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  • The most famous one is "Grand Dad", an Off-Model rendition of Mario (paired with Fred Flintstone) from a bootlegged version of The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy that became famous from one of Joel's streams.
  • In a close second would be "Snow Halation", which became one through being Triple-Q's favorite Love Live! song. Slippy-Slidey Ice World songs have a 90% chance of playing it.
    • As a "Running Gag within a Running Gag", most rips with Snow Halation tend to get a disproportionate amount of dislikes, even if it features for less than half a second. This carried on after the Continuity Reboot, being its main Plot Point, as well as most Go My Way rips getting dislike-bombed.
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    • If a video is listed as 4:20 in, it's not a weed joke, it's not a coincidence, it's usually a full-length "Snow Halation" mashup. note 
  • The channel also features a lot of gags carried over from the Soundclown community:
  • A gag common during the channel's early days was looping the beginning of a song for the entirety of the song's length, referred to by the channel's fans as "blue-balls rips". Blue-balls rips were slowly phased out as the channel continued but still pop up from time to time. These rips were later compiled into their own April Fool's album.
  • On several Pokémon rips and even some non-Pokémon related rips, some of JustinRPG's infamous songs, many involving his "marriage" to Reshiram, have been featured. This gag ended after the rebootnote , and in his place, Pokémon songs started becoming remixes of songs from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • "Space Jam" shows up occasionally, but since it has become a sort of Cliché in mashups, it's never used normally. However, it can show up alongside other songs, or in songs that do not use 4/4 time. Most commonly it will be used for intentionally terrible mashups, with Charles Barkley's head badly photoshopped over something in addition to a rainbow filter playing over the video.
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  • During the Continuity Reboot, many of the three most famous running gags were replaced with parallels: Flintstones was superseded by the themes of The Simpsons and Family Guy, "Snow halation" became "GO MY WAY!!", and Loud Nigra gets replaced with the Howie Long Scream.note 
  • After the end of the reboot, the theme song of The Nutshack (a series infamous for its low quality) was introduced as a new recurring joke.
    • Similarly to "Snow Halation", many Nutshack rips have a tendency to get dislike-bombed due to its Forced Meme nature, though not to the same extent.
  • Sometimes specific games will have jokes tied to their soundtracks:
  • Many songs get re-ripped over and over again as a running gag:
    • "Slider" is the biggest one, getting remixed at least twenty times. This is due to the original rendition being the fist rip to really go viral. The final Slider rip, the N64DD version, ends with Mario finally reaching the end of the slide.
    • Undertale rips in general count; it's by far the most ripped game on the channel, with almost 170 rips (the game was at the peak of its popularity during the months the channel was active). The most ripped song from the game is, of course, "Megalovania".
    • "Live and Learn" and "DK Rap" get ripped a lot, and both have their own running gags listed below.
    • Related is the "Beta Mix" song tag, which is applied to many re-ripped songs. This led to more bizarre "mixes" over time. "Circus" from Five Nights at Freddy's is the biggest example, having such mixes as "The Mix Behind The Slaughter", "Mix Version Mix Mix", and "Mixorola".
  • "5 nights of snop dog" crops up most of the time when SiIva streams and some rips.
  • To a lesser extent, Uncontrollable.
  • Whenever Mr Rental appears, he runs someone over with his car, or at least tries to.
  • Whenever a rip of the DK Rap is posted, expect there to be gratuitous coconut guns.
  • Whenever a rip has Live and Learn in it, expect the "OOOOOH" to be incredibly long.
  • On occasion, some rips show a "Bowflex Revolution" infomercial video, playing the titled rip's music in the background.
  • Whenever an announcement video for an album is posted, GiIva will always be flustered as to why the artist and song names get "corrupted"—of course, it's because the albums properly credit the channel's creative team.
  • The infamous "Pokemon Go Song", sometimes called "I Play Pokemon Go Everyday". Mishovy Silenosti, the kid who sung the song even briefly replaced all the memes in the channel's banner, before disappearing entirely.
  • In MIDI-based rips, the tune of Night Walk from Rhythm Tengoku shows up from time to time.
  • As of September 2016, the Green de la Bean Facebook meme has occasionally show up in rips as a Jump Scare, and always accompanied by Sensory Abuse as well.
  • Any rip that features the LazyTown song "We Are Number One" will include the word "One" or the number "1" in its title.
  • The leitmotif of the Haltmann Works Company shows up here and there as well. This is a reference to the source material, where the leitmotif slipped itself into many of the game's tracks to symbolize the company's takeover of Planet Popstar. This became a lot more common as of the Christmas Comeback Crisis, due to Haltmann's role as The Dragon.
  • Haunted House, by 8-Bit Beast, is an infamous running joke for how awful the original song is. You can expect to see it in rips that contain the words "House", "Beast", "Castle", or "Boss" (referring to this remix).
  • Any rip that features music from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories will, more often than not, have poor audio quality, usually bordering on Sensory Abuse.
  • By the end of the channel, JoJo-related rips tended to be either Stylistic Suck or insults directed at its fandom.
  • "Smooth" by Santana started becoming used a lot more after Bolero of Fire - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.
  • Rips from Despicable Me: Minion Rush feature one of the channel staff members in a Minion costume dancing along to a song playing through an unseen speaker.
  • mm2wood, poorly made MIDI of Wood Man's stage theme, got a lot of use during and after the Halloween Special.
  • Minecraft with Gadget and the Inspector Gadget theme song have been used increasingly, to the point of causing a Hostile Show Takeover in-universe.
  • Neil Cicierega's mashups have become popular sources for rips since the "Smooth" gag gained traction, and the rips are usually so good it's leading some to guess if Neil is actually a secret member of the creative team.
  • Most rips from Sonic Mania will involve the Totino's song by Tim and Eric. (The joke is that Totino's was a sponsor of the Sonic 25th anniversary party panel at San Diego Comic-Con where Sonic Mania was announced.)
  • Burger King foot lettuce has shown up quite a bit as of February 2018.
  • The "Skinner & the Superintendent" theme (a part of the memetic "steamed hams" scene) from the "22 Short Films About Springfield" episode of The Simpsons has also become a minor gag on the channel.
  • The Lick (a seven note melody referred to as a Running Gag among jazz musicians and spread to other genres) has often shown up in rips since late 2017.

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