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Timeline / Devil May Cry 5

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Warning: MAJOR unmarked spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

Below is the timeline for Devil May Cry 5, borrowing heavily from the in-game timeline.

  • April 30th: Vergil attacks Nero at his home, ripping off his Devil Bringer, and absconds with Yamato, which had been stored inside the arm.
  • May 1st: Vergil returns to his childhood home in Red Grave City and uses Yamato to seperate his demon half from his human half in an attempt to undo the damage his body had suffered over the years. The two sides obtain their own identities - the human half calls himself V and dubs the demon half Urizen. Urizen returns to the underworld to activate the Qliphoth, while V seeks out Dante to stop him.
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  • May 3rd: Dante is hired by V to kill Urizen, who informs him that he is really Vergil. Dante resolves to put a stop to his resurrection. Urizen presumably activates the Qliphoth around this time.
  • May 16th: Dante, Lady, and Trish try to defeat Urizen, but fail and are separated. Lady and Trish are absorbed into the Qliphoth, while Nero, supported by V, arrives to try and take revenge on Urizen. Unfortunately, Nero doesn't stand a chance without his arm, and he and V are forced to retreat. Red Grave City falls to the demons as the Qliphoth towers into the sky, and Dante is presumed dead.

One month later...

  • June 15th, 5:20 AM: Nero and Nico arrive in Red Grave City in their van to meet up with V who remained in Red Grave City all this time, with Nero equipped with a new cybernetic arm called the Devil Breaker.
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  • 5:32 AM: Nero explores the city and defeats a demon named Goliath. He then encounters V, and the two team up.
  • 6:26 AM: Nero and V split up. Nero takes out a flying demon named Artemis, within which lies Lady.
  • 6:35 AM: V explores the city on his own, and kills a parasitic demon named Nidhogg. He then notices a massive crab-like demon named Gilgamesh, realises that he doesn't have a chance and flees, but one of Gilgamesh's attacks breaks the floor beneath him and plunges V into the sewers.
  • 7:25 AM: While exploring the shipyard, Nero encounters Gilgamesh and decides to take it out to protect Nico and still unconcious Lady. He destroys the demon, and then regroups with V later.
  • 7:27 AM: At the same time that Nero fights Gilgamesh, V and his demon cohorts take out Cavaliere Angelo's demonic steed, a Geryon. V also learns that the Demon Sword Sparda is somewhere in Red Grave, and sets out to find it - he believes it to be the only thing capable of killing Urizen at this point.
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  • 8:57 AM: V and Nero meet up, deciding to cut through to the base of the Qliphoth together. The two cooperate for a while, before V decides to split up and look for Sparda on his own. Nero pushes onward to fight Urizen.
  • 9:56-11:47 AM: Nero pushes through the base of the Qliphoth, and manages to make it to Urizen. He engages Urizen in a pitched battle and is nearly killed, before the battle is interrupted by another demon.
    • In the Interim:
      • 10:06 AM: V scours the ruins of Dante and Vergil's old home for Sparda. Despite slowly deteriorating, V manages to find it along with an unconscious and wounded Dante, the presence of whom was hidden due his direct proximity to Sparda. V manages to wake him up by manifesting Killing Intent towards Dante with Sparda, who reflexively reacts and awakens.
      • 11:11 AM: Dante immediately gets back to work trying to kill Urizen, and leaves V to rest. He encounters and kills Cavaliere Angelo, to which the pieces attach to a motorcycle that transform it into the Devil Arm Cavaliere. Trish is inside Cavaliere Angelo's body, and Dante leaves her with V while he speeds off to defeat Urizen. V reveals his history to Trish.
      • 11:47 AM: Dante finds the ruins of his old home, and uses the broken hilt of Rebellion to create a new weapon by absorbing both Sparda and remains of Rebellion - the Devil Sword Dante. With it, he unlocks a new form called Sin Devil Trigger, and files off to where Urizen is residing.
  • 12:00 PM: Dante intervenes intervenes in battle between Nero and Urizen with his Sin Devil Trigger form and makes quick work of the demon king. The Qliphoth opens, and begins flying into space. Urizen escapes to the core of the tree. V and Trish rendezvous with Nico and Lady.
  • 12:36 PM: Dante, Nero, and V all team up to rip through the Qliphoth while Trish, Lady and Nico provide support from the van.
  • 1:13 PM: Separating from each other, the three protagonists face a challenge on their way to Urizen.
    • V's body begins to break down, and Malphas steals Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare from him after springing a trap. He fights to get them back, and escapes from her. He then assists Nero in defeating her completely, and must be carried to where Urizen is residing due to how weak he has become.
    • Nero fights and kills Malphas.
    • Dante fights the leader of the Cerberus race, King Cerberus. He earns the Devil Arm King Cerberus for his troubles, and is the first to reach Urizen.
  • 2:01 PM: Urizen consumes the Qliphoth fruit, giving him incredible power. Dante still defeats him, but before he can kill him, V and Nero arrive. V tricks Dante into letting him reform into Vergil, and the Qliphoth begins to break apart as it drifts into the upper atmosphere.
  • 3:06 PM: Vergil escapes to the top of the Qliphoth, and waits for Dante to duel him. Dante tells Nero that Vergil is his father, and Dante presses on alone. While searching for Vergil atop the Qliphoth, he runs into V's summoned demons, revealed to be manifestations of Vergil's mental trauma from when he was Mundus's servant. The three of them attack Dante, and are summarily defeated. Meanwhile, Lady, Nico and Trish escape from the Qliphoth in the Devil May Cry van, and pick up Nero on the way. Frustrated with his inadequacy and angry at his father and uncle's obsession with killing each other, Nero resolves to stop their rivalry once and for all.
  • 4:04 PM: Vergil and Dante duel to the death. Roughly twenty minutes into their duel, they are interrupted by Nero.
  • 4:27 PM: Nero talks to Kyrie on the phone, and receives the motivation he needs to stop his uncle and father. Nero finally pulls his Devil Trigger and transforms, putting a stop to Dante and Vergil's fight and regaining his lost arm. Nero is then challenged to a fight by his father, who he summarily defeats. Nero then orders the three of them to work together to stop the Qliphoth. Dante and Vergil descend into the Underworld to cut the Qliphoth's roots, entrusting Nero with defending the human world.
  • Epilogue: Nero and Nico drive home from the battle, and on the way see the Qliphoth crumble away completely. Trish and Lady resume their jobs as freelance devil hunters working out of Dante's Devil May Cry office (July 24), Nero continues to defend the world from demons, and Dante and Vergil continue to duel with each other in the Underworld - but without any of the malice they've shared for years, treating it more like a sparring session than an actual life-or-death fight. The Sons of Sparda are last seen working together to carve through a horde of demons that have interrupted their latest duel.

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