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  • In the Death Note fic Forty Seconds when Light tells a hapless ignorant crook: "Write your name [in the notebook]... or I'll kill you."
  • In Harry Potter story Cruciamentum Eternus, Voldemort tells Lucius to torture Draco, with the implied Sadistic Choice being that if he doesn't Voldemort will do it. Lucius does it, but it turns out to have been no choice at all; Voldemort was going to kill Draco either way.
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  • From Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv), there's Kira's survey: "Do you think my hair is cute? "Yes" or "Hell yes! <3""
  • In Gensokyo 20XX, this is played with in two instances.
    • To keep her safe, Yukari leaves Reimu behind but, as can be seen, the latter almost died of starvation and hypothermia, as lighting a fire to cook and keep warm with could have made smoke, which could have caused someone to take notice (and look into it).
    • The second instance, is where Ran wanted to take her to hospital but acknowledges that she could die on the way, as she was going to die from starvation, along with the fact that they could be captured and possibly killed for being a youkai with a human, in which case it would lead to death for any of them, so the former decides to Take a Third Option, which places Reimu under a hibernation spell.
    • A form of this happens in a branch-off, Foundling. Reimu, due to being human, doesn't really fit in with youkai and, because she was abandoned by humans (and because of her oracular powers), she wouldn't fit in too well with them either.
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  • In Kill la Kill AU, this is mentioned in Room 002108, where it is brought up that, if the test results came back and if Ryuuko had not shown signs of improvement before then, she would either be dead, as the disease will have killed her, or, if her condition was cancer, the disease will have hit terminal, in both cases, it will have been too late.
  • In Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, Danzo employs this at the very end of a question-and-answer session he subjects Naruto to, ostensibly to determine Naruto's worthiness to take Konoha High School's end-of-term exams. Naruto is asked if he was one of the Kyuushingai during the 365 days of regional terror; if Naruto says yes, that will give Danzo, the school's principal, enough grounds to expel the boy since Naruto will have effectively confessed to being a criminal; but if Naruto says no, Danzo will be able to catch him in a lie by utilizing witness testimony previously gleaned from Tenten, who knows the truth about Naruto. Furthermore, according to the rules of the question-and-answer session, Naruto cannot opt to simply keep silent, or else he'll automatically lose 15 points from the session's point-scoring arrangement, and at that moment he needs to get that amount to achieve the total number of points he needs so as to be eligible to take his official school exams. Naruto answers in the affirmative, but manages to stay at the school anyway after he points out that, if he's expelled for being a former Kyuushingai despite not having broken any laws since his arrival in Konoha Town, Danzo will open himself to questions about why he's never expelled other students whose criminal actions were much more open and blatant, such as Suigetsu, Arashi and Aoi.
  • My Immortal
    • "Darth Valer" demands that Ebony "kill him or I shall kill him anyway."
    • If you live in Tara Land, you can either try to be goffic, in which case you're a poser and you suck, or not, in which case you're a prep and you suck. It seems to be that you can become a "real goff" if you're suicidally depressed and/or have suffered horrible traumas, as Draco "used to want to commit suicide all the time", Vampire Potter has "gone through horrible problems", B'loody Mary is traumatised by the loss of her real parents, and Jenny and Diabolo's dad "raped them and stuff".
  • In Poison Pen "Professor Snape has taken points for breathing too loudly, asking questions, not asking questions and tardiness even with a note."
  • In The Prayer Warriors, Thalia goes up to Jerry expressing a desire to repent. He kills her, reasoning that if she's telling the truth, she'll go to Heaven, meaning that her death is not a bad thing, and if she's lying, she deserves to die and go to Hell.
  • In A Sad Story, Harry gets beaten by Uncle Vernon because he didn't answer Vernon's question quickly enough. He then tries to answer, at which point Vernon beats him again for speaking without permission.
  • Shadowchasers: Tournament of Shadows briefly mentions a Riddling Sphinx who cheated because the answer to her riddle was "Kill me." If her target couldn't answer, she'd kill them. If her target answered, she'd kill them, claiming they had given her permission.
  • In Swinging Pendulum, when Ichigo is running away from Kukaku who is trying to drag him to the Shiba compound for dinner, he runs into Kaien who hides him. When she leaves, Kaien tells Ichigo he can pay him back by...coming home to the compound for dinner.
  • In Toy Hammer, Emma, a past incarnation of the God Emperor, reveals that this is ultimately why the Horus Heresy was allowed to happen: all of the other possible futures would have been much worse for mankind, some much sooner than later.
  • The Greatest Generation: Whichever way Admiral Shimada chose, he would have been screwed since he didn't know that Yvonne is Enterprise. Stay and fight? His ship girls get overwhelmed by the vastly superior Abyssal numbers and die in a Senseless Sacrifice. Some of the civilians might - and that's a pretty big might - succeed in evacuating, but most would probably still get slaughtered by the Abyssals. The way to the home islands is left wide open. Retreat? His ship girls might survive, but the civilians would be done for. Either way, lots of people would die and someone would be calling for his political if not literal crucifixion.
  • In This Bites!, Self-Inserted character Jeremiah Cross faces this in regards to his knowledge that the crew's navigator Nami is meant to fall prey to the prehistoric Kestia tick. He has two choices: either suffer Nami to come within an inch of death with the payoff of getting to meet and recruit their crew's doctor Chopper, which is much harder to face now that she's his friend, or save her from the Kestia at the cost of, in all likelihood, never meeting Chopper and, worse still, dooming Chopper's home of Drum Kingdom to Wapol's tyranny. In the end, he chooses the second option…only for a different prehistoric bacterium to infect him instead, setting the crew en route to Drum anyway.
    • Cross faces this again when their encounter with Mr. 2 draws nearer. On the one hand, letting him go would mean a town burning down and a lot of trouble for everyone. On the other hand, if they got rid of him, the Straw Hats would never escape Hina at the end of the Alabasta arc nor, much later, would Luffy succeed in his jailbreak from Impel Down. Unlike the above, Cross has no difficulty making up his mind and taking the first option, though he still hates it.
      • It rears it's head once more as they near their destination of Sabaody Archipelago. In spite of all the new crew additions, skills and weapons they've gained, Cross knows that the New World is sharply more difficult, and that even if they manage to fluke past Fishman Island, they'd most likely perish once they got to Punk Hazard. Knowing that Kuma is going to arrive to scatter the crew around the world to put them in the places fit for making them strong enough, he's left with the choice of holding his tongue until the last minute and facing Luffy's fury for hiding something this important, or trying to brave the New World as they are and risk dying. Then when Cross learns Ace had still been captured and set to be executed, he's faced with a similar fork: attempt a rescue mission in a desperate last-ditch attempt to prevent Ace's death, which would most likely result in at least one fatality of their crew, or let Kuma separate them, leaving Luffy to tackle Impel Down and Marineford alone and risk fate being unchanged. In this case, Kuma forces the latter on them, explicitly telling Cross he doesn't have a choice in the matter.
  • Later in Sonic X: Dark Chaos, Maledict eventually realizes that the entire conflict has become this. Either he ends the stalemate by destroying the Milky Way Galaxy himself with the Galaxy Crusher, or the Shroud are going to eat the entire galaxy and destroy it instead. He decides on the former, rationalizing it as a Mercy Kill compared to letting the Shroud get more powerful.
  • Thousand Shinji: Shinji warned Asuka that if she listened to Rei, she was screwed... and if she ignored Rei, she was also screwed anyways.
    Shinji: (to Asuka) Ever since I converted her to Nurgle, Rei has shown great joy in causing things to break down. Ignore her or she will gain immense satisfaction from your annoyance.
    Rei: (smiling) Ignore me and it will come back to bite you.
    Shinji: Okay, I’ll amend that. Listen to her at your own risk, but ignore her at your risk as well.
  • Jim in Becoming the Mask starts out working for the bad guys, and does not seem all that bothered that becoming the new Trollhunter would give Bular an actual reason to kill him, joking to Strickler that Bular's Bad Boss tendencies probably would have gotten Jim killed anyway.
  • Near the end of the first chapter of What the Cat Dragged In, Chloe bumps into a waiter, causing him to spill a tray full of red wine all over Blanche Bissete's white dress. Blanche storms off, and Adrien clearly realizes that if he doesn't go after her and calm her down, she will almost certainly be akumatized. Unfortunately, if he does so, the waiter's humiliation will almost certainly lead him to be akumatized.
  • This trope is discussed (by name, no less) during Chapter 1 of Fractured Fates, as the first motive boils down to this: If a murder doesn't happen by midnight the day after the motive is announced, then Monokuma will randomly kill one student that same night, and will continue to randomly kill one student each night until a murder does happen. However, if someone does commit murder, then a classmate will still be dead and the surviving students will be put through a class trial where either the rest of the spotless or the blackened will be killed.
  • In Secret Sunshine, we have Ryuuko saying something akin to this in her narration of chapter 10, concerning a threat to a pregnant Satsuki. She says if Satsuki gave birth, then she could beat her up for calling and, if she hadn't, then she'll wait, regardless, Ryuuko'll beat the latter up.
    "If that baby was already born, I could beat her ass for calling and, if that baby wasn't born, I'll wait."
  • Son of the Seven Kingdoms: After the Oblivion Gate summoned by Mythic Dawn derails his assault on King's Landing enough that he loses the chance to win an outright victory, William settles for setting up a plan to cause enough strife among the Lannister-Tyrell alliance that they're virtually crippled — he pulls part of his forces back to Harrenhal while the rest march on the Reach, all while Robb's forces are still marching on Casterly Rock. As such, the Lannisters and Tyrells are left with too many equally important fronts to focus on.
  • In All Guardsmen Party, Aimy gains a Skunk Stripe after a grazing shot from an enemy weapon. She is absolutely pissed and during "Tyranid Acquisition Experts" she wanders around asking random people if her hair looks funny and then does "mean things" if they answer wrong. As the narrator notes there was no right answer.
  • In a sidestory of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Brock finds himself in serious risk of losing his gym. He can't keep it closed for too long, even to mourn the deaths of his parents, but when he reopens it, his grief hampers his battle performance, landing him on a losing streak that puts him at risk of his gym getting shut down by the League. He doesn't break out of it until he finally moves on from his sorrows.
  • Played Straight in The many Deaths of Harry Potter. After unknowingly encountering some Death Eaters, Vernon informs Harry about the dangers of the Magicals World (albeit calling it a cult). If he leaves the Dursleys, it's certain that he'll encounter more "Cultists"; But if he stays, Vernon tells him that other "Cultists" will still come for him. This proves to be true when Harry keeps dying no matter what he does.
  • Alya finds herself in this position twice over in The One to Make It Stay thanks to her unfortunate tendency to assume her first impressions are always right and that her instincts are always sound.
    • Firstly, she dismisses Marinette's attempts to warn her about Lila's true nature as purely motivated by envy. When Rose and Juleka present her with undeniable evidence that Lila has, in fact, lied to them all, she feels as though she has to choose between Moving the Goalposts and claiming this doesn't prove Lila lied about anything else... or facing the idea that she was wrong. Which is a problem, since she already posted information Lila gave her on her Ladyblog, and issuing a retraction strikes her as a good way to lose the faith they've placed in her. Rejecting their evidence, meanwhile, leads into a Vicious Cycle where Alya can't bring herself to admit her mistake, as that means she's done even more damage to her relationships and reputation for no good reason at all.
    • A similar situation develops when she posts a Manipulatively Edited video on the Ladyblog. When people express suspicion about the video, she feels that all of her options suck: if she admits the truth, she loses the faith her audience placed in her. If she doesn't acknowledge the criticism at all and lets it go unchecked, the commenters have more time to convince others that there's something weird about it. And deleting the comments only riles them up further. This only gets worse once Alya fully recognizes that posting the edited video was a mistake, as she fears that posting any kind of a retraction now, after having tried to silence her critics, will just amplify the backlash.


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