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    Pre-Release theories 
V is half demon
And not just any half demon, he's the son of Mundus.
  • Jossed: He's Sparda's son, of the human half of one, Vergil.

V is Vergil
After returning to life somehow he took the Devil Bringer to restore his powers. Nero's comment on needing to see him is about getting answers from him.
  • Additionally, Yamato is stored within the Devil Bringer, and he probably wants that back.
  • An inspection of V's outfit (from what could be seen in the trailer) shows a few telltale similarities to Vergil's own clothing style.
  • The person who cuts off Nero's arm appears to be a corrupted Vergil (he's wearing a dirty version of Vergil's outfit and has the Nelo Angelo non-DT mode scars), so it may have to be just his soul in another body or something.
  • Mundus it will turn out, still has Vergil's soul, he will create another body for Vergil's. So he can hunt down Dante and Nero.
  • Probably not. Looking to the seiyuus, V is voiced by Kouki Uchiyama, while Vergil is voiced by Hiroaki Hirata. Unless Vergil suffers from The Other Darrin.
  • Uh, so Jeff Rona, who put together V's theme (and had a member of his team, Cody Matthew Johnson, do Dante's), said this. V confirmed for Vergil's Soul Jar?
    Jeff: My role was to create the battle themes for Dante and Vergil (who we always simply call “V”).
  • Half confirmed. He is Vergil's human side that he discarded for more power.

V is Vergil in an Enemy Without-type situation.
V is basically an improved Nelo Angelo, less bulky yet more powerful than the original and probably containing most of Vergil's power; Vergil himself, however, now exists as his own person with a separate albeit drastically weakened body, probably as a result of his escape from Mundus or whoever the Big Bad really is. Vergil's goal is to destroy the Nelo Angelo construct, which is likely mindless or at least lacks its own personality due to its status as a servitor creation, and reclaim his power along with his sword; his pursuit of these goals, plus his weakened state, eventually force him to work with Nero and Dante. Vergil may also initially appear in his Gilver disguise, whether or not it's actually referred to as such, before the bandages come off and his identity is revealed.
  • Confirmed, although you've got it backwards; V is the drastically weakened one while Urizen is the improved Nelo Angelo.

The aesthetic will change for each character
Everything looks modern in the first trailer because Nero is the focus, and the Nero is the youngest and most energetic of the three. When the focus is shifted to Dante, the game will takes place in a more antique part of town where the familiar gothic architecture of the series is dominant. When the focus is shifted to Mysterious V/definitely-not-Vergil, it will be when the city has undergone a demonic invasion and become twisted version of itself.
  • Jossed.
Kyrie and Nero will be Happily Married
  • Well, they at least appear to have been living together since 4 rather happily, unclear if they're married or not though. Also no idea how to explain Nico being in some kind of Platonic Life-Partners relationship with the two.
A lot of characters from the more obscure DMC works will make an appearance
Since this is the last game of the Sons of Sparda arc, there should be a truck load of Continuity Nod. Characters from the novels, manga and the anime will all make an appearance, no matter how small.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Morrison from the anime appears, Patty gets a voice cameo, and Nell Goldstein is directly referenced by Nico in the TGS trailer.
Anyone that isn't Saved by Canon is very likely to die in this game
The game takes place long after Devil May Cry 4, which means that it is close to the event of Devil May Cry 2. Dante becomes an almost completely different character in 2, losing his trademark humor and becoming uncharacteristically serious. The most logical explanation for this shift in personality is that something really bad happen in this game, so bad that it completely changes Dante's outlook on life. What else could it be aside from seeing most if not all of his friends dying around him? Considering that Dante is sole canon returning character in DMC2, the body count could reach damn near everyone.
  • Jossed. It takes place after 2.
    • To further clarify, one of the producers stated that 5 does take place after 4, which now takes place after 2.
Alternately, some of Dante's allies will betray him and he will have to kill them
If seeing friends getting killed is not enough to make a man cynical, how about being forced to kill them himself? That's the exact type of thing that could push the otherwise jovial Dante over the edge.
  • Ultimately jossed. The only ally who acts in anything even remotely resembling a treasonous manner is V, and he survives after recombining with Urizen to become Vergil.
The game takes place AFTER Devil May Cry 2
A counterpoint to the above theory. At the end of 2, Dante was seen driving through hell on a motorcycle. In the reveal trailer he makes his entrance riding on a motorcycle, sporting a Badass Beard. What we know of the plot is that it concerns a demonic invasion, and we all know where demons come from, and it's the same place Dante was last seen in chronologically. It's preeetty doubtful there's much in the way of shaving products in hell, which would explain Dante's new beard on top of having similar facial features from 2.
"Red Grave City" has some connection to Dante's past
This game seems to be attempting to canonize elements that were dropped from the earlier canon such as Nell Goldstein (revealed to be grandmother of Nero's new companion Nico) and, more relevantly, the fact that the city shares its name with Dante's pseudonym "Tony Redgrave" from the Devil May Cry: Volume 1 novel (which remains semi-canon as "For Tony Redgrave By .45 Art Warks" is engraved on both Ebony and Ivory but has never been given a canonical explanation after the novel was dropped from canon; out-of-universe it is a leftover from when Dante's character was originally named "Tony Redgrave" during development).
  • Actually, the name "Tony Redgrave" has been canon since the Animated series. Dante confirms that he used the name Tony when he was younger.
  • Confirmed, it's where he and Vergil lived together with Eva before they were attacked by Mundus' demons. You even visit the ruins of their home.
Dante will have his appearance from DmC: Devil May Cry as an unlockable costume
It will note that "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it".
  • Considering that Nero looks closer to DmC Dante than Dante does, it would make more sense to give it to him. I don’t think it would make any sense.
Nero’s going to get an actual Devil Trigger
Without his arm; and by extension, Yamato; he’d be unable to tap into Vergil's Devil Trigger power, as he was doing before (no physical transformation, ghostly echo of Vergil's Trigger). However, his arm was, essentially, permanently Devil Triggered, probably preventing him from going the whole way himself. Now, without it, he's going to be able to go the whole way and get his own full Devil Trigger.
  • Confirmed.

In contrary to the above, it will be revealed that Nero doesn't have a Devil Trigger
Nero is only a quarter-demon, so it's possible that he can't tap into the same kind of power the half-demons can.
  • Jossed.

Nero will grow a replacement arm
Adding to the Devil Trigger theory above, if Nero finally does achieve a "true" DT, the transformation will also cause him to regrow his missing arm.
  • Confirmed.

Nero will get his Devil Bringer back
Near the end of the story, Nero will get his Devil Bringer back, which will entirely replace the Devil Breaker. Nero with Devil Bringer will also be unlocked as an alternate costume.
  • Considering part of his characterization in the previous game was him coming to accept having the Devil Bringer, it would be a fitting symmetry for him to fight to regain it in the sequel.
  • Jossed, he gets a human arm back. He does get the Devil Bringer's powers back, though.
Dante will achieve Perfect Devil Trigger
Perfect Devil Trigger was a concept from the 4's artbook, which was stronger than Dante's normal DT form, but also caused him to lose his humanity, turning him feral. It never appeared in game, but it could always appear in future games, such as this one. And if it does appear here, it could serve as an explanation for his Majin Form in 2.
  • Confirmed, along with what looks like a new sword that may well be to Rebellion what Devil Sword Sparda is to Force Edge.
The Big Bad of Devil May Cry 5 will be Mundus.
He will seek revenge on Dante, commanding all the devils from the series, Shadows, Frosts, Blitzs, Hell Prides. He will have a resurrected V/Vergil as his dragon.
  • Jossed until the game's full release. It's a "Devil" who is specifically noted to be above even "the prince of darkness" (Mundus) on the DMC Japanese twitter account.
    • Mundus will seemingly be the Big Bad of 5 in the story, only he will turn out to be the Disc-One Final Boss and The Dragon to the true Big Bad a "Devil" above him.
    • V is possessed by Mundus, which is why he uses Mundus associated demons from Devil May Cry 1 in fights. This is also why Urizen / Vergil is saying he will show the heroes death and despair: he's actually talking to V / Mundus, who horribly tortured him between DMC 3 and DMC 1. Mundus will reveal himself in the final act, leaving a now unpossessed V, Dante, Nero and Vergil to kick the crap out of him one last time.
  • Ultimately jossed. Mundus never shows up directly.

Dante got Vergil out of hell and is looking for him
This troper assumes, based on Dante's looks, that this game will take place after 2. After getting himself inside hell, Dante spent most of his journey inside looking for Vergil's soul and a way to free him. However, once Dante set Vergil free, he escaped, so Dante's story here will be about searching for Vergil and finish the plot started in 3. Which will also inevitably make him cross paths with Nero at some point.
  • Second half Jossed: Dante took a job from V to investigate Redgrave city so he could get his water turned back on, as well avoid attending Patty's 18th birthday party.
  • First half jossed; Vergil never died.

Dante is no more voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa
Even if considering that Reuben Langdon is still voicing Dante, it's still unknown if Toshiyuki Morikawa will continue to voice Dante, given that the character is now a Cool Old Guy.
Vergil is no more voiced by Hiroaki Hirata
Same deal, even if we consider that Hiroaki Hirata is now voicing ("oyajis") and not pirates anymore.
  • Jossed; Hirata is back as Vergil.

Red Grave is in the UK, or at least in Europe
Upon closer inspection, the vehicles lining the streets have different, European style number plates (compared to Nico and Nero's van, which has a US number plate), there's a motorway sign that looks like the ones found in the UK, and black cabs and red double-decker buses line the streets, among other things (the general architecture also resembles an old English town). While Red Grave is definitely a Mythology Gag to Dante's alias, there is a small village in England called Redgrave, so a city with the same name wouldn't be out of place.
  • Further evidence with the Gamescom footage showing classic red telephone boxes, ambulances and more roadwork equipment similar to that used in the UK.
V is a woman
From what we can see of them in the cover, they're wearing a long jacket that would obscure a lot of features from the back. Additionally, their frame is a lot smaller and thinner than Dante and Nero to the left of them. In general, they have so many features obscured that it could go either way.
  • Jossed. He's a man.
V is possibly a rebranded Lucia too
With the above theory and judging from the dark skin, there is a chance that V could even be Lucia who has not appeared since DMC2 thanks to the following games taking place before it. She has gone a major makeover since her last meeting with Dante, having short black hair instead of long red hair, tattoos all over her arms, and a black motif instead of white.
  • Jossed. V is a man.
Dante is riding on a Pandora motorcycle
Dante returns with a Cool Bike that is demonic in appearance. It could be another one of Pandora's transformations as it has some of that briefcase's colors like gray and gold.
  • Jossed. It's called Cavaliere.
Kyrie will die in the opening mission, or even the opening cutscene
"Kyrie! Get back inside now!" These words are shouted by Nero in the trailer, right as the footage cuts to his encounter with the mysterious hooded man (who is probably Vergil), and his Devil Bringer getting ripped off. I could be alone in thinking this, but that kind of implies to me that Kyrie's not gonna last long when this man arrives at their doorstep. And it also adds to this score Nero has to settle with the fucker.
  • Nero doesn't seem to be going nuclear in what's been shown with him having the Devil Breaker, which we know is after he loses the Devil Bringer. In DMC4 he was just as cocky as Dante, smart-mouthing everyone (including Credo, his superior officer) up until the end of Mission 8, dropping all jokes and banter once Kyrie is kidnapped. Its more likely Kyrie's sitting this adventure out while Nero goes out for a rematch.
  • Jossed.

V is Gene from God Hand
I mean, he kinda sorta looks like him from the back, and it'd be a complete what the fuck moment for sure.
  • The character has been noted to have Summon Magic gameplay mechanics in interviews so far and can be seen carrying a stave in the art, so unlikely.
  • Jossed.

V is Dante and Lady's son/daughter/child
It's a bit of a stretch but hey, this is what WMG is for. To be a complete opposite of Nero, V would actually be a lot more like Vergil but less hostile. Promotional art has shown V has black hair, so there's a possibility that V got it from Lady. It's also worth noting that V's fighting style has been said to use summoning magic, and while Lady has never done such considering she's just a Badass Normal, it's not too far fetched that to be her child, V would require less "Style" than her father and be a Combat Pragmatist like his/her mom, resorting to summons to overpower foes like how his/her mom resorts to More Dakka and Macross Missile Massacre.
The Big Bad is Vergil from DmC: Devil May Cry. V is Kat's son with either Dante or Vergil
Breaking down the first part of this theory:

  • Implied in Vergil's Downfall, Vergil becomes an even greater threat than their world's Mundus, all the demons now coming to serve him. This matches up with the Twitter comment that the villain is greater than "the prince of darkness" since in his canon, Vergil indeed becomes the next demon king.
  • The V on the title has a distinctly wing-like appearance with blue and red designs matching the Angel/Devil look of DmC: Devil May Cry . This metaphor represents the half-devil, half-angel Vergil.
  • One cutscene implies that the villain used to wield Yamato. It's possible that DmC: Devil May Cry Vergil got his Yamato stolen from him and came to this world to steal another.

This second part of this theory builds off of this:

  • "V" is Kat's son, taking on his mother's magic skills to explain his combat style and coming to this game to take down his uncle. V also sports tattoos on his arms, similar to Kat's tattoos on her fingers, and is likely named after Vergil, hence why he chooses to go by V to avoid complications.
  • V also has a visual similarity to DmC: Devil May Cry Dante/Vergil, sharing a similar face and the same eye colour.
  • This is further backed up by the Game Awards trailer, as V's hair turns white when he powers up, similar to how DmC: Devil May Cry Dante's hair turns white when using his version of the Devil Trigger. The Devil Trigger is noticeably weaker as V is only quarter demon, just like Nero.
  • In the same trailer, V uses skills similar to DmC: Devil May Cry Vergil. Notably, his "summoned canes" and a short-range teleport that only that canon's Vergil has used.
  • In the Tie-in Comic, Vergil and Kat are shown to have romantic feelings for each other. Dante and Kat had a more obvious relationship in their game.

This also explains the change from Devil May Cry's fantasy-esque setting to modern-fantasy, bringing it closer to the style of DmC: Devil May Cry. 5 director Hideaki Itsuno stated that DmC: Devil May Cry was his favourite Devil May Cry game. This would be a nice, little tribute while still respecting their fanbase.

  • Jossed; the Big Bad is the one and only Vergil.

Nero will gain body transformation style Devil Trigger that gives him angelic wings
The wings in the logo do match Nero's Colour scheme and are placed behind Nero in the promo art. This partially angelic looking transformation will act as a callback and parallel to the transformations of the Order of the Sword. This way he'd become "Angelo Nero" to contrast and call back to his father's "Nelo Angelo" transformation. (Nelo being a mistranslation of Nero.)
  • Confirmed.

Devil May Cry 2's plot will be partially retconned or in very broad strokes
Given the sheer character inconsistencies between it and the other games, there would be some amount of it to make it fit. That or it would set up a "true" Devil May Cry 2 (a sort of remake but working in modern traits from 4 and 5).

The memetic "Devil Trigger Dance" will be in the game somehow
When the game's producer himself is doing it, the notion of it somehow making it into the game (perhaps as an unlockable scene) is rather plausible.

This might be the final "torch passing" moment with Dante and Nero, as the former may end up sacrificing himself at the end of the game. This IS supposed to be the Grand Finale of the Sons of Sparda storyline, after all.
  • Jossed. He's still breathing in the game's final scene.

Dante will initially behave like he did in Devil May Cry 2
But will gradually start to act like his old cocky self again.
  • Jossed. The TGS 2018 trailer shows him to still be a constantly broke ridiculous lunatic who can't stop talking about his toilet and does things like using hostile demons to shave his beard.
Lucia will return in 5.
This game takes place after 2, so she could still be in the city she will help Dante, Trish, Lady, Nero, and V.
  • Jossed. She's a no-show.

Cavaliere will be the first boss Dante fights.
The boss battle will be just after Dante beat the Despair Embodied in 2. After defeating Cavaliere Dante will ride on the bike and say "Yeah, let's go all the way to hell!", which is how Dante was last seen in the previous game in the timeline. There will be a timeskip after this, bring Dante to the time of Devil May Cry 5.
  • Doubtful. From what information we have, Dante only fights Cavaliere after getting Sparda, which means after he and others got curb-stomped by Urizen.
  • Confirmed that's it's the first boss he fights, though it's not immediately after Despair Embodied from 2 - that one took place years ago, before 4 even. Also, him getting bodied by Urizen happens in a cut scene.

Dante's personality in 2
It will be explained as him having accidentally ingested some sort of drug or something, causing him to act like a boring loser.
  • IMO a much better reason for how he is in DMC2 is in the DMC Novel Vol.2 - he had to kill Alternate Universe Trish because she stayed loyal to Mundus.
  • Jossed.

V is Dante's son
From a one-night stand with some unknown broad. Like it's been implied with Nero.
  • Jossed.

Cerberus is now an actual pet for Dante
Dante somehow found a way to bring him back from his weapon form and made him his pet/friend. Considering Cerberus has shown respect towards Dante during Devil May Cry 3, it wouldn't be a surprise for Cerberus to be loyal. The scene where Dante says he'll take him out for a walk is both a Call-Back and a way for Dante to basically just say, "Hey buddy, wanna kick ass together one more time?"
  • Jossed: In the prequel Before the Nightmare novel, Cerberus breaks when Dante uses Cerberus against Balrog.

V is Vergil's son and Nero's twin
5 is said to be the last game of the "Sons of Sparda", so it makes sense (and leaves a nice loophole) for the game to continue through V and Nero, with Nero taking Dante's place, and V taking Vergil's.
  • Some of V's fighting style is similar to Vergil's. Namely, the slow walk, teleportation, and summoned swords(or canes, in V's case)
  • V's hair is naturally white and so far, only characters in the Sparda family have white hair.
  • V's theme "Crimson Cloud" references him having a devil's power and he does have a devil trigger in game.
  • Jossed.

The man who tore off Nero's arm is Vergil. However, he is NOT Urizen.
  • Confirmed.

Urizen is Vergil in disguise.
Vergil came back from the dead somehow, and is not long for this world. He's using the giant demon tree as a life support system—notice the roots on Urizen's armor/skin look like they're connected to the tree. That's why he didn't get out of the chair. He's trying to make himself more powerful than ever, but it's taking time. "Urizen" is just an alias Vergil is using based off of the real deal that isn't in the picture anymore.
  • Semi-jossed. Urizen is Vergil's demon side that craves power.

V and Urizen are BOTH Vergil
Vergil's demon half was going out of control for whatever reason you like (thus the "I'm running out of time" line), causing Vergil to take back Yamato in order to gain access to a way to split off the human part of his soul and put it into a temporary vessel, V (which is why V seems to be falling apart, and why he jokingly quotes the William Blake poem line "I have no name, I am but two days old."), in order to stop his demon half, who he dubs Urizen. This is why Urizen seems to hate humans so much ("You will regret being born useless and human"), why V can use summoned swords, has access to demons formerly in Mundus's employ (being Mundus's former enforcer Nelo Angelo), and why his song Crimson Cloud includes the lyric "split myself in two". This is also why V has such extensive knowledge of Urizen's plans (as they were both part of Vergil), but is so surprised that Urizen has become so massive and powerful in the prologue (since he wasn't anywhere close to that strong before). This is also the reason for the weird look he gives Nero in the prologue, he's torn over whether he should get his son the hell out of there or try to let him stop Urizen.
  • Confirmed, although the motive was wrong; he wanted more power and thought expelling his humanity would get him some. In addition, he actually didn't know that Nero was his son until Dante told the newly-reformed Vergil.

Devil May Cry 5 could be a spiritual successor to Scalebound, similar to how Resident Evil 7 was somewhat a successor to Silent Hills/P.T
I know this might be a stretch, but hear me out on this.
  • Hideaki Itsuno’s next project, highly anticipated to be DMC 5 (or maybe just another Dragon’s Dogma) has been in development for over 2 years by now, making it the longest development time for a DMC game.
  • It could possibly take a similar route to Resident Evil 7, where many considered, after playing the Beginning Hour demo after the game’s reveal, was like Silent Hills, or P.T, which was also sadly cancelled.
  • Hideaki Itsuno wanted to reveal his project at E3 2017, but never got the chance. He tried again at the Tokyo Game Show, but nope, it didn’t happen. He tried again in PSX 2017, but yet again, failed to do so, due to time constraints, so E3 2018 is probably the best bet by now.
    • It’s possible that after Scalebound got cancelled, he decided to start work on adding a dragon partner, possibly for a new character.
  • On the topic of a “new character,” since it’s been currently ten years since DMC 4’s release, they have to introduce a character suitable for newcomers of the franchise, and perhaps modernize several aspects, such as the setting of the game, and try out a new concept, like RE 7 in some way, like it doesn’t have to be always about demons and such. Why not add dragons into the world of DMC? Perhaps they were once guardians of the human world, with Sparda lending them a hand in some way? Or dragons were once created as slaves to the demons, but Sparda freed them and led them into a rebellion?
    • It would be interesting to see a new character that starts off with little to no combat experience, similar to Ethan in RE 7, slowly develop into an expert devil hunter as the game progresses. (Unlike Nero at the start of DMC 4, where he’s already established as an expert fighter.) Plus, If this “new character” comes across some of the much more “bigger” demons, he might need some “equally big” help to take them on.
  • According to leaks, “DMC 5” (using quotation marks cause it’s not yet official if Hideaki Itsuno’s next project will be DMC 5) will have much bigger areas, almost, but not completely, open world, similar to Itsuno’s other work, Dragon’s Dogma. Perhaps with areas with that sort of size, a dragon would be able to fit?
  • They should do it out of respect for Hideki Kamiya, the original creator of Devil May Cry, and director of Scalebound. Kamiya had an extremely rough time trying to develop Scalebound, his “dream game” as mentioned in an interview, ultimately suffering health issues, forcing him to take some time off, only to result in the game’s cancellation afterwards. Itsuno could be taking aspects from Scalebound into his next project out of respect for Kamiya.
  • Jossed: 5 pretty much follows the series' formula.

There will a Wolf Pack Boss in DMC 5.
Possibly composed of Minibosses (Or Bosses) of previous Games.

  • Confirmed: One of the bossess Dante has to fight are newcomer V's summons, who are Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare from the first game.

    Post-Release theories 
Vergil's return giving hope for Capcom
His return proved that other iconic Capcom antagonists can be revived in canon after being Killed Off for Real, most notably M. Bison, Sigma, and even Albert Wesker.

Nero released his Devil Trigger differently because of his makeup
Whereas Dante and Vergil are half-demon, Nero is only quarter-devil. That extra human component means that his Devil Trigger has a different "trigger" compared to half-devils. Dante and Vergil required an artifact of the demon world to help release their demonic sides (their father's swords) because their half-human side isn't enough for it to come out on its own but Nero's determination to save Dante and Vergil from killing each other allowed his strong emotions to unlock his demonic ability through his primarily human composition. Dante has mentioned in the past that the fact he isn't entirely demonic gives him something full demons don't have and Nero being more human than demon takes that one step further, allowing his humanity to control his demonic powers.

Nero's Mother is this universe's Kat
In the DmC: Devil May Cry prequel comic, Kat and Vergil have a short tryst before deciding to keep it platonic so they could focus on their mission. This universe's Kat had a similar tryst with Vergil when he was young, resulting in Nero.

Nero's mother is a demon
Fortuna, Nero's birthplace, is known to be infested with demons for a long time. Plenty of demons in the DMC universe can assume a perfect human appearance and blend in. It's entirely possible that Vergil got involved with one of those demons and sired Nero. This would partly explain why Nero is able to defeat Vergil and Dante despite having far less experience - He's more of a demon than his father and uncle.

Possibilities for DLC stories
  • Vergil gets a chapter. We either find out what he was up to between 1 and his return in 5 or find out what he's up to after the game's ending.
    • Alternately or additionally, it involves Journey to the Center of the Mind-style soul-searching to reconcile Vergil with his past and free him from his obsession with power. It culminates in a duel with Nelo Angelo, who embodies Vergil's fear of being powerless due to representing him at his most helpless: Not when he was a child, who could be excused due to lack of age and experience, but when he "should" have been skilled enough and strong enough to resist but was still subjugated by Mundus. Possibly leading to Vergil acquiring his own Devil Arm?
    • Kinda jossed, kinda confirmed? We do get Vergil as a playable character, but he goes through the Story Missions like the other characters, not his own story.
  • "Crew Cut" gets a chapter following the ordinary human military's efforts to contain the demon outbreak in Red Grave City during the month-long interim between the prologue and the main story.
  • Kyrie gets a chapter where she narrates a questionably accurate retelling of 4 where she is the badass heroine who single-handedly wipes out the entire Order of the Sword to the orphans she takes care of. The chapter ends with Nero calling her out on her lies, leading her to make him the Final Boss and The Man Behind the Man of her tale.
  • Someone visits the DmC: Devil May Cry alternate universe to tie up that game's sequel hook. Plenty of Other Me Annoys Me ensues; mainline Dante mocks alternate Dante for being overly edgy, alternate Dante is annoyed by mainline Dante's carefree attitude, and mainline Vergil is disgusted by alternate Vergil's utter lack of morals in his quest for power.
    • If anything, it would probably be the other way around. Alternate Vergil still hasn't committed mass murder in search of power the way that mainline Vergil has. Seeing the pain and misery that Vergil's quest for power and petty grudge match have caused everyone, including himself, might cause Alternate Vergil to reconsider his grudge with Dante and defending humanity.
  • We will get a mission dealing with Eva's story and how she ended up with Sparda, with maybe a thing or two dealing with Sparda, which will end up at the end showing Eva's death...and her soul being dragged to the Demon World by red clawed hands and a suspiciously similar symbol...we then get to see Eva's demonic sponsor, giving us a tie into Bayonetta and possibly it's third installation where Bayonetta and Dante could meet.
    • As much as I love the idea, Bayonetta implied that Sparda himself was Eve's demonic sponsor.
  • A prequel story about Vergil doing his things in Fortuna, perhaps even meeting Arkham and tying to DMC3. Capcom can frame this as Vergil finally recounting the tale to Dante. Unreliable Narrator aplenty because Vergil is too embarrassed to admit that he too was a horny teenager.
    • The Fortuna bit already happened in the Special Edition of 4, so it's highly unlikely they'll retreat this ground.

Related to the above, about Crew Cut's fighting style...
It will be near impossible to use, which makes sense, because he's just human. He is equipped with only two firearms, a rifle and a pistol, and his only two "Swords" is a knife and his fists. His fighting style is tailored around realistic dodging and shooting and he cannot obtain blue orbs to extend his very short health bar. A single hit from even the weakest Empusa will deplete half his health bar. Completing it, however, gives a reward... An Ex Costume just for him that makes him look like HUNK from Resident Evil 2.

The Faust Hat contains the soul of Michael Jackson.
Because how else will Dante pull off his signature moves and imitate his voice as well?

If Crew Cut gets a DLC chapter, he will receive magically augmented firearms.
They will help him stand a chance. That said, he will still be a regular human who shouldn't be the one fighting demons in the first place.

Finishing Crew Cut's DLC chapter in Hell and Hell mode...
Wow, Crew Cut is really popular. Anyway, finishing his chapter in the hardest difficulty will give him... a Super Crew Cut costume. And he gets his own unlimited Devil Trigger. How can a normal human get this? Who cares?

Possibilities for the next Devil May Cry game
  • A prequel where you play as Sparda: Everyone talks about how he's a legendary demon warrior who rebelled against Hell for the sake of mankind, yet we know so little about the man behind the legend. How did he become the badass the stories make him out to be? Why did he choose to rebel against Mundus? How did he fall in love with a human? And what happened to him?
  • A remake of the very first game: With the benefit of hindsight, gameplay elements would be changed, and the story would be updated to better mesh with the third game's story. For example, Dante didn't realize Trish resembled his mother until after she told him his name. In a remake, Dante would pick up on this right away and wouldn't be so quick to trust her. Also in the original, Dante didn't figure out Nelo Angelo was Vergil until after he killed him, since he believed Vergil died when they were kids. But with this being retconned due to the events of 3, Dante would realize it's Vergil right away and would likely be more conflicted about fighting him.
  • A multiplayer game ala Monster Hunter: After Red Grave City, mankind will become more aware of the existence of demons, and to keep up with threats all over the world, Nero will turn Devil May Cry into an international franchise, with you playing a custom character and fighting demons unique to different countries and mythologies. Playable races would include human, demon, and half-demon (Sparda likely wasn't the only demon to side with mankind, he was just the strongest and most well known) and each would have different pros and cons; humans do more damage with firearms but take more damage, demons and half-demons get Devil Triggers, with full-blooded demons' DTs lasting longer, etc.

Vergil will get a new weapon if he becomes DLC.
The new weapon will be the sword he used as Nelo Angelo, the sword will be given the name Nelo. Later on he will merge Yamato and the Nelo sword to create the Devil Arm Vergil.
  • Jossed. But who needs a new Devil Arm when you can just JUDGEMENT CUT END all day?

The "Blue Spirit" from Nero's Devil Trigger
  • It's actually alive and loyal to Nero ever since Devil May Cry 4. The fact that it resembled Vergil's DT combined with Nelo Angelo is more symbolic of his heritage from Vergil. This Blue Spirit is aware and alive and does everything it can to protect Nero (like how he saved him from dying in 4). When Vergil took Nero's arm, this spirit did it's best to keep Nero alive and acted as a temporary power boost for Nero, explaining why Nero still has his Super Strength, but in exchange, he can't DT. So when Nero finally unlocks his true DT, the spirit found a way to come back as well, now in the form of the blue wings on Nero. It doesn't return in it's more humanoid shape because his master now has achieved his true potential, so now he'll just assist him anyway he can as an extension of Nero. It also has it's own personality, derived from it's master, which is why it cracks it's knuckles as if to tell Vergil that he and his boss are about to kick his ass.

If/when Vergil is made playable, you will be able to play Missions 19 and 20 from his point of view.
Complete with boss fights against Dante and Nero.
  • Semi-confirmed. We do get a boss fight against Dante, and this time, there's no Nero to stop you two.

V can do what he does because Eva was a Witch.
Bayonetta name-drops Eva as an Umbra Witch who made a contract with a "Legendary Dark Knight." Being a magical badass is an inheritable trait, going by Bayonetta's family tree, in the same way that being a part-demon badass is inheritable by Sparda's descendants. Word of God indicates that Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages had opposite-sex members in their clans, so while there weren't male Umbra Witches there could be male descendants who could wield similar magic.
Eva's dormant bloodline became dominant by default when V was created without Sparda's otherwise-dominant demon blood, granting V his abilities while allowing him to read as human since Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages are "just" humans with contracts. Some of his abilities are similar to those of Umbra Witches: Summoning familiars via magic ink resembles Wicked Weave, his Flash Step and combat acrobatics are variants of Witch Time and his "Devil Trigger" is actually a version of Umbran Climax, all weaker than their equivalents due to his circumstances and because he's male. While V apparently lacks a contractor demon it's possible that he inherited a kind of contract with Sparda, his mother's contractor, despite Sparda's disappearance/death; this could be due to V's origin (Vergil) being a blood descendant of Sparda or because Eva and Sparda were just that much in love, with Sparda's absence further weakening V's powers. V might even have some kind of ersatz contract with Urizen, now a pure demon, due to their origins as a single being.
It's fitting because Vergil's issues partly stem from believing that Eva abandoned him and V confesses that he wanted to 'be protected'; with his human and demon halves separated it's the power of his human mother which allows V to continue existing and which ultimately (if indirectly) allows Vergil to make headway in moving on.

Post-unification Vergil is a Death Seeker.
Vergil's Determinator status has kept him alive, his pride and ambition kept his resolve firm, but when V and Urizen merge Vergil gets V's time with human feelings and Urizen's knowledge that Eva died trying to save him. It not only changed the way Vergil viewed his past but piled on the guilt: He already blamed himself for being too weak to save Eva but now he knows that she died looking for him instead of escaping with Dante, that he spent decades wrongly resenting his mother and his brother and that he caused countless deaths with his misguided beliefs. We see his resolve waver as he waits atop the Qliphoth, musing over whether his path could have changed. Faced with recent revelations and without a goal - his reason for ruthlessly pursuing power has disintegrated - it's not unthinkable for Vergil to choose death as atonement. He's already fought Dante at two prior turning points (1 and 3) and ultimately lost while Dante's stronger than ever; it's likely that Dante will finally kill him and Vergil seems to goad Dante toward "finishing it." This is also why he insists on fighting Nero even though he's exhausted and Nero's clearly reached a new plateau of power: We've seen Vergil make strategic retreats before but this time he persists, maybe believing that the son he unknowingly wronged deserves to kill him as much as Dante does.

Vergil expected to lose the Mission 20 fight.
He knew from the second Nero showed up that he couldn't beat him: Not only was Vergil worn out by the duel with Dante but Nero's newfound power was evident. Vergil's Graceful Loser response after the duel is because he no longer wanted to kill Dante: While he still wanted to best him, learning the truth about Eva's death and being forced to accept his human side via re-absorbing V robbed Vergil of the grudge that fueled his killing intent. Vergil's pride wouldn't let him say it and he was willing to accept death if Dante beat him, but losing to Nero and then having to do as he said - which, as Nero made clear, would keep anyone else from dying - gave Vergil an out.

Devil May Cry 5 will have DLC characters.
The DLC characters will be all the other characters that have been playable in the series, Sparda, Lucia, Trish, Vergil and Lady have been playable,from the first, second, third and fourth respectively. They will also get their outfits from previous games as DLC as well.
  • Confirmed. Vergil is paid DLC in the original version of Devil May Cry 5 (he's in the base package in the Special Edition).

V's outfit was scavenged from/made in their old home.
He's naked when we see him split from Urizen and we don't see anything indicating that he can conjure clothing, so what he's wearing and carrying had to come from somewhere. The cane used to belong to Sparda, because he dressed like a classy guy who would use a classy cane and its composition makes it ideal for channeling demonic power, which would be useful if Sparda was trying to keep a relatively low profile but didn't want to be unarmed. The coat is somewhat crudely hand-stitched in places and appears to have been modified to better fit V's skinny frame; it likely started out as the hooded coat we see Vergil in when he takes Nero's arm, which was discarded by Urizen before departing. V's glove is similarly rough and his "vest" looks more like a waist-cincher or corset, both of which could have come from Eva's wardrobe if Trish is based on her pre-"peasant dress and shawl" fashion sense as well as her physical appearance; it could also be the sleeve/s of the now-sleeveless coat. Even his accessories could have been found or altered from what was left in the house, ex. the rings could have belonged to his parents and the wristbands are clearly repurposed belts. If true, this means we can add sewing, leatherwork and jewelry-making to the list of Vergil's Unexpected Talents As Revealed By V.
  • Jossed. Visions of V shows him mugging a regular person to obtain his clothes.

V and his familiars will return... sort of.
Both the character and gameplay of V and his familiars turned out to be surprisingly popular, so much so that it would honestly be surprising if they weren't brought back in some form. But assuming Devil May Cry 6 is a sequel and not an interquel, that would be rather hard since they all ended up dying/ceasing to exist by the end of the game. So, how do you bring them back? Simple, you use the person they came from: Vergil.
  • Assuming that, since V is his humanity, he is also what Vergil would have been like had he always embraced his humanity instead of casting it aside. If there is a sequel, then it would make sense for Vergil to continue his Character Development, gradually embracing more and more of his humanity under Dante's encouragement, allowing himself to openly display the love of poetry and other facets of V's personality he had long kept suppressed.
  • But what about V's familiars Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare? They are at the core of V's gameplay and you would need to bring them back if you wanted to bring that back too. Well, as above, you can tie it into Vergil's character development. Griffon and the others are the manifestation of Vergil's memories of his time as Nelo Angelo, and they deliberately refused to return to him to help lessen his trauma. A noble thought, but Vergil is not the type to simply let himself forget his past traumas. Whether it be out of Pride or a desire to come to terms with his past, Vergil will set out to find a way to bring back his memories. This also would provide a good opportunity for Nero to learn more about his father's past, assuming he helps Vergil. The process of reclaiming his memories has the side effect of reviving Griffon and the other familiars. Instead of simply absorbing them into himself, Vergil chooses instead to create pacts with them as V had done, symbolizing not only that he has accepted V's humanity, but also come to terms with his past as Nelo Angelo. His playstyle will then change, becoming a blend of V's and his own.
    • Confirmed in the Special Edition trailer. Vergil is shown stabbing himself with the Yamato and retaking V's form.

Sparda's Heel–Face Turn, was because of a Qliphoth tree
Sparda is touted as a Powerful Demon, being The Dragon to Mundus before he defected, and said to be at least close in power to Mundus, also being able to single-handedly overpower and seal the Demons away, but Mundus is mentioned to be the Demon King because he managed to eat the Qliphoth fruit, and the fruit gives a massive gain in power, meaning Sparda maybe close in power to Mundas before, but Mundas became outright Godlike after eating the fruit. My theory is that Sparda came to the human world initially on Mundas' orders, to plant another Qliphoth Tree, wanting to gain even more power, Sparda saw first hand how Mundas' actions were causing human suffering, so, he stole and ate the Qliphoth Fruit himself, which is what gave him the power to take on Mundas and the Demon hordes and seal them away. It also explains why both Dante and Vergil are so strong, my other theory is Urizen is weak because Vergil splitting himself into a demon and human half, burned out the portion of power from the Qliphoth Fruit Vergil got from his father, and he needed this games fruit to regain it, Which is why Vergil can use Sin DT upon recombining, it reestablished the power he already had, when he finally fully accepted his human side (something Vergil has rejected for decades).

Trish will inherit Alastor
Considering that the Devil Sword Sparda is taken and absorbed by Dante to create his own Devil Sword. It's clear that now Trish is bare handed and while she can take care of herself without her weapons. She'll still probably feel a bit weird not having a blade of her own to fight with. So why not take the blade that she had during their first adventure together, that also just happens to have lightning based powers similar to hers? It's somewhat of a no-brainer.Alongside that it would be an interesting Mythology Gag to the DMC 2 Novel, which ad an Alternate Universe Trish carrying around Alastor.



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