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Running Gag / The Spoony Experiment

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  • Fusebox count.
    • Related to the Fusebox Count, there was the Ass Count that ran through his Final Fantasy X review. The counter broke during one particularly gratuitous ass-shot in DOA: Dead or Alive review.
    • The counter gag was resurrected in the Ultima 9 review. This one was for "Betrayals" but he retired it after episode one because he thought it might kill him.
  • "I heard that, Curtis." To the extent that the quote appears on a t-shirt that Spoony will occasionally wear on-camera.
  • Yelling PHANTASMAGORIA! and PHANTASMAGORIA 2: A PUZZLE OF THE FLESH! every time that game dwells on mundane stuff and fails to live up to its horror premise. And later doing the same thing with TEKKEN: BLOOD VENGEANCE!
    • Done once again with THE RING: TERROR'S REALM!
    • It's likely a Shout-Out to Mystery Science Theater 3000 and how they'd do the same, most famously with "MANOS!".
  • Yor: The Hunter from the Future: "We will need a lot more hemp before we're through."
  • "You ever get the feeling of deja vu? Probably nothing."
  • After getting hit by a flash grenade by allies in SWAT 4'* "YOU FOOL!"
  • "You're in my way, sir."
  • "Live the good life in the off-world colonies!"
  • "This guy, he's un-fuckin'-believeable!"
    • More Ripper: "Now all we have to do is-" *change disc screen comes up for umpteenth time* "D'OH!"
  • Black Lantern Spoony keeps getting killed.
  • Evil science labs producing Rage Monkeys.
  • "[I play this game on hard difficulty] because I'm hardcore and that's how I roll!"
  • "You ever get the feeling of deja vu? Probably nothing."
  • Spoony (And later, Insano) constantly remarking on how stupid it is that Wakka's weapon of choice is a Blitzball.
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  • Fitting in references to and clips of the David Lynch version of Dune every time he reviews something that involves a desert. Though admittedly in the case of Final Fantasy X the game was blatantly referencing Dune itself.
  • He's somehow managed to take Crow and Servo's "Beyond Thunderdome" Incredibly Lame Pun and turn it into a running gag.
    Spoony: I think I stopped playing that series after I got Beyond Thunderdome. OH! OH, I DID IT AGAIN! I CANNOT. BE. STOPPED!
  • "The Whatever-est Thing Ever Filmed", a faux warning card that shows up in his reviews of Reb Brown films preceding scenes. These include "The Most Awesome Thing" (Yor: The Hunter from the Future using a rigor mortis-stiffened pterodactyl thing to hang glide into a cave and kick a purple caveman in the head); "The Funniest Thing" (Reb's character from Strike Commando in a Narm-tastic scene where he's tearfully talking about Disneyland to a dying child); and "The Manliest Thing" (Reb in Mercenary Fighters taking over a machine gun and using it to single-handedly kill a dozen enemies).
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  • "Ooooooo, NASTY." Whenever someone gets killed off gorily, Spoony cuts to a clip from Knightmare.
  • Being attacked by a Final Fantasy character at the end of his multi-part reviews of each game.
  • Any time Deron McBee shows up in something he reviews (surprisingly many!), Spoony will be sure to include a video of a nasty bump he suffered as Malibu on American Gladiators.
  • In the Ultima series "No, not that Time Lord."
  • The Mercenary Fighters clip: "We can't! The Press!"
  • Cue this "Lords of Magick" clip upon random sex/smut:
    *echoing* Ulric... go to the whore! Ulric... go to the whore!
  • This Dull Surprise monotone clip from the Reb Brown Captain America TV movies, usually used to accompany Insane Troll Logic:
    "But why? Brackett is no mad-dog killer. He is after something."
  • Playing "Building the Deathcoaster" any time he's reading from a game's instruction manual.
  • "What's a paladin?"
  • Regular use of a Rickroll.
  • "Where's Frank Stallone?"
  • Saying that something is impossible to find "unless you know some dedicated Hong Kong bootleggers... and I do."

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