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MJ would be proud.note 

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  • On the side of the van Nico drives has the phone number "6-MY-GOD-099" underneath Nero's Devil May Cry neon sign.
  • When Nico crashes into two Empusas in the opening intro, they splatter against the windshield. She simply activates the wipers to get them off like the demon insects that they are.
  • After Nero lights up Nico's new cigarette and they drive off, there's a disclaimer at the bottom that says:

  • Hey, are you a Devil May Cry player that's so good, you make bosses look like child's play? Well, good news! If you somehow beat Urizen IN THE PROLOGUE (Especially with the weakened Nero you have at the beginning!), you are treated to a secret ending where everyone lives happily ever after and Urizen is treated as a joke. The guy who singlehandedly ruined Red Grave city? Just a stepping stone for you to see the crew in a family photo. Of somewhat special note is the Credits Gag, where the credits play at a super fast speed.

    Mission 2 
  • The Boss Banter between Nero and Goliath is truly something to behold. It's obvious that Nero knows that he's annoying the Incandescent Colossus to no end, and he's loving every second of it.
    Goliath: Your blood is a very precious sacrifice, eating you will do me no good. I must have every last drop in order to rule the Underworld as king!
    Nero: King? You? I dunno. I mean, you're a big guy and all, but, you seem more like a knuckle-scrapping fart in the wind than anything else. No offense.
    Goliath: Puny human... Do you know who I am?
    Nero: [shrugs]
    • It comes to a head when Goliath starts firing off his stomach projectiles at Nero.
      Nero: [laughs] Cool trick! Hey, do you do parties?
      Goliath: [is now so unbelievably pissed that the only thing he can do in response is roar in frustration]
  • Nero's reaction when V arrives and executes Goliath?
    Nero: Thought I was gonna have to pick you out of his, er... tummy teeth.
  • All of Nico's banter when she arrives after Goliath's defeat is comedy gold, but this is the crowner:
    Nico: [sniffs one of Goliath's horns] Oooooooh-ee, I'm gonna make something amazin' outta this!
    Nero: ...Did you just sniff that? D'you have any idea where that's been?!
    Nico: ...Up your butt?

    Mission 3 
  • At the beginning, there is a short scene where Nico squabbles with Nero a bit, then with Griffon - even threatening to cook him. V just sits there silently with a shit-eating grin.
  • Nico comes across Nero and a newly-freed Lady, who is naked and Covered in Gunge after being freed from Artemis, the demon boss that Nero just put down. Naturally, Nico takes the time to mess with him about how she's gonna have to talk to Kyrie about this before revealing that she's joking. Nero's response is to glare at Nico. The cutscene ends with Nero actually saying to himself "Kyrie's gonna kill me." after Nico's walked off, which is a pretty unexpected thing to hear Nero fear from the highly-demure Kyrie.
    • If you replay this missions after beating the game and get the S-rank, one of the photos is that of Nero on the phone with Nico and a comatose Lady in the background. Apparently, Nero took Nico's teasing of telling Kyrie seriously.

    Mission 4 
  • Nidhogg is...not the sharpest tack in the pile. In fact, that's something of a gross understatement. The entire time you spend fighting the thing, Griffon continually takes the piss out of him for his stupidity. When he's at 50% vitality, he gets so upset that he practically starts crying because Griffon is being mean to him.
  • As soon as V kills Nidhogg, he immediately catches a glimpse of Gilgamesh wandering around and has an Oh, Crap! face. He immediately tries to pull a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! (to Griffon's chagrin) and walks away. Gilgamesh has none of it and instantly blows them away underground.

    Mission 8 
  • Nico comes tearing down the slope in her van, only skidding to a halt mere inches away from Nero. While she's quick to start her usual banter with Nero, she drops her playful demeanour the moment he's out of sight and heaves a sigh of relief, whimpering 'Oh my gawd' to herself at the fact she almost hit him. She even makes the sign of the cross before Nero peers in the window.
    • The fact that Nero isn't fazed in the slightest makes it even funnier.

    Mission 9 
  • When V calls Nico over, Griffon decides to play a prank on him by stealing his cane, flying around and laughing while taunting him. Cue Nico crashing right through a wall and damn near running Griffon over. Instead, she swerves the wheel to the left and pulls on the handbrake, avoiding him by mere inches by doing a high-flying mid-air barrel roll and and landing the van perfectly. This insane stunt is not at all lost on V, who calmly picks his cane back up.
  • The entire mission revolves around retrieving the Devil Sword Sparda from a group of Nobodies who, for whatever bizarre reason, broke into a ritual dance fever over the Sparda, a fact that causes no shortage of confusion and amusement for both Griffon and V.
    V: I'll be taking that back now. You know your endless worshipping isn't making the Sparda any happier.
    Griffon: May I have this dance?
    V: The floor is yours.
  • In the flashback to Dante and V's first meeting, we see Dante getting a job that offers its payment up front. Apparently he's been without work for the past eleven years since in his own words...
    Dante: The water needs turning on, and those toilets need flushing.
    • More detail. According to Kamiya's Twitter: Dante (and Trish) pull in around $1,500 a month fighting demons. He keeps just a hundred bucks a month for personal use, pizza not included. His new designer jacket costs eight thousand dollars.
    • Also the fact Dante once again starts bringing up his toilet when trying to negotiate a job offer, just like in 1, 3 and 4.
    • Dante accepts the job on the condition he doesn't have to go to Patty's 18th birthday party. Apparently, the experience is so hellish that Dante would rather go through literal Hell than attend it. Although to be fair on Dante, Before the Nightmare gives context why he didn't want to attend: he dreads being around and forced to socialize with so many "normal people" because he considers himself a freak, and he was still planning to celebrate Patty's birthday with her afterwards, just not around her friends.

    Mission 10 
  • After Dante wakes up from his "long ass nap", in part courtesy of V's attempted impalement, Dante does a couple stretches and some practice punches while Griffon attempts to give him a pep talk on quickly getting to Urizen as well sort of trash-talking Nero. Keyword being "attempt", as Dante soon promptly grabs Griffon by the neck before chucking him away without even looking, in an almost Call-Back to Dante going "Flock off, featherface!" in DMC1.
    Griffon: Right sunshine, now put a fire under it! We gotta get moving! That annoying pimple Nero is making a bee line for Urizen and if he gets there he’s gonna — URK! [snatched at the neck by Dante and then tossed] — SQUASHED LIKE A BUG!!!
  • The first time Dante encounters a Chaos, he evades its attack, only for it to get stuck with its bladed shell spinning haplessly. Cue Dante deciding to lean in against the spinning shell for a shave.

    Mission 11 
  • When Dante reaches the end of the level, he comes across a totally safe stretch of road. He promptly summarizes the life of every Action Hero in all of existence.
    Dante: Oh, they're just gonna let me through! ...Boy, wouldn't that be the day.
  • Remember all those motorcycles Dante used to ruin in every single game? Now he gets one of it as a weapon!

    Mission 12 
  • After clearing the main puzzle of the mission and moving a statue in his way Dante takes the chance to drop this gem.
    Dante: It's been awhile since I've used my brain this much!
  • When Dante comes across his childhood home, he gets the idea of impaling himself with the Rebellion sword, hoping to unleash his demonic power, just as Vergil did with the Yamato. Griffon is watching, trying to figure out what's going on while the tension builds, and then he freaks out when it happens:
    Griffon: Have you lost your mind?! There's a demon to destroy! Kill yourself later, I'll help!

    Mission 13 
  • The cutscene where Dante gets the Faust Hat is just gold, outdoing Nevan and Lucifer's cutscenes in terms of sheer cheesiness. How, you ask? Why, by Dante channeling Michael Jackson and pulling off a brief dance routine that wouldn't be out of place in one of his music videos after manifesting a scarf of demonic energy, complete with moonwalking, pyrotechnics, and the neon "Devil May Cry" sign on Nico's van flashing in the background. Nico, who gave him the hat as a gift, looks like a little kid who just met her idol and is cheering for him, while Trish just stands there, absolutely stonefaced and probably very glad she isn't actually Dante's mother. Somebody had to mocap Dante doing this. That somebody is now a legend. Seriously, just try to keep a straight face when Dante gets the Faust Hat as pictured above. Oh, and did we mention that this happens deep inside the Qliphoth? Imagine Urizen's reaction when the tree responds to the hat and dance, ala Ronan the Accuser's utter confusion at the dance-off.
  • Mission 13 is the best mission to play online with other people, namely in that you can play as one character, whereas other players can play the other two. They have good comments towards each other.
    • When Nero and Dante are together.
      Nero: Hey Dante! Need a hand?
      Dante: No way! I'm not THAT old!
    • When V and Dante are together.
      Griffon: Hey Dante! Need a hand?
      Dante: No way, this is where things get fun!

    Mission 16 
  • Dante ends up fighting King Cerberus. A stronger version of Cerberus from DMC 3 who wields fire and lightning along with ice. And Dante taunts him the same way he did his predecessor in 3.
    Dante: Easy there, fella. Hey... I remember a stinky little pooch just like you.
    King Cerberus: You insult me, foul-scented creature!
    Dante: Looks like your master's got you on a pretty short leash. Come on, little puppy. I'll take you out for a walk, c'mon! Let's go!
    • The King Cerberus Devil arm is also pretty funny considering you'll soon find that its use consists of Dante making Funny Bruce Lee Noises with literally every single strike.

    Mission 18 
  • At the start of the mission, Nico gives Dante the Kalina Ann II, which Lady commissioned after losing the original in the prologue. It’s very possible that Dante picked up the original in mission 11. And, once you have both weapons, Dante can dual wield them.
  • Dante pays his last respects to a dying Griffon... with this funny gem:
    Dante: Rest in peace, little chicken. It's been a bash.

    Mission 19 
  • During their climactic battle, Dante taunts Vergil about his abusive parenting by calling him out for ripping off his own son's arm. Vergil's response is "My son...means nothing to me!" which sounds cold-hearted even for Vergil. But upon finishing the fight...Vergil's first line in the cutscene is "...Nero is my son?" There are a couple of ways to read this train of thought so that it makes sense, and the morbidly funny way is that Vergil is so caught up in his determination to kill Dante that he basically reflexively countered Dante's insult without actually thinking about what he was saying and realizing what it means and the revelation for Vergil is a very Delayed Reaction. Even after that, it still takes him a couple of seconds to remember that, yes, he did in fact knock a girl up in Fortuna quite some time ago. Apparently this was Lost in Translation (the actual dialogue was supposed to be Vergil simply being clueless and not understanding what Dante is talking about) but the way it comes across in the English script gives the sequence its funny outcome.
  • Once Vergil finally gets the hint, he almost nostalgically muses how long ago "that" (ie: sex with Nero's mom) was. Dante is half-tempted to stop the fight just so he can learn how the hell that happened.
    • With how quickly Vergil was able to narrow down what events led to Nero existing, the implication seems to be that that night in Fortuna was the only time he ever had sex.
  • In Special Edition, there's something hilariously terrifying about having to fight Dante. Pretty sure anyone that's played Devil May Cry 4 would be treated to some serious flashbacks. Even if it's now Vergil that's the player character here instead of Nero!
    • Remember abusing the shit out of Royal Guard when playing as Dante? Now have fun being on the receiving end as Vergil! In case DMC4SE's Bloody Palace wasn't enough!

    Mission 20 
  • In the scene leading to the final fight after Nero Offhand Backhands Dante to the floor with one of his bringer wings/arms and during "I won't let either of you die" speech, Dante interrupts with "Not gonna die, my ass; that bitch slap almost killed me!" And right before the fight, when asked if he agrees to the proxy duel, Dante goes "Whatever. I don't really care. I'm just gonna sit this one out." before laying back down as if he's given up on talking either of them out of it.
    • Dante then gets revenge alongside Vergil by backhanding Nero so hard he flies a few good feet away.
  • During the otherwise very emotional last fight against Vergil, Nero activates his Devil Trigger by Flipping the Bird and yelling "Fuck you!".
  • Nero can taunt Vergil in their fight, which will get him respond back unamused "Thank you for that. Now I shall give you death in return."
  • Several of Nero's grabs on Vergil cross this and Awesome, depending on how you grab him.
    • If you grab Vergil normally, Nero and Vergil will have a small sword fight before Vergil stabs Nero with the Yamato. Nero's response? Nonchalantly rip the Yamato out before stabbing Vergil back with it! The best part is that Nero may ask if Vergil accepts him now during the same tidbit (provided the latter is at 50% health).
      Nero: Oh, hell no! [proceeds to stab Vergil back] Here, now it's your turn! [both father and son are crouching and panting] Take me seriously now!? Feel accepting yet?
      Vergil: Of your existence, or your strength?
      Nero: Both, you fucking asshole!
    • If you grab him as he's dive-bombing in his Sin Devil Trigger form, Nero will catch Vergil in mid-air and suplex him!
    • And finally, when Vergil creates a copy of himself, if you grab one and the other is nearby, Nero will grab them both before smashing them together! It's both funny as to how he gets rid of the copy and what he says about it too!
      Nero: Hey, you dropped something!
  • In a bit of a Mood Whiplash, Nico offers Nero a shoulder to cry on after having seen Dante and Vergil disappear into the Underworld, calling back to Lady's own speech from the third game, with her own twisted, sarcastic spin on it:
    Nico: [sentimentally] It's okay to cry if you want, Nero, over a loss. It doesn't make you a crybaby. ... does make you a little bitch, though.
    • After Nero adamantly refuses to, and after he and Nico banter a bit about using the word "cry", he answers a phone call by answering with the shop's name and breathlessly swears right after upon realizing what he just said:
      Nico: All I'm saying is, tough guy... it's okay to cry if you want.
      Nero: I'm not crying.
      Nico: Devils cry! Devils cry!
      Nero: I'm not gonna cry.
      Nico: Kittens cry "meow", puppies cry "woof!"
      Nero: Will you shut up? Will you stop it? Look at you. You're — nobody's crying, all right?
      Nico: Why don't you cry on my shoulder? Come on, cry on my shoulder! I know you wanna.
      Nero: Stop saying "cry." If you say cry again— [answers the telephone] "Devil May Cry." @#$!
  • Considering the electricity winds up being cut off at Dante’s office again, the implication seems to be that Lady and Trish just sat around for a few weeks, waiting for Dante to come back.
  • Morrison shows the girls the deed to Dante's shop. Lady immediately tries to snatch it out of his hands. It would seem when she asked if she could have Dante's office, she really, really wanted it.
  • When Morrison paraphrases Dante's last message to call Lady and Trish "those crazy bitches" the two immediately point to the other as if trying to pass the buck despite said paraphrasing being plural.
  • As Dante and Vergil finish yet another duel, Dante says he's up by one. Vergil asks where he learned how to count, and insists they are even. Even better, Vergil's calm and even tone is nowhere to be found; He sounds utterly incredulous but that tone coming out of Vergil's mouth makes him sound almost casual.
  • When demons once again interrupt Dante and Vergil's sparring, the latter realizes Dante's about to say his usual one-liner.
    • Remembering back to the reference in 3, Dante cited it as a thing they both used to say and Vergil said it along with him when they shot Arkham down. Vergil's reaction here just has to mean that Dante has been actively trolling his brother by saying that joint catchphrase so many times down there.
  • In Special Edition Vergil Mode adds on to the ending, extending past Dante's "Jackpot!" and for all the snark they manage to put a heartwarming spin on it all showing even two of the most powerful demon slayers on the planet were normal kids once.
    Dante: Why you gotta leave me hangin'!? We used to love saying that.
    Vergil: I have no recollection.
    Dante: Well lemme jog your memory. A little Vergil... crying in the corner because Mommy got mad?
    Vergil: I seem to recall YOU crying every time Father raised his voice.
    Dante: Hah! How would they feel if they saw us now?
    Vergil: What does it matter? We're still here aren't we?
    Dante: Yeah, you're probably right.

     Nico's Reports 
  • If you head into the Gallery and into Nico's Reports, it has all of the info on the characters and various enemies of the game written by Nico herself. Some of her reports are gold.
  • Nero: Nico notes that he's the proprietor of Devil May Cry, the finest mobile business in Fortuna. She compliments herself on fixing him up with "bitchin' hardware" and thinks he's grateful, but is "just too shy to say thank you. I get it". She also talks on Nero being able to still fight better with one arm than other people with three, but then says "takin' on the new demon king minus your good arm ain't exactly the height of common sense"...and then flips to note that it gave her the opportunity to dream up the Devil Breaker!
  • V's Familiars: As she describes Griffon's capabilities, she ends it off with "I sure as heck can't find out anything more about this pecker". As for Shadow, she notes that it wouldn't play nice with humans, but with V it's "as meek as a buttercup in the breeze. And don't tell me it's just cause V's good with animals."
  • Nico: She starts off by calling herself "God's gift to gunsmithin' and the queen of machines", boasting about her Grandma Nell Goldstein and wondering whether Nero realizes how lucky he is to be partnered up with her. She also comments on her other attires, her work attire making her feel like she's "donnin' the holy vestments of the church of the gun. And I am ALWAYS ready to preach!" and her Fatigues wear having her note how she takes precautions because "more than once I've been fiddlin' with the vitals of some netherbeast only to have them blow up in my face", before talking about how her face deserves protection and how hiding them "makes y'all a little sad, but hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder."
  • Death Scissors has her note that being a master engineer means you've got to have a profound respect for the laws of physics...then she notes that when one of them drifts through the walls, it gets on her nerves.
  • Qliphoth Roots has her note how their skin is so thick that it takes hours working on them to actually cut through, before noting "what other kind of plant could survive in the underworld".
  • Kyrie's profile in the Library has Nico talking about how beautiful she is before saying "She'd be beating the boys back with a stick if it wasn't for Nero".
  • Lady's profile has Nico note that she's never seen Lady do anything that didn't involve killing demons, before saying "she's kinda messed up", which is kinda a case of "the pot calling the kettle black" given Nico's gushing over Artemis and other demonic things she can make. Lady's fatigues description has Nico saying if fell onto her shoulders to "keep [Lady's] assets safe from pryin' eyes". She also guesses that Nero would've enjoyed seeing her in something flashier, but "round here you're thankful for what you can get".
  • Trish's profile has Nico recalling a comment Trish made on Nero, saying "He was so inexperienced when he first met me" before Nico proceeds to ask "Now what's that supposed to mean?"

     Visions of V 
  • In the first proper chapter, we see a flashback to Dante and Vergil’s youth. It quickly goes from Dante nagging Vergil, who just wants to read his poetry book, to play sword fight with him, only for the next panel to show Vergil angrily trying to push Dante off the couch, who just so happens to have his foot in Vergil’s face.
  • Chapter 2 shows how V got his clothes. Turns out, he got Griffon to attack some thug before stripping him down and stealing his clothes. What really takes the cake is the fact V went so far as to accessorise, even taking the mans rings and neckless for no discernible reason.
  • Throughout the series, Griffon has the habit of being abused by V, resulting in the most cartoony expressions possible on a bird. Such abuse includes V stuffing his book into Griffons mouth, being dragged on the ground, having his face scorched by a laser, and being stabbed at by V's cane when he suggests feeding him mice.
  • While it's a rather harrowing scene, Vergil’s final moments before becoming Nelo Angelo gives us this lovely line. Even Mundus gets chuckle out of it.
    Vergil: Done with the drivel yet? I can still keep going.
    Mundus: Heh heh.
  • When faced with the untamed Shadow, Griffon tries to give V some advice on striking a contract with demons.
    Griffon: Try talking. Maybe he remembers “paw!” Or “stay!”
    V: What’s the point of teaching it those?
    Griffon: It’s a joke, idiot.
    • Shadow the proceeds not to attack them but to steal V's cane before just walking away, leaving V standing there confused.
  • Before meeting Phantom, Griffon mocks V for being unnerved by the bugs around them, only to leap onto V's back once he realises they're surrounded by them. Even better, as Griffon is freaking out, V idly flicks a centipede of his shoulder.
    • When they actually meet Phantom, Griffon quickly loses control of the situation due to Phantom's pride and V's disregard for the demon, leading to a What the Hell, Hero? moment from the bird. And once V claims that, even with Shadow, he's too weak, he chews him out again for ignoring his advice. And still V ignores him when confronting Nightmare.
      Griffon: I fucking told you.
    • In general, a lot of the manga's comedy comes from V messing with Griffon.
  • After defeating Phantom, Shadow pounces on V, looking ready to kill, only to start licking him and wagging it's tail like a dog.
  • While in his nightmares, Dante is presented as a powerful and cool person, representing how V perceives him. However, what is the first thing the actual Dante says upon making an appearance?
  • In chapter 12, V finally gets his name... by looking at his poetry book.
    Griffon: You know how much naming skill you have? Zero!
    V: I don't want to hear that from you.
    Griffon: What about me then? "B" for bird?!
    V: "C" for chicken.
    Griffon: YOU!
  • When V is threatened at gunpoint by a mugger, he chooses to engage in some Casual Danger Dialog.
    V: … Could you let me go? Apparently I’ll die if I get shot.
    Mugger: Huh? What? Well no shit. I want money. If you don’t give me the money, I shoot. And you don’t want to get shot. Do. You. Understand?
    V: I see. So I am being threatened.

  • The Deluxe Edition of the game gives Nero access to several bonus Devil Breakers... including THE FREAKING MEGA BUSTER. Cue a trailer showing it off, featuring Nero running around the opening stage like Mega Man, visual effects and all.
    • Even better, while the Mega Buster is equipped, Nero's jump animation becomes Mega Man's classic Y-pose jump.
    • If Nero loses all his health, he kneels as normal, then disappears into those yellow explody-balls from the classic Mega Man games, complete with sound effect.
  • One of the DLC Devil Breakers is the Sweet Surrender, which was made by Nico to "relieve Kyrie's tension."
    Description: Nero is too rough to do the job without hurting Kyrie, so this device is made of soft materials. Its vibration feature is especially effective at alleviating shoulder and hip pain.
    • The gameplay description leans in even harder: "Jerk Sweet Surrender off your arm for an explosion of healing energy. Restores vitality in an instant, but blowing the entire load at once destroys the arm." The animation for its use is about what one would expect.
  • If you search the game's files long enough in the PC version, you'll find Dummied Out Weapon Reports for the DLC Devil Breakers. It also sheds light on the origin of the Pasta Breaker...
    Say, remember that time I saw you fumbling all over yourself trying to chow down on some pasta? Man, I couldn't believe my eyes. Like, who has trouble with a freaking bowl of noodles!?
  • There's something oddly hilarious about the fact that Dante back in 3 had calls before his shop even started, by 1 his business was doing pretty well, but by 5 it's pretty clear that he is broke.
  • One of Dante's new weapons is the Faust Hat which causes him to go into a ridiculously campy stance when wearing it.
    • On top of this, the Faust Hat can be seen as a dual Take That! in two respects. The first is towards the infamous DmC presentation event at GDC 2013, where art director Alessandro Taini thought the original Dante was too flamboyant and negatively compared him to the cowboys from Brokeback Mountain. The second was people assuming that Red Orbs being purchasable via micro-transactions would mean that the game would be understocked with them to ensure that people bought them as in-game currency. Now not only is one of Dante's weapons a cowboy hat that he wears exceedingly flamboyantly, but Red Orbs are easy enough to acquire that they serve as the Faust Hat's ammunition.
  • Remember Nero's infamous air guitar taunt? Now V keeps to the tradition with an air violin at S-rank, playing the opening part of Niccolò Paganini's Caprice No. 24. Unfortunately, unlike Nero's taunt, this one ends. What makes this extra hysterical is the implication that this means that as Vergil, the man obsessed with gaining more power, he likely knows how to play the violin exceptionally well.
  • One of the pre-order bonuses for the Deluxe Edition allows you to replace every cutscene in the game with the previsualization reference movies, as acted out by the developers. So Bad, It's Good doesn't even begin to describe it.
    • Highlights include the high-school movie-tier costuming, action figures being used for more outlandish shots, V's increased movespeed being represented with sped up powerwalking and Griffon being portrayed by a man in a black rainjacket with a long sheet of gossamer fabric for "wings".
  • Every instance of Nico driving the Devil May Cry van. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
    • This is especially true when you summon her inside the Qliphoth. Somehow the pay phone absorbed by the tree still gets out and she manages to drive the van into the tree. Bonus points for Nero deciding to chill and read a nearby magazine while waiting for her to get inside the tree.
      • The magazine Nero picks up is later seen being read by Trish in mission menu screens thereafter.
    • Another good one is in Mission 7, when she bursts through the wall not even a second after your character calls her, which happens so unexpectedly, it's effectively a Jump Scare.
  • The fact that during the recap of the earlier games in the series, TAS gets a longer summary than 2. Even Capcom are still embarrassed about that game.
  • Vergil's Sin Devil Trigger form has something that looks like exhaust pipes on his head with blue energy radiating from them.
    • It'd be bad enough if the horns simply emitted flame energy, but it actually gets sillier when you take a close look at them. The horns are replicas of the Yamato's handle, which borders somewhere on the line of ridiculous and Narm Charm.
  • Upon completing the game, the Main Menu screen changes to Dante, Nero, Morrison, Trish, Lady, Nico and Vergil all hanging out inside of Nico's van, like they're about to go off on a trip somewhere, leading to some humorous interactions.
    • Nero inspects one of his Devil Breakers while Vergil sits next to him, either giving Nero a Disapproving Look or being bored out of his mind. He also looks as if he's trying to make awkward conversation with Nero, going so far as to open his mouth before shaking his head and going back to watching him out of the corner of his eye. He can be seen as being quite adorkable. If one look closely at Vergil's eyes they may realize that he appears to be looking at the player as if they were sitting across from him, even looking back at them when he turns to face Nero. It all makes Vergil's glances appear as if he's trying to wordlessly ask what Nero's deal is or ask for help with him.
    • Dante and Vergil having one of those awkward silences around each other.
    • Lady nervously peeks her head out of the shower room, noticing Dante, Trish, and Morrison casually loitering about just a few feet away. Judging by the fact that she's still clearly wet and more than a little bit skin is showing, it appears she forgot to bring a Modesty Towel, leading to a very rare case of Naked People Trapped Inside.
      • Lady also peeks her head out of the shower room in the Mission 15 menu screen.
  • Upon replaying the game after beating it once, every time you kill an enemy for the first time, the game freeze-frames and takes a picture of the enemy, replete with a mocking joke about them. For example, upon killing a Pyrobat, the game calls them a "Pain. In. The. Ass."
  • Due to how Cameo System works you can be matched with two ghosts of yourself.
  • All Vergil wanted was a serious duel to finally settle things between him and Dante once and for all and you showed up doing burnouts on a demonic motorcycle wearing a magic cowboy hat.
    Youtube comment: Imagine fighting your brother in a climactic duel when he suddenly pulls out a motorcycle and starts doing burn-outs on your face.
    Reply: proceeds to randomly drop red orbs everywhere
  • Someone modded Nero's hair to to the likes of Nero Claudius from Fate/EXTRA, complete with the sword and the color scheme. Now you can never see Nero the same, ever again.
  • Beating Bloody Palace as Dante has him form a heart using his own Summoned Swords and brush his hair back like Vergil does during his win pose and smugly smirk at the camera. It's easy to picture Vergil being mildly unamused at the scene.
    • Nero's has him basically recreating Vergil's infamous 'I need more power!', only he says he's the one with it. It's hard not to laugh at his shit-eating grin while delivering the line, especially since he's doing so right in front of a keeled-over Vergil.
    • V's turns his cane into what is effectively a light saber. The best part? Beating the mode unlocks them as taunts, and V's version also acts as a minor but still somewhat noticeable buff to his cane's damage.
  • As intimidating as Nightmare can be, sometimes when the player summons it to fight, rather than entering the battlefield as a meteor, Nightmare will bellyflop onto the battlefield instead crushing any demons underneath it, an image that is sure to get a chuckle at least once.
  • One of Vergil's new taunts in Special Edition has him turn the Yamato back into Nero's Devil Bringer! Take your pick on what would be funnier to see: Nero's reaction to Vergil taunting Nero like this or Dante facepalming at the idea of Vergil showing off his own son's (and by extension nephew's) severed arm as if it were yet another one of his accomplishments in his never-ending quest for power.
    • Another one has him hold V's book, contemplating on whether or not he should hand it to Nero as a keepsake. Guess when it comes down to it, Vergil might not be so dismissive of his son after all...
    • Then there's the fact that the taunt where he spins a spectral Force Edge (now called Mirage Edge here) in the air to juggle an enemy makes its glorious return from Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition!
      Vergil: Let's have some fun!
    • Adding on to the list of Vergil taunts, his EX Provocation taunt has his Doppleganger show up and start dancing to a remix of "Dies Irae" while Vergil looks confused and embarrassed the whole time. By the time the Doppleganger is done, so is Vergil's patience as he slashes the Doppleganger away.
      Vergil: Tch, how droll... that's enough! (cuts the Doppleganger)
    • Do the previous taunt while fighting Dante, and he'll react like Vergil just challenged him to a dance-off.

Fan Content

  • Triple-Q has put out a mashup of The B-52's "Love Shack" and this game's "Devil Trigger" in a mashup called "Love Shack Trigger."
  • Gzei has made a series of 4-koma titled "Vergil's Motivational Life". There are some of them that make you smile a lot:
    • "Triggered": Dante is riding Cavaliere, then Nero appears by showing his own ride to Dante. Said ride is Vergil in Sin Devil Trigger form. Cue Vergil waking up from that nightmare in a cold sweat!
    • "Bewitching": Dante is bringing Vergil's "lady in red" (i.e. the unnamed hooded woman with red dress who saw Vergil's action at the beginning of his campaign in DMC4SE). Instead, Dante brings Jeanne, of all people, to his brother. Cue awkward stare between them at the end of panel.
    • "Talk to the Hand": Vergil finds a Sweet Surrender on a sofa, much to his son's embarrassment.
    • "It's Like Poetry": Nero reads his own rendition of "Roses are Red" poem, only yells "FUCK YOU!" in frustration.
    • "Deep Cut": Vergil is watching The Empire Strikes Back. Nero wants to watch the movie with his father, only being traumatized with the scene when Darth Vader (or more appropriately Anakin) cuts his son's hand, as well as the infamous Luke, I Am Your Father scene.
    • "Let's V Friends": Vergil sees Dante and Nero have fun together. Reminiscing his days as V, he's reciting William Blake's "A Poison" Tree before reverting to his human half. Then V threatens Dante and Nero to not laugh at him.
    • "Blast the Past": Dante and Vergil showing Nero their past days, including Dante's cameo role in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne and Vergil's alter ego Gilver in DMC Volume 1 manga. When the next page is showing their DmC alternate selves, Dante and Vergil both cover the photo in embarrassment, much to Nero's confusion.
    • "Cameo Roles": Vergil is facing a group of demons. Then suddenly two gamer tags named "VergilStinks" and "VergilSmellyButt" respectively appear. Vergil is obviously pissed off, while Nero and Dante are laughing their asses off sheepishly while hiding.
    • "Fast and Furious": Dante and Vergil facing a Fury. Vergil teleports at the Fury first, then the demon also doing the same thing. Then suddenly they are teleport spamming behind each other, which resembles a certain scene from Bleach. Dante's reaction at the end of 4-koma just makes it better.
      Dante: You guys are enjoying this, aren't you?
    • "Send Help": Dante and Vergil reenact the scene from Thor: Ragnarok... except it's Dante being thrown at the bad guys. Vergil did watch the movie, too.
  • Among the serious backlash against Subhuman, there were several hilarious video that outlined how people felt about the song, but the creme de la creme is a video that puts the song over Shadow the Hedgehog's opening cutscene. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Some absolute legend on YouTube replaced Dante's character model with Vergil... for the Dr. Faust scene!
  • Easy mode is now selectable.
  • A parody of "Bury The Light" titled "Bury The Guilt" has been making the rounds, detailing Vergil being a deadbeat dad for not providing for Nero and his mom. The song is full of Black Comedy as a result.


  • LittleVMills's cover of the controversial Subhuman opens with Little V rubbing his hands together like in Suicide Silence's music video before actually looking at them, looking dead at the camera and shrugging as if to say "What the fuck was that nonsense about?"
  • This Photo Mode picture. It gets funnier when you pair Vergil's vaguely confused expression at Dante's shenanigans with Vergil's in-universe social awkwardness in post-game menu screens.

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