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An Urban Fantasy series written by Diana Rowland. It follows the adventures of the titular Kara Gillian, a demon conjurer and Homicide detective living in Beaulac, Louisiana.

During a routine demon summoning, things go wrong and Kara accidently frees the handsome angelic looking high level demon named Rhyzkahl who later makes a deal with her: He’ll help her with her cases if she agrees to be his personal summoner.

  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: The Symbol Man kills people as part of a ritual to summon Rhyzkahl as he plans to get rid of him, to avenge his wife who was killed by Rhyzkahl during a botched demon summoning ritual years back.
  • Serial Killer: The Big Bad of the first book, The Symbol Man has his victims tortured over a week before killing them, in hopes of being able to eventually summon the demon who killed his wife to avenge her.
  • Soul Eating: The Big Bad of the second book is a Serial Killer which consumes the souls of their victim's.

An Anthology series of 20 unconnected stories written by various authors but with the general theme of vampires running through each. The series was edited by Christopher Golden.

Created by the authors to harken back to the days when vampires were figures of enormous horror and before vampires were turned into romantic heroes and antiheros that occurred later with he anthology aims to showcase the bloodcurdling horror of vampires.

The authors of the stories in this anthology are Brian Keene, Charlaine Harris, David Wellington, Gary A. Braunbeck, Joe Mc Kinney, John Ajvide Lindqvist, John Langan, Kelley Armstrong, Laird Barron, Leigh Perry, Lucy A. Snyder, Lynda Barry, Michael Koryta, Rio Youers, Robert Shearman, Scott Smith, Seanan McGuire, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Tim Lebbon

     Kamen Rider Sociopath 

Although a franchise aimed at children and teenagers, a disturbing amount of villains and even heroes have shown to have sociopathic personalities, ranging from low-functioning thugs to high-functioning masterminds.

  • The franchise's most iconic villain, the Great Leader, is a classic example. In his original canon backstory, Great Leader was once a Tiberan monk and Necromancer named Chao Mao who evolved into a Transhuman with a Lack of Empathy and an intense God Complex. The Great Leader is responsible for founding criminal organizations and trying to exterminate the population of Japan on numerous occasions. In his first incarnation, he created the (in)famous Shocker to give birth to a new monstrous society under his rule, placing like-minded military personnel and former Nazis in high-ranking positions within Shocker. When his commanders were killed, the Great Leader massacred his own soldiers as punishment and allied himself with another terrorist group to become even more powerful.
  • Although a case could be made for half of the cast of Kamen Rider Ryuki, it is Breakout Villain Takeshi Asakura who takes the trophy. A realistic portrayal of a low-functioning savage, Asakura is an Implacable Man who suffers from a pathological tension that can only away with senseless violence and is incapable of acting like a normal human being for too long. Asakura was so bad to the point of killing his own family at the mere age of 13 before becoming a convicted Serial Killer, joining the Rider Fight solely to hurt as many people as possible. Despite being The Dreaded for all the other participants, his sociopathic nature; specifically his Hair-Trigger Temper, actually prevents him from planning his moves and making use of his strategic Advent Cards, as he usually lets his Blood Knight tendencies control him when he's in the middle of a fight.
  • The Psycho Party Member for the anti-Smart Brain group in Kamen Rider 555 is Masato Kusaka, a superficially charming and petty Designated Hero who is only loyal to himself, repeatedly manipulates everyone around him to further his own agenda with a Slasher Smile on his face, and only fights alongside the protagonists for two amoral reasons: He is a Yandere towards his childhood friend Mari and possesses a genocidal hatred for all Orphnoch out of Fantastic Racism. Like many sociopaths, Masato doesn't know how to learn from his mistakes, and continues to be a danger to himself and others even after his mask is taken away from him. It becomes painfully obvious later in the series that his "love" for Mari is not genuine at all, seeing her as his own object of affection that belongs only to him. In The Movie, Kusaka is a soldier for the Human Liberation Army who is indifferent towards his comrades, coldly demanding more food for himself because he "does the work of several people". While he does have a Freudian Excuse and suffers from mild PTSD, Kusaka's defining character trait is his habit of being an Entitled Bastard who tries to get people killed out of spite.
  • On the other side of the same coin, the innocent-looking and obnoxious Kitazaki is an isolated teenager with No Social Skills who found work as a Psycho for Hire for the largest alliance of coordinated Orphnoch, Smart Brain, because he can only ease his boredom with murder. The last of the original Lucky Clover mercenary agents to be introduced, the only thing important for Kitazaki is Kitazaki, and he could care less for his superior's Master Race philosophy, considering both humans and Orphnoch as toys for him to play with all while never raising his tone of voice, which ends up making him The Friend Nobody Likes for Smart Brain's elite. Not even the other assassins are safe from him, as he regularly bullies and creates lethal games to challenge them during their missions that could endanger their lives. Tired of his sociopathic antics, even his compatriots ultimately decide that Kitazaki is a lost cause and find a way to deal with him themselves.
  • Masato Mishima from Kamen Rider Kabuto is an amoral Military Maverick for the ZECT paramilitary who was appointed to be general Riku Kagami's Number Two, but takes advantage of his high-ranking position within the organization to be a ruthless Token Evil Teammate who prefers to do things his own way and feels no empathy for the lives of civilians, going as far as to ally himself with the enemy of ZECT, the Worms, to further his plans. Mishima not only tortured a young boy as part of an experiment, but he also imprisoned him in ZECT facility and regularly visits him in his cell to mock his hatred for him; all this torment eventually drove the boy to become a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. Despising the Riders who refuse to join ZECT, Mishima ordered an unstable ZECT captain to stalk and kidnap the best friend of Daisuke Kazama, an innocent little girl, and keep her as a prisoner. During the development of ZECT's most powerful Transformation Trinket, the Gatack Zecter, which was dangerous enough to kill those who were not worthy of its power, Mishima sent a number of soldiers to their deaths by ordering them to come face-to-face with the Zecter, badly injuring squad leader Shuichi Tadakoro in the process. As a participant in the AM Bomb operation, Mishima was assigned to help with a hostage situation, but instead of trying to save the civilians that were captured by the Worms, Mishima felt more interested in simply nuking the place as a way to take care of the problem. In his ultimate act of villainy, Mishima betrays his direct superior and usurps ZECT's leadership to support another antagonist in his plans.
  • Keisuke Nago, an elite Vampire Hunter and the main user of the IXA System in Kamen Rider Kiva, is character whose sociopathic qualities originate from his firm belief in For Great Justice. A Tautological Templar who sees everything in Black and White Insanity, Nago desires to purge the world of evil and possesses a massive, yet warped sense of righteousness that made him play a part in the suicide of his own father by exposing him for taking a bribe; Nago shows no remorse for effectively committing Patricide, going as far as to keep a button from his suit as a trophy, which would inspire him to collect buttons from the criminals he brings to justice. Even with his superiority complex and cold demeanor, Nago was allowed to join the Wonderful Blue Sky Organization and rose through their ranks until he became their top agent, his position making him an important ally in the war against the villainous Checkmate Four. Thanks to the presence of The Hero, Nago would slowly lose the most negative traits of his personality, while refusing to leave his sense of justice behind.
  • The leader of the Checkmate Four, the seemingly high-functioning Vampire Monarch King, proved himself to be the worst Fangire by not only being a domestic abuser who once threated to kill his own baby son as punishment for his wife having been cheating on him, but he also ordered genocides against other Demon Races out of sheer Fantastic Racism, transforming three surviving monsters into sentient weapons for his arsenal before torturing the human violinist who had fallen in love with his wife, Otoya; allowing the man to play his instrument for one last time and then casually stopping him because it was a "waste of his time". His inability to comprehend the meaning of true love and his sense of ownership over his own wife disgusted his partner to the point where he abandoned him for Otoya.
  • In contrast to the King's intelligence, The Brute of the Checkmate Four is what you get when you place the mind of a dumb child in the body of an agitated grown man: a disturbed Psychopathic Manchild. Unlike many examples of sociopathy in fiction, Rook is in fact handsome, muscular and has the potential to be incredibly competent in his own right, single-handedly almost wipping out an entire race off the map when performing his duties, traits which would be normally seen in high-functioning examples; but his apparent low IQ, combined with the savagery that comes with being a low-functioning sociopath, results in him placing more importance in taking lives for his own personal enjoyment, torturing himself with electricity and eating ice cream instead of actually doing his job right.
  • Tsukasa Kadoya, the Anti Anti Christ protagonist of Kamen Rider Decade, is the first main Rider to be a genuine sociopath, getting better thanks to Character Development. Prior to losing his memories, Tsukasa was offered a chance of working for Dai-Shocker as their Great Leader, and gadly accepted it because he believed killing heroic Riders was going to be fun, abandoning his own agoraphobic sister without hesitation. Tsukasa's worst crime as the Great Leader was to dismember the right arm of one of his scientists. After he lost his memories, Tsukasa unknowingly betrays Dai-Shocker by becoming the passing-through Anti-Hero that we all love. Regaining his memories in The Movie, Tsukasa quickly threw his two best friends under the bus and attempted to continue his quest to subjugate parallel dimensions, stopping only when he had his position taken away from him, which soon led to The Power of Friendship redeeming him. Even as a hero, Tsukasa still retains some of his old sociopathy by allying himself with the Time Jackers in Kamen Rider Zi-O.
  • Shinkuro Isaka, from Kamen Rider Double, is one of the most extreme cases of antisocial personality disorder seen in the franchise. Isaka is an elegant and cultured man who at first glance appears to be a harmless physician until you realize that there is something very wrong with him. Not only is Isaka a self-aware sociopath and a proud Card-Carrying Villain, but he is also a collector of Gaia Memories, being immune to their negative effects solely because his mind is already warped enough. Using his own Weather Memory to commit serial killings around Fuuto, Isaka slaughtered an entire family in the process before getting a solid career as a Psycho for Hire for the largest group of Gaia Memory distribuitors by having one of their members falling in love with him. Continuing to kill people, Isaka alters the Gaia Memories so they would kill their users for him to take their powers for himself and upgrade the Weather Memory.
  • One of the first allies in Kamen Rider OOO is Kiyoto Maki, a brilliant Mad Scientist for the Kougami Foundation who, as a child, had an unhealthy obsession with his sister, which resulted in him burning her to death as punishment for abandoning him. While initially erasing the memories from his head as a way to cope with the murder, Maki shows no remorse when his memories resurface, adopting her nihilistic philosophy that "something's true value is only known when it ends" for himself and deciding to use the Greeed's ambitions for him to cause The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Of the Greeed themselves, Kazari fits this the best. While the other Greeed as evil as they can be have sympathetic qualities, Kazari is just a selfish Psychopathic Manchild who is fully prepared to throw his own brethren under the bus if it means more power for himself. As their worst member, he even later allies with Maki's world ending plot and causes the deaths of some of the other Greeed through his manipulations just to slake his seflish ambitions.
  • Sora Takigawa, the Evil Counterpart to Haruto in Kamen Rider Wizard, was once an impulsive, misogynistic young man with magical potential who became something much worse, all while hiding his sadism behind the façade of a giggling, jovial Enigmatic Minion. An eccentric hairdresser and part-time Serial Killer who murdered girls with long hair because they reminded him of his first victim, a woman who had rejected him; Sora was responsible for dozens of disappearances before his transformation into a Phantom. Like Isaka before him, Sora's Lack of Empathy ended up acting as a shield for his personality, keeping his hatred towards women intact. As the Wild Card that he is, Sora manipulates and plays everyone against each other, succeeding in becoming one of the Big Bad's lieutenants and eventually usurping his position; once he becomes the leader, Sora orders his Ghouls to indiscriminately slaughter the citizens of Tokyo because he doesn't want to waste his time repeating the methods of his former boss.
  • A rare benevolent example is found in the form of Kaito Kumon, the Sociopathic Hero of Kamen Rider Gaim. Suffering abuse as a child at the hands of his alcoholic Abusive Dad, and eventually losing both him and his mother to suicide, Kaito grew up to be an arrogant Blood Knight whose sociopathy was first apparent during his high-school years, when he was disappointed in his peer and future rival Kouta Kazuraba for apologizing for having bumped into him instead of fighting. As an adult, he adopted an Übermensch philosophy that made him a Nominal Hero who unintentionally joined Ygdrasill's Renegade Splinter Faction, only to leave them and finding a permanent position as the Supporting Leader of La Résistance. Unlike the other much worse sociopaths in the show, Kaito is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who does want to "save" humanity by destroying the world and reshaping it to create an utopia where oppression doesn't exist.
  • In the same show we are also introduced to Ryoma Sengoku, the Up to Eleven example of all realistic high-functioning sociopaths in the franchise. Despite his status as the worst human in the setting, Ryoma was once an Anti-Hero who slowly became the monster that he is in the quest to achieve godhood. Like Kaito, Ryoma was also abused as a child and was forced to see the "death" of his predecessor at Ygdrasill, whom he accidentally killed in a failed experiment. Becoming increasingly more ruthless and uncaring, Ryoma truly respected his best friend and superior Takatora Kureshima, but eventually realized that his bond with him was not going to work simply because the man was not evil enough, deciding to take matters into his own hands by ruling Ygdrasill from behind the scenes until he could finally dispose of Takatora and satisfy his narcissism. Ryoma's own antisocial personality disorder got bad to the point in which he spent more time with like-minded sociopaths such as Psycho for Hire Sid, rather than with Takatora.
  • Tenjuro Banno of Kamen Rider Drive is a more high-functioning example. A cold, cruel man, Banno sees absolutely nothing wrong with making Heart, then simply 002, take the form of a businessman who declined to fund his experiments and then beating him viciously with what seems to be a cattle prod. And when Krim decided to end his partnership and friendship with Banno out of disgust, Banno thought he was joking. He's got such a grandiose sense of self-worth that he doesn't even love his own wife and children, seeing his kids as nothing more than test subjects. It's heavily implied that this character trait is the reason he chose to steal a Roidmude body instead of just uploading his consciousness into one in the first place. Being as cold and callow as he was, he'd have no way of attaining the emotional highs necessary to attain Ultimate Evolution. To get around this, he opted to wait until one of his own creations did so and then hijacked its enhanced form.
  • Masamune Dan, the real Big Bad of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, is a Corrupt Corporate Executive who sees all those around him, including his own son, as products for his company. For years, Masamune dreamed of transforming Genm Corp. into the biggest industry in the world, and to reach that goal, Masamune allowed his mentally-unstable son to trigger Zero Day, the first Bugster outbreak, and the subsequent perfection of The Most Dangerous Video Game Kamen Rider Chronicle, taking countless lives in the process. After regaining his position at Genm Corp. by force, Masamune wages war against the CR by blackmailing Hiiro, promising to delete his deceased girlfriend's data if he doesn't follow his orders; one of which was to kill his friend in a botched surgery. Masamune's ultimate plan was to recreate Zero Day in worldwide proportions so he could have control of every human on earth.
  • Masamune's deranged son, Kuroto Dan, inherited all of his father's megalomania Up to Eleven to the point he became the perfect example of malignant narcissism in the franchise. As a Teen Genius working for his father at Genm Corp., Kuroto infected his fan Emu Hojo with the Bugster Virus just because the boy sent him a creative concept for a new game. Caring only for his sickly and frail mother, Kuroto infected her with the Bugster Virus so her data could be stored and started the aforementioned Zero Day. Creating the augmented reality game Kamen Rider Chronicle, Kuroto designed it so all those who lost or quit the game would die in real-life, forcing the players using the mass-produced Chronicle Gashat to keep fighting Bugsters until they die due to their horrible stats in comparison to high-tier Bugsters and experienced Riders. Even after joining the CR as their Token Evil Teammate to counter-attack his father, Kuroto was kept under tight supervision to not go out of control again.
  • While not as bad as Tsukasa, Takumi Katsuragi, the real identity of the protagonist of Kamen Rider Build, is a borderline sociopath whose crimes are motived For Science!. A prodigy from the day he was born, Takumi was nicknamed "The Devil's Scientist" by his co-workers at the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics due to his obsession for the Pandora Box. After having his ideas of illegal human experimentation rejected by his superior, Takumi began using people as guinea pigs and was fired for his crimes, only to be recruited by the terrorist group Faust shortly after as their head researcher, where he was allowed to continue his experiments, going as far as to exploit a pre-teen girl's Psychoactive Powers even if the experiments resulted in her having comas. After regaining control of his body, Takumi fought alongside Team Build to stop the Big Bad Evolto but was initially still sociopathic to a degree, showing arrogance and lacking the ability to understand friendships. Despite his many sociopathic traits, Takumi is a Well-Intentioned Extremist at his core who genuinely loves his parents; he just never knew how to express those emotions, and is totally against the Omnicidal Maniac activities of Evolto.
  • Worse than Takumi is Juzaburo Namba, a man who lives solely for War for Fun and Profit. The chairman of Namba Heavy industries, a powerful Private Military Contractors company that provides military power for the three states of Japan, Namba helped with the creation of Faust and participated in the plot to ignite the Civil War that took countless lives. Adopting orphans to turn them into Child Soldiers for the Namba Heavy Industries, Namba sends them to each state when they are adults so they could spy for him, ordering them to commit suicide if they are caught. Wanting to reunify Japan with the Pandora Box's energy and transform the country into a superpower under his rule, Namba wishes to extend the war to other parts of the world in a Military Coup until every country is assimilated into his "empire". Namba also imprisons failed Faust experiments in a POW Camp, a place where they were forced to fight each other to death; with one being partially beheaded by two Kaisers and their sawblades, to see who could receive the Sclash Driver.

  • The Great Leader of Shocker serves as the Overarching Villain of the Showa era and an archetype to many of his successors of the Henshin genre. Desiring to rule the world, he kidnaps countless innocents to experiment on and brainwashes them into becoming his soldiers, even torturing them with electricity to test them. When his organization Shocker would start to falter by the efforts of the heroes, he founded Gel-Shocker, slaughtering all of his soldiers in retribution for their failures. He then resurfaced in V3, where he would create the organization Destron and attempted to launch Operation: Japan Annihilation, which would release Deadly Gas across the entire country and take the lives of millions and he even attempted to throw his own son in a pool of acid for defying him. He resurfaced again in Skyrider, where he manipulates the Neo-Shocker group to gain more power, attempting to wipe out the world's oxygen and exterminate humanity to spite the Riders. In the movie OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders, he resurfaces as the final villain to use time travel to conquer the world, even murdering his own generals to achieve victory, believing in achieving power for himself no matter what the cost. Defined by his monsterous God Complex and desire to remake the world in his own image, he represents the very worst the franchise has to offer.
  • Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja is the archetypical evil Rider of the Heisei era and a psychopath that is drawn to violence and wishes to perpetuate it. Originally an escaped Serial Killer who joined the Rider Fight, Asakura murdered his own family at the age of 13 by starting a fire in their home and would rack up the highest body count amongst the Riders. A vicious sadist, he's responsible for breaking the hands of the intended Kamen Rider Raia, Yuichi Saito, and the murder of an innocent woman, who turns out to be Miho Kirishima's sister, thus making getting revenge her reason for becoming Kamen Rider Femme; Asakura would later use a child as monster bait, with him willing to let her be killed to fuel his thrill for carnage. To top it all off, he kills his own estranged brother by feeding the latter to his Contract Monster, Venosnaker. Returning multiple times to torment future Riders, Asakura frequently sides with Shocker as their Psycho Supporter; brought back in 2015 due to re-alterations in time which led to world domination, Asakura quickly became an enforcer for Shocker and tried to crush La Résistance led by Shinnosuke Tomari and Takumi Inui, who opposed their regime. Revived in 2017 by Foundation X, Asakura leads the Beast Rider Squad and terrorizes the Cyber Rescue team, beginning his new series of crimes by murdering a police officer and beating Satsuki until both of her arms were broken. Confronted by Emu Hojo, Asakura pushes his head into a bucket of glass and uses two of his comrades as shields during his battle against Hiiro Kagami, killing them. Asakura's evil is so great that it lives on in the franchise, with Asakura acting as a Fountain of Expies for numerous other villains.
     Showa Series 
  • Kamen Rider: Former Nazi, Colonel Bakarashin Iinodevitch Zol, joined Shocker and quickly gets a reputation for brutality. Transferred to Japan to deal with Kamen Rider 2, Zol brainwashes children into become Shocker troops and gases an entire town. Apathetic to the fates of his own soldiers, Zol dismisses their deaths and even tests the powers of a resurrected mummy-like kaijin by letting him murder one of his mooks. Using another infectious kaijin, Zol has him kill a group of innocents, forcibly converting the survivor into a disease-carrier to spread more suffering. In the sequel series, Zol works with Doctor G to unleash toxic gas in Hokkaido and killing the innocent civilians.
  • Kamen Rider V3: Marshal Armor/Destron Rider is the fourth and final Destron Commander. When he assumes command of Destron, his first act is to plant evidence against their head scientist, Jo(u)ji Yuki, whom he views as a threat, and execute him via acid pit. Knowing the man values his hands for his work, Armor begins the execution by burning one off first. From there, Armor launches a number of deadly schemes, including attempting to cover Tokyo in nerve gas, kidnapping children for slave labor, and unleashing Vampire-Chameleon on more children to feed off their blood. When Vampire-Chameleon kills a pair of his own men, Armor coldly remarks that if they weren't so weak they wouldn't have died. When ordered by the Destron Leader to launch a nuclear assault on Tokyo, Armor kidnaps a scientist's family to force him to work on the weapon. When he frees the heroes, Armor has him killed, and hangs his corpse outside the Destron base as a warning to all who would defy him.
  • Kamen Rider Amazon: Ten-Faced Demon Gorgos is the leader of Geddon and a brutal sadist with a taste for human blood—which gives him power—and giving ironic deaths to his own men. A subordinate to Ruler, Gorgos is introduced pouring incendiary blood over the Amazon rainforest, burning a tribe alive and wounding Daisuke Yamamoto. In his mission to defeat Daisuke and obtain his bracelet, Gorgos punishes those who dare to fail him, through such means as burning; consumption by vampire bats; and exposure to the sun. Gorgos makes sure to ruin Daisuke's life by killing people close to him, and laughing at their deaths. In one occasion, Gorgos discovered that Daisuke was a close friend to a little girl, and he had her father Eaten Alive by a giant snake. After kidnapping several students from an elementary school, Gorgos has them tied to the ceiling and tortured with hot gas. Growing bored of drinking men's blood, Gorgos uses his servants to try and capture young women, and later children, for him to drain their blood. Capturing a human criminal, Gorgos turns him into the Ant Beastman, praising him for his violence even after he had attacked his own allies. Before his ultimate defeat, Gorgos invaded a local university and slaughtered multiple people with acid.
  • Kamen Rider BLACK: While Gorgom was a Cult led by literal monsters, these two Psycho Supporters prove that Humans Are the Real Monsters:
    • Professor Hideomi Kuromatsu is a Nobel Prize winner who moonlights as Gorgom's chief scientist. The man responsible for converting victims into mutants, Kuromatsu's MO is to propose a Deal with the Devil to young men, promising to make their bodies stronger by performing an experiment that makes them worse, which once resulted in a suicide. After making a deal with Kohtaro's close friend, Kuromatsu turns him into a Wolf Man and confesses to using him as a guinea pig. Kuromatsu orders his subordinates to cause several car accidents for him to save the injured victims and send them to a Training from Hell where they shoot and throw grenades at each other until they are prepared to become domestic terrorists.
    • Ryuzaburo Sakata is the Pro-Gorgom leader of the EP Party. With the help of a psychiatrist, Sakata kidnaps artists and brainwashes them into becoming spies for Gorgom with RSD and hypnosis. Sakata teaches young musicians about the "Devil's Melody", a song that can damage a person's senses, ordering a girl to play the song in a public location. After stealing a prototype from a benevolent man, Sakata takes advantage of his political party's boy squad to make himself look like a peacemaker and spearheads a systematic Genocide from the Inside against the sickly and frail with a machine that supposedly cures their illnesses but slowly kills them instead.
     Heisei Phase 1 Series 
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga: While the Gurongi Tribe is a race of Serial Killers, three of them stand out as among the worst of their kind:
    • The Gurongi lord, N-Daguva-Zeba, is a sadistic Blood Knight and Social Darwinist who cares nothing for the lives of humans or his own kind. Upon being reawakened, Daguva releases his 200 Gurongi, slaughtering the archaeologists who found them. Restarting a brutal game in which the Gurongi hunt humans, Daguva kills over one hundred of his own kind for being too weak to take part in the killing game. When the titular Kamen Rider defeats one of his henchmen, Daguva ambushes him, mercilessly beating him and incinerating countless innocents before leaving. Continuing his systematic genocide, Daguva attempts to bring about "Ultimate Darkness", turning humans into twisted, vile creatures like himself and even after being fatally wounded by The Hero, dies laughing, hoping the latter will become as evil as himself.
    • Go-Jaraji-Da, the Porcupine Gurongi still stands as the standard to which other kaijin-of-the-week in Kamen Rider are compared to even years after he blighted television screens in Japan. Jaraji uses his upper-class privileges to choose the 90 teenage boys in Midorikawa High School's 10th grade as his targets for his game. Using super speed and poisonous darts that kills his victims from encephalitis within four days, Jaraji terrorizes and poisons all but one of his targets, condemning many of his victims to slow, brutal deaths and drives others to suicide. As those who commit suicide do not count to his Gegeru, Jaraji compensates by killing high-school boys belonging to other grades and numerous policemen. Most of the other Gurongi are either required to participate in the Gegeru or merely see the Gegeru as a necessary duty. Jaraji, on the other hand, commits his crimes precisely because he enjoys himself watching living beings suffer and coldly admits this to a family before closing in on one of his targets.
    • Go-Jaaza-Gi, the Shark Gurongi, is the only female member of the Gebageru subgroup and a Dirty Coward who stands in contrast to her battle-loving compatriots, choosing those who cannot fight back as her targets. Assuming the form of a well-dressed, glasses-wearing woman, Jaaza posts blogs on the internet to announce the massacres that she'll commit minutes prior to hunt for victims. To start her game, Jaaza infiltrated a plane and slaughtered the elderly passengers, forcing the pilot to send a distress call to the police before she killed him as well to make the plane crash; this incident alone had 244 casualties. After impaling Godai's shoulder with a harpoon, Jaaza planned on invading a cruise with 324 people on-board, most of which were children, intending on ending their lives simply because killing them would be "too easy".
  • Kamen Rider Ryuki: In this battle of where There Can Be Only One, these Riders stand out as particularly vile:
    • Jun Shibaura/Kamen Rider Gai is a rich, Machiavellian college student and a Psychopathic Manchild who sees people's lives as tools to satisfy him. Recreating the Rider Fight in the form of a computer game that would send subliminal messages to players, Shibaura convinced his own colleagues to participate, always recording the loser getting brutally killed in the process. Putting himself in the position of ORE Journal chief editor, Shibaura planned on spreading city-wide violence by sending his program to their subscribers, and threatened to burn Shinji's Dragreder card if he tried to stop him, which would result in him being devoured by his Contract Monster. When Ren is unable to decide if he should kill him or not, Shibaura takes the opportunity to attack him, mocking Ren for not having the courage to kill him, stating that if a person is a Rider, then killing is a must. Meeting with Asakura, Shibaura gives him Zolda's true identity, despite the fact that he was the one who released him from jail, and gleefully watches Asakura holding a group of people hostage. In his last act of malice, Shibaura kidnapped Yui to reunite the Riders in order to make a "Rider Party" where he could see them fighting each other in his own definition of the ultimate game.
    • Masashi Sudoh/Kamen Rider Scissors is a detective who uses his position to cover up his illegal acts. Asked for a larger share of the profits by his partner, Sudoh kills him and plasters him into the wall of his own shop to hide the evidence. When Shiro Kanzaki offers him an Advent Deck, Sudoh agrees in order to use the Contract Monster he's given, Volcancer, to feed it anyone who knows of his crimes, doing so to countless people who've come too close. He later attempts to kill a reporter inspecting his shop and Shinji Kido after he offers peace, along with anyone close to him to keep them quiet and hold Yui hostage from Shiro. With his crimes discovered, Sudoh follows it up by feeding two cops attempting to arrest him to Volcancer before he succumbs to the same fate as them. In spite of having little screentime, Sudoh was the first demonstration that some Riders were selfish people with only their own interests in mind, willing to stoop to absolute lows.
  • Kamen Rider 555: In this Cyberpunk world that stands as one of the Darkest series in the franchise, these select two stand out:
    • Kitazaki/Dragon Orphnoch is a Lucky Clover agent who cares more for his own enjoyment rather than the Master Race philosophy preached by Smart Brain. A sadistic teenager with the power to turn everything he touches into ash, Kitazaki, who lives solely for fighting and killing, sees the war between humans and Orphnochs as an opportunity to never feel bored again. Shortly before the events of the series, Kitazaki took part in a massacre that left several Ryusei students dead, killing Mari and Sawada himself. When in the presence of other Orphnochs, Kitazaki uses his abilities to physically hurt them, such as pressing his fist against their cheeks. After obtaining the Delta Gear, Kitazaki uses it to engage in brutal confrontations with other Riders, and tortures another Lucky Clover assassin when he tries to steal it from him. If the mission he is given is not fun enough, Kitazaki creates "games" to challenge the rest of the Lucky Clover, such as promising to slap other members in the arm if he kills their target first, knowing this would leave them without a limb. In one of his games, Kitazaki decides to kill their king, the Arch-Orphnoch, a being living inside the body of a little boy, just to prove his superiority, despite having the information that this would result in the extinction of his entire race.
    • Masahiko Minami is a radical human scientist working for Smart Brain who belives that Orphnochs deserve to be experimented on. Introduced stopping a police investigation, Minami recruits an innocent detective to spy on an Orphnoch, and orders his death when the man began sympathizing with Orphnochs. In his facility, Minami keeps an Orphnoch inside a glass box, calling him an "abomination". Minami believes that if humanity accepts the Orphnochs as equal beings, then humans will not be "pure" anymore, seeking to disable their shapeshifting abilities so they can die as monsters. Making a deal with Smart Brain to use Orphnochs as weapons, Minami captures Yuka and electrocutes her, ignoring complaints that the experiment could kill her, as he considers her a "worthless life". When she is saved by the Orphnoch he kept in a box, Minami sets up a squad of heavily armed officers to eliminate Yuka, Kiba and Takumi, indirectly causing her death. When his base is attacked by an enraged Kiba, Minami leaves his staff to die and escapes, but is later found and killed by him, spending his last moments laughing at his face and stating that the Orphnochs will never succeed. Existing solely to show that Humans Are the Real Monsters, Minami proved himself to be far more evil than many Orphnochs.
  • Kamen Rider Blade: In the battle royale to become the dominant species, many competitors had good qualities, but these selected few only care about themselves and crossed the ultimate line in an attempt to achieve victory:
    • Hiroshi Tennoji serves as the series' true Big Bad and absolutely reeks of obsession for self-preservation and world domination by any means necessary. As the head of BOARD, he creates the Battle Fight by releasing the Undead and manipulating his contracted Kamen Riders to take them out. As the battle progressed, he invented the Trials and the Titan Undead, all so he could buy himself time to create Kerberos, an artificial Undead with DNA from all 53 Undead that could surpass the Black Joker itself. Tennoji's invention kills the entire BOARD staff upon being born from the Stone of Sealing before he seals the artificial Undead to create a new Change Card. He uses the card to transform into Kerberos II before revealing his dream: to create a new world order with himself as its ruler. Wishing to remake the world under him, his actions would produce countless tragedies throughout the series.
    • Isaka/Peacock Undead exemplifies how low manipulative bastards can go. As the first Category Jack Undead, he designed Rider System 3, a belt that allows the user to transform into Kamen Rider Leangle. Unfortunately, that same belt requires using an improperly sealed Ace card that contains the Spider Undead, meaning that its user would be mentally enslaved by the Undead (as later seen with Mutsuki). After designing the corrupted Rider System, he brainwashed many people that he was going to use as expendable slaves to create his "Ultimate Rider". When this plan failed, Isaka turns his attention to Sakuya Tachibana and attempts to retrieve him as a prototype user. Isaka knows about Tachibana's subconscious fear and takes advantage of it to curbstomp him. Isaka tricks his defeated opponent to getting addicted to Schuld Ketsner seaweed, lying that the aggression-inducing plant would eliminate fear. When Tachibana's girlfriend Sayoko notices her lover's addiction, Isaka smugly kills her for attempting to clean up her lover.
    • Shinmei/Wolf Undead is the third Category Jack and is, like his predecessor Isaka, a calculating scoundrel. Possessing the unique ability to revive human corpses as his minions and having infiltrated human society as an "Undead Hunter", Shinmei goes on random killing sprees and then sends his squad to eliminate his victims, hunting other Undead in the process. Pretending to be an ally of BOARD, Shinmei completes the Black Fang, a motorbike which he had stolen from the company, with the help of Kenzaki and Tachibana, massacring his own crew afterwards and intending on using the motorbike to seal every other Undead and become the strongest.
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto: In the war between the ZECT paramilitary armed forces and the intergalactic invaders known as the Worms, these three show themselves to be the pinnacle of evil in the work:
    • Masato Mishima, the second-in-command of ZECT, is, due to his selfish behavior, their Token Evil Teammate. In the past, Mishima captured the young boy that would become Dark Kabuto and performed horrendous experiments on him to unlock the power of the Hyper Zecter, keeping him as a prisoner for years inside a ZECT facility in Area X. Assigned to oversee the development of the Gatack Zecter, Mishima wastes no time in sacrificing the lives of his own soldiers to see who is worthy of its power. Mishima allies himself with the Worms to stop the independent non-ZECT Riders, framing Daisuke for the murder of a rival makeup artist and later sending an agent whom he forced to eat nothing but dry boiled rice for the last seven years of her life to pose as a cadet to get closer to Tendou in a plot to assassinate him. Taking part in the AM Bomb operation, Mishima is disappointed in his superior for attempting to save the civilians that were made hostage by the Worms in Area C3, informing Arata that if he fails the negotiation, he'll just nuke the entire district. After the existence of Worms is announced to the world, Mishima turns himself into a Native and conspires to do the same with the rest of the world by usurping the position of general and, just so he doesn't get to lose his status after all the Worms have been exterminated, manipulating the population into wearing a pendant that detects Worms, but, unbeknownst to them, also converts those wearing it into Natives.
    • Reiji Nogi/Cassis Worm is a field leader of the Worms' army who, despite being introduced in the last episodes, proved himself to be the worst of his race. An open cannibal, Nogi follows the philosophy that he must devour the weak by absorbing his own subordinates. Making his appearance known by destroying the peaceful Natives that were being escorted by ZECT, Nogi leads the counterattack against ZECT during the AM Bomb operation and makes the entire Area C3 fall under control of the Worms, promising to execute civilians if ZECT doesn't give the anti-mimicry device to him. With the Worms attacking four different sections of the city at the same time, Nogi directly participates in weakening ZECT's defenses by killing a platoon that was stationed at one of the sites to stop the Worms from continuing their rampage. Going to Shibuya, Nogi brings the Worms to slaughter the soldiers at Area Z, massacring all of those that were guarding the place from him except for the last line of defense, who almost committed mass suicide by nuking the place with them inside to prevent Nogi from stealing the Masked Rider System. After failing to recruit Dark Kabuto to his side, Nogi was ultimately responsible for Tsurugi's Suicide by Cop by making him remember that he is a Worm.
    • The unnamed principal of Jyuka Tendou's high school from the School's Ghost Story Filler Arc is a human who willingly collaborates with the Worms all for the sake of pride and fame. Discovering the existence of the Worms after they replaced his choir group, the principal decided to take advantage of their superior abilities by forming a pact with them to replace his own students and make the Worms win at competitions instead of risking to lose with his human students. Sealing the Worms inside an abandoned part of the school that is covered by a mirror, the principal allowed a rumor to spread about the "cursed mirror" that grants the wish of desperate students but also makes them disappear, resulting in an entire basketball team going missing. After Tendou and ZECT uncovered the truth behind the mirror, the principal refused to accept responsibility and blamed the students for wanting their wishes granted, telling Tendou that his own sister was the last person to have approached the mirror with a wish, which led to the Worms going after a bus filled with innocent students.
  • Kamen Rider Den-O: The Wolf Imagin is an easily-annoyed, psychotic berserker who ranks amongst the worst in Kai's army. Forging a contract with Yuka Sawada, who wished to have memories of her years in high school, Wolf began vaporizing schoolgirls and giving their possessions to Yuka, all while mocking her for having a boring wish. Going to the past, Wolf wastes no time in causing even more chaos. Frustrated by the lack of orders, Wolf goes on a rampage, collapsing entire buildings and killing countless civilians.
  • Kamen Rider Kiva: While the Fangire race are the major antagonists in the series, there are 4 specific members who crossed the ultimate lines:
    • The ruthless Bat Fangire/1986 King is the lord of all Fangires, using his position to annihilate the Merman and Franken races and persecute Jiro, the last of the Wolfen. Discovering his wife has fallen in love with Otoya Kurenai, the King tries to force her to kill Otoya, and when she refuses to do so, the King offers the surviving members of the races he meant to exterminate a chance to live if they kill Otoya for him. Transforming them all into conscious weapons for trying to escape from him, the King captures Otoya and torturously drains him of his life energy to feed his living castle. Threatening the life of his own infant son to prevent his wife from seeing Otoya again after he escapes, the King's actions disgust even his most loyal servant to the point that he aids Otoya, giving him the power to destroy the King.
    • Bishop, the Swallowtail Fangire, is King's calm, psychopathic right-hand man. A firm believer in the superiority of Fangires, Bishop informed the King of his wife's love for a human, resulting in Maya having her powers taken away from her. Trying to force Mio into embracing her fate as the new Queen, Bishop burns a Fangire in front of her when she refuses to kill him for having loved a human, later telling her that she must kill her Love Interest if she wants to be a true Queen. Under Taiga's orders, Bishop uses his powers to awaken Wataru's Fangire blood, almost making him murder his own friends. Seeing Mio as a failure, Bishop assassinates her and pins the blame on Wataru, fully intending on leaving him depressed. Proudly confessing his crimes to Taiga, Bishop is kicked out of the Checkmate Four and uses a magical crystal ball to drain the souls of multiple people. Planning on bringing the previous King back, Bishop revives the defeated Fangires and orders them to murder every human they come across, sacrificing his own soul to complete the ritual just so he could become one with the King and "destroy everything".
    • Rook, the Lion Fangire, is an excitement-seeking sociopath who murdered Yuri Aso's mother twenty years before the work takes place, leading to Yuri's hatred of Fangires. A genocidal maniac, Rook drove the Wolfen race to near-extinction, leaving Jiro as the sole survivor. To sate his boredom, Rook invents a game in which he must eat a selected group of people within a given amount of time, eating ice cream if he succeeds and punishing himself with electric shocks if he fails. Inventing a new game, Rook decides to do good deeds before getting himself killed, not out of a genuine interest in kindness but merely to keep himself entertained.
    • The Rhino Fangire tricks young people into believing he'll help make their dreams come true to lure them in so he can steal their life force. After killing them, he takes an item from them that relates to their dream as a trophy to put in his "Dream Graveyard". His choice of prey is based solely on a love for crushing the dreams of young people and nothing else. Even Wataru, who had generally tried to find the good in everyone, even Fangires, found his actions unforgivable.
  • Kamen Rider Decade:
    • Momose/Tiger Orphnoch, the prideful leader of the new Lucky Clover in the World of Faiz, is introduced as a member of a gang of bullies studying at Smart Brain High School who is quickly revealed to be a budding psychopath. Having orchestrated a series of attacks targeting other students, Momose tries to kill Takumi's best friend in front of him and orders his comrades to indiscriminately kill numerous students while he could watch and mock the victims. Not satisfied with the initial massacre, Momose gathers the survivors in a circle for them to be executed one by one, informing them that if they are lucky, they could be turned into Orphnoch.
    • Otoya Kurenai/Kamen Rider Dark Kiva is King's substitute in the World of Negatives, possessing not only all of his Fantastic Racism, but also a charismatic personality to hide the fact that he is a cold-hearted, scheming dictator. Having created a law that qualifies humans as less than Riders, Otoya exterminated more than half of humanity in a genocide, and sends his minions to wipe out survivor camps. He also beats a Pseudo-Rider for defying him, commenting on how he must obey him for being a true Rider. Seeking to make Tsukasa his successor, Otoya tries to corrupt him into abandoning his journey and accepting the nature of his hateful world.
     Heisei Phase 2 Series 
  • Kamen Rider Double: Shinkuro Isaka/Weather Dopant is a depraved fetishist and a self-admitted Psycho for Hire defined by his high-functioning psychopathy and insatiable hunger for power. Originally Shroud's first disciple and a Straw Nihilist who found meaning in life upon witnessing the Terror Dopant attacking a group of people, Isaka used his Gaia Memory to become a serial murderer before permanently joining The Museum, with Terui's family being among his victims. Protected from the negative effects of repeatedly using a Gaia Memory by his own sick mind and confessing to using his lover as a tool to satisfy his paraphilia and further his plans, Isaka distributes other Gaia Memories and modifies them to kill their users, once intentionally killing a father in front of his daughter to cause her to develop a PTSD, intending on using her fear to become even more powerful and kill his superior to take the Terror Memory for himself.
  • Kamen Rider OOO: While the show took a balanced look at greed and showed it did not need to be bad, these three demonstrate the worst elements of it:
    • Dr. Kiyoto Maki is an obsessive sociopath who, fearing his sister abandoning him for planning to marry, burns her to death the night before her wedding in her sleep. Helping a Monster of the Week fester for his experiments, when it hatches a swarm, Maki locks his own workers inside and watches the beasts slaughter them. When his memories of killing his sister resurface, Maki begins plotting to destroy the world, absorbing five Purple Core Medals to transform into the Dinosaur Greeed and gain the power for his nefarious scheme. Spawning destructive monstrosities, Maki observes their behavior as "interesting", killing Kazari to absorb his Cores and gain more power for himself. Giving two of his own Cores to Eiji Hino, Maki hopes to accelerate turning him into an unstable Greeed, giving his others to another Greeed in the hopes it will finish his plan to destroy Earth.
    • Kazari, the Feline Greeed, is the worst of the five original Greeed and creates Monsters of the Week by taking over a person's physical body with an embodiment of their greed or desires, leaving them conscious but unable to control their actions. Kazari uses his companions, Mazool and Gamel, as guinea pigs to test what would happen if a Greeed absorbed Core Medals that were not their own, resulting in both of their deaths, to which Kazari callously devours both of their cores to strengthen himself. Brainwashing Lost Ankh into being his bodyguard, Kazari aids the aforementioned Dr. Maki in his plot to destroy the world.
    • The long deceased original Kamen Rider OOO was the greedy king of a long lost civilization. Desiring immortality, the king had his alchemists create the original Greeed, before betraying them and leaving them as conscious but immobile Cell Medals for millennia. Stealing the Core Medals from the Greeed even though this would kill them, the king used this power to try and Take Over the World, causing countless casualties in the name of his avarice, as revealed in the prequel novel by Nobuhiro Mouri. Double-crossing his own ally, the king seals all the Greeed away just to keep all their Medals for himself.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze: Tatsumori Yamada/Aries Zodiarts was a transfer student who came to Amanogawa around the same time Ryusei came and became the undisputed king of Subaruboshi High. After getting the Aries switch he uses his new powers to control peoples' mental facilities that control sleep to put anyone he wants into a deep sleep. He forces the whole school into his little play-like world where everyone is graded on their performances. If they did bad jobs, then he would put them into a permanent sleep. He makes a Deal with the Devil with Meteor, reviving Jiro if Meteor killed Fourze and he follows up on his deal despite the fact Aries could have revived Jiro without the need for the deal. He then decides to do a play called "School War", which has the Kamen Rider Club kill students before deciding to reverse the roles and have the Kamen Rider Club being tied up to poles and killed. Aries stands out in this lighthearted series as a depraved villain who will go to any length to satisfy his own amusement.
  • Kamen Rider Wizard: Even in a series where the villains forcefully tried to turn humans into Phantoms by making them give into despair, a select few stand out as much worse than the others:
    • Phoenix stands out even among the Phantoms as a complete psychopath who will go to horrific lengths in order to make Gates to create more phantoms. His methods involve beating a lady just so her child would give into despair; he later breaks into a hospital and randomly attacks innocent people, including patients who have no connection to the Victim of the Week at all. Even his compatriot Medusa is frightened of his brutal tendencies since he has gone as far as to kill a Gate before the corresponding Phantom can manifest. His sadistic tendencies are so fierce that his boss Wiseman kept him to an observatory role at first rather than being allowed to directly intervene for fear of him going out of control.
    • Sora Takigawa/Gremlin became a misogynistic Serial Killer after murdering his girlfriend for breaking up with him and than started to target other women matching her description before being made into a Phantom. Unlike most Phantoms who lose all aspect of their personality, Gremlin retains Sora's sadistic desire to hunt women. Pretending to care about protecting the Gate, Sora reveals he really just wanted to use her to indulge in his sadistic fantasies and then tries to kill her. Killing his boss, Wiseman, to gain power, Sora also kills Haruto Soma's Love Interest to take her Philosopher's Stone. Using it to rampage through Tokyo, Sora attempts to spread enough despair to turn all Gates into violent Phantoms while killing all the remaining normal humans in the city.
    • The Legion Phantom has the power to invade and destroy a person’s Underworld, which he abuses to satisfy his love of destruction. Seeking anyone altruistic enough for him to consider "Beautiful"—children included—Legion puts them in a catatonic state, a process shown to be extremely traumatic. With no loyalty to anything save his lust for destroying good people, Legion made an impression despite his limited screen time.
  • Kamen Rider Gaim: In a series that takes the franchise back to its Darker and Edgier roots, there are two heinous villains who cross the ultimate lines:
    • Professor Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke is a researcher who created most of the Armored Rider gears. Intending to become a god with the Forbidden Fruit, Ryoma will exploit and backstab anyone to get what he desires and is a Dirty Coward who will use any cheap tactic to win. Damaging Helheim Forest with his experiments, threatening to destroy the world, Ryoma reacts with apathy. Manipulating Mitsuzane Kureshima into almost killing Kouta Kazuraba by promising to save another's life, Ryoma reveals his promise to be a lie before murdering Mitsuzane's Love Interest in cold blood, taking the Forbidden Fruit which was fused with her heart to obtain its power for himself.
    • Redyue is the worst of the diabolical Overlord Inves. As a vile, selfish, and Manipulative Bitch, she corrupts Mitsuzane Kureshima into becoming her puppet and uses him to obtain human subjects for a machine that would revive the dead. She aggravates the humans into launching missiles, thereby forcing her superior Roshuo to redirect the missiles to America and to declare war against humanity. She is also not above Mind Rape, as seen when she tries to mentally break Kouta Kazuraba by portraying him in a hallucination as an Inves being attacked by his former mentor Yuya. Moreover, Redyue has a sickening obsession over backstabbing and killing those close to her, as seen when she ruthlessly kills Roshuo after the latter defeats Kouta and Kaito Kumon. While the rest of her fellow Overlords, except for Roshuo, were definitely evil themselves, Redyue stands out for her willingness to use any means necessary to play mind games with, and to commit genocide against, humanity, simply For the Evulz.
  • Kamen Rider Drive:
    • Professor Tenjuro Banno/Kamen Rider Gold Drive is an egotistical, sociopathic scientist with a god complex. After being refused funding by a potential investor, Banno has one of his Roidmude androids, Roidmude 002/Heart, assume the man's form and tortures it to take out his anger. Inserting negative emotions into the Roidmudes out of spite against his former partner, Banno's abuse leads to them becoming violently unstable, going on to rampage and kill countless people. Even after his death, Banno turns himself into a Virtual Ghost, manipulating his own son into releasing his spirit before trying to kill him. Banno manipulates Medic into being operated on, leaving her a puppet loyal to him and forces Heart to serve him, lying that he will restore Medic if he does so. Ultimately planning to digitize the entire world, Banno intends to only give robotic bodies to those who will bow to him.
    • 010 Paint Roidmude is a Mad Artist whose sadism disturbs even other Roidmudes. During the Global Freeze, Paint personally attacked Kiriko, turning her arm into data until she was saved by Proto-Drive, an event which traumatized her. Six months later, Paint assumed the identity of a gallery owner whom he had trapped inside a painting, and with the assistance of his apprentice, did the same thing to several women who wandered near the gallery, all while they were aware of their situation but unable to escape. Realizing that Kiriko is investigating the serial kidnappings, Paint triggered her post-traumatic stress by attacking her once again. Using Mashin Chaser as a distraction, Paint planned on fleeing to another area so he could find a new hunting ground, but not before he tried to trap Kiriko in a painting, seeking to immortalize her expression of pure and sheer terror.
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus is the first CEO of Genm Corp., a game company he uses to upload people into the digital world. First appearing as a victim of his son, Kuroto's, misdeeds, it is revealed that Masamune willingly allowed his child to infect and kill countless people for his own plans. After taking charge of the deadly video game, Kamen Rider Chronicle, Masamune tricks people into playing the game, collecting their data once they are in it to control their lives. Destroying any who oppose him, Masamune also uses his control of data to delete a woman when her lover refuses to murder a heavily injured Taiga for Masamune. Reprogramming the Final Boss of Chronicle so it will digitize the entire world, Masamune seeks to control everyone's life. When offered the chance for redemption, Masamune kills himself, making it impossible to revive those who died in his game, controlling and spiteful to the end.
  • Kamen Rider Build: In this tale of creation versus destruction that stands as possibly the darkest series of the Heisei era, this duo are the most vile:
    • Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol, the true mastermind behind the problems faced by the heroes, is an entity seeking to create a "new world" by devouring everything in the universe, leaving only himself. Destroying planets alongside his people, the Blood Tribe, Evolto wiped out many civilizations before being stopped on Mars by the surviving Martian Queen Vernage. Possessing an astronaut and rendering him aware but unable to do anything, Evolto goes to the Earth and causes the Skywall Disaster that killed countless innocents and split Japan into three states. Under the alias "Blood Stalk", Evolto corrupts Gentoku Himuro by preying on his mind and killing his best friend and founds Faust with him and scientist Takumi Katsuragi to carry out painful experiments on kidnapped people to turn them into Smash. When Katsuragi discovers his alien origins and turns against him, Evolto mind wipes him, kills an innocent man to swap his face with him, and renames him "Sento Kiryu" so he can keep using him. Desiring Ryuga Banjo, whom he corrupted with his DNA when he was only an infant, as his new host, Evolto had Ryuga's fiancée, fatally transformed into a "Smash", to increase Ryuga's raise Hazard Level by increasing his rage. Inciting a war between the three states of Japan, Evolto painfully experiments on Gentoku to turn him into a weapon and takes over Sento's body, keeping his personality around so he can make him watch as he slaughters his friends. He later betrays Namba and challenges the Kamen Riders to a final battle where they will have to reach the top of the Pandora Tower, destroying a section of Japan for every ten minutes they don't make it. Achieving his ultimate form, Evolto summons a Black Hole to consume the Earth but destroys it slowly so he can gaze at the despair on the heroes' faces for longer.
    • The aforementioned Juzaburo Namba is the greedy CEO of Namba Heavy Industries and Evolto's collaborator. Profiting off the Skywall Incident, Namba was responsible for converting children into his brainwashed, suicidal Child Soldiers and turning Seito into his Puppet State. Taking part in the creation of Faust, Namba sponsored the criminal organization with the intention of sparking a conflict between the nations to fill his pockets. Planning on making a weapon stronger than a nuke with the Pandora Box's energy to sell to the highest bidder, Namba tortures the mentally-broken Gentoku Himuro until he is ready to become his own Kamen Rider, implanting a chip in his body that would kill him if he disobeyed his orders. Deciding to reunify Japan into a world superpower under his law to give birth to an "immortal Namba empire", Namba engineers a massive and destructive Military Coup to conquer the country and the world, starting by taking Prime Minister Tajimi into custody, assassinating Prime Minister Mido and then sending his troops to invade Touto to be assimilated by force. Side material expands even more on his atrocities, as he had imprisoned Gentoku in an annexed concentration camp for failed Faust experiments, a place where he was regularly beaten, and in one occasion, suffered an attempted rape at the hands of another prisoner. At some point, Namba had employed Kaisei Mogami and allowed him to work on the Enigma, indirectly killing even more people and almost causing the destruction of two worlds.
  • Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: General Xaviax/Kamen Rider Wrath is an arrogant alien warlord and the one behind all the tragedies throughout the series. Originating from the planet of Karsh, Xaviax devastated his own planet with a long-lasting civil war and decided to enslave civilizations from other planets, starting with Ventara. Having badly injured his former ally Eubulon and vented nine of the original Ventaran riders, Xaviax saw Earth as his next target. Kidnapping humans and leaving them in coma, Xaviax manipulated a group of people into becoming riders, taking advantage of Kit's love for his father, one of his victims. Xaviax's ultimate goal was to not only make humanity his next victim, but to hunt for the Ventaran riders who had escaped from him, especially Len. Succeeding in bringing riders to his side, Xaviax orders his right-hand man to vent the agents whom he considers to be loose canons, and was indifferent to his venting at the hands of a furious Len, possessing the body of a comatose patient to use him as his new puppet. Failing to achieve his goals, Xaviax made a final attempt to manipulate the riders before his death. While seemingly caring for his planet, his superficial charm, extreme methods and proud towards his own cruelty reveal his noble intentions as the empty excuses of an unfeeling tyrant with a superiority complex and a self-proclaimed evildoer.
  • Kamen Rider Amazons: In a series that runs on Grey and Gray Morality scale, these three characters stand out as the most vile:
    • Takaaki Tenjo is the Chairman of Nozama Pharmacy, helping develop the Amazonz, man-eating monsters that only have so long to live before becoming savage monsters. After their creation, Tenjo released the Amazonz from their lab to create an ecosystem where everyone will have to kill to survive. He and the other Nozama executives create the Nozama Protection Service (NPS) to deal with these beasts, but will gladly keep thousands alive in secret to ensure the Amazon Cells stay in their property, even creating Amazon Sigma from one of the dead members of the NPS to succeed the other Amazons. Tenjo is later disgusted with Sigma, not out of standards, but because he lacks the need to kill to survive. By the series's end, Nozama Pharmacy is out of business and countless Amazons are left roaming in the world to kill all around them, and when Tenjo is confronted by his co-workers for his deeds, he expresses nothing but utter delight. In a series that shows a tragic side to both heroes and man-eating monsters alike without either side winning in the end, Tenjo stood out as a being of unrepentant evil who, despite Nozama getting shut down, ultimately ended up getting all that he wanted.
    • Soji Shitashimo, from season 1's "GAME OF THE BUTCHERS" and "HERO OR NOT", proves that humans can be just as monstrous as Amazonz. Initially appearing to be a fitness-obsessed jerk, Shitashimo is actually a Serial Killer of women who uses his junkyard as a dumping ground. Upon realizing that he is being suspected for murdering another woman, he tries to kill two agents sent to investigate him, Nozomi and Mamoru, by burning them alive, and when that fails, he decides to torture them instead, binding them with chains and forcing one to watch as he beats the other with a pipe, mocking Mamoru for being an Amazon as he does so and telling him that he can only feel alive when beating something until it is "bloody broken and unable to move". Annoyed by Nozomi's attempts of ordering Mamoru to break the chains, he proceeds to savagely beat her in front of Mamoru with his own fists until her face is a bloodied mess, laughing at her suffering like a child playing with a toy. Unlike the Amazonz, Shitashimo is merely a vicious sociopath who enjoys killing innocent women simply because he can.
    • The Elephant Amazon, from season 2's "PERSONA NON GRATA" and "QUO VADIS?", is the most repulsive New-Type to be investigated by the 4C. Using his clinic as a front to find unsuspecting victims, Elephant's method of killing his prey consists of inserting a long proboscis into the victim's ear and dissolve the brain while they are still conscious, having done this to four people in just one week. After drinking the brain of a woman and leaving her to convulse, Elephant killed a random man, before trying to do the same to a woman who found the body, excitingly calling her his next patient. A callous sadist who gladly accepted his nature, Elephant served as a reminder that not every Amazon tried to contain the craving for human flesh.
  • Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue: In one of the darkest entries in the franchise, these two are the most vile:
    • Iwao Himuro is the paranoid head of the ISS. An uncaring, heartless Bad Boss to his employees, Himuro considers those who refuse to cooperate with his projects as his own enemies, and has them either assassinated or imprisoned. Using his facility as a front for human experimentation, Himuro plans on obtaining financial gain through the mass production of super soldiers to be sold to the military industry. Forcing Shin's father to continue the research after having his former partner "resigned", Himuro denies his permission to not get his son involved, explaining that it was "too late for that". Armed with a submachine gun, Himuro guns down Ai, Shin's pregnant girlfriend, when she takes the bullet for him.
    • Giichi Onizuka/Onizuka Rider is one of Himuro's top scientists and secretly a misanthropic Serial Killer. Harboring an agenda of his own, Onizuka sabotages an experiment, altering both his and Shin's DNA, seeking to create an army of human-grasshopper hybrids to overthrow humanity, with him as their ruler. He wants Shin to be his first recruit, once trying to convince him into embracing his violent side. As a Cyborg Soldier Level 3, Onizuka regularly commits murders around the city For the Evulz, primarily targeting lone women. Introduced brutally killing a woman in the middle of the night, Onizuka proceeds to cut the throats of two undercover police officers investigating the slayings, and slaughters the cops who had arrived at the scene. When his secret lab is invaded by the CIA, Onizuka nearly kills the entire squadron, and tries to repeat this when he is indirectly released from containment by a group of agents.
  • Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4: JGSDF Captain Risa Fukami is a dangerous combination of incompetence and indifference. An officer belonging to the GA division, Risa was in charge of an educational facility that exploited the abilities of psychic orphans. When the high levels of ESP attracted the attention of the Ant Lords, Risa merely saw the massacre as a failed experiment. Stealing information from the G3 Unit after being assigned to work with them, Risa completes the lethal G4 System and equips suicidal volunteers with it until she can find a way for it to be mass-produced, killing some of her own soldiers in the period of two months. After kidnapping Mana Kazaya, Risa connects her to a machine that absorbs her powers and gives them to the G4 System. Realizing that she had brought the Ant Lords to her base to kill even more people, Risa cowardly uses some of her soldiers as human shields, willing to sacrifice the lives of others even in the face of death.
  • Kamen Rider 555 Paradise Lost: Leo/Kamen Rider Psyga, the Lion Orphnoch from this alternate continuity and its prequel Lost World, is a Sociopathic Soldier placed under supervision of Murakami who is feared by humans and Orphnoch alike. A foreign who arrived in Japan to help with Smart Brain's cause, Leo was given the Psyga Gear after having found an extremely injured Murakami and demanding an Emperor Belt for himself, or else he would leave him to die. Leo joined Smart Brain's paramilitary solely to kill humans and have a chance to fight with other Orphnoch, leading the Riotroopers in the genocidal campaign against the human population. Introduced murdering three members of his own race with no hesitation, Leo participates in attacks against the Human Liberation Army at their sanctuary, personally killing Kusaka and leaving several civilians dead or injured, later taking the opportunity to bomb the place. Shortly after kidnapping Mari, Leo tried to stop Takumi from saving her, intending on having her executed on live television.
  • Kamen Rider Hibiki And The Seven Senki: Hitotsumi/Kamen Rider Imitation Kabuki is an assassin who specializes in killing Oni. Under the guise of an innocent-looking teenager, Hitotsumi is introduced while hunting for Oni in Osaka and begins working for a Douji and Hime, happily commenting on how he will fill himself with Oni blood. Scheming with Kabuki to make the Oni kill each other, Hitotsumi devours him alive when he stops him from eating a boy and uses his illusionary abilities to torment the Oni. Disguised as Kabuki, Hitotsumi would later return to exact revenge on the Oni before his death.
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto God Speed Love: Issei Kurosaki/Kamen Rider Caucasus is ZECT's legendary Sociopathic Soldier and an eccentric thug who views strenght as beauty. Hired to destroy Neo-ZECT troops and help with the Jacob's Ladder project, Kurosaki becomes notorious for his enormous bodycount and habit of leaving roses on his victims' corpses. After executing Neo-ZECT leader Hidenari Oda, Kurosaki joins ZECT's inner circle in a conspiracy to annihilate humanity with a second meteor filled with dormant Worm eggs. When confronted by Tendou as to why he would let the Worms rule earth, Kurosaki confesses to not caring for the lives of both humans and Worms, merely wishing to satisfy his Darwinistic philosophy. Severely injuring renegade ZECT agent Arata Kagami in a space station, Kurosaki breaks the window of his escape pod out of spite, leaving him to freeze and suffocate to death.
  • Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm Born: Gaoh/Kamen Rider Gaoh is a thief-king and rogue Rider who leads a gang of renegade Imagin, wishing nothing more than the destruction of time itself simply because he grew bored of it. After invading the DenLiner and taking its passengers as hostages, Gaoh goes back in time and obtains the GaohLiner, destroying an entire village as "practice". Travelling to the day when Ryotaro was born, Gaoh forces him to watch as he erases the city and its people from time, turning the place into a desolated wasteland, planning to repeat this process with the entire world.
  • Kamen Rider W Returns: Eternal: Dr. Prospect/Eyes Dopant is a Foundation X scientist who kidnapped people from all over the world to make them into, in his own words, "lab rats" for his Quark Project by giving them Psychic Powers. When he arrives on the scene, every one of these people with psychic powers are utterly terrified of him, showing how horrifically he treated them. Even worse is his Heaven's Fall plan, which was so vile that Utopia Dopant considered it a brutal act. Prospect would blast the area with an electric pulse and that would kill anyone that had not lived up to his standards for the project, referring to this as "cleaning out the test pool". When Daido foils his plan, it is revealed that was merciful compared to what happens if they try to escape him. The eyes he implanted on them to watch them are used to kill them when they leave his compound. Dr. Prospect then laughs his head off at the fact he'd just slaughtered a village of innocent people while Katsumi is in shock over the massacre of the village he'd tried to save. His actions are so horrific that it drove Katsumi insane.
  • Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful The Shogun And The 21 Core Medals: The mad alchemist Gara, originally one of the four alchemists ordered by King OOO to create the Core Medals from him, is unleashed in the present day after having been sealed by the King for centuries. Gara immediately takes over King OOO's designs for his own, massacring the archaeological team that finds him and taking over the body of a nearby woman while attempting to kill her son in her body. Gara creates time distortions all throughout Tokyo, unleashing dinosaurs to rampage through the city and stranding Eiji and his friends in the Edo period, gauging the greed of the populace and trying to tempt Eiji into accepting a bargain that would result in the village of people he's saved vanishing from existence. Gara ultimately plans to obliterate the entire world, building up a new world of his own order atop the ashes to rule forever.
  • Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max : Lem Kannagi/Super Galaxy King is a member of the insidious Foundation X and wishes to use the power of the Astro Switches and the Core Medals from the future to become an all-powerful being. He will do absolutely anything to accomplish this, while taking a sick glee in rubbing his advantage in the faces of his enemies whenever he gets the chance. He essentially kills Gentaro's girlfriend, Nadeshiko for the SOLU she's composed of, and then rubs that fact in Gentaro's face. He also had no problem killing anyone that gets in his way without an ounce of remorse, or creating clones of all the Greeed and Sonozaki Dopants for his own evil purposes of ruling all of humanity.
  • Kamen Rider Wizard In Magic Land: Prime Minister Orma/Kamen Rider Sorcerer is Emperor Maya's deceitful advisor and secretly the Drake Phantom. Kidnapping Koyomi to perform a ritual that would create Magic Land, Orma assumes a high-ranking position and takes advantage of Maya's hatred for magic to use him as a Puppet King. Routinely kidnapping the citizens of Magic Land, Orma sacrifices them to construct the Thanatos Vessel, a machine capable of driving all mages living in Magic Land into despair, leaving only the bones of his victims as evidence of his crimes. When the Thanatos Vessel is activated, Orma mercilessly mocks Maya with the information that he condemned Magic Land, having manipulated him not because it was essential to his plan, but simply because he liked the idea.
  • Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider Gaim And Wizard The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle: The Ogre Phantom is a power-hungry, cannibalistic Phantom who hunts and devours other Phantoms to gain their abilities. Unable to be contained by Wiseman, Ogre targeted WizarDragon to be his next victim, intending on devouring him to become the strongest Phantom in existence. Stealing the Hope Ring from Haruto, Ogre uses it to resurrect a despair-filled Koyomi, asking if he will get her killed again or leave her alive to wreak havoc. Invading Haruto's Underworld with Legion's powers, Ogre attempted to consume WizarDragon, incapable of realizing that it was now Haruto's symbol of determination.
  • Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final Build And Ex Aid With Legend Riders: Kaisei Mogami is a Mad Scientist with an Inferiority Superiority Complex. Believing himself to be smarter than his former partner, Takumi Katsuragi, Mogami began working for Juzaburo Namba and teamed up with his alternate self, a Foundation X researcher. Creating the Enigma, Mogami intended to use his machine to merge the two worlds and collide them with each other, leaving only him alive as an omnipotent being, the Bikaiser. Using innocent civilians as batteries by infecting them with Nebula Bugsters, Mogami revives the Horoscopes and the Greeed to distract the Riders, ordering Ankh to attack Eiji, fully knowing that he was his best friend, while continuously mocking the Riders with the information that they could watch the destruction of their worlds.
  • Kamen Rider Amazons: The Last Judgement: Einosuke Mido/Kamen Rider Amazon Neo Alpha is the militant anti-Amazon director of the Amazon Livestock Project and one of the worst examples of a Boomerang Bigot in the franchise. As a human-Amazon hybrid working for the pro-human leader of 4C, Mido keeps the original Alpha as his slave and routinely takes his cells to raise herbivore Amazon children, brainwashing them with the nihilistic philosophy that they are born to serve humans, converting an orphanage into his own Amazon Farm. When the orphans are ready, Mido sells them to rich humans and they are butchered to be made into exquisite food. After one of his orphans retaliates by killing an important politician who would greenlight his project, Mido is furious to see that such "cattle" could "dare defy noble humans" and rampages through the orphanage and outside, gunning down several orphans in his path while informing them that "cattle don't need dreams".
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga novel, by Naruhisa Arakawa: Go-Raio-Da, the Lion Gurongi is the most successful player of the Gegeru, possessing the highest number of intended victims: 1.6 million. Posing as a young amnesiac, Raio was adopted by an important figure in Japan and quickly became a beloved politician, using his connections to invent a drink called Lionel, tainting it with his own secretions, which he could telepathically control to damage the human brain. Disposing of his foster father as a way to increase the sales of Lionel across the country, Raio had over a thousand people killed in his "little sideshow", gleefully mocking an airplane pilot who had plunged into a building.
  • Kamen Rider Ryuki novel, by Toshiki Inoue: Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Keiyakusha Ouja is even more depraved than his original counterpart. Killing his mother when he was still an infant, Asakura graduated into a Serial Killer by the age of six, killing two other children specifically on their birthdays and two counselors. Living in a homeless colony where he was idolized by the people, Asakura repeatedly stabbed the village's elder in the head and committed a killing spree targeting those who loved him, mutilating a man even after the latter had hugged him. While hiding, Asakura attacked a group of children with an ax and hung the bodies of five police officers from tree branches. Arrested for killing countless victims, two of which were Miho's parents, Asakura accepted the offer of becoming a Contractor merely because it gave him an opportunity to torment people without having to worry about consequences, going as far as to remove Raia's intestines. After barricading himself inside a convenience store, Asakura brutally murdered the staff members and customers, dismembering their bodies afterwards. Destroying lives simply because people smelled horrible to him, Asakura was a heartless savage who wished to fight for eternity.
  • Kamen Rider Faiz: Seiden: Grotesque/Deformed Flowers, by Toshiki Inoue: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa manages to be much more repugnant and heinous than he already was in the show. In the past, Kusaka was a lonely and bullied orphan who only had his friend Mari to keep him company, but unbeknownst to her, Kusaka only saw her as a possession, rather than a real friend. When his classmates are attacked by an Orphnoch, Kusaka generalized the entire race as being monstrous abominations who deserve to be destroyed by him, even if there are good-hearted Orphnochs. Upon getting hold of the Kaixa Gear, Kusaka took the chance to try and kill all Orphnochs and keep Mari only to himself. Kusaka was responsible for the murder of Yuka, another bullying victim and a close friend to Kiba, driving him to hate the human race. Not satisfied with his crimes, Kusaka rapes the underaged Mari, not caring if the assault had left her hopeless and depressed. Kiba is so disgusted by this that he personally rips off Kusaka's limbs as punishment for his crime. Later, Kusaka resurfaced once again to make Mari's life a living hell, but was ultimately stopped and killed by Takumi Inui. A calculating, antisocial bigot who saw others as mere objects for him to use in his genocidal quest, Kusaka served as a brutal example of how even the worst kinds of people can become Riders.
  • Kamen Rider BLACK manga, by Shotaro Ishinomori: Kohtaro Minami/Kamen Rider Black himself is the Demon King in the Bad Future of 2018. Achieving the position of Gorgom's majesty by killing his rival stepbrother, Kohtaro started a war by launching nuclear bombs towards every continent, eradicating human civilization and forcing the few survivors to live in tribes. Kohtaro routinely orders his troops to attack any colony that they come across and kill everyone inside, allowing them to dismember corpses and slaughter babies. Recognizing his younger-self and desperately trying to preserve his own existence, Kohtaro argues to have done nothing wrong as he was "simply the ruler of this world". Proudly calling himself a "truly all-powerful Demon King", Kohtaro reveals that he has drained the energy of the planet just so he could "take this world to hell with me" in the event of an assassination.
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga manga, by Toshiki Inoue: Akira Harada is a psychotic Serial Killer who, upon witnessing the first player of the Gegeru, Zu-Gumun-Ba, the Spider Gurongi, massacring humans on a railway, decided to worship Gumun as his goddess. A registered sex offender, Harada had tried killing himself for his goddess, and when he failed, Harada came up with the idea of "sharing his dream" with other people. Prior to having his identity revealed via DNA analysis, Harada had already murdered four women; by opening their chests, filling them with gunpowder, and burning them alive so they could become "human fireworks". When encountered by the detective investigating his murders, Kaoru Ichijo, Harada had killed another woman, and laughed at her death. Transported to an ambulance after attempting suicide, Harada slits the driver's throat and brags about being able to resume his serial killings. Harada is found by Gumun on the parking lot, and when he sees the remains of the creature's victims, he feels joy, seeing this as his goddess's work. A childish maniac with an obsession for fireworks, Harada was proof that the Gurongi are not the only beasts roaming Tokyo.
     Other Media 
  • Kamen Rider Chūshingura stageshow: Doctor Kira/Kamen Rider Killer is the egotistical BOARD researcher responsible for the dangerous Killer System. Believing that everyone else was jealous of his superior intelligence, Kira happily guns down a co-worker for having judged him, and enslaves three Orphnochs, using them as attack dogs to distract Kenzaki and Aikawa while he programs the Killer System. Having been betrayed by his assistant, Oishi, who steals the Faiz Driver from him, Kira sends the Orphnochs to kill her. After the Orphnochs are defeated, Kira ignores Oishi's attempts of convincing him to cancel the Killer System, and uses it to mutate himself into Rider form, easily overpowering the other Riders and trying to kill Oishi. When given a chance of redemption, Kira completely rejects it, considering the world "full of lies".

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Final Girls is a novel by Mira Grant, a pen name for Sean Mc Guire of October Daye fame. Our heroine, Dr. Jennifer Webb is a brilliant inventor who created a virtual reality technology as a kind of therapy: allowing people to experience their nightmare scenarios out of horror films, in carefully controlled environments...that allow for people to develop bonds in experiencing adversity together. Jennifer is giving an interview to one Esther Hoffman, a journalist who's spent her entire career debunking pseudoscience and is checking out Jennifer's system....and that's when someone seeking to steal this technology arrives.

  • Mind Rape: Marline decides to torture Jennifer and Esther, upping the chemical cocktail well there under treatment in order to attack Jennifer and Esther with their fears, tormenting them and intending on inducing terrible, painful bodily reactions after torturing them.
  • Psycho for Hire: The assassin Marline is sent to deliver Jennifers tech to a mysterious backer as well as eliminate her. She throughly enjoys her job even delighting in murdering innocent people that are in the building.
  • Teens Are Monsters: Daphne and her clique of popular kids are bullies who take it to the point of violence. They are also a deliberate invocation of this trope, being part of a horror movie simulation.

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