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Pictured: Dante wielding a motorcycle as two chainsaws.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. All spoilers are unmarked!

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  • The franchise's glorious return with Devil May Cry 5. After going almost completely dark after DmC: Devil May Cry, which created a major Broken Base, and with only an Updated Re-release of 4 in 2015, the series comes back from the brink with Nero at the forefront giving the flippant and balls-to-the-wall tone it's known and loved for! And it's not only Nero coming back to fans...
  • Nero's phenomenal and stylish demonic asskicking in the E3 2018 trailer. He uses flips, kicks, quips, and his new robotic arm in an incredibly creative way, but he ends it by calmly staring at the camera and stating outright that he intends to take down the baddie who took off his arm.
    Nero: I have a score to settle with that son of a bitch.
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  • The mysterious villain in the E3 2018 announcement trailer earns a spot here for managing to toss Nero around with ease, and rip his Devil Bringer off. See all those moments listed for Nero? He managed to kick his ass anyway.
  • Nero kicking the ass of Goliath, a giant beast with a mouth that absorbs objects and spits flame in its stomach. The best part is how casual he is about the whole thing. He honestly does not care about the giant monster, it's just another day for Nero.
  • One of Nero’s Devil Breakers, Gerbera, is a huge sweeping laser.
    Nero: Let's give 'em a little taste of the GOOD SHIT!
  • From the GamesCom 2018 trailer: Dante shows off his new Devil Arm motorcycle, Cavaliere, that transforms into a pair of chainsaw BFSs which he can dual wield. Nuff said.
  • Pretty much almost the entirety of the TGS 2018 trailer that features Dante.
    • Dante shows off more moves of Cavaliere, where he can go from dual-wielding to transforming it back to motorcycle-form and using the tires to attack.
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    • He actually uses the blades of a demon that got stuck to shave.
    • The return of "Jackpot".
  • The boss fight against Voltaic Black Knight: Cavaliere Angelo, whose body parts provide for Dante's new motorcycle Devil Arm, has been noted to be almost on par with the boss fight against Credo Angelo.
  • The GA 2018 trailer shows off what looks to be a fusion of Dante's Majin Form from 2 and the unused Perfect Devil Trigger from 4.
    • From the same trailer, we finally get a look at some of V's gameplay. One of his moves? Summoning a Shadow from 1 to attack foes.
    • Again from the same trailer, Dante using King Cerberus that has two additional forms other than the three-part nunchaku. Dante mockingly something as a "puppy" off-screen and taunting on taking them out for a walk in a frozen looking environment points at him possibly battling King Cerberus, much like how he fought Cerberus.
  • The Wham Shot at the end of the V trailer, in which Dante's unconscious on the ground and V looking about to impale Dante with Demon Sword Sparda is one for both sides.
  • The Final Trailer for the game features the biggest and most jaw-dropping Wham Shot so far. One that can only be put into four words: The return of Vergil.
    • We see Dante's new sword (with the texture of Sparda and the shape of Rebellion) in full, along with the fact that Dante can perform something akin to Summoned Swords with it!
      • Come the actual game, just how he acquires the new Sword itself counts. Dante just jams the broken hilt of Rebellion into himself and proceeds to absorb both the Rebellion and Sparda before letting out an explosion of power and transforming into his new, ultimate form: the Sin Devil Trigger. And is then able to spontaneously summon the sword whenever he wants. He finally reaches a level of power beyond that of Sparda and Urizen. Also, its name? Devil Sword Dante. After all this time using the weapons of other Demons, Dante's finally got his own personal Devil Arm.
    • Or the fact that Eva's backstory will finally be explored, all gorgeously rendered in the RE Engine.

  • The entirety of it. To wit:
    • Nico herself. Upon seeing a group of Empusas ahead, she speeds up and barrels right through them. When an Empusa tries to climb in through the driver-side window, she doesn't even blink or move her head and simply shoves her cigarette into its forehead, causing it to fall down. And then she sends the van into a barrel-roll after using several cars as a ramp. She even moves her head to snatch a cigarette midair while in the middle of the roll.
    • Nero naturally. He leaps out of the van as Nico take it into a barrel-roll, and starts flipping about the obstacles of cars and debris all the while shooting the Empusas stylishly before sliding back into the van's passenger seat just as the barrel-roll finishes. All to the incredibly badass "Devil Trigger". Ladies and gentlemen, Devil May Cry is BACK!

    Mission 5 
  • During the battle between V and the Elder Geryon Knight, V gets in an excellent Badass Boast at about the 1/4 mark.
    V: The power to control time... That's quite a horse.
    Griffon: But that would mean it's Geryon! I thought Dante killed it already!
    V: A rare species, but apparently not quite extinct. Until today, that is.
    • When you're finishing off the horse, V lunges up to slice through the horse's neck, only for the horse to invoke its Time Stands Still powers to try and keep it from happening. Alas, it's all in vain as V proceeds to chop through anyways!

    Mission 8 
  • Nero gets a magnificent threat in against Urizen.
    Nero: Urizen, huh? I bet your parents didn't like you much, 'cause your name sucks.
    Urizen: I am without a name. I am power, absolute.
    Nero: Well, No Name... I'll be sure to put that on your tombstone.
  • Despite getting beat to the ground horribly, it shouldn't be overlooked that Nero managed to break Urizen's barrier, something that Dante couldn't do, at least as far as we know, and all without his demonic power.

    Mission 11 
  • Seeing Dante take up the Devil Sword Sparda for the first time since the original Devil May Cry is bound to send shivers down your spine.
    Dante: Alright. Enough is enough. Can’t send a boy… to do a man’s job.
  • Cavaliere Angelo is a mixture between Nelo Angelo, Credo, and Nevan, with everything that entails. A master swordsman wielding electricity and a strong defence. It certainly makes an impact as the first true boss fight for Dante.
    • As cool as Cavaliere Angelo is, this fight acts to illustrate how experienced Dante is, barely registering the demon as a legitimate threat. And all things considered, Cavaliere is hilariously outmatched. It is a lesser, imperfect version of Nelo Angelo’s armour, and despite how powerful Trish is, she is nowhere near as powerful as Vergil, and even better, Dante finds Cavaliere’s attacks completely predictable. You almost feel bad for the knight.
  • And, of course, this mission acts as the introduction of the iconic Cavaliere Motorbike, a weapon Itsuno has wanted to make since Devil May Cry 2, and it is everything that you could ever want in an insane weapon.

    Mission 12 
  • Upon reaching the ruins of his old home, Dante finally understands the reason why his father gave him the Rebellion and its true nature. Stabbing himself with it, he proceeds, before Griffon's amazed eyes, to absorb both it AND the Sparda truly becoming one with his demon nature and reaching the godlike state known as Sin Devil Trigger! (and obtaining the "New Legendary Devil Arm Dante") And how powerful is he? So powerful than upon encountering Urizen again, the very same Urizen that kicked everyone's asses at the beginning of the game, he utterly destroys him in combat!
  • The Sin Devil Trigger demonstrates how powerful it is the moment you get control of it. Remember Urizen's crystal barrier, the one that took Nero an entire boss fight to break? On normal mode, Sin Devil Trigger Dante can break it by using his basic combo once!

    Mission 17 
  • Urizen achieves his ultimate goal and consumes the Qliphoth Fruit, becoming arguably the most powerful demon seen in the series up to this point. Dante engages him in an epic duel and pushes him back to the point Urizen starts freaking out and demanding how Dante, who in his eyes has never lost anything, can be stronger than himself, who ripped apart his very soul for power. Dante delivers a short speech on how strength is not a matter of loss, but a matter of choice and kicks his ass again! So thoroughly in fact was the ass-kicking, Dante was but one hit away from ending Urizen if not for him ceding the right for the last hit to V.

    Mission 19 
  • Mission 19 is completely full of Crowning moments of awesome. What else would you expect from a duel between Dante and Vergil?
    • The mission starts with an almost heartwarming interaction between the brothers.
      Vergil: How many times have we fought?
      Dante: Who knows? It’s the only memory I have of us since we were kids.
      [A moment passes between them, and they both give a genuine smile]
      Dante: [readies Devil Sword Dante] Time to finish this Vergil! Once and for all.
      [Vergil simply raises Yamato and unsheathes it with his thumb]
    • And once the battle begins, Vergil makes sure that the player knows that he won’t be holding back.
      Vergil: I won’t lose to the likes of you, little brother.
    • The start of the battle is hard, but not too much of a challenge. Once you get close to emptying half of Vergil’s health, however…
      Dante: Just about time to settle this.
      Vergil: [activating his devil trigger with a massive shockwave of energy] That’s right. Come on!
    • Vergil’s Devil Trigger State cranks the challenge up significantly, shifting multiple from Rapid Slashes and Helm Splitters into a storm of Judgement Cuts, and at the end of the Devil Trigger’s duration Vergil teleports to the centre of the battlefield, charges up power, and then spreads his wings and begins circling the arena, smashing through the Qliphoth and dive bombing Dante three times before returning to his human form, only now he can string his attacks together.
      • What makes this even cooler is that, during Vergil's dive bomb, Dante can knock him out of his Devil Trigger with a perfectly timed Royal release, the slowdown and Vergil's cry of pain making the moment even more awesome.
    • If the player uses Dante’s Sword Formations in gunslinger when Vergil is using his Summoned Swords, Dante’s swords will intercept every single one of them. It's a nice way of showing how they truly are equals.
      Dante: Can’t always have it your way.
      Vergil: Interesting…

    Mission 20 and postgame 
  • The fact that Nero's scene at the end, of complete refusal to let uncle Dante and dad Vergil kill themselves in battle, can be listed in EVERY Moments page other than Funny really says something about its impact. He will not under any circumstances let another Credo situation happen, resulting in him having a burst of power that not only regenerates his arm (and for the first time, a human-looking one, at that), but lets him sprout energy wing-arms WITHOUT BEING IN DT, and then awakening his Sparda heritage in full and activating his TRUE Devil Trigger, shocking both Dante and Vergil who are in what essentially amounts to MAJIN FORM (in this game, Sin Devil Trigger) into powering-down silence. Nero then tops this all off by defeating Vergil. God DAMN. Extra props to the excellent voice acting for the entire finale, Johnny Yong Bosch in particular absolutely selling Nero's anguished screams before he flies off to the final battle.
    Nero: I swear! I'M NOT LETTING YOU DIE!!!
    • If you actually freeze frame the moment, Nero is holding back Dante and Vergil while his wings' "hands" are also holding back the Yamato and Dante's Demon Sword. He really didn't want them to die.
    • Same goes for Nero's use of "Fuck You!" during said battle against Vergil. Instead of coming off as Narm like the way Dante used it in the reboot, it signifies that Nero means business as he gloriously activates his Devil Trigger for the first time in the fight! Again, props to Johnny here for keeping the tensions high in his delivery!
    • Nero's Calling the Old Man Out in epic fashion!
      Nero: Feeling accepting yet?!
      Vergil: Of your existence, or your strength?
      Nero: Both, you fuckin' asshole!
    • Nero's clash with Vergil? He and Nero exchange blows with Yamato and Red Queen, just before Vergil skewers him. But Nero just goes "Hell no!", pulls Yamato out of him and delivers it right back to his father. Point first.
    • Thought the Buster moves on bosses in 4 were great? 5 tops them, since the game allows you to pull off some truly jawdropping grapples against Vergil. Including necklifting him and his Devil Trigger to slam them together, punctuated with "You dropped this!" during the Neck Lift and then "Jack! Pot!" as he slams him down. And then the best part? Countering him as he comes in for a Sin Devil Triggered divebomb attack.... with a mid-air DDT.
    • And the kicker? During this fight alone, Nero has regenerating DT, and the fight's set to a absolutely awesome remix of "Devil Trigger" that only kicks in once you activate Nero's Devil Trigger for the first time or Vergil loses roughly 25% of his health. Hit the above-mentioned necklift chokeslam move and it triggers the version with lyrics.
    • In addition, this battle is the first battle the player's had against Vergil in which you can attack and stun the Devil Triggered Vergil; he never flinched against Dante at all; so Nero's gained some massive power to be able to not only do so; but to take the fight straight to Vergil and win with impressive power!
  • The Devil Trigger and Devil Bringer abilities stay with you into New Game+ without losing the Devil Breaker. Did you miss your old-school Charge Shots and moves like Showdown? Not only can you buy those on repeat playthroughs but you can mix them up with the Devil Breaker for maximum style.
    • And while some bosses have a generic beatdown for the Buster action, Goliath and Malphas have unique ones: being swung by his tail and flung off a decent distance and an up close No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on her humanoid part ending with stomps to the head respectively.


  • A meta example is in this video, in which a player manages to beat prologue Urizen on every single difficulty without ever losing as he was supposed to (and thus, being stuck with Devil Breaker-less Nero with no buyable moves and only 6 vitality bars). And yes, that includes Dante Must Die and Hell And Hell. Double as Funny Moments for the player that he realized he gets nothing after all of this, but at least he finished the game.
  • The fact that if you're good enough at the game, you can actually take down Urizen in pretty much all of the so-called Hopeless Boss Fights. Case in point, this battle which has Nero taking on Urizen when he's off his throne right before Dante shows up in Sin Devil Trigger.
  • The aptly named "Bullying Vergil" video showcases the classic "No-Sell literally everything the boss throws out with Royalguard" approach, and it is awesome to watch. At one point, the player backflips one of Vergil's Summoned Swords, almost directly at him! Even Vergil himself seems to realize he's being toyed with.
    Vergil: ...You mock me! / Fine. I suppose this is how you wish to die. / Thank you for that. Now I shall give you death in return.
    • Some of the comments are hilarious. A sample:
      Youtuber: Vergil studied the blade all his life. Dante watched a Bruce Lee movie, once.
  • While the Devil Trigger designs have always been awe inspiring and badass, the Devil Trigger designs in this game are some of the greatest in the entire series.
    • Dante's initial Devil Trigger may be more or less the same as his Devil May Cry 4 Devil Trigger, but his Sin Devil Trigger is by far his most badass Devil Trigger from a design perspective alone. His face is skull like with needle-like teeth and burning white eyes. He has two sets of horns, a thin pair extending from his forehead pointing upwards and the second pair extending from the base of his skull that jut forward like ram horns, and his hair becomes glowing amber scales similar to thorns. In addition, he has two pairs of bat like wings, with the inner wing glowing red in a pattern resembling Damascus steel, and a single clawed finger can be found on each wing. His hands, biceps, thighs, waist and throat are covered in dark scales while his arms, legs, and chest are armoured in a carapace of black metalloid bone similar to spiked gauntlets, greaves and chest plate. From his wrists and shins, blazing holes resembling exhausts for the heat coming out of his body. His forearm is cracked, unveiling the blazing energy underneath, and each finger carries an inch long talon. His chest is cracked, as if it was stabbed multiple times, revealing the searing crimson core of his body, which is wreathed in flames, leaving a trail of cinders as he moves. And, despite all this, he remains floating a foot off the ground.
      • In terms of power, Dante’s Sin Devil Trigger feels incredible to control, conveying power unlike ever before. It’s basic combo has massive range and deals devastating damage, and Vortex and Inferno from Devil May Cry 1 being reimplemented into the Sin Stinger and Sin Inferno respectively, with Sin Inferno spreading through a single target and Sin Inferno delivering a massive Area of Effect blast that stuns all demons in its range. It’s ranged attacks are The Luce and The Obrma, the former being a barrage of countless summoned swords that can target multiple enemies and the latter being a meteor of energy being fired from Dante’s hands. His most powerful attack is Demolition, where Dante traps an enemy in a black hole before reducing his enemy to dust. Nothing can escape it, and only bosses can survive it. And then there’s Judgement. By sacrificing all energy in the Sin Devil Trigger Gauge, Dante slows down time and focuses before unleashing a storm of slashes with Devil Sword Dante, moving so fast that after images follow his every movement before brandishing his sword in front of him and unleashing all his power at once, and there is no way to avoid this attack. If there is an enemy, it will get hit. Oh, and Dante is invulnerable for the whole duration of the attack.
    • Vergil’s Devil Trigger is very similar to Dante’s Sin Devil Trigger, with some major differences. His carapace is made up of silvery metal rather than Dante’s black metalloid bone, with said carapace resembling armour with defined pauldrons and leg guards made of scales, and his forearms arm armoured with a mixture of gauntlets and thrusters similar to those seen on Gilgamesh, with a blade of blue fire starting from each wrist and extending through the thruster, in which he stores Yamato when not in use. He has two pairs of wings just like Dante’s, with sapphire inner wing and clawed fingers on each wing. Unlike Dante, however, he keeps his wings at his waist when not in use, the top pair settled over the bottom, resembling his coat, as he doesn’t float like Dante, and a barbed tail starting at the base of his neck passes between them. Instead of massive horns, his head resembles a samurai helmet, with cylinders extending from each side of his head with a single blue flame flickering out of them, with a pair of small horns jutting out of the top of his head and a larger, tusk-like pair wrapping around the sides of his face, and a similar pair covering his razor sharp teeth like cheeks. He is covered in icy mist, and the carapace on his chest is separated by two fissures beginning at his shoulders and meeting at his sternum, resembling a “V” that glows like a ice blue star.
    • Following suit, Nero’s Devil Trigger is amazing to look at, which some fans noted he resembles Akira Fudo's Devilman form mixed with Samanosuke or Soki's Onimusha form while taking elements from his phantom devil trigger seen in Devil May Cry 4. He has rough bluish-grey skin in contrast with Dante and Vergil’s scales. His waist and legs are protected with a black carapace with spikes running down the shins, and his arms are both Devil Bringers with additional talons and spikes on the wrist. However, Nero’s snatch ability no longer extends from his arms, instead coming from the ghostly blue wings attached to each shoulder blade. These arms resembles bird wings with thin, clawed hands attached at the top of the wing, though they are able to reshape into more humanoid arms when using the Buster. These clawed wings extend with every one of Nero’s attacks which are highlighted by blue claw slashes. When not in use, the hands rest in red grooves on bone jutting out of the shoulders, with a gap for each finger. This similar bone armour travels down his back and around the sides of his torso. His muscles, like his biceps and abdominals are outlined by cracks in his skin that glow the same pure blue as his wings. On his face, red markings beginning at his eyes trace his cheekbones and continue down to his neck. Said eyes are golden and somewhere between reptilian and cat-like. His entire head is covered in long, snow white human hair that hides the sides of his head and slightly obscure his eyes and continuing slightly down his back, and from above his ears are a pair of flat, downwards facing horns, identical to those of his Devil May Cry 4 devil trigger.

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