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Anyway I did modern faerie tales a bit ago. Holly Black, the author would expand this universe and add a few more novels which take place years later. The first was The darkest Part of the forest which came out in 2015. 8 years in and out of universe since the end of modern.

So who is the villain and what has he done?

May have a more controversial example I think is worth discussing anyway.

The alderking was once a noble in the court of Queen Silairiel, after she had him exiled centuries ago for some unexplained reasons. The king was highly greedy and ambitious and set about plotting to one day return. He discovered the town of fairhold and came with magical swords alog with his daughter sorrel.

Freudian Excuse ?'

Nah. He was an evil prick before he ended up with the snake and well his desire for venagnce comes from being trapped there. He plans to toss the entire of humanity down with him who had nothing to do with what happened to him. While being an Ungrateful Bastard who takes advantges of his duitful wife and has zero care for her or the other reapers. Nothing is played for sympahty. Its a shitty thig that happened to a shitty guy.

Other redeeming qualities?

The series emphasises free will. He choses to be like this and could be good. This isnt his pre-ordained divine nature.

He doesnt love his wife. Views her as tool and is highly dickish to her. Is a shitty boss to the reapers despite them spedning centuries trying to free him and is an all around asshole.

So pass.

Heinous standard?

The worst. Hundreds of thousnds of deaths in his first chaos war. He founded a system of human sacrcice