediately fatal.

It took a moment before he realized that. He wasn't dead. He'd been shot by a professional killer, at point-blank range, and he was still alive. Hope flashed in his eyes. Then they narrowed, as his brain whirred. We'd kept him alive. We still wanted something. He could use that.

"Quinn?" Jack said. "Could you guard the front?"

Quinn nodded and headed off. I waited until he was gone. Then I flipped Koss onto his back. He let out a squeal of agony as fresh blood surged.

"Hurts, huh?" I said.

I crouched beside him, staying out of the blood.

"The crime-scene report from Amy's murder said she was found on her back," I said. "Just like this. Is that right?"

Koss's eyes rolled with pain. "I need—"

"You need to answer the question. Was she like this?"

"Yes. Is that what you want? An apology?" He gritted his teeth.

"Fine. I'm very, very sorry—

"Don't bother. I was just checking." I put my hands around his neck. "This is how you did it. right?"

His eyes widened then, panic sparking. "N-no."

He tried to buck me off, but he'd lost too much blood, was too far into shock, too far into death, his body shutting down.

"This is how you killed her," I said. "And this is how you'll die."

The end.

Freudian Excuse ?

Hahaha No.

Other redeeming qualities?

He does a wife and kids but not only does he never interact or show them affection. He was cool ditching them. They too are part of his facade.

Oh and as you might have noticed the victim rights thing from his fake.

Also his last moments are that he was cornered so figured it was the only way out.

Dude is a sociopath. Pure evil.

Heibius standard

The worst in the series. Nadia is a Noble Demon and Magnificent Bastard who only goes after the truly guilty and well she dOes execute badguys. They had it coming.

Koss is a predatory, pedophilic rapist with many victims whose killed 8 people with a shit ton of personal villainy.

I might also try for the Helter Skelter killer from the first book (ten victims in his spree) but in terms of sheer horror. Koss is king


  • Coach who failed him at little league. Hes going to rape said couchs wife in front of him and force him to watch before killing her and cutting off his fingers and bashing his brains out
  • His friend Mal who hes been jealous off and remove from his flat because he wouodnt pay his rent. Hell murder his mother right in front of him by bludgeoning her to Death with a hammer and then him

Anyway afterwards hes going to turn himself into a psycho for hire and loan our his murder services to anyone who asks for it. Dude is relishing the attention he's received.

So comming accords his friend Joe. He has him whipped repeadtly , bashes out his teeth and tortures him for an entire day. Untill Eve and her Crew Dave Joe and drag Jerry to prison. Even then he tries to weasel out but she shuts him down and gets the whiny Bastard to admitt it playing off his power fantasize.

Freudian Excuse ?

Hahah No. Dude is a sociopath.Hes always been a good for nothing he just graduated to murderer and monster.

Other redeeming qualities'

Nah he likes to blame his victim's but he's just a sadist who wants to murder a bunch of people who midldy offended him I really small ways becusse he's a prick who can't accept he's responsible for being a loser.

Heinous standard'

Tricky. But you what I'll give it to him. To generate a four person boycount who he tortured and murdered over jsut days when others have taken years to get even close. Plus the fact he's made plans ro murder at least ten more people all in brutal, grotesque ways and b.s. even set it uo so he can do it. Mix it with like really low resources, a shorter period of time he commits these acts, the torture as well his sheer extreme pettiness of his motivation. Plus the fact he plans t continue and turn this into a job for the foreseeable future make me confident he's a keeper.

Anyway from the top:

  • Slashes the throat of Mary Anne Nichols in perhaps the least goriest murder.
  • Annie Chapman was disemblowed and had her throat slit after being asphyxiated and afterards having her uterus cut out.
  • Elizbeth stride was stabbed multiple times before being butchered (which is the one we see at the beginning of the book).
  • Catherine eddowes was stabbed multiple times. While her organs were cut out.
  • Mary jane kelly was bucthered with multiple organs removed.

Anyway the book is spent on letting them cross-over. Mary though wants payback and and end to the murders. She teams up with heroine Evelyn and two find her. (see post above). Jack then hits Evelyn's jaw were a part of it was removed and uses the opporunity to flee. The two cahse her to a subway with Mary taking control of her temporaliy to push her ito the incomming train where she dies for good.

The two began clonning women and began to fund themsleves through a truley sick method. Wilson and Ivcoe cloned women and then raised the girls in their academy. Their then raised to be perfect husbands/sex salves for willing buyers when theyve grown up. The process is often fatal the cloning sytem and some cloes have outright terminted themselves when they found out what they were.

Wilson also forces of his clones used as surrgoacy for his new ones. Wilson having designed to keep his facility going has created artfical soldiers bred for combat. After his death, Wilson perfected a way to reveive himself. A special, younger clone with all his memories and personaility. Efeectvily the monster reborn.

Anyway one of his soldier cannon fodder clones Denah meets Avril Icoe (a special clone that Ivcoe made to be his sons wife). The two fall in love (He uses different samples, so their not related since his clients have different tastes) and decide to resuce the kids and payback Ivcoe for what he did to them. Denha kills Ivcoe]] (He was admintgly the only one who treated the kids with kidness comapred to wilson but lets be honest he had it comming) and then his son.

Anyway Eve and Dallas track the two and discover that Wilson is cutting house. He plans to destroy the cloning facility, killing every baby their including Dinah's. So they race to stop him. Wilson inetionally sets his soldier clones against them. Before finding the machine that would revive ivcoe when ivcoe wants to stop this since wilson has gone too far, Wislon kills him.

Wislon has Dinah's baby and is threathing it. While Wislon rants about how he would have rebuilt the human race and how she and who she was based on were nothing but trash.

  • "There's every point. Over forty years of work and progress, and hundreds of Superiors. You were a great hope, Deena. One of our finest accomplishments, and you threw it away. For what?"

  • "For choice, of living, of dying. I'm not the only, I'm not the first. How many of us have self-terminated because we couldn't go on existing, knowing what you'd made of us."

  • "Do you know what you were? Street garbage, a nit, nothing more. Already in pieces when they brought you to us. Even Wilfred couldn't put you back together. We saved you. Again and again and again. We improved you. Perfected you. You exist because I permitted it. That can end now."

  • "No!" She jerked forward when he jammed the stunner harder under the baby's jaw. "It won't gain you anything. It's over, you know it's over. You can still get away. You can still live."

  • "Over?" His face was bright with excitement. A fever. "Barely begun. In another century what I've created will be existence for the human race. I'll be there to see it. Death is no longer an obstacle for me. But for you ..."

  • He swung the stunner up, and Eve was through the door. Before she could fire, he swung the baby up like a shield, and dove with it.

Anyway Eve beats him and gets the baby safely before HE I Niates the count down to blow this place sky high. She then kills him afterwards

"You'll die! And suffer and sicken and stumble your way through what pathetic lives you have. I would have made men gods. Remember who ended it, remember who damned you to mortality. Initiate failsafe!"

With Dinah gravely injured saving her baby she gives it to Eve. She then confesses that Avril ddint do any of the murders and it was all her (Its a lie but one to make sure her beloved stays well).

Anyway they race away as theirs only miuntes to go. There able to save her before the faicility goes up, though sadly their wasnt enough time to save the others (12 kids in total)

Freudian Excuse ?

Nope. Unlike Ivcoe this dude is just a creep who wanst to impose his view of humanity unto the world.

Other redeeming qualities?

Nah dude is a narcisst driven by a God Complex who wants to impose his view on the world. He views other people as trash and dares to call Deena that to her face. Then deicdes to pull a taking you with me when he dares not get his way.

Hes also a coward who used a baby as a human shield. Cares nothing for Ivcoe

Also no Expendble Clone here. These guys are all treated as genuine people who he hurt.

Also his clone is treated as him reborn. He inserted all his memories and personality into it as a way to come back from the dead. So problem their.

'Heinous standard?"

Easily one of the worst villain in this series. Trafficker who illegally clones women to sell and mould them as sex slaves. Breeds them as cannon fodder. Blows up the several kids himself. Used a baby as a human shield.

Easy keeper.

Palmer kidnaps people only for the real horror begins. Palmer then hangs them and beats and burns them. Then he breaks their feet then hands. He then has electrodes that when attached to different parts of the body, or placed in various orifices, administered graduating levels of electric shock. Basically Palmer will then torture his victims till their nearly dead then electroshock torture then tk revive then. Rinse and repeat. One of his victims lasted three days of this....

Anyway after he'd killed 8 people. Palmer was arrested by eve after his ninth potential victim escaped. Escaping from his offworld penal colony he was sent to to serve his life sentence. He begins murdering all the the people who sent him to prions. Beginning with the judge and then moving into the witness and his laywer. Torturing and breaking them with his awful MO and sending a mocking message to Eve.

Anyway palmer kidnaps Eve's friend Mira and has her put in g is electroshock cage where he says he'll torture her to death if she doesn't come and face him.

Anyway Eve tempts him with the idea of using her instead. Dude practically salivates at the idea of breaking his record as she said last weeks. I mean he's a socpjotah but the idea of an even more tempting offer was too much. As he's about to make the exchance, Eve revelas she'd prepared in advance and uses her gun to cause him to plumnet into his own electoshock cage which Jed activated in preparation for her. Killing him.

begins experimenting on the children in order to research the effects of typhoid fever and a possible curative measures on behalf of the nazi government leading to various deaths.

Eventually though Schiener decides to high jack this operation and turn it into his own personal laboratory. He has Gittel and taken . The dude wants to surpass even mengele himself so kidnaps those three since they were sets of twin for hisg own personal experiments (These ones were off the books from his bosses). Heck He used three of the most important forced workers in the factory which even had some objecting to it.

So he kidnaps all three and begins weeks of painful and awful experimentation. He would starve them over time, then drain blood for them till they felt Ill and were in dangerous conditions. Before bringing them back from the brink and beginning again over and over again, for weeks.

Finally he starves them for two days straight with no food or water for his coup De Grace. He is going to cut them open while still alive and remove their organs without anaesthia. He murders Gregor in this way. With the dude in agony the entite time. Admiring the removal of his heart. Just as he's about to go to chaim whose next. Madame zersosky who acts as one of the outside German workers is actually a spy sent by the polish resistance. She can not stand by this and carefully un handcuffs Grittil who uses the but of a nearby weapon to hit Schiner over the head as he's about to kill her brother and causes him to skip on Gregors blood and crack his head on the floor. Zednsky is able to cover for them by saying he simply fell down and they didn't have anything to do with it.She suggests burning his body to the guards SO as to not creation suspicions on what happened to the doctor they were supposed to be guarding. That he creeper out even them so there not gonna object

Freudian Excuse ?

Nah dude is a cold hearted monster.

Other mitigating factors ?

So let's do this....

He admires Mengeles ideas And experiments but those ideals are not a good thing at all. This is simply his fasction with the mans work wishing to surpass it. His rage at the idea of being replaced. An ego trip.

Also dude is a legit sociopath when he heard Gregors's brother was dead. His response.

Von Schneir looked up from the notebook where he was writing this down. “But why feel guilt? Why mourn? There is still one of you left. Is this a twin thing?” He seemed puzzled.

It is a human thing, Chaim thought, astonished at the man’s question.


Also dude is very soft spoken and sweet talker but that's sweet.

Heinous standard ?

Yeah this dude creeps out even the nazis of this labour camp. This is all on his own. He's easily tge worst nazi in book by A long mile espeucally when you factor in this is a labour rather then death camp. Experimentation on kids, starving them, drawing mass quantities of blood, cutting them up while their still alive and that awful stuff is all stuff he did on his own initiative so their not orders

Mengele himself never appears.

I'd pass this prick. What do you think.

“I’m close now,” Andrew says. He gestures with his arm to the wall to his left where new organs have appeared, nailed into the wall. “His heart, his lungs, his spleen…” Emma retches twice, then vomits. Andrew/Faust grins and licks a finger. “His blood was particularly sweet. Tell me,” Andrew says, turning to Emma, “did you enjoy the boy, Dylan? He was another of my wards, but sadly… we needed supplies. You had to eat. And then my son, Maudley, was of no more use to me… and you devoured him also. I saw how famished you and Seamus were, stuffing your little faces with his meat.” Emma’s eyes are glassy as she stares at the thing that bred her. “We… ate… Dr. Maudley…” “Foul beast,” Cage says, raising his crucifix higher. “Back with you!” Andrew smiles. “Crucisvigil, we meet again. You all have a certain stench about you, did you know? I remember it well from the catacombs.”

  • Loki : Amora aka The Enchantress is a former childhood friend of Loki's who desires control of Asgard at any cost. After being kicked out of Asgard, Amora became a Serial Killer who drains the lifeforce of dozens of innocents in order to keep her magic strong and then conning the families of her victims as a fake psychic by making them believe that she'll be able to make them hear from them. Amora ultimately plans to unleash an undead army on Asgard and crown herself queen after the bloodshed that will and is even willing to murder her best friend Loki to ensure that she has no rivals even threatening the life of his Love Interest if he doesn't help her.
  • His hideous Heart: The Judge aka Jason Thomas Hurley is a misogynistic, Fundamnatlist killer who targets girls aged 15-25 and kidnaps them 11 days before the full mooon. The Judge then keeps them in an electroshock cage in order to torture them in order to make them "confess" to their "harlotry". After the full moon is over, The Judge drugs them and cuts their hearts out while their still alive and concious as trophies before dumping the bodies. The Judge even proves himself a complete hypocrite in the end by targeting the virginal Lauren, showing himself to be just a sadist who hides behind pretensions of holiness.
  • Monsters of Verity: This duology set in the city of Verity features these monsters both figuratively and literally which plague it:
    • Sloan is a Malachi

    • Our Savage Song: Callum Harker is a former mob boss who took over the north of the city of Verity and proves himself to be worse then most other monsters. Enslaving the bloodthirsty Malachi and Corsai, Harker unleashes them on the city in order to take over, killing hundreds of innocents in his bid for conquest. After a peace deal allows Harker control of the north of the city, he creates an environment of lawlessness and crime there which causes his wife to flee with there daughter Kate. Callum then coldly sends Sloan to retrieve Kate, shrugging of his wife's death which occurs as a result of Sloan. When the years of peace threaten his position as top dog, Harker puts out a hit on his once beloved daughter Kate and tries to force her Love Interest into killing Kate using that as a pretence to allow him to restart the war which would result in the deaths of hundreds, willing to throw every redeeming quality f his away if it puts on top.

There souls are then damned and sent to hell as payment to Lucifer. Faust having done this to hundreds of his children over his thousand year life. In 1583, Faust was under the alias of Dr John and married a sweet women named Hermoine. She thought he was in love with her. Yeah no. Faust and her created the Mill House mansion. Faust would murder the residents and workers including their kids for power boots, gleefully. When his wife found it, he had accused as a witch and burned alive with a lugh. She was at least able to have there son Nicholas spirtted away from him.

In 1853, conjurer Rowan and some of Fausts other kids (emma, Cage, Andrew, Seamus and Rapley) are given an invite to meet at Mill House. There she meets the adopted son of the head of the house Dr Maudley in Rapley. The two fall in love due to them realizing they were once childhood sweethearts till the man in black (Faust) took him away from her and sent him here. Anyway Seamus and Andrew disappear with Maudley following suit, with the death of the maid Ms. Goode they invetsiagte. Cage reveals hes part of an order created to take down Faust for good and that Rapley and Rowan are half-sblings...after they'd already slept together (I am sad at that reveal since they were legit cute together....).

Anyway Rowan meets with Lucifer whose kinda sorta a father too just like with Faust who she makes a deal with in retrun for owing him a favour (She didnt sell him her soul or anything). You see even he thinks Faust is a prick and would love to see it end badly for him but a deal is a deal and he cant quite break it off. Anyway they discover Seamus whose being tortured with all his organs removed on a wall, kept alive if barely in agony. Andrew arrives and in a suprise reveals that he is truly Faust, not Maudly like the book had implied. Maudly was one of his kids and as noted above, he recounts how he gleefly ate him and fed him unwittingly to them. Faust kills Emma and Cage in the fight and relases his gaseoline which he ingnites as a way to escape. Rapley throws him into the fire instead and takes Rowan and runs for the exit. Hes able to just make it by sacfrcing himself for her. Rowan wakes up...and finds out Faust sruvived the blast and is in his carriage leaving. After discvering herself pregnant by Rapley, she vows to end that bastard. With the edning set in modern times, showing she and her daughter still hunt him.

Freudian Excuse ?

Meh. Immmortaility at the cost of innocent people is never symoahtethic.

Other redeeming qualities

Hahah No.

Hes gleefuly evil. Loves it. Is proud of it.

His wife and kids meant nothing to him.

Also yeah the book is open ended but uh the author hasnt annoucned a sequl or anything in the near future.She said she liked the open ending ness of it. She was battling depression so Faust kinda became the emndoiment of those horrible feelings

Plus does this guy going to get a redeeming qualitie. A guy who gleefly eats, bucthers and then damns his own childrem. Really?

Heinous standard?

Yeah uh.....No probelm there. Only Villain and uh this is such a disgusting MO that yeah.

Freudian Excuse ?'

No not really.

Other redeeming qualitioes?

Nah Tate is a carciture. Hes a psycho uber-religious Fundaminilist who thinks women should stay in the kitchen and they will under his "planned government". Ryman is a pretty decent guy in contrast. He is just a power-hungry monster though who will throw anyone under the bus to get ahead

The companion novel Feedback reveals he has a wife but it also states that the two just have a marriage of convence and appernlty havent even been seen together in years. They apppernlty dont like each other very much. They also dont interact, nor he does even mention her.

Heinous standard?

So the CDC are nasty with the whol killing of reservoir patients and relasing of new deadlier viruses in a world control scheme. Yet Tate has helped fund them in these efforts and on his own Tate kills dozens with an attempt at hundreds. Hes also a more personal enemy then any of the others. His killing of a main protganist, what he did to Ryman, killing several secondary characters. Plus planning to help the CDC attain power so they contuie the virus spreading thing. Id argue that he makes it due to being on a lower ring yet still horrfically nasty.

Freudian Exuse ?

No not really. Malachai hunt people for blood but THIS is abnoramly evil. Sloan doesnt even eat anyone from anyone he kills. He likes to kill just becuase. Even the smallest of redeeming qualities they have like gratditude for hardwork or appreciation is something he spits on. Hes a sadistic fuck that even his own race think is crazy.. He and Alice are 1000X worse then any other malachai in the book. Plus you know what Sunnai are also born from violence and capable of good, so why do we assume Malachai cant when creatures born the exact same way as sloan are capaabale of good deeds.

Othe redeeming qualities

Nah. Hes evil and loves it.

He doesnt give a shit about his own kind as you can tell.

Hes okay with alice seemingly but he beats her if she says anything he doesnt like and reveals hes going to kill her after this with a smile.

No loayl;ty to Callum either.

Heinous standard

Not even an issue. Sure Callum started the first war so you could argue he has a higher boydcount overall and is resonible for strating the second one but Sloan is still stupidly nasty. In the second one kills hundreds,tortures and mutulates several people, the whole thing with Fangs is something he commissioned plus his final plan on south city. Plus his awful treatment of minions. I'd say pass.

Plus the invasion was all her idea. So yeah pass.

I dunno what verse this is supposed to be. Googled and it was its own thing.


  • Grim: In this anthology with an updated spin on classic stories from the Brothers grimm, these villains stand out as true monsters:
    • Light It up: In this adaptation of Hansel and Gretel, the unnamed Ranger is a seemingly kind man who welcomes strangers into his cabin but is in truth a depraved Serial Killer. Bringing people into his cabin with the promise of food, he instead drugs and butchers them for food which hes done to hundreds of men, women and kids proven by the photos of the victims he keeps in his personal trophy case. Capturing the heroine Greta and Hansen, he remarks as he plans to cut up and kill a distressed Hansen, how nasty hes going to be to eat.
    • Skin Trade: Helm and Calen along with their repentant brother Locke run the band Skin Trade and are Serial Killer 's. Kidnapping women with flawless skin, the brothers, they take them home and skin them alive in order to sell the skin on the black market with Helm and Calen partaking of their blood and flesh afterwards. After locke fells remorse and falls in love with a girl and plans to leave them, out of spite Helm and Calen kidnap her intending to butcher her. When Locke tries to save her, Helm offers to let her live for perhaps another day before he kills her if hes allowed to butcher and eats part of Locke, being such a gleeful psychopath that hes in love with the idea of eats parts of his own flesh and blood.

So after waiting till after the stuff with the hungry Gods and family of immrortals which has left the Droods devasted and vulnerable, they make there move. Attempting to assassinate Eddie, Peter drags him into Limbo to torture him with visions of everyone whoose ever died in his life. Anyway molly frees him and they had to off to Alexander's building, where they discover his grizzly work. Alexander keeps the beasement of his headquarters, a torture chamber with several bodies kept on disdplay. Outnumbered, they bluff there way, Alexander not sure if he could actually beat them yet, decides to not take the risk and lets them go.

Anyway Peter and Dusk make there way to the town of Little Stoke whhere the gap between Earth and Hell is nearest. They capture the thousnads of residents and experiment on them using the device, putting them in immense suffering that the droods are forced to mercy kill the survovurs as there too far gone. They also kindap the best eapons manufcters in the world for there plans. Anyway with a little help from Heaven itself, Eddie invades there base and shows no mercy to any of them. Eddie is betaryed by Peter who reveals his true colours as the satsanists leader, well trying mocking Eddie for this. Eddie turns the tables and kills Alexandre before destroying the influence machine and trying to trap Mc Alphine in the timeless moment where he'll be stuck for etenity. Anyway Peter escapes and tries to kill him, only for Eddie to jsut shoot him. The Droods then kill or forecfully convince every world leader to stop the sacrfice. And the day is saved.

Freudian Excuse ?

No. Nothing for Alexandre. Peter's reasoning for doing this is insane and maybe one of the pettiest ive ever seen in any work, Eddie got him demoted so he wants to become a child mass murderer.

Other redeeming qulaities

Hahah No. If your curious its Peter who came up with this plan and helpefd set it up but its Aleexandre who used his infulecne to help make it work. So I belive they can both count. eddie calls him out on what a ptehtic creep he is in one of my favourote moments in the series:

“Oh, come on,” I said. “You know you’re dying to tell me. How did a little nobody like you end up leader of the satanic conspiracy?”

“Because of you, Eddie,” said Mac Alpine. This is all your fault. None of it would have happened if it hadn’t been for you. I was happy in my job, away from the field, coasting along. I’d had a good career, if somewhat unappreciated, and was actually looking forward to an early retirement. Go down to the coast, somewhere quiet, grow roses . . . And then you ruined all that by screwing up what was left of my career and humiliating me in front of my bosses! You made me look old and useless, and that . . . kicked me awake. Made me realise that my life wasn’t over until I said it was over, and that if I wanted to be great I’d have to make myself great.

“So I used my old contacts to make a new life for myself, and let my ambitions run wild. I had access to all kinds of information at MI-13, and I used it to hunt down the last vestiges of the old satanic conspiracy. There were still quite a few of them around, deep underground, waiting for someone to provide them with a new vision. Britain’s ruling classes have always had a dark side. . . . And so over the past few years, while you and your precious family were busy with the Hungry Gods and the Immortals, I quietly used the contacts I’d made through a long and mostly successful career to put like-minded people together. It was actually remarkably easy to assemble a new satanic conspiracy; I’ve always known people on every side of the fence. All part of doing business in the spy trade. Of course, I had help. Alexandre Dusk was the last of the old-school Satanists, and a bit wary until I explained my remarkable new scheme to him. And then he couldn’t get on board fast enough. He was happy to be the public face of the new conspiracy, while I put everything together beside the scenes. Until I was ready to launch my revenge on a world that never properly appreciated or rewarded me, despite everything I’d done to protect it.”

“Molly was right,” I said, when he finally paused for breath. “It’s always the sad, embittered little men you have to watch out for. . . . I think counselling would probably have helped.”

He glared down from the stage at me. “You don’t get it, do you? Everything you and your fellow Droods have been put through was done at my command. Planned, designed to push you to the edge, provoke you into more and more extreme reactions, to drive you step by step out of the Light and into the Dark. Everything we did was intended to provoke increasingly extreme reactions from you, until you . . . were as bad as us. Look back at everything you’ve done since you started fighting us, Eddie; were you ever so vicious, so violent before? I think that’s what’s pleased me so much about all this: watching the prim and proper Droods become another bunch of thugs.”

I remembered Molly saying, You can’t fight evil with evil methods. Fighting evil is supposed to bring out the best in us, not the worst. And I remembered all the things I’d done to the Indigo Spirit and to Charlatan Joe, two of my oldest friends . . . all in the name of revenge.

“You see?” said Mac Alpine. “You’ve all done questionable things in your quest to stop us. You’ve used torture and intimidation; you’ve killed people to make yourselves feel better. You’ve demeaned yourselves, Drood. Oh, we went to a lot of trouble to work out schemes best suited to bring out your dark side. . . . And do you know why, Eddie? Because only those who stand in Heaven’s gaze have Heaven’s strength, and can hope to stand against the forces of Darkness. And you and your family aren’t qualified anymore.”

“You came close,” I said steadily. “But not close enough. We didn’t come here to fight evil men; we came here to rescue your prisoners. We didn’t come here to punish you for what you’ve done, but to prevent the Great Sacrifice and save a generation of children. It isn’t what you do, Phil; it’s why you do it.”

heinous standard

The Great sacrifice is one of the worst thinsg featured in a Simon R Green novel. Attempting to kill every child o nearth done to babies uh... in order to open up a portal to hell to beirng about eternal dammnation. The two kill thspoaunds on there own. Easy pass.

Other redeeming qualities

Hahah no. Hes not loyal to Merlin. Hes not told Stark that Merlin cant actually resurrect his wife and plans to betary him. He even thanks for John for elping kill his compatriots in Queen Helena as it allows him the entire nightside for himself. He is a douchy peace of shit.

Heinous standrd ?

I actually think so. Merlin's entire reign is only possible due to Artur. the torture, genoicde is only due to him which puts those two way above all the other villains in nightside and most in secret histories. That and on his own, he thretahen the entire population of the nightside during unnatrual inquerer and plans to convert the entire thing into a nightamreworld. So yeah I pass him.

Also another cm quote suggestion?

we have King Artur, of Sinister Albion. For every glorious dream, there’s a nightmare equivalent, somewhere in the time-streams. For every helping hand, a kick in the face. In Sinister Albion, Merlin Satanspawn decided to embrace his father’s qualities instead of rejecting them, and brought up young Artur in his own awful image. Under their direction, Camelot became a place of blood and horror, where knights in terrible armour feasted on the hearts of good men, and Albion blazed from end to end with burning Wicker Men. The only reason I haven’t killed Artur on general principles, is because I’ve been too busy with other things

Secret histories follows Shaman Bond, aka Edwin "Eddie" Drood, black sheep of an ancient, superpowerful family (the Droods) that protects humanity from its nightmares. The books are a take-off of Ian Fleming's James Bond books with a supernatural element to them. I call Shaman , the anti-James Bond becuase despite starting off as an expy of him, he really changed. Hes totally faitfull to his girlfriend Molly Metclaf (The two stared off as enemies too due to her being part of a free magic terrorist group while him being an uptight law and order type) and is with her throughout the entire series from book one as a loving couple (Barring one time before he met her where he slept with a sex andorid in the prologue), despises killing unless its required (Granted hes still killed a crapton of evil people) and has both parents alive too.

So from book three From Hell with Love

It's no walk in the park for a Drood, a member of the family that has protected humanity from the things that go bump in the night for centuries. They aren't much liked by the creatures they kill, by ungrateful humans, or even by one another.

Now their Matriarch is dead, and it's up to Eddie Drood, acting head of the family, to figure out whodunit. Unpopular opinion is divided: it was either Eddie's best girl, Molly. Or Eddie himself. And Eddie knows he didn't do it. Meanwhile the nefarious Dr Delirium has discovered the Apocalypse door, a way to open the gates of either heaven or hell. Now Deliriuim 's agency is gone as direct contact with the door drives its user crazy. That said his boss due to being careful about it and not touching it doesn't have that issues.

So whose the villain?'

I present to you Methuselah , the ancient immortal head of the family of immortals.

Anyway thosuands of years in what was Britain, an interdimensional criminial which lived of cuasing chaos and destruction to every dimension it went to crash landed. Known as The heart, one normal man went to it and asked to be made immortal with his family. This amused the heart and since it was bored. It agreed with him allowing him to pass off immortailty to his kids, they can be killed though it takes extreme effort. They then passed it down to there kids and so on though it wasnt as strong as the original. Over the centuries, the family under him would stoke conflicts thoughout history and infiltarted the droods, sabtoging critical missions and giving powerful and dangerous artifects to madmen like Truman of Manifest Destiny.

Anyway Methuselah wants to after centruies gain the ultimate prize, entry into heaven. Since hes a wicked monster, he knows that cant happen naturally, so plans to invade and conquer it himself. He hires Delrium and the rogue Drood Tiger Tim and helps fund the creation of the awful acceleration drug. The drug gives its user superstrength but at the cost of there mind turning them into a killing machine whose body just gives or they turn on each other in rage. The process is agonzing. Which literally destroys there mind and will kill them, they lay a murderous siege on Drood Manor wich kills over two hundred people without telling the thousnads of soliders what it will do to them.

Exctract: Dom tried to smile. “I’m a mercenary, soldier for hire. Killing’s what I do. But before this, I was always a professional. The Drug changed all that. We were lied to, all of us. No one said the Drug would turn us into monsters. I don’t owe those bastards loyalty anymore. Not after what they did. Ask me anything.”

Anyway after Shaman's girlfriend is "killed", shes fine she just teleported, he swears payback on immortals and goes with the bride of frankenstein and springehll jack (Did we tell you this series is like an Urban Fantasy series on crack yet) and attacks castle frankenstein. In the land around the castle, the immortals had massacred all of the superntural inhabitants. Methusleh and his immortals enslsaved the kobold species, turning them into slaves which threathens there extiicntion.

Extract: “The Immortals own us now. Generations of kobolds have been born in this cold stone tomb, never to know the comforts of the dark, and the earth, the mines and the gold. Once there were thousands of us, then hundreds, now less than one hundred. We do not belong in this world. And we were never meant to be slaves.”

Anyway giving a grand speech in the hall, since he likes the sound of his own voice.

“We are everywhere,” said Methuselah. “We are everyone. Or at least, everyone who matters. We supply a word here and a push there, and the world goes the way we want it to. Always remember the Creed I gave you. Words to live forever by. Greed is good. Contempt is good. Hate is good. The crushing of the weak and glorying in their plight is good. Anything that profits us is good. Because we . . . are all that matters. No one else lasts long enough to matter. They come and they go but we go on. Everyone else in the world is just there to serve us, or for us to play with. They are mayflies. We are Immortals. Now, my special guest tonight is the man you’ve all been waiting for . . .”

(CM page quote ?)

Anyway he reveals his plan, after cutting off the hand of an angel who died in the Nightside during the angel war where the angels of hell fought the angels of heaven over the unholy Grail (Long story). He created a hand of destiny which gives divine power, with it he'll be able to change the apoclypse door and change it from a door to hell, to a door to heaven. There hes gonna outright massacre his way across heaven to make himself king.

Anyway upon seeing Shaman, he leaves his people to die and goes to Tim and Delrium. Tim is probably worth an ep of his own which Ill hand over to lighty (Hes possibly doing Adrian Drood, the Overarching Villain of the first few books who gave Tim information). Anyway Molly saves Shaman and they face off and kill most of the immortals for payaback for what there crimes casuing the rest to scatter.

Anyway Methselh heads of to Area 52 where Tim and Deelerium are. The three are bickering with each other with each having there own plan. Shaman and Tim engage with there Drood torc armour (power ranger like armour that there able to summon around them that gives them superpowers) with Shaman killing him. Molly "loses" the hand of glory with Methusleh having a knife on her throat and using her as leverage and opens the door,....only to get inincerated by the light of heaven and sent to hell for his crimes due to the fact that the light is fatal to mortals. Lol.

Freudian Excuse ?

Nah being powered up by the heart doesnt affect your agency. The Droods were able to use it without turning evil. We also see his other immortals are capable of redeeming qualities so he is just a monster.

Mitigating factors?'''

He doesnt give a shit about his family. Hes evil and is pretty accepting of it:

A teleport circle, back in Castle Frankenstein,” said Methuselah. “The moment I realised my home’s integrity had been compromised, I went straight to the circle and came here. Nothing can be allowed to interfere with what I have planned for the Door, and myself.”

“You ran out on your family?” said Molly.

“The strong will survive,” said Methuselah. “The rest don’t matter.”

“You came here alone?” I said. “You didn’t even wait for the rest of the Elders? The ones who believed in you?”

“They know where the teleport circle is. It’s up to them to use it.”

“So that’s what immortality does,” said Molly. “It makes you a selfish little prick.”

“Let me fill you in on what happened, after you ran away,” I said. “I brought my family into your Castle, and the Droods went head to head with the Immortals. Your family is dead and gone.”

“All of them?” said Methuselah. “Not one of them got away?”

I shrugged. “Maybe half a dozen. They ran, like you. And I’m sure there are still a few out in the world, somewhere, pretending to be other people. It doesn’t matter. We’ll hunt them down and kill them.”

“Don’t,” said Molly. “Don’t smile like that, Eddie. Don’t gloat. It doesn’t become you.”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Methuselah, and his voice and his face were as calm as ever. “I’m moving on. I would have left them behind anyway.”

Heinous standard ?

Has lead an empire thats fostered wars for thousnads of years, funded the creation of a drug that drives it users insane, equipped lunatics like Truman and Tim with havoc weapons, ensalved and nearly led to an entire species nearly going exteinct. Plus tried to vonquer heaven even if it woudlnt have worked....still attempt was there. Plus abandoning his family to die. One of the all time worst in nightside and secret histories as well as one with the most amount of resources too barring Lilith and Merlin. Only rub is that he lacks the persoanl villany of some of the other monsters like Crow Lee and Tim but in terms of sheer scale and bodycount I give it to him easily.

As I said before Tim is also ep worthy but Ill hand him to lighty.


Easy keeper

Otyer mitigating factors

Nope he doesn't actually care about his family at all and makes that clear.

He's also no WIE or anything as it's revealed that he doesn't care about his people or land and would be fine seeing it die if he could take out his sadistic whims.

Also yes he didn't create the plague but he was aware there was a way to save everyone by freeing nora (the only one of brothers who did) and actively sabotaged it dooming thousands of people to death including his own suster just for sadistic kicks.

So yes he does bear responsibly here.

Heinous standard

Each story is in its own universe so they don't need to be compared but sian is easily the worst their. Slaver, Sexual sadist, torturer, murderer and willing to let thousands die

If your curious on the others.

  • Birds of azalea: Based on read window. Leonard is a creepy perv who has been photographing the three girls that live next door to his house and may want to kill or kidnap them buy he's killed by the benevolent monster before that happens. Not quite to cm level.

  • in the forest dark and deep: Based on Alice in wonderland. The second villain the March hare is bad enough. It mutilated over ten people including 4 kids who were just eight years old but it has a villainous friendship with the villain protagonist to the point where the two are legit friends and even help cover for each other. He racks his claws over her upon her request to throw the police off but makes sure she's okay first and even keeps watch over her after that to ensure she's okay. Kinda sad as an evil man sized rabbit cm would have been something.

  • Emmeline: Doesnt have a bad guy.

  • Hide and seek: A lose mix of final destination and the crow. A girl is murdered by her abusive stepfather and is given a day in order to outrun death to get her life back. She takes a third option by killing her stepfather and using his soul as a replamt returning to life. Awesome story but step dad isn't heinous enough.

  • The dark scary parts and all: No one dies here.

  • Verus chorus verus. : Based on songs by Nirvana. It involved a teen idol being sent to an insane asylum where She gets her mind eaten and then does the Same to her mother who sent here here.

  • The flicker the finger the best the sigh: Based on i know what you did last summer. 4 kids accidentally kill someone and suffer the consequences.

  • fat girl with a knife : Based on zombieland. Zombies don't have agency.

  • sleepless: Based on psycho. A serial killer who stalks girls using internet chat rooms. He also talks to his mother's corpse and is genuinely crazy. When he picks up one of his victims. She turns the tables on him. Turns out she's a serial killer as well and stalks creepy pervs and killers using these chat rooms before brutally murdering them. She tortures him to death and sets fire to his house.

  • M: Based on well M. Kills one person.

The girl without a face: Based on what lies beneath. A creepy jerk jock who sexually assaulted a girl and caused her go kill herself out of despair is haunted by her ghost who drives him insane to the point he's permanently instuitollzed as he's so off he controls tries to kill himself.

  • stitches : No one dies.

  • on the 1-5: Based on death proof. Serial Killer of woman and the next ep.

So yeAh pas

Anyway after kindapping Tony, the two talk (In this contuity despite Iron man being active for years. Hes enver meet Mandarin just heard about him). Anyway Mandarin in order to keep control and fear in the hearts and minds of his troops runs a gauntelet on his island. The prisoner is relased and Mandarin kills them and brings back there head. Manadarin though usually posions the person whose taking part due to the water he gives them in order to give them an adavnatge (Dude likes for people to think hes "honourable"). Anyway Tony relaises that water is laced and deliberlty doesnt use it, giving him an adavatge. The two fight with Mandarin having had the entire thing filmed. After he kills Tony, he plans to relase the footage and crown himself as the man who killed the guy behind the Dublin bombing (The thing that He plans to frame Tony for). The attention hed recieve as a "hero".

Anyway was feeling in a ghost mood. So checked out a few. This one had a a keeper.

Anyway during a preety cool fight with them going hand to hand, Yony beats him. He calls his minions to get Tony so Tony takes this opporutinty to skidaddle. Mandarian and two mooks chase him to a cliff and to there suprise Tony jumps off it. They leave thinking hes committed suicide. Instead Tony had a piece of tech thats attahed to his ear that they misssed which he uses to call one of his suits to save him. Anyway Mandarin orders that sasorie be killed of since shes escaped. This horrfies one of his minons since shed need to kill a kid but relaultnly goes along with it since she knows failing him ends badly. He once had a person who served chi tea rather then hibuscus tea strangled to death. P Lus minions who fail him are given the test. He has then clenced in his vice like grip and forces them to chose one of his rinsg. He then opens it and unleashes whatever it does on them. Antimatter, fire, ice beam, electrical shock .... Still Sasorie gets away and the mook instead covers her tracks by prentdning that shed killed her.

Anyway Iron man in the meantime goes to intercept the pyromaniac asshole that Manadarin sent to kill the crowd and ministers. The two duel and Tony beats and subdues him. Mandarin hearing of this failure tries hsi conitegncey plan (As he says its called a contigencey plan. Namining it plan B would indicate a failure or that it was inferior to the original). Hes going to wipe out the ships that carry 5 of the ministers using his Special ship along with there entire crews which number alot...(dozens). Hell kill the other two later as he said but for now he needs to follow through with most to keep his plans up. Anyway after he finds Sasorie he becomes pissed and electrcially tortures the mook that let her get away and kidnaps her to use her as a way to get an adavnatge on Tony.

Anyway Tony defeats his minions and saves the ship. Manadarin sends him a message , he has captured the girl and will kill her if Tony doesnt come to him alone. He then reveals his Ace as he says a way to mess with his opponent emotionally that he was the one who killed Anna. Tony goes to confront Mandarin whose attached one of his rings to Sasorie which has virous whih is biometrcially linked to him. Should he die (i,e. Tony attempt to kill him with his armour rather then fight him mano amono. It will kill her), if he wins hell let her go. Anyway Tony defeats him and removes his rings but Sasorie had gotten te ring off . Mandarin reveals that he was planning to kill her anway no matter what happened. He calls back his rinsg as there biometrcailly linked to himself, saying on how he'll kill them. Only to dsicover that Tony and Sasorie sabtgaoed them so that theyd detonate and go critical. Anyway they leave as they go crtical and he detonates killing him off for good (Uh maybe. ? They leave his survival a slight possibiliuty just in case a sequel could ever happen.

Freudian Excuse /

Dude is produly evil and loves it. He even tries to do an Evil Laugh while talking to Tony since thats whats all the clciche badguys do but hey it is cool. So he says why not (shrug)/

Other redeeming qualities?

Hah ha no.

Nothing good about this guy other then the fact hes badass and Wicked Cultured. But hey Evil Is Cool isnt a disqaulifier.

Heinous standard/

Its in its own contuity but he easily passes. Torture, trying to kill a kid, attempted murder of thousands, Bad Boss behaviour.

That and hes got some personal villany in

\Freudian Excuse ?'

Nah. Unless you call being a petty jerk one

Other redeeming qualities?

Not really no. So from the top.

She doesnt actually care about house Navarre. Shes fine with abandoining them and is also rsponible for getting them into finanicial trouble with a mob like consipracy in order to finance her lavish lifestyle (This will be the source of an ep that scragss will do).

She does at least try and act like in the first book that shes doing this to help vampoires and put them on top but this is shown to be bullshit. What she actually wants is fame and attention from the public and later books have show shes perfectly trying to create catastrophic things for vampires (Drugging them up on a rage drug that threathens there safety or starting a war with shapeshifters that would end in countless deaths). Basically as long as shes able to go fowardand gain her fame then who cares about anyone else

Also yeah she did get betaryed by Tate (whose a fucking Knight Templar nut) but that was kinda her fault since she got so blinded by what she hought she was going to get she underestaimted how much of a douche. Hell even her final moments are her spitefully killing Merit's Love Interest which was all her.

Heinous standard?

As the series first Arc Villain. I think she makes it. Unlike say Mercy thompson and Dresden files which have an aboslute crapton of killers, rapists and torturers. Most of the villains in this series are....Generic as hell. (Book 8 for example has a really underwhelming Serial Killer for example), so the worst of the worst like Celina really stand out.

Well her plan to war with humanity you could argue is to much in its early stage. She does make at least make a few steps there such as riling up tensions in the city.

That said the other stuff : Trying to start a war between the shapeshifters and Vampires which would kill hundreds ( Since she planned to killthe shapeshifter dude duting the confernece where every shapeshifter in the west coast was in the city) and helps spread a rage drug that turns vampires feral and into a killing rage, Id argue would be more then enough as thats far more then pretty much any other badguy does. There are only two other badguys whove tired/done a higher bodycount in the series (David Tate [kinda. Its weird] and the Big Bad of the final three books) but Im going to give Celina a bit off leeway here as David is a powerful Fallen Angel and said Big Bad is an extremly powerful Evil Sorceror. There both much stronger then her as shes a normal vampire without any special abilities and still manages to be extremly nasty. Add in the fact her extreme pettiness and the fact shes the most personal villain in the series by far and Id say yes she does make it.


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